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this is my new acc & i need anitwt moots | video editor | anime+kpop

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@hunseux Go ahead boo me, I deserved it
Retweeted by L @borichilde God she’s another one, all because she was a bow💔 @stellarhyun He is I’m so devastated @borichilde BIG TIMEI can’t believe I used to find him boring, what was I thinking side profile 🤍
Retweeted by L @urluvchan Yes make sure to rest well🙏💖Omg so cute @urluvchan I’m great! I was watching a bunch of Vice videos wbu! @lustrousloey WhoRATIO
Retweeted by L @urluvchan Hi @borichilde @borichilde Onyankopon was someone very close to Hange so when I saw him with Levi in the end, it really felt so sa… @borichilde Pls I love Levihan very much, I love Eruri a lot as well. I just wish they were fuckin alive @borichilde Levi and Hange had a very canon interaction and friendship in the story so I find it very normal. Levi… @borichilde Wait you find it odd why? @kjmpeach HUH😭 @borichilde LET ME JOIN 🤯🤯🤯🌟山羊座のリヴァイ兵長完成しました~🌟
Retweeted by L @borichilde WOW ok.It's a new day in Korea, start sending VTs to your friends! Let's save up maximum VTs and cash for #CