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North London based mum of two. Social Media Strategist and blog writer. #DigitalMum. Lover of coffee, wine and books

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Just watched #Scrooged. It’s officially Christmas!
@cgritmon I was devastated enough by that! @jefflebum Everyone needs this today @beccasocial DevastatedAnd so it begins... A border down the Irish Sea. Another above Hadrian’s Wall. The beginning of the end of the Unio…
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategistTHE film of 2019 is almost here! #MarketEdLive thing I can think to do right is take donations to a food bank. In hackney they need ...
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategist @CurlyClay I was wondering about the theme and now it makes sense! @cgritmon I’m devastated by this
Wish I could be this content right now #GE2019 @AndrewAndPete I went to a polling station and saw no dogs! I still saw more dogs on twitter than I normally would. @AndrewAndPete How else would we see all the dogs?! @MadalynSklar She is beautiful @CurlyClay Fingers crossed! 🤞🏻 #TwitterSmarter @Spiderworking Me me! I do! @CurlyClay Your tips have been great. I want to start concentrating on something similar @MadalynSklar Hey! Delighted to be here! @epodcaster @MadalynSklar I’ve been watching from afar! #twittersmarter @CurlyClay Thanks for the invite @CurlyClay! @epodcaster Thank you! I’ve always meant to join but never been able to! @MadalynSklar Having a strong social media presence is key in gaining press coverage. It’s where all journalists are! #TwitterSmarterHey! I’m a newbie. Jumping on while I cook the kids food and help my eldest with her science project #TwitterSmarter @MadalynSklar A1 definitely! The proof is right there in any trending hashtag #TwitterSmarter @TischlerAmy @MayKingTea @Spiderworking @CurlyClay @themummytrainer @BigTentSocial @lenkakopp @nplusg @Spiderworking That’s my excuse! @Spiderworking You bored today?Yes @stripesocial_ Need to get a bottle of wine in for his evening!A journalist asked me how I thought the Derry Girls were gonna do in Bake off and I immediately said “ shite” and h…
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategist @stripesocial_ Not at all! I need to get some wine in for this evening #GeneralElection19Done #GeneralElection2019
“I’ve never seen a globe before” #TheApprentice @Social_Pip Mine too! @MelGow And you 😘#TheApprentice2019 interviews - always the best episode! @MelGow Thanks so much for sharing! @Bizzy_Fizzy Yes, really enjoyed that one! @espirian @Social_Pip You’ve started so you have to finish!🤓One of my favourite things to do at SMMW is to walk into a room full of people and knowing I can geek out about ma…
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategist @wbonaddio I take it you’re on the “not a Christmas film” team then?
I used to love #LoveActually but it hasn’t aged well. And I can’t get past the fact that Keira Knightley is only 18… love working with small businesses. ⭐️ Being able to help someone take a step back from their social media and pu… @themummytrainer And mine! @themummytrainer Nightmare fodderYou voted for it and it's here @We_are_Clear @thesmmhub @Lmvsocial @SarahTLCLtd
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategist @Social_Pip @We_are_Clear @thesmmhub @SarahTLCLtd This afternoon’s reading! @jefflebum @thatcontentshed It’s terrifying! @Spiderworking I know I just find the polar (no pun intended) opposite from the rest of the year, very funny!No words. Just 😶 @Spiderworking Well all year round we tell them not to talk to strangers and then one night of the year we allow a… @ZalkaB I was absolutely stunned!Good morning!
My week on Twitter 🎉: 40 Mentions, 71 Likes, 1 New Follower, 24 Replies. See yours with @cgritmon Mine loves the Melissa McCarthy one but think she’ll enjoy this as it has Finn Wolfhard!Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Trailer for Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie has dropped’s #TechnoDay! Off to dig out some 2 Unlimited you make out the cat? #CatsOfTwitter
When your cat bed isn’t quite snuggly enough, put it in a basket #CatsOfTwitter @BizPaul I’ve got an AEG which is great. It comes with a smaller handheld one
@Kathryn_Cura Yes @ThatChristinaG I am so there!<Fangirl squeal!> @DelegateVA for accepting pub lunch invite: 1. Look hesitant/worried 2. State you have a lot of work to get through…
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategist @beccasocial That would be me! @beccasocial 1: “I’m so sorry, I’m going to have to cancel” Brit 2: “Oh don’t worry, let’s do something in the new year” <…
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategistFell asleep on the sofa last night and woke up to this @unicornthesaur Beautiful weirdo!
I don’t go all out when I decorate the house at Christmas. My children are very disappointed in me. But I like to a… @ThatChristinaG I ran away from Ireland! @_Lindsay_Mason_ @Kathryn_Cura Never stop shouting! @Kathryn_Cura I meant modest, not honest @Kathryn_Cura Sod being humble and honest when you have an amazing achievement!Lurgy aside, I have finally got round to taking a pic of my @latermedia swag! Absolutely loving the bag - small eno… be at the lunch with the North London #DMCollective. Instead I’m at home with the lurgy @CurlyClay Did you do that just so you could use that gif? @GudrunLauret @Secret_Vent Just had to try it for myself. I am a child @Not_Today_123 @neiltay70524924 @mouthwaite @BorisJohnson He should have done. He’s created a few himself @mouthwaite @BorisJohnson Single mothers specifically. I was raised by a single mother. I think I turned out alright.I have woken up this morning thinking about my daughter’s respective parents evenings. The main thread with both wa…
Retweeted by LMV Social: Social Media and FB ads strategist @GudrunLauret Permanently exhausted pigeon
“Power is calling”?! #TheApprentice2019 @CurlyClay @StonehamPress @IainGScott @beccasocial @marcio_delgado @_simplycreate_ @terezalitsa @hunginternet @CurlyClay @marcio_delgado @ShareSocialLdn @IainGScott @beccasocial @StonehamPress @_simplycreate_ @terezalitsa @Social_Pip Hope you feel better soon x @Social_Pip Knocked back some Sudafed and feel marginally better!They’re showing “The Tiger Who Came To Tea” over Christmas and six year old me is ridiculously excited! @Social_Pip Lurgy has just reared it’s ugly head for the third time with me. 😒 @Bizzy_Fizzy Only popular at Christmas 😢
We’re a couple of days late with the advent calendar and my eldest just thought I predicted the first two doors. C… @IainGScott @beccasocial @marcio_delgado @CurlyClay @StonehamPress @_simplycreate_ @terezalitsa @hunginternet @marcio_delgado @IainGScott @beccasocial @CurlyClay @StonehamPress @_simplycreate_ @terezalitsa @hunginternet @bexxyd Very much an Xmas staple but my favourite Christmas song is Fairytale of New York. @bexxyd And I’ve just realised that I haven’t actually said what the song was 🤦🏻‍♀️ its “Stay another day” by East 17 @bexxyd Don’t even know if that came with sound! I just searched one Gifs for East 17