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we’ll be a fine line, we’ll be alright.

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day 3 of having crippling anxiety to where i feel like i can’t do anything 🙂 @jawneewin @Harry_Styles i hope so @apathyjokester sadly :( @maggienicole95 true! all apps collect data so i’m not quite sure what’s not clicking in people’s head about that either LOLi need someone to crack my back like a glow stick.delete all ur apps then.
@okannabel it’s honestly a mood @r0byn96 it’s so relaxing!
i’ll be honest, listening to ASMR and playing animal crossing is pure heaven year ago i was at disney 🥺 @TheJuliMoreno happy birthday queen!Dark Samus is enjoying the new Animal Crossing update
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMmales, if you get offended at terms like “men are gross”, and feel the need to comment “NoT aLL mEN”, you’re apart…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMwhen marina said “i feel like i’m the worst so i always act like i’m the best” i really felt that.
stop sexualizing the voice actor who plays phineas on phineas and ferb he totally hates that 😏
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMidk who needs to hear this but avocados tastes like hot breath. @maggienicole95 no 😡babies @dumpstertoad ur so cute i can’twoo wee mama i’m so tired
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM @dizzy_desi1 ur probs right LOL
@xiaotaikong purple @ItsEmerlie_lol EMILY DONT TRY TO CONVINCE MEi wanna shave my brows off and the only thing stopping me is idk how to draw them onshrek 3 was the greatest display of feminism all the times.
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMi just sneezed 4 times and it definitely helped my migraine 😌idk what’s funnier: him filming her while she’s working hard af rolling that paint or the fact that after she’s don…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMLinkin Park - In The End [Cover by @Egoraptor + NateWantsToBattle] via @YouTube
@Loeybug ok loey here me time u dye ur hair, dye it the same color is Miku!! birthday @owlcity 😌WHEN I SAY SAVE BRITNEY I MEAN SAVE BRITNEY!!!
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM @MortalElm go for itTell me again about how liberals are indoctrinating children 🙄
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM @MortalElm’t we suffered enough? and Mamoru
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMdoesn’t even feel like a holiday LMAO
@tarankilla tomorrow night there is one!we literally have kids in cages that are separated from their families and cop killing innocent black people. we al… 4th of july! let’s celebrate the beautiful country of france. #AllCountriesMatter
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grass eating buddies was much simpler when one direction was still touring 🥺WE NEED TO SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT SEXUAL ASSAULT IN THE MILITARY!!!! THE COUNTRY WE ARE PROTECTING DOES NOT PROTECT…
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Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM
If Gaga and Beyoncé had performed Telephone live together even just a single time I know coronavirus would not exist right now
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMi’ve cried so much in the past 15 hours LOL and i feel like crying even more 🤪do u ever feel stupid bc u get ur hopes up over something small bc same
@dumpstertoad 🥺 becctastes like strawberries, on a summer evening 🍓 #NewProfilePic @Samantha0g 💜💜 @apathyjokester :( but she’s there for her when she needs it, jokey. @apathyjokester sailor mars is my fav birthday sailor moon’s it. that’s the by lady gaga
you should have just sat there and ate ur oreos @mark_win will complain about workers not wearing a mask properly for .5 seconds while they don’t even have one on… @TheJuliMoreno i just woke up and thought apple was nipple and i was so confused for like a second LOLSince y’all wanna talk about Paramore I’m not gonna let y’all forget about this legendary behavior
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMcotton eye joe ruined that guys life and we just happily sing the song about it?danny 🥺
l o l remember when my siblings wanted me to be a part of their life?i mean honestly
@PrettyWoman_9 ME TOOhappy pride’all i fully believe in animal soulmates. casper is 100% mine. he can always sense when i’m having an off day (lik… you wanna go on holiday & this is what you can afford then 100% go for it & live your best life, don’t let twitt…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM51 years since the stonewall riots started! let’s celebrate the groundbreaking steps this took in the right direction ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖The fact that @ShaneDawson is getting dragged left and right and @JeffreeStar is just deadass silent about it, spea…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMi understand not wearing when no one is around but if people are around you, wear ur DING DANG MASKS!!!!!yesterday, i overheard this customer complaining about how she didn’t like the mask but if she didn’t wear it then… Duncan is anti-vaccine, anti-wearing masks, and pro police. literally the worst disney channel mom ever. STAN T…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMi remember being in 8th grade hearing Just Dance on the radio for the first time and instantly falling in love. i t… really have some of the best people in my life and they mean so much to me 🥺 im crying thinking about how much I love themYou are alive. You have a home. You have a bed. You have food. You have clean water. Be grateful.
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#animalcrossingartweek day 5 - Starry Night 💫
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMtoday when i was driving home, rain on me was playing and it was starting to rain and i felt like a main character
hey BVB, my friend is waiting for ur new album to come out and its 37 mins late, is there a manager who i can speak to about this?Plastic Doll stans where u at? Lemme hear u make some noise
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🥺🥺 Grump-day to Dan. Can't believe we've been listening to that angelic laugh on @GameGrumps for 7 years now.…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM @Leeshtcb i’m not even sure 😂karla and i literally share a braincell @animalcrossing The Animal Crossing community in July:
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLMi’m off on the 3rd too 😭😭 @89Munchkin YES! i’m so excited 😭THE MERMAID FURNITURE IS BACK literally looks like an episode of Parks and Rec.
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@s1ncerelyme i did it once and was over it @xiaotaikong just based off of this, ty leeHi everyone! I opened up an etsy shop! I dont have much in it right now, but feel free to take a look or mark it as…
Retweeted by ginger snap #BLM @xiaotaikong good to know🤔