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@HammondCharcute As we have not released our December timetable, I cannot confirm if there will be any engineering… @HammondCharcute Hi Rachel, Network Rail has engineering works on so all operators are diverting services through C… @JoshuaDever When you filled in the Delay Repay form online, you would have received an automated LNER reference an… @AeneasHart I am sorry to hear that Toby, set swaps are only made when this is essential to keep the scheduled service operating. ^CS @LinlathenAndrew @DavidHorne Thank you for your kind words, Andrew! I am happy that we were able to discuss the sit… @SuziDog This is because the 23rd October has already been released on sale. The 19th October tickets will be relea… @SuziDog Hi Mark, what date are you looking to purchase for? ^CS @Sandypandy74 Hi there, I am sorry to hear about this. If you could DM us with your refund reference I can look int… @CAnsleyCXD Hinting that the cold is on its way, and we will need to get our winter coats out! ^CSIf you do require a new seat reservation for travel, due to this, you can make one here: P… @thecureari No problem! ^CSCustomers for #Peterborough and #NewarkNorthGate to travel on 17.30 LNER service. Customers for #Stevenage,…ℹ️ #LNERUpdate Due to a fault on this train, the following services have been cancelled: 17:18 #LondonKingsCross @mgrobb Great to hear! ^CS @simbalion101 I am not. ^CS @thecureari Customer Experience Hosts. ^CS @thecureari Of course! ^CS @mgrobb Hi Mike, I will feed this back to the Train Manager. ^CS @BajiNahid Hi there, we do not have a date for this competition being drawn yet. Keep an eye on our social feeds an… @TheGeordieLion Yes, this will be an Azuma. ^CS @StandidgeCarol Hi Carol, our Revenue Protection Officers and Train Managers are back onboard checking tickets so t… @jdb_500 Rail replacement will run between St Neots and Bedford, where you can transfer onto another operators service to St Pancras. ^CS @jdb_500 Yes, there are engineering works that weekend. This is part of Kings Cross remodeling so there will be a r… @jdb_500 Unfortunately, I am unable to give you a specific date of when the tickets will be released. I advise you… @Bemingo_numine I am sorry to hear this, Keith. Could you DM us with further information? ^CS @_DanielDani_ Hi, could you DM us with your booking reference? ^CS @LinlathenAndrew @DavidHorne @AvantiWestCoast I am sorry to hear about that, Andrew. Please could you DM us with fu… keep our customers safe, our on-board ventilation systems are providing a continuous supply of fresh air which i… @scousepie I do apologise, Emma. What service are you travelling on, please DM us with further information. ^CS @scousepie You must have a seat reservation to travel as there is only a specific quantity of tickets to allow for… @scousepie I am sorry to hear about this, Emma. A seat reservation can only be made if this is within social distan… @Aidan_Brain I am sorry to hear about this, Aidan. You can contact our digital team directly 0116 366 3336. ^CS @sarahfrankiecat The comfort of the journey is just as important as getting there! Glad to hear you enjoy the services. ^CS✅#LNERUpdate Disruption caused by trespassers on the railway at #Doncaster has now ended. Services are no longer…⚠️#LNERUpdate Due to trespassers on the railway at #Doncaster, trains have to run at reduced speed on some lines.…✅ #LNERUpdate Disruption caused by a safety inspection of the track between #Alnmouth and #Morpeth has now ended. S…⚠️#LNERUpdate Due to a safety inspection of the track between #Alnmouth and #Morpeth trains have to run at reduced… @lucyporter74 I will look into this now, bear with me Lucy. ^SM @lucyporter74 My apologies Lucy, may I take the reference number and I will take a look? ^SM @itstommydunn Thank you Tommy, have a safe journey. ^SM @itstommydunn You will not Tommy, if the train manager does come through, explain that someone else is in your seat. ^SM @wilkonottheshop You can sumiit a complaint to Rebecca, they will respond to you directl, my apologies again. ^SM @lucyporter74 Did you email our customer service team Lucy? My apologies they will respond to you within 14 working days. ^SM @wilkonottheshop My apologies Rebecca, are you able to find an alternative seat? ^SM @wilkonottheshop Thank you Rebecca. ^SM @wilkonottheshop My apologies Rebecca, which coach are you travelling in and I will report this to maintance. We do…'re celebrating our people and want to hear from you! Has one of our team members gone above and beyond to make… @mtom_1997 This will only happen at weekends when planned engineering work is taking place M, my apologies. ^SM @dukeragetroll You will need to book the new journey, then apply for the refund on the unwanted journey. ^SM @ryanlgray @NetworkRailSCOT @ScotRail @CrossCountryUK @CalSleeper @networkrail @RAIL Wow, fantastic photo. ^SM @Putneygirl09 We have no