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A wee 4 star review of the new @Starless_music album Earthbound in The Scotsman. Today.👍 @LNFGlasgow @CallumFT
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Bonus 7" release announcement! @Intheforest9 @Nicol_n_Elliott thanks to @VicGalloway for spinning @Muldoons2017 on his show last night. If you heard it and liked it then… @DicksonTelfer @Vulture_Party @Lspace_band Musician in Maths shockerI had the pleasure of providing “4 Tracks 4 Lockdown” for my pal Chris over at @echolaliaradio ✌🏻 Have a listen in,…
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This Friday we release a beautiful remix of our track 'Old Bear' by @justin_lockey of @Minor_Victories ♥️ We're so…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowTonight's listening sorted. Collected from @LNFGlasgow today @Muldoons2017 @michaelmphysics and @Bugeyeband from my…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowWHERE FROGS COME FROM Says she, "First, they're a tadpole in an egg, well, actually it's like a hard bubble and th…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowThanks to everyone who took advantage of the weekends 342 offer. My word we shifted a lot of records and sold out o…
@MtDoubt Saw him in the Barras and The Playhouse even better :) @MtDoubt Without doubt. Sitting right between The VU and Wilco in the best American bands ever imho. @MtDoubt Was watching that last night thinking just how elegant it was. Inagine writing Losing My Religion - Holy Holy Fuck @jimbmccormack @planetbeth1 @cloth_band @Starless_music We did 1 membership with 23 albums included - beth bought t… @StephenWattSpit @markwgeorgsson @Muldoons2017 @michaelmphysics Gotta bookcase ... can quite honestly say, and I’ve only been a member for a few days, that joining @LNFGlasgow is the best idea I’v…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgow @PandaShaun @planetbeth1 Gold comes with a bonus album this weekend - since we were doing 342 it made sense to add… old hall of fame is filling up. New additions @markwgeorgsson @Muldoons2017 @michaelmphysics hours remains. 14 mail sacks already filled. At least 14 bargains to be had.
Don't get us wrong, we love selling records but jeeso ... this weekend be ridiculous! #NewAddition compilations on @LNFGlasgow including the soon to be released 2020 edition are available as pledg…
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If it were a real Friday we would retweet this to catch the impressionables leaving the pubs but the pubs are shut… a beauty! be am beauty!'s buy 2 and get an extra 1 free all weekend in our store.
Happy boy, just picked up the first copies of our debut album @Muldoons2017 @LNFGlasgow
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Shit that's like 2 days from now ...... frantically prepares the bunting @TheHangabouts @planetbeth1 Our backyard now includes your backyard as earlier this year LNFG went transatlantic, a… we can tempt you with the news that both @Muldoons2017 and @michaelmphysics albums should land tomorrow - cou… Mic ... Is this thing on? 3.25pm and we haven't sold a single record all day. Surely someone wants 12" of happ…
@GroatusVulgaris @planetbeth1 Must try harder :)Always a delight to assimilate a new fanatic, sorry I mean welcome a new member. @planetbeth1 Delighted to have you onboard. Big boxes of vinyl heading your way - yes I did say boxes! @newportandy75 @planetbeth1 Bonus Treats For Everyone!Well it was yesterday but hey lets do it again today .. we are not donating £5 from the sale of the LPs, we are don…
At some point in the night it struck me that everything would be better on the opposite wall. So that killed 2 lock… @roseylicious @thetwilightsad @tinychanges If you checked your email you'll see we were already in touch about 90 m… @roseylicious @thetwilightsad @tinychanges Everyone gets a bonus. It's the LNFG way :) @tinychanges Well lets hope it's incredible, it's just £25 so far ;)In fact lets extend that to every record and membership in store. Buy from us today and we will donate a fiver to… @veke71 @thetwilightsad @tinychanges Delighted you like it so! @fleurneale @tinychanges Dont worry we will include all purchases from the live session too @thetwilightsad @tinychanges Shipped with a wee bonus :) @tinychanges Money is made round to go round as my gran used to say!T'was a pleasure indeed have a very few copies left in store and will be donating £5 for every copy sold today to @tinychanges. Buy Reco…
Now this is just brilliant! “Caravans on a Hill” by Mt Doubt Leo and the gang at the absolute top of their game! Ev…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgow @SonicChronicler Be quick there are very few left @PilrigPaterson Well we have 3 things bubbling and one on the boilWhat's your flavour?
@bonesjones The worldwide release is scheduled for mid August. The records will ship as soon as they land back from the pressing plant @RyanMcGoverne 100%
2020 Sophomore album A Different Port by Scotland's @medicinemenband has the warm anthems you ne…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowramping up the teasers for @DeerLeaderBand debut single via @LNFGlasgow - out 26th June
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Our EP is out tomorrow! Pre-save it now using this link!
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowThe folk group landed a record deal with independent label @LNFGlasgow. Their self-titled debut EP is out today. Fu…
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We've unearthed the last copies of @cloth_band's @LNFGlasgow debut on colour vinyl, from the back of the cupboard.…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowDefinitely the last purple copies left. We sold out at the weekend!
Saving the best until last. Instrumental start to both sides of this beautiful silver vinyl. Breakdown, Spellbound…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowIt's a beauty. You can hear @foundlings_uk take on that in our Isolation Sessions album too!
@rprntc Ah yes months. I miss months!So it's too late to shout "April Fool" ? 2nd hour (4-5pm) of the @ScotsWhayHae @OfficialCamGlen Radio Show features @marianne_mcg @joemcalinden
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowSaturday stock clean up - who fancies an unobtanium membership. 22 12" Records and 4 CD's? Only 1 available alas. story, this man taught Ian the basics of cooking curry in 1990. Top Man. We see a socially distanced curry on… feel free to "Wow" until your heart is content
Isn't it pretty ? @cloth_band @laurenlaverne @Mode_Red @BBC6Music We tried telling them that translated band names was the way forwar… @Monorail_Music It's time I ordered a bundle of things from you. This being one of them.What a week - thanks to @steve_lamacq @ChrisHawkinsUK @maryannehobbs @laurenlaverne and of course Uncle…! @A1LNM @laurenlaverne @cloth_band @BBC6Music It made ours tooThanks so much - we love you too!
@GroatusVulgaris Seen them four or five times. Every one an utter joy.Shout out for the legend that is @steve_lamacq for playing @cloth_band on his show today!Just brilliant! @Andrew_J_Moodie @OliveGroveRCRDS @BrokenChanter You are most incredibly welcome! Cake for Everyone!The joys of editing meta data with aggregators and the general inflexible nature of this has resulted in… @thebandbis @David68473675 @sister_john Wait till you see our "I'm a Mutt" biscuit bones.
Massive thanks to @ChrisHawkinsUK for spinning Felt by @cloth_band this am on @BBC6Music.Then there's the small matter of this ... @joemcalinden @thebandbis @David68473675 @sister_john Have we spoken to you about our dog BIScuits idea yet?
Whoop! recently chatted with @louderthanwar about the @LNFGlasgow ‘Isolation Sessions’ > Have a read below folks!
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We’re v proud to announce a remix of our song “Old Bear” by @justin_lockey of @minor_victories. We love what Justin…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgow⁦@LNFGlasgow⁩’s The ‘Isolation EP’ is out now - a wee taster of the mammoth #isolationsessions record yet to come 👀…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowLast Night Show!!!! Showcasing @LNFGlasgow artists #SisterJohn, @BrokenChanter, #ZoëBestel, @clothband because on t…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgow @AGARR45 Having seen them on the Green tour that will always hold a special place for me. @AGARR45 Your top 2 and bottom 3 bang on the money the rest I'd tweak. Up is a misunderstood minor masterpiece. 4…
Playing Afraid of Nothing by Sharon Van Etten Ian's last pick for the 4 tracks in lockdown. Massive Thank you for…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowThis is gonna be a brilliant show - @LNFGlasgow are great and Chris will be bringing you great tracks. On air in ab…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowOn tonight's show! Ian from label @LNFGlasgow drops his 4 tracks 4 lockdown + amazing sounds from @LukeDeSciscio
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Today's the day! LD:TV kicks off at 2PM with lots of great content scheduled across the day: 2PM - Let's Talk M…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgow5PM - Long Division - 10th Birthday Q&A with Team LD 8PM - Long Division Festival - Raising money for…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgowGreat day to pre-order the @Bugeyeband debut album Ready Steady Bang on lovely cream vinyl or CD... Out 10 July th…
Retweeted by LastNightFromGlasgow @michaelmphysics I thought I could use any utter-cock material so long as there was no commercial gain to be had? @michaelmphysics Surely there's a song in there ... "You can wank someone else But only in a shower with a condom f…👋Join us tonight on Long Division TV. We'll be playing alongside some of our favourite artists - @TheLovelyEggs
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