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Hi, hello, my name is Loey! For business inquiries If you like what I do, buy me a coffee? ❤️

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Hello there do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior Megan Thee Stallion? 👑✨ @RatsEveryHour incredible @TylerRugge I need you to know I read "engagement" before anything else and I was fucking pissed I didn't know before Twitter didthe system has failed corey johnson, but its not too late to help dustin higgs and pervis payne. helpful links and tweets below.
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️Here are Corey Johnson's last words. "I am not the same man that I was," he said, after apologizing to the families…
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Perhaps I shall leave and never returnTwitter is so unbelievably toxicA second petition. These are both just thousands of signatures away from their goal, PLEASE sign ON DUSTIN HIGGS + COREY JOHNSON !!!!! it’s unfortunate that i have to say this but corey jonhson’s and dust…
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️Corey Johnson is set to be executed TONIGHT. PLEASE ACT. It was reported his execution would be pushed until March… fucking damnit I hate America so muchWait what??? Dustin Higgs execution is still scheduled for tomorrow? I thought it was pushed until March?! @nicolconcilio She’s a rotten. Recipe stealing bitch Doris.I’ve spent more of 2021 thinking about Frankie Jonas than I thought I wouldNo one: Me: She stole my broccoli. Casserole recipe. 8 years ago.:3’s like he literally was looking into the future at his own father doing it not once but twice’ve written five scripts today and I wanna fall in a hole and sleep for ten years @TylerRugge I literally thought Maddie had done your makeup and was impressed oh god @xcharliegoldx 🥺 and welcome to Lo trying to appreciate her natural hair texture!! I’ve had to get two pretty big chops in the… @Loeyillect stop i love u
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@flowers4corpse wait but can we have a coffee dateI started a ko-fi if you ever wanna buy me a coffee n support what I do online :3
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️HI if you're familiar with making Twitch emotes n badges and stuff let a girl know!!! Looking to hire someone for a fun lil project heheHe died of old age a year later. Sweet stupid little man.I instead offer a hamster survival story. My hamster got out of his cage when I was a kid and somehow found his way… president is in a peach pass it onHoly shit he’s going to be impeached. Again.
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️Y’all know I have ingested so much horror content at this point it’s genuinely hard to scare me, but I just watched… will make Hades, Maka and Riley a Tiktok account don’t make me do it:’) @spooky_ali_ Us @OrdinaryGamers I’m screechingI’ve been told his execution date has been pushed back until after Biden is in office so I’m really hopeful it will… Higgs is the final person set to be executed under the Trump Administration on January 15th. PLEASE take a m…’s the way domestic terrorists literally stormed the capitol building with bombs and weapons, multiple people die…
Time for period cramps and over the top emotions isn’t menstruating a blast @oliviaanc Pls hit me with a car thank youThis is society if @BaileySarian made a perfume called Aqua Tofana ~ @zaddycorpse @emmalangevinxo Girl... me too 😂 @YisthisC Matty please get that hatI want to buy this hat.... who’s going to tell me no...... @vg75105 This is... so logical and spot on wowow okay trueI didn’t even realize it was 9 pm I have for some reason dedicated my entire day to getting rid of all my earthly p… someone doesn’t buy me a stupid little teddy bear and these roses this year for Valentine’s Day I will cry
@ashhpotato If I’m back let’s buy them for each otherIt’s Scott the woz my crush is Scott the wozI thought Fleet stories were the dumbest things in the world but then my crush used them and now I’m all for it @VartKouy OOOOO if you have any recs I would so appreciate!!! I’m gonna be cooking a lot and I really want it to be… you! Honestly I know she’s nervous but also really excited for this surgery. Her ankle has hindered her daily… know no one asked but here is my mini grocery list before I head to my moms, keeping my food allergies and prefer… @okayletstalkyt YES luckily I’ve found some good ones!!! Beyond meat and the field roast options are amazing. I thi… uh... it’s going to be an interesting few weeks between the two of us lmaoSo I’m staying with my mom for a few weeks to help her after she gets surgery to replace her ankle and like - betwe… friend @Victor_Durocher drew @Loeybug ❤️ “her body is art”
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️ @flowers4corpse @Victor_Durocher :’)) @flowers4corpse @Victor_Durocher OMMMMGGG wowowowowowowowow @Kenzie13041938 It’s ok I will enjoy a nice egg @ChaosIcon Do you work with my deities Mara are you on the “for the love of god lo meditate” train with them (pleas… @Kierren_Horne @Kenzie13041938 Omg no I don’t eat meat anymoreI keep seeing the numbers 1234 or 234 everywhere like it’s on the clock, it’s the exact number of likes on one of m… @laurDIY That girl is weird why does she careI’m 21 days into a new Stardew farm and I got the owl statue overnight??? Omg art ✨👾💕 IG: SNITCHERY
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️HELLO!!!!!I can’t believe Loey solved the Zodiac cipher what a queen
Retweeted by Snowy Loey ❄️ @sealtoast I’m a woman of and for the people
The 340 Zodiac Cipher: A 50 Year Old Serial Killer's Code Solved VIDEO IN 20 MINUTES!!!! :D @TigerMonarch_ THAT IS WONDERFUL @emmalangevinxo :’) @SociableBarely I genuinely wish... it had worked that wayHey. This week was hard. You did your best. It’s gonna get easier and I’m proud of you!!! New video coming later today !!! @kellythescorpio Like do I understand that Ryan Murphy is a menace to society?? Yes. Will I watch literally every s… I’m slandering American Horror Story on the timeline yes it’s my favorite show what’s your pointThe only other plot point of that season was Matthew Morrison canonically having a huge dick and somehow that feels even more like a crimeI will never forgive us as a society for letting Ryan Murphy make that one American Horror Story season about Richa… finished AHS Election Night FINALLY because it feels so relevant to all the political stuff happening now and I h… @RealBWC Big mood babesMy hobbies include playing Stardew Valley until 2 am and binge watching an entire season of American Horror Story in two daysIt’s always fucking Florida Man love you :’)
Hi. @joeylesbihonest That’s how I feel too. I’ve never had a bad experience but it just seems scary @sealtoast Wait the tweets are gone!!! @cropshusband @neekolul okay but actually @GuildCarver Please don’t do this to me @NlNACOLADA I don’t know how to work a barbecue either @Gagas_Cure Morgan please I just added the second tweet you’re too quick to call out my dumbThe gas ones I mean I understand the concept of setting wood on fire in non gas onesKinda wanna buy a fire pit for the patio kind of unsure how the fuck they work @xcharliegoldx It... it literally was a trump supporter chant that could be heard in multiple news clips. How does one miss that...