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Hi, hello, my name is Loey! YouTuber and founder of @loveanybody. For business inquiries

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@snitchery can I have a uhhhhhh kith 🥺BOOO
Retweeted by Loey ✨ @GinaShkeda I’m ready to risk it all ma’am @freyaaacun I’ve made this joke before jendjcjsj sorry that’s all it meant @nBurd_ :’(((My brain is literally mush I have not gotten anything done today @OhMyGodExposeU WILL
So... I’m launching my own beauty brand. Makeup is a ONE/SIZE fits all. @OneSizeBeauty
Retweeted by Loey ✨ @patrickstarrr @OneSizeBeauty YAAAAYYY PATRICK SO EXCITING @hanakokunss 👁👄👁 @Kevin82760667 Omg @stahpid HAHAHAHH @vossvolta The part where Jesus was a men rly spoke to meJesus is also a men - John 3.18 @nBurd_ 👁👅👁I’m taking a break from roasting weirdos in my DMs to let you all know @nBurd_’s new video is up and it has me cack… @confzzledkittie I will be in hell if you need me :( @armiducha PLEASE I AM WHEEZING @moddleoddle It just keeps getting better @_sweetener_ We rly are 😌 @sealtoast @moddleoddle Omg @BoyChhora You mean the part where you tossed in made up statistics about the percentage of men that are rapists @CarterRicherodt @BoyChhora @MadelyneEdythe0 There’s not even a cucumber @tylerdamsma Oh yeah dude is just spittin straight facts @nBurd_ She literally didn’t need no man jesus is proof @GhostySweep My favorite bible verse @manicfilters I was born by a men’s and now I forsake them @freyaaacun NOTHING THAT’S THE FUNNY PART @OhMyGodExposeU Okay but will your makeup looks so good 🥺 @nBurd_ Your ankles are mine buddyArt it’s art Nathan rubs his voice tweet function in my face one more time I’m gonna steal his ankles @SociableBarely I - @EmmaLangevinXO Aren’t you born by a man @nBurd_ DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT @BunBunNatsch It’s the naughty boy display name that does it for me @Jessie38331657 I was born by a men @DandelionKarma @me_brirl HANNDXJJS WHO IS THAT MANI’m a thot + blocker with a hint of the demon 😌 @EmmaLangevinXO Do you want a hug or like a smoothieHas anyone checked on the spectre girl sis has been going through it @Escaflowne2001 @Bthxny_Rxs @betterthemask Omg bro yikes x 2 @Virelaia I AM HOWLING right you are right you areI am full of hot takes today and it’s not even noon @Escaflowne2001 @betterthemask Yikes @tashakaminsky Welcome to the party 😌Personally, I’d prefer not to see photos of Julia Hartley-Brewer, thanks. I also don’t think we should encourage wo… @EmmaLangevinXO I’m still screaming the speed at which you did it has me awestruck @RealBWC @EmmaLangevinXO I’m suffering jackoThe way @EmmaLangevinXO just destroyed me at cup pong in like 3 turns goodnight @elijahdaniel Elijah NOT the paw patrol 😭 @MooCrown Tbh it’s scary he felt threatened by it whatcha hiding man @freyaaacun Shhh @CarterRicherodt CARTER JESUS CHRIST @CarterRicherodt You’re right @nBurd_ Hehe I’m too a little biased but completely agree :DIf you stop giving birth to men maybe some of them wouldn’t turn out to be dangers to society, LADIES >:((( @RealBWC If you don’t want abusers and rapists maybe just stop giving birth ladies 😡😡😡 Checkmate. IQ over 9000 @Kierabridget It’s our fault kiera you heard the man @trevimoran I wuv youAh yes, because men will always find a way to blame women for their terrifying actions 😌🌸 melted florals 🌸
Retweeted by Loey ✨ @J0SHNATION Erin Jesus Christ my heart just fell so hard @l4ur3n_willis Omg 🥺 I’m sure you’re doing amazingly!!! It’s a difficult language but I’ve been having so much fun… is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me I’m weeping n @snitchery :’) still can’t believe I slept through everyone thinking tiktok was deleted in the US omgOkay but 90s Taco Bell was really the blueprint bring her back @annabanana0715 Yeah he’s my petNo one: Not a soul: Corpse saying the word “pelican” five times in a row and giggling because he likes how it sound… @SociableBarely Tbh this one scared the shit outta me so I am glad there is a reasonable explanation
Retweeted by Loey ✨absolutely horrifying thread
Retweeted by Loey ✨ @TheNimbusCore I am so deeply unsettled by thisTonight’s activities ft @ReadytoglareYT include creating backstories for our favorite frog photos @MichaelaOkla I don’t get it :( @pendrcgons Me too :’) @lolitslloyd @DeadLeafClover I did and it’s totally fair. Reading stories on my channel without permission was a ma… @RealBWC His tail is unrealI have been corrected that this is a scooter but my question stands where will he go what will he do @RealBWC GIVE HIM HIS TREAT RIGHT NOW @ughtumn ... I... you’re right... @BriMartinezzz OH MY GOD HE THICCFrog on a bike where will he go @SM_Creepshow I love you MOREEE @SM_Creepshow It’s almost like we are all humans with baggage under our belts who still deserve basic love and compassionI need a pick me up can I have frog pictures pls 🥺 @ItsJust_Belle Yes angel baby. I promise. There is always another tomorrow and the sun will always rise again @Lia_Echevarria He ~fight~Tomorrow will be better ❤️ @Being_Scared ❤️❤️can someone please put ✨sluts burn in hellfire✨ on a T-shirt for me I’m begging @ReadytoglareYT I love you :3 @EmmaLangevinXO HAHAHAHHAAHAnywho! Stream Never Satisfied by Corpse or his entire discography rly it’s all fire 🔥 @GlamandGore We protect the skeleton man no matter what!!!It was legitimately a self care block. I am really protective of Corpse and seeing stuff like that just made me unc… I don’t address drama ever but I am free to block anyone I want, esp when they make videos parodying my best fri…