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It's 16 days until our next meetup! Online of course 😉 This month we're going to be looking at finding talent thr…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @BizPaul I can’t begin to describe mine! Although amazingly dull or non-existent since I arrived in Ireland! @ThatChristinaG Has the mouse finally become self-aware? @cgritmon Thanks for the retweet lovely 😊From 21st-25th September we're offering TEN marketing sessions for only £60, so you can boost your marketing knowle…
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Apparently today is #InternationalForgivenessDay (h/t @Lmvsocial ). I want to share something that has healed me i…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersWill you be celebrating International Cat Day or World Elephant Day?! ☀️ Awareness Days are a great way of raising…
Spending #Caturday with this little lady. Don’t tell Mr.Noodles!
#BuffyTheVampireSlayer -The Prom - one of the best! on fleek! of my first stops when I arrived back home was to see Colleen at @tippednailart in Forthill Street, to get my f… one thing I really missed during #lockdown? Getting my eyebrows done! Goodbye caterpillars! tricks, no silliness just me asking you if you want to receive my weekly round-up of LInkedIn and social media t…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @siobhni What do they taste like?!
Iter: World's largest nuclear fusion project begins assembly huge shout out to the amazing friends I’ve made over the last 41 years! I’m lucky enough to still be friends with… in July
I’m Irish.
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @Holloway_Zoo @johnneh @alice Ooh I had a feeling it might be that! Always been intrigued when I’ve walked past!Thank you for the nomination @maykingtea and @ttsbie! Let’s raise each other up! #WomenSupportingWomen #manicure since lockdown! @DevonlySocial @marketedlive @RobandKennedy @CurlyClay @LucyMSocial @AndrewAndPete @amycaigerbiz @AssistantQtrs
@johnneh @alice Argh! I need to know! I live on the Hornsey road end of Tollington Park. Is it bear the Tesco? @johnneh @alice Whereabouts on Hornsey Road is it?! I live very close @WhingeWine That road is round the corner from where I live! It’s a really crappy road as well! I need to know which house this is!
Ferry (not quite) cross the Mersey. Out of London and heading home for the first time since Christmas!…
Today my almost 13 year old told me that she doesn’t want a party for her birthday AND that I was right about makin…
@jefflebum You look so much better!Art explained by a four-year-old...
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I really miss friends. Apart from my birthday in early March, this was my last night out pre-lockdown! It was l…'m attending 4th & 5th August Digital Women Skill Summit. Empowering 1+ Million Women Through Digital Skills. RT…
@wexy8 It’s so good! Love teenage Giles!#BandCandy is one of the best #BuffyTheVampireSlayer episodes! 5 sleeps, the girls and I will be boarding the night ferry to #Ireland. This is the longest I’ve gone without go… looking forward to this!'s a snap from last week! Big thank you to our speakers and every who could attend 🤗 Has anyone started using…
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It’s OK to make memories offline that never make it to social media.
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On the 25th anniversary of #Clueless, revisit this 2017 video of Adam Driver, Andrew Garfield, and more deliver Che…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersThis is so unexpected. I didn’t even have a speech prepared...
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@MayKingTea I will be now! @UniqueMarketer7 😒 is common for me as well!
@hannahggrain That’s also one of my faves!Trying to 'hack' social media algorithms will send you round in circles. Instead, work with them They usually make…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersLike a lot of us, I took for granted the fact that I got to experience the rite of passage that comes from finishin… @iampeterbarlow I do love a facepalm 🤦🏻‍♀️It’s safe to say this is my most used and favourite emoji. What’s yours?! #WorldEmojiDay @keano81 Not by the time you’re 41 anyway...First day and last day 😢 #Classof2020 #EndOfPrimary
@Lollipop_Social Hope you’re having fun xPerfect TikTok is perfect!
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @DigitalThanaya @ShareSocialLdn Thank you for a great talk! @Lmvsocial Credible sources are very important for your reliability and credibilty 🙂
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersWhat are the “do’s and don’ts” of #SocialListening? @DigitalThanaya #SharingSocial respond to enquiries on social media! Great social listening tips from @DigitalThanaya at @ShareSocialLdn
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersAnd here we go: @ShareSocialLdn #sociallistening with @DigitalThanaya has just started. 😃 #socialmedia
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersWhat are the best tactics for active #SocialListening? Engage, respond and provide credible sources… is only worthwhile if you intend to do something with the results @DigitalThanaya #SharingSocialWhat are the #SocialListening strategies? #SharingSocial @DigitalThanaya two social listening steps #SharingSocial @DigitalThanaya talks #SocialListening #SharingSocial month’s fabulous speaker @themummytrainer #SharingSocial has been banned in India - where next? #SharingSocial off July’s #SharingSocial you ready for Sharing Social Online? 1 Hour until take-off #SharingSocial #OnlineMeetup
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersMorning stretch #CatsOfTwitter
Heads up @MattNavarra followers. He can't tweet right now. We think that Twitter is locking down verified accounts…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersName a better theme tune than #BuffyTheVampireSlayer by @NerfHerder_band @marcio_delgado Jif is a substitute lemon juice and previously a bathroom cleaner!I'm team #GIF. How do you pronounce it?Not only does my mask save lives, it also acts as a comfortable hammock for the extra chins I've gained over the p…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersProof readers are your friend 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Definitely 1 @mike_allton And I still remember which song. It was by Goldfrapp but I can’t remember the sodding name! @mike_allton I hope I would have done by now! @DigitalThanaya @ShareSocialLdn Looking forward to this! @mike_allton I could never get my music to play automatically!Joining our panel this week... Tereza Litsa! We'll be digging into all things social listening, as well as a look…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersI'm happy to join the @ShareSocialLdn panel this month to talk about the latest social media trends. Make sure you…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersI'm a zoologist. I know this behavior looks cute, but bears only train like this when their sensei has been slain b…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @LinkedInLady_ @BusyTweeters @irishhealthhour @BibiBaskin @ciarakellydoc @clelia_murphy @elemcsherry @susanliddy2
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @MayKingTea @LinkedInLady_ @BusyTweeters @irishhealthhour @BibiBaskin @ciarakellydoc @clelia_murphy @elemcsherry latest #anxietydream. I had to write an essay on Wuthering Heights. In French. I’ve never read Wuthering Heighs…• I’m 39-years-old • I have two degrees • I’m a doctor • I’m a member of a Royal College • I have had, unbeknownst…
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We're making the final preparations for our event on Thursday! @DigitalThanaya will be delving into social listen…
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4Carers @unicornthesaur Unlucky! @unicornthesaur 😂😂😂😂Type your name in the gif bar and see what comes up!
This is amazing! Residents at care home recreate iconic album covers during lockdown @jefflebum Poor Bear #FlyingAntDay. Although most of them were on the ground...Every person in the UK when they see a flying ant #FlyingAnts
Retweeted by Lucy McVey - LMV Social #Care4CarersChange of scenery for my walk yesterday. The girls had pony club so I ventured into Trent Park Woods. Those incline… @hannahggrain @ThatChristinaG I definitely feel like I’m missing out!
@ThatChristinaG I think I need to! @ThatChristinaG I’ve never seen it... @ThatChristinaG It’s just so damn obvious!Change of scenery for today’s walk