confirmed date Vicky, my apologies. ^SM @jessicaa110289 My apologies Jessy, staff on board will be able to find an alternate seat for you. ^SM @Sammie_Mellows My apologies Samantha, staff will be able to help you find a seat. ^SM @mrlpofedinburgh @ScotRail @NetworkRailSCOT @networkrail @GBRailfreight That certainly is a quiet corner, have a safe journey! ^SM @Putneygirl09 Hello Vicky, the 16 October will be available tomorrow, however it doesn't look as if the 18 October… @Putneygirl09 What dates in October are you looking at Vicky? ^CL @bhutch41 I have also just checked your booking, the receive you have still receive the email also, is because the… @bhutch41 Thank you, I will pass this on. ^CLWhen travelling with us, please be aware that face coverings are mandatory on our trains (unless you are exempt). T… @bhutch41 Hello Brian, apologies for this, the marketing email which get's sent out doesn't link up with bookings w… @wcpcqc Welcome back Peter ^CL @amsheedy @thetrainline Hello Anne-Marie, where did you make your booking? Can you let us know your email address a… @AaronLinstead Morning Aaron, our reservations for 11 October will be available tomorrow from 10:00. They've not ye… @EustaceSays Hello, the system will always socially distance customers even from the same household. If you booked… @HolgerHke Welcome back on board! Great view s for first thing in the morning. Hope you and your team have a great day. ^CLGood Morning! ^CL with you until 14:30, do let me know if I can be of any assistance to you today. @LightningAlex_ Good Morning Alex, could I please take your refund reference and email address and I can look into…
@GordonReadman Hi there, this service terminates at Newcastle where all found items will be collected and put into… everyone. We'll be back again tomorrow morning, bright and early as normal. Thank you for your company to… @thecureari I am sorry to hear that, Georgia. ^CS @thecureari Hi there, very well thanks. How are you? ^CS @HawkMalMust Hi there, I hope you feel better soon. Our DM's are always open, if you need to talk. ^CS @danielthew Do get in touch if the issue persists. ^CS @danielthew I am sorry to hear about this, Daniel. Have you complete the new IOS update as this may be the issue? ^CS @Kieran876 No problem at all. ^CS @windsordevil @NetworkRailKGX Happy birthday Joe! ^CS @Kieran876 Hi there, I can set up the refund request but do you have the ticket still for Monday 21st as this would… @bobbyrob1974 No problem at all, Bobby. Happy to point you in the right direction. ^CS @bobbyrob1974 This is an @AvantiWestCoast. I have tagged them in this thread for you. ^CS @bobbyrob1974 Hi Bobby, we do not travel from Wolverhampton. What LNER service was this on? ^CS @juliet_gough I appreciate that and I do apologise if this has caused any worry to you. We appreciate your loyalty to LNER! ^CS @jacobphillipsww I am sorry to hear about this, Jacob. Could you please DM us and elaborate on what happened so I c… @juliet_gough On a 4 capacity table, only 2 reservations can be made and you will be sat diagonally across as the d… @juliet_gough Hi Juliet, a seat can only be reserved if this is within social distancing guidelines to ensure there… @SimonCrestphoto @richardsalkeld @DavidHorne My tip of the month is to bring an umbrella regardless of where you're… @SimonCrestphoto @richardsalkeld @DavidHorne Thats my fact of the day! I cant wait to see your recent photographs! ^CS @AdamCC92 @CrossCountryUK Hi Adam, you would claim Delay Repay through Cross Country as they were the operators of the service. ^CS👷 We’re making good progress on our #EastCoastUpgrade to deliver quicker, more reliable journeys on the East Coast…
Retweeted by London North Eastern Railway @Firebreather_Uk There is not, currently. This has been suspended until further notice. In First Class, you will be… @AdamCC92 Hi Adam, coach by coach you will be called up to collect catering items. I would advise seeking out a mem… @TheZacc9 Hi Alex, I am sorry to hear this. Everyone should be sat in their specific seat to allow for social dista… @TWphotography92 Great use of the puddle! ^CS @Walks005 As an operator, we can only make advisory announcements to remind customers to wear them. We do not have… @chrismcrabb I am sorry to hear about this, Chris. Everyone should be sat in their reservation and I do apologise t… @Walks005 Hi Sarah, I am sorry to hear about this. Customers in the quieter coach are asked to respect everyone els… @kateypaton Hi Kate, could you DM us with a screenshot of this please? ^CS @martinfclarke @GWRHelp @TPEassist @Hull_Trains Great to hear! ^CS @martinfclarke @GWRHelp @TPEassist @Hull_Trains I will feed this back to the team, Martin. We appreciate your constructive feedback. ^CS @Sjg3G The dominant proportion of our fleet are Azuma services. We do have some Mark IV services but they only run… @Sjg3G I will feed your comments back, Steve. Apologies again. ^CS