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Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @locks Porto, Portugal

best buddies with @catzombique ~🎙 ~ be the Iwata you want to see in the world ~ they/them

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i like to take pictures of sunsets through binoculars bc it makes them look like planets
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesAnyway the reason why vampires can’t see their reflection in a mirror is because old mirrors were made of silver an…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @bburbank if I ever get tattoos, the first one will be some Ikaruga bullshit @luisetelo @Gorzas @reactjs @vuejs @emberjs (sorry for EN, my spanish isn't good) everything is smooth because you…
@miguelgamendes I made a tiny Ikaruga in Flixel and my friend got the highscore by doing absolutely nothing -> The Dark Descent celebrating 10 years and Amnesia: Rebirth being less than I month from release, we want to an…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesoh my god oh my god oh my god
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @leyawn @bombsfall I've been reading Philip K Dick too!
Imagine being a Native student sitting in a college class, and you see graphics like this? Even for the sake of ‘…
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Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesso, will Disney buy Microsoft or will it be the other way aroundNooooo :( Ron Cobb (1937-2020) is dead. I am devastated. From Alien to Close Encounters of the Third Kind to The…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @MechaMacGyver dat jawlineI am often reminded about the advice my mother gave me at some point that boiled down to "half of success is showin…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesThese are my original hand-written 6502 assembly code notes for the BBC Micro version of Crazee Rider ( 1986/7 ). I…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @__apf__ I'd call it a frightning intellect to read every manual in the house to be prepared. defo boss move @searls @garybernhardt Justin, I just hooked up my GCN last week to play Sega Soccer Slam and Beach Spikers.
@_jbfitz LOL the WAP one xDDD
Reminder that this is ok under our current policies and any change to the policy will need to go through the RFC pr…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @chadtomkiss @kwuchu that's not a very flattering picture of me @kwuchu still laughing at this meme
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @DeMarko @aleffert that's how they get you, you have to jump through hoops to get the real URL. I too have sinned! @slimekat oh fuck meRemembering that day when _why streamed a book directly to your printer
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesLife hack that I’m deeply ashamed of but also is too useful to keep to myself. Greasy chip fingers messing up you…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes[inventor of cursive] what if the letters held hands
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@PaladinAmber LOLOL they had no rrigghhttt @toehider is a damn wizardbest insightful thread about the plight of human institutional failure of 2020
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @pgte I remember seeing a breakdown once of these "100 hours" and the person saying it basically qualified everythi… @lisajane08 @femaleredhead @MaraWilson and there's always the fictional ones too
@ChevyRay if you're on GitHub you can disable pull requests and issues! @ChevyRay I know, right? and just when I have access to all three! lucky round of #Valorant!There are still tickets available for the free remote #emberjs contributor workshop with @locks and @real_ate – get…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesmy therapist keeps telling me to be kinder to myself. i don’t think i quite understand the assignment yet but i’m t…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesThese Arabic logo re-designs by @IbroHamdi are OVERWHELMINGLY STUNNING ( more at, via…
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Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @kwuchu I'm not even going to expand the image, I bet it doesn't even go far back enough 😭 @jhartikainen @zwetan @OsbjornG you should look into Ember.js, I think you'd be surprised x) @fivetanley call of duty mobile
2020 automatically recording gameplay can catch some funny moments, like this one from the other dayHey all, we started a new blog post series with weekly @CouchDB tips: This week, we’re put…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesThe Hike 💚 A 6 inch aerial embroidery complete with 3D hills, my first ever! I really enjoyed making them and I'm d…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @torturecrush "MOST <...> LOV'EM" what the fuck @Vanessa_ABee @fivetanley finally he nails oneGohan defeated Cell at the age of 10
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesMini tutorial about anti-aliasing for #pixelart ✏️🎨 Read the full article here:
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @fasterthanlime try to connect something through thunderbolt 3 usb-c
@studioanisa thinking of these kinds of videos. I work on a macbook… @studioanisa cable management inside your pc case, or table/office setup? if the latter, the vlogger community is m… @studioanisa this is hiliariously complicated but at least the gist of it is "S plays S games"i think about this at least 3 times a day
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesAdded C3PO to the R2D2 Townscaper build. #Townscaper #StarWars #C3PO #R2D2
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @fasterthanlime I am instantly erasing this thread from my brain, jfc
@willmanduffy looking good! I did some cable management recently but I always feel like something is off. my deskto…
I get asked about good places to start learning gouache and, for my money, there's no better resource than James Gu…
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@ChevyRay nice release :DEpisódio 29: Neste episódio falamos dos problemas que encontrámos num projecto em PHP/MySQL com quase 20 anos.
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@naugtur @Design__Pattern @matteocollina @reactjs @nodejs ng-cli was originally a fork of ember-cli but has rewritt…
@ReinH the dump pouch on the belt, lmao @ReinH this is someone's airsoft gear @UnburntWitch 1. holy shit 2. fuck yeah 3. why do all trailers look the same nowadays :C @bombsfall I'm sorry you saw the movie, and also how did they manage to make Tom Hardy as uninteresting, baffling really @_jbfitz I frequently think of _why and I've ended up explaining _why at several different events of my local meetup @chardane I too use the toblerone capture card! and I think we have the same monitor, though I put it on a monitor…
I'm really excited to announce the release of the Analog Terminal Bell. Never miss a terminal bell notification aga…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @jckarter ez, 420 @Ben_Vereno @asolegrey @d_lost_dino @XiranJayZhao touches on why this is
@/nicoleciravolo is a popular TikTok creator probably best known for her character Ms. Connie. Ms. Connie is the h…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @tha_rami I have it on the Switch and I lloovvee it, this is such a catch!You use the Epic Games Store? You need a Very Good Very Smart Very Different videogame at the attractive price of $…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendesholy shit
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesThis incredibly fluid rug pattern by Faig Ahmed
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absolutely love the line and melody on "gonna break the rules and hearts in twos" @atmattb @johnlindquist so elegant someone created to deal the tensionmy friends, NEW K/DA IS OUT it's not the relevation that POP/STARS is, but it's a banger
any mutuals playing Valorant (EU)?Forgot to mention this but Black Eyes t-shirt has been restocked in my apparel store! 💙👁👀 💙👁…
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For the past month, I've experienced coordinated harassment via 4chan on one of my GitHub repos. Yes, the platform…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @fasterthanlime no, thank you for your lovely posts x) @fasterthanlime hey! small typo on your Rust lifetimes post @pietepiet I had forgotten they were remaking it 😱 region-locking a game like this sucks. I hope the final product…
@Slaktus @konjak not sure they have enough flags in the background @ChevyRay do it :D @mikekasprzak seeing the Color logo got me straight in the soul. so much of my childhood. so many hundreds of hours… have one last Ditto keyboard case + pcb combo! Lets do a GIVEAWAY ~ like - retweet - comment & tag your mates...…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes7DFPS 2020 is here. details in thread⬇️ #7dfps ( sound on )
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes @EthanRedd if you ever do, give F-Zero Climax a look
Some personal news: I'm excited to announce the release of nannernest: The world's first end-to-end computer visio…
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesWhen you have to send PSD's to people
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 Mendes esquema do utilizador suspenso do "NovoBanco-Cliente" é novidade?🤮’s good TikTok is this banger 🎵 We stressed depressed and well dressed 🎶
Retweeted by Ricardo 🐹 MendesOur future metaverse. (Inspired by an old meme by @Damo90001 ) #virtualreality #VR #fun #facebook #oculus #gamedev
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@rajasegar_c nice! did you take anything from ember-hearth? @amatchneer have you seen this
@Clairvoire Have You Tried Rus*gets run over by a bus*Japanese toilet buttons
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