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mer @lnfinitygirI she/they 18

need an egg salad and a picle rn | @pinkmattur💍👰🤵

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@pinkmattur Get off my backBeing fucking stalked by oomf rnwhy does spongebob have a pet monkey
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@hannahtheebaker two birds actually they kissed and I know they were both girls frjust saw a gay bird @hannahtheebaker @pinkmattur No it wasn’t ?I just saw a billboard with grace vanderwaals face on itI LET YOUR LOVE TEASE MEE NOW I AM YOUR LOVES WHOREE came to me Carelessly I am iris and the lens The bridge adjusting to the water, water, water Water
@thatjuIy9 What’s even his business listening to that🙄🙄
@yarbycece PLSSSHDJFHCJ#NewProfilePic @yarbycece ew wtf @ImgivingupMama That’s the baby pool……. @yarbycece like actually so sick @yarbycece Come over I’m still here😉 @yarbycece 😭😭😭it’s been storming all day no one was ever here @hannahrevenge No yeah let’s talk about itput august on the work aux and everyone ran out of the pool wtf morning @ImgivingupMama Ummmm hi @pinkmattur @lnfinitygirI
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@jennalee_stack YASSSme arriving to the #jennaleebirthday bash in style @jennalee_stack
@hannahrevenge That song is fake😐 @hannahrevenge Not reallyPortishead on tiktok this is the final straw @keyIimegreendog 😭😭 @keyIimegreendog I think ryan bought the same pack this morning @keyIimegreendog That is actually the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen @keyIimegreendog OH. EM. GEE. @keyIimegreendog OMG
Does anyone else think it smells like a school gymnasium in here rn?😂 @hannahtheebaker 😭😭
@sarahssatellite play doughFuck boss baby you like that? You gon' like that, that-that-that-that, that-that-that-that How you like that? (Bada-bing, b… u guys hear they put a pearl in the ground my sister that I miss her Tell my brother that it gets much easier I look at you Oh, I don't know what's real Once in a while And you make me laugh tweeting every song I listen to until fortnite is done downloadingGET IN THE CAR AND DRIVE IT ALLL OVER MEEEE I do my best impression of weightlessness, now too And I might be wrong, I might be wrong, I might be wrong But… @sarahssatellite Sarah isn’t is so good especially the thing she does when it’s like “but you can make me a drink” @keyIimegreendog Okay but truth for real
@GREASESTAlNS TRUEEEE @TAYMACC_ I didn’t know what tf to say I just liked it and was like well Okay🙄 @TAYMACC_ Just seeing these omfg they’re so funny😭😭😭😭 @JackECheeses Can I be added to the mailing list😭Me when I’m in the school play about the alphabet and am asked what my part is but I have a stutter @fkaabez ABE BAE HAPPY BDAYYYYYYY @GREASESTAlNS This.
@hannahrevenge PURRRR @pinkmattur Oh for sure @unflesher AND THE WAY IT GOES INTO SWALLOW I CANT BREATHEthis mf outro I’m shaking and crying and throwing up my little gamestop booty @casswiftiie Don’t talk to me before my morning pond sessionsHey, hey, hey Just think while you've been gettin' down and out about the liars And the dirty, dirty cheats of the… @JackECheeses IM PEEEINNGNDHHDVSJZGAHSHSFSJSGDHGDGDPut your drinks up if you don't give a fuck Everything goes cause we don't give a fuck I don't give a fuck! You don… is my cousin
@GREASESTAlNS just drank a redbull ur mad @ohokayyeahyeah These being the same shorts u were wearing the other day😭😭 @megaholes YASSSS @megaholes I’ve always wanted minions on the bottom of my toes like it’s the perfect shape idgaf @hannahrevenge I’m with ur mom like 24/7 @hannahrevenge I actually didn’t give u that @hannahrevenge OK NEEEEDDDD @hannahtheebaker Weird but True. @hannahtheebaker 😭😭playing cardigan at work #folkimgivingupmamalorefest @keyIimegreendog ? @ImgivingupMama The wedding was charming with a little goat @HathawayLesMis K sorry @HathawayLesMis Ok but what if u made one for me😅 @hannahtheebaker Um hello yes could I get a #1 miner fatigue combo meal and a side ofWomen playing bedwars: I love shopping and diamonds Men playing bedwars: fight sword bed destroyed pow pow @keylimeog Ok ur so mf stupid ur a Leo rising and a cancer moon @keylimeog 26 suck my coofie
@cowboyadrianuh @hannahrevenge He’s mine if u wanna come over and like see him irl if u like wanted to @JackECheeses @eggsaladnpicle I’ll make us some beans and toast come over @JackECheeses @eggsaladnpicle Quit picking at it honey
Retweeted by merwhy he look gay in this .
Retweeted by mer @petshr1mp this is my first time watching I’m a little too excited
seated for project x @ohokayyeahyeah 😭😭Taylor the only one to work w jack and still have an original sound it’s telling I think ur Lorde @keylimeog Pics
Retweeted by merhey @keyIimegreendog happy monday @HathawayLesMis Ur like literally so smart for itWoke up to no mitskisus which also means half my bookmarks are gone FML @ImgivingupMama Just letting some steam out @ImgivingupMama 😭😭😭😭😭😭