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best buddies with @catzombique ~🎙 ~ 🐹 ~ be the Iwata you want to see in the world ~ they/them

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jfcContinuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother 💪🏾 #33644
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @matthysbakker DMed so I don't spoil it for Sophie @S0phieH I found a method that is a nice mix of figuring it out for yourself, and then having one or two tricks to progress. good luck! @S0phieH yeah I tried that many moons ago but went too much into the frustration side and gave up. this time I had… @S0phieH I arbitrarily decided to learn how to solve the cube in under a minute on average last year and managed to… wow... I was just listening to Wheels Within Wheels and thinking how the Seans are one of my favourite rythm sec…
@steveklabnik prolog is very good @tressiemcphd I take the packing cubes out of my backpack and promptly forget about them until I have to travel againits funny to me that The Sims is listed as a "casual" game because i have never known a single person who has had a…
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@janl but Janl, won't someone think of the user!hey Chrome browser, what's up.This is the direct result of Google using its monopoly in one area to drive out competition in another. Just look a…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes“Google has launched new travel search tools that compete with TripAdvisor.. Google has also crammed the top of its…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes🚀 Super excited to announce that @MirageJS is now officially launched! It's already being used in React, Vue, Angu…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @_jbfitz @microwavenby hhmm...
@melaniersumner @nullvoxpopuli @melaniersumner @nullvoxpopuli yeah, I've used it before for live-translating some stuffJESUS CHRIST!
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesTIL you can animate range slider thumbs! Nice demo using <input type="range"> & CSS variables:…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesHow Web Standards Work 1. design a flawed API (it's fine! APIs are hard) 2. ship it in the most-used browser, desp…
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"Cobblepot can clean it up" is quite... contemporary... (watching Batman Returns)
Help @Waltruss
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesIf you insist
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @SolarFlairYT in portuguese we have two sayings: - can't please both the greeks and the trojans - arrested for havi… @meyoco_ I don't know how I missed it when I ordered the pins 😱 @ReinH dinner of my communities moved to Discord but its block functionality is kinda... missing the pointHanoi 2 - The two men were discussing over large bags of clothes. The quality was quite good, but there was still h…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesDeveloper accused of unreadable code refuses to comment
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesI’m by far not the best person but by far the worst thing I’ve ever done is accidentally touch the mailman through…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesI had forgotten that Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting a remaster and I'm so haappyyy
It rules that so many propaganda fears about communism, shared cars, nonstop work, cramped dehumanizing living spac…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @meakoopa I watched it recently and I got hooookkeedd and immediately wished the trio got another movieEvery once in a while, I remember this life hack where a lewd artist would tweet “good luck on your entrance exams,…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @_jbfitz I've heard someone talk about doing that before, but I don't remember who. this is relevant to my interests, too 🤔
@Charizard_ something is broken with my Spotify player :x @Charizard_ it's supposed to, but it keeps playing other tracks like on "artist radio", and with the 1 it only repe… @RyanTablada I wouldn't put too much stock on it. I remember back in the Rdio days there were already region-specif… can't figure out how to play an album on repeat with Spotify, apparently @zzap what music did you have on in the backgroundHey folks. I'm on the market for a new job! If you know anyone hiring for a remote senior front-end role, please reach out. DM's are open.
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Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary (2.5 million/year in 2018)
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes📢 hold space to move selections already started retweet to save millions of lives
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @sorawee_p @not_logan @mwickens @mattmight @Apple you still have to go in the settings beforehand and allow third party apps @teabass 😕 shame on themMy online store is now open! Starter Types enamel pins are still available! 🌿🌊🔥 LINK:
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @willennialvoter @bombsfall I do have a Chapman Stick with 10 strings :xWho is that gently rapping, rapping on my chamber door? “’Tis some Uber Eats deliverer,” I muttered, “tapping at m…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesDo you maintain a popular open source project? I am starting a blog series where I interview maintainers and would…
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@teabass did you have anything to do with the new GitHub notifications beta? it looks quite… familiar.Yamaha (instrument makers) issue a warning on social media: “somewhat belatedly, and for reasons that cannot be men…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @pietepiet rool those eggs Billy!
@ManuelFalcaoMag yeah, I guess! I'd rather watch most of the gun fights than play through them though. Uncharted 4…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesis this a joke? not even 1m?
@EthanRedd is this argument the dyad of "this sucks because it's not realistic"? @EthanRedd *looks at Atomic Blonde*✨ New #rustlang series 📦 Making our own executable packer In these articles, we dive into ELF, x86 instructions,…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesOne thing no one ever talks about being an adult is how much time you debate yourself on keeping a cardboard box be…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesI finished 4 and recently started on 1, fwiwhonest question, why is Uncharted so critically acclaimed?u put a cigarette in ur mouth and ask me for a light. i pull this motherfucker out. i still manage to light ur ciga…
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@mountain_ghosts they have to change your timeline to "top tweets" somehow @killerswan I drive a Smart, that thing wouldn't even see me @rae_noble @TrainerSplash @UberMadman_SSB @JoeMerrick I was reading the thread and thinking this is how Pokemon Go has been operatingI consider page 2 of google results the dark web.
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oh wow, Receiver II is coming out :D I hope it has better performance than the first one so I can play it decentlyI have no idea how to watch Bosten Legal legally at this moment. yay digital services.VVVVVV is now open source <3
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @knownasilya @garrickcheung @real_ate @emberjs htmlbars (aka glimmer 1) is the serialization bit of the templating… @ajplus 👀 @MBMBaMI met this dude on tinder and asked what his last name was.. he told me, then replied “ you doing a little backgrou…
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My middle name is literally a fucking typo. My mom had a c section and forgot to write the rest of Nicole due to th…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesA bar in SF had this taped to their door, 2020 continues to be one for the books.
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @real_ate @eaf4 @garrickcheung @knownasilya @emberjs 🗿*crosses fingers and plays the new Opeth album* @torturecrush what games do you play online? 😁 @rje @brandontreb @kevinrose I also use Zero to help me keep track @rje I've been doing 16:8 but I'm naturally not hungry in the mornings which helps. still get a craving here and there. stay strong 💪 @Benoit_Tgt @codefolio my secret trick: put podcasts at 3x so my brain actually processes the sentencesI was responsible for the exorcism of a tree while in elementary school. I wrote letters in the voice of a demon an…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesa lot of current "tech" is just using AWS and some JavaScript to renegotiate existing social relations (The Taxi, T…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesI was talking with a friend who works and travels with drones. Since his equipment costs tens of thousands of doll…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesUsing Clojure or ClojureScript? Please make your voice heard in the 2020 State of Clojure survey!
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@MyNameIsByf gimme the Destiny version of The Clone Wars and we're off to the races!In college I fell out of my bunk bed and broke both of my legs and one arm. Years later on a date, I made a joke ab…
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Watch Snarky Puppy bring its long-simmered blend of jazz, funk and gospel to the Tiny Desk.
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @seldo this is a very wild thing to say, peace 🤙 @seldo when the self driving car fucks up, who's to blame? @CAP_PhD @MarcSnetiker Our valedictorian skipped 11th grade, bumping the assumed valedictorian and salutatorian to…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesWe've got a sweet new logo for our new game! Now we need to find someone to create fully rendered 2D illustrations…
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@hacktoberfest are t-shirts still shipping? haven't gotten a shipment confirmation yet :CBit late to the party, but I manage to finish #adventofcode. Did it in rust, here's a blog post:
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesJust learned about OpenDrop, an open source implementation of AirDrop, allowing non-Apple devices and operating sys…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesknowing nothing of the franchises, are The Witcher and The Mandalorian tv shows actually the same?
you finally put a pocket on women clothing and this is what you do with it? hearing aids have volume controls and program controls in a phone app. In a noisy pub I would want to change set…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @bombsfall that's quite the modern chord progressionNot all heroes wear capes. Thank you to member Jeffrey Aldis for helping a fellow iRacer in need!
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@mehrdad_rafiee @matrix3141 it was deprecated in October 2018, so users had a little over a year of warning