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Leesy @LockdownLeesy Near a dartboard somewhere

Paul. Fat lad from Southampton. Father of 2. Says it how it is. #saintsfc and #darts

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@Tracey_Ann_C Course not x @Tracey_Ann_C Tipsy?
@saintmich82 @Saint2882 @carolinenokes @BorisJohnson I'll drop you my address in DM. I'm only in chandler's Ford so you can drop it over to… @RachieSambora Was it not 11:11? That would have been more poetic @Rovers @FitzpatrickKev Children. @lukenipz24 What's happening?Heading into the final two days of action at the Summer Series, here's the latest standings in the race to the Betf…
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@FLINGBH Not yet mate @hlg180 @npranay180 He's not wrong @laurenm5783 Looks like you canPayment via PayPal friends and family only to Please make it clear which raffle(s) you are havi…
Retweeted by Leesy @hlg180 Never knew you had a sisterIf I had Tyson Fury's money I'd seem even more unhinged than he is1What is your favourite song lyric of all time? Currently mine is this: YOU WANNA FUCK ME LIKE AN ANIMAL @laurenm5783 @laurenm5783 Cheers!Deadline for this is tonight! Please share with the rest of the darts twitter community
Retweeted by Leesy @F_Manga18 @jetze_jan We will! Mvg already sat on 21k. You honestly think anyone is going to catch him? @F_Manga18 @jetze_jan In reality, did they though? @jetze_jan It wasn't really a good idea because there was absolutely no chance that someone not already qualified would top the oomFeel very lucky to live on the doorstep of this part of the world up who thinks the PDC are the best example of an organisation that has excelled at restarting their sport ✋✋
Retweeted by Leesy @Sean1874 Yeah it's gonna be good mate. 50+ peopleDeadline for this is tonight! Please share with the rest of the darts twitter community @xxlilxxx I'm very lucky 😊Don't want any fuckers lighting fires in my new forest thanks @IssyPanayis @adehughes6 You might want to but you ain't gonna @mattandbenny I think we have man utd away next so I'd stay away from Ings this game week @adehughes6 You wanna see me bawsack mate @CallumDartsNUFC Not out tonight now. Might be tempted by a throw @CallumDartsNUFC Have a word with yourself. I'm a man not a girl @CallumDartsNUFC Why would I do that? @AdamGawthrop Wiping the bread in the bean juice at the end @TJD1986 I'm a lucky man 😊Morning campers @hojbjerg23 Congratulations Pierre!I will give someone $25 in 8 hours all you have to do is 👇👇 #retweet & #Like this post #follow myself & @10WinUK
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Retweeted by Leesy @Saints1885_com Disappointing @GladiatorsTV @jet_loves @LockdownLeesy Is that his darts case
Retweeted by Leesy @LockdownLeesy They've find the right things at the right times with full (as full as they can right now) protectio…
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@TrisV @MattPorter_PDC I'm very impressed Tris @amy_clare_1995 What is pilony? @LinzBarratt @seanewing72 I'm so lost @amy_clare_1995 Polish pony? @LinzBarratt @seanewing72 Smile and wave. I'm a bit simple like that @LinzBarratt @seanewing72 Clearly @jamienutsack @xxLauraF23xx I'm half a stone over 4 stone overweight. You're alright mate. You keep doing you @jamienutsack *a cunt @jamienutsack You're often wrong @jamienutsack You're not wrong @LinzBarratt @seanewing72 A gay one @seanewing72 I've got one myself!The fuck you wearing? @RichardNorth180 @Duzza180 #romseyboy @amy_clare_1995 Preg? @9629Neil It's irrelevant though. They've not but they thing is behind closed doors with no video cameras so what's the point? @LockdownLeesy It'll never catch on as a crowd way....sorry
Retweeted by Leesy @9629Neil Completely different argument @foxycockney @dg03ebc That's not the point. Professional football was permitted beforehand. But the way the restart was managed… @LinzBarratt Cute @LinzBarratt What's it like in the Mickey mouse leagues? @LinzBarratt You're wrong. Not you're fault because Northern folks are a bit dim but you actually bleed Southampton @GazBond1 @LinzBarratt You bleed red and white.... You've just made the wrong interpretation. That's Southampton you bleed @LinzBarratt Or just support a better football club @LinzBarratt As a Stoke fan you'll be taking a lot of tramadol @laurenm5783 Less steps to the loftCc @MattPorter_PDC 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @laurenm5783 I've a haunted bungalow does that help? @DartsPPR180 no. Redmond is a fancy trickery bullshitter who, in reality, just makes up the numbers. Sod Redmond. C… up who thinks the PDC are the best example of an organisation that has excelled at restarting their sport ✋✋ @DartsPPR180 Greenwood on the bench below kIngs in the pecking order @jamienutsack #fatcunt @KongrawDarts I've heard he's only deactivated whilst he's on holiday which is a shame @Tracey_Ann_C @clmcefc @richarlison97 Sounds a lot like Everton 😘 @RBroughton180 @DartsPPR180 @dannygrotbags @MatMccallionI will give someone $10 in 1 hour All you have to do is 👇👇 #retweet & #Likee this post #tag some friends 🙏 #legitstar
Retweeted by Leesy @clmcefc @richarlison97 We're by far the better team. Imagine spending that much money and still being wank @clmcefc @richarlison97 Have a word with yourself! @IsaO57969130 @SwanwatchUk Oh wow! Interesting. Thanks! @clmcefc @richarlison97 Shameful? @clmcefc @richarlison97 Was a great finish but the rest of your team is average at best @LockdownLeesy Just entered and deposit paid 👍
Retweeted by LeesyWhat a ball by Stephens btw... #saintsfcI am raffling my matchworn and signed @theedgar501 shirt to raise funds for a hospice. £7.50 per entry payable thro…
Retweeted by LeesyPlay for free for a chance to win £100k. Simply guess the results of 10 matches. Don't hit the jackpot? You still c…
Retweeted by Leesy @hellorayychel 6 out of 10 for me today, you? @A180DARTS this is the one i was on about Karl if you or Dawn want to join, will all be similar standard in the lea…
Retweeted by Leesy @ShaunBarnes_101 @BabyDean24 @rossbarnes1 you all entered
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