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Looking for advice for my cycle pals, here. In a month or so I'll be snowed in, or something like that, & I can't g… @SecBernhardt @realDonaldTrump Nah.
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @Ardbegcask @AlanJParks Did they credit him on the original release, or were the credits changed later? They, and L…
@AlanJParks @Ardbegcask Of course not! Traditional, arranged by... @UnoriginalMoi I'm a terrible typist and in my old age I'm capable of missing or forgetting anything. My new thing… @UnoriginalMoi Removed the word. Tnx. @BBC6Music Duh. Kraftwerk.Now that I actually know what I'm doing at Patreon, I just re-branded myself and made the page far more pretentious… @bwatersmusic I don't recall it that way. Wasn't it a half empty rock club in a very dodgy neighbourhood? Not sugge… this article is being published today is damning of our culture. Humour is the finest of the arts.
@bwatersmusic Detroit? My memories disagree, but I'm happy you were happy. @AlanJParks @tipfarm @estellecostanza @AnthonyPioppi You were reading the telegrams is what I heard. Pretty sure yo… best gift ever. Thanks @Lloyd_Cole
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @yhochet Happy you're happy!My latest project at Patreon, going live really soon. @estellecostanza @AnthonyPioppi Apropos of almost nothing, I'm reminded of @AlanJParks reading telegrams at a certa… October 1987. Lloyd Cole and the Commotions released Mainstream. You can replay the @Lloyd_Cole listening party…
Retweeted by Lloyd ColeOn this day in 1987, @Lloyd_Cole and the Commotions released their third and final album, “Mainstream”
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @SteveConteNYC Steve, you're being too polite. @AnthonyPioppi @estellecostanza Can't say more here ;)Great honour to have relatively harmless sex act named after you. Who hasn't 'Done a Frank' @estellecostanza ?
@AnthonyPioppi Soon. Are you free Thurs? We might play Greenfield. Worthington might become our new go to for the w… recommended, once you get past all the Trump 2020 residences surrounding it... @johnhuggan Also ignorance, and pro-am partners. @johnhuggan Taxes.When I was a kid, jacarandas flowering meant it was end of year exams. They look incredible at @RQGOLF at the momen…
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Coward. No surprise. @1953FlyingScot @IanAndrewGolf No. Currently stocking 12 packs of First @SamAdamsBeer I've really enjoyed. @1953FlyingScot @IanAndrewGolf Ok isn’t good enough!Richard Hell by Kate Simon.
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @CjnycCj @Stegsythedog Tasting as I go. My son doesn’t like it quite as spicy as I do so I have to check as I cook. @OggyOggyOi It is.Hot shredded chicken stew with onions, chipotle and red beans. New mex hash variation with leftover peas, onions an… @IanAndrewGolf Whatever you do, don't drink it, though, it looks disgusting! @JPernicious Ah. The Surly. Nice.This. Zero tolerance. Block them. @Lloyd_Cole @lawrencedonegan A happy few minutes in the car this morning.
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @lawrencedonegan Awesome!Another 30 rather leafy miles. #lloydscyclingadventure #strava @RevRichardColes Yes. That's me. @realDonaldTrump Washington Establishment: (does not include the mafia boss who is the current Postmaster General)…
Retweeted by Lloyd ColeWhat's not to love about this guy? (Courtesy @GolfChannel) DeChambeau posted another video montage of himself getti…’s Coronavirus Plan click here:
Retweeted by Lloyd ColeThis is going to be fun. @_bob_i_am And?
Very rarely am I involved in Halloween activity, but this year a friend invited me to join others in helping raise… @Jobrien01 I make it work. @mintcustard Some other show. @MJClarky @LUFC I know. Never thought I be a fan of a Leeds team! @DJMchelsky @LUFC That’s what I used to think! @DrMcWeb 6’ maybe I shrunk a little maybe 5’ 11” now @mintcustard Lots of number 41-45s. Only Jennifer She Said made top 30. We were touring, we prerecorded, for TOTP,… @mintcustard That was the last minor hit. I would happily have flown over if there had been another invite.Watching great football when neither is your team might be more enjoyable. Less nervy. @LUFC absolutely magnificent today. @AStrickland165 Ah, Ok. @mintcustard True and, no never again.Love this @LUFC team. @AStrickland165 I don't!Is it OK if I share this bootleg cover version every couple of months? I never tire of it. Pocket Calculator, Loade… @EdwynCollins Really fun times. Only 3 punks at our school. Michael learned to play guitar from a picture of Johnny… @EdwynCollins I had my mum take in all my flares! And most serendipitously, her old leather jacket, from when she u… @Jobrien01 I have a black t-shirt for every day of the week (M&S). I look eerily similar to Simon Cowell with greyer hair. @lawrencedonegan I wish. @DCampbell_Lab71 And more than that. Neil is a very soulful lyricist, when he wants to be. @tigermountainbk Only live and radio sessions.$75. Bargain. No, you can't have one. Not right now, anyway. More in 2021.
Magnificent record. anybody's wondering what I want from Santa... 40 mile ride with slightly stiff back. #lloydscyclingadventure #strava @cmcql And?
If I can dream (warning, longwinded) @quantick @BootstrapCook Sounding, not particularly surprisingly, just like my dad. @BootstrapCook We must have been separated at birth, except I'm old enough to be your dad, maybe grandad. @petercappy He just said he supports gay couples rights to family. From the same church that was having them burnin… @AlanJParks True, but this is kinda huge. @petercappy Did you see what he did? Kind of incredible. @GeoffCollinsF1 @funkomatic @TobyFox92307507 @velo_citymag I don't cycle in the city, but if that isn't a problem I could spare a few mins, sur… a world of shit in all directions, let's appreciate by far the best pope of my lifetime. @helbo1 🙏 🍻. @z_blair Not underwhelming, but I grew tired of all the greens being surrounded by thick rough at Merion. @helbo1 How is the quality? We didn't test these as they looked solid.Oh man oh man! Just got two sets of postcards today giving a noir book cover treatment to various @Lloyd_Cole songs…
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Here's a photo I took of @Lloyd_Cole in Glasgow in May 1985 for The Face #BillyLiar
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @niffer88 All caps is more natural for me, plus I can keep them lined up more easily. But I'm OK if people ask for cursive.
@MandyFlyMe71 Yes, they are $75 from our shop the last batch of 100 sold out in 1 day. The… @thegarethdunne NATO will be calling me to consult. @writingonmusic I got the centering wrong, last minute compensation. Not my norm, but it does look nice ;)Honestly, I don't mind writing these out. It's nice to know that people want them. And it's keeping us afloat. I'm… @arsenalloyd I went to UCL in London. For a year. @arsenalloyd I studied law, too. That didn't go so well ;) @arsenalloyd They might have walked by our flat if they went to Highbury in 1987 or '88. We lived on Highbury Hill.Nice one, Geordies! @ianmorris_ian Patience. @arsenalloyd Arsenal fans and they named you after a Chelsea fan? Torn! @alfiegildea Next year. I've got 160 or so to write this year! Patience ;) @z_blair Kingston Heath 15, Royal Melbourne West 7th.Boris Johnson can’t get a deal, can’t manage covid, can’t manage the union, can’t manage industry, can’t manage the…
Retweeted by Lloyd Cole @justine3cole I'll keep writing them until the demand is gone. Patience ;)All sold. You people rock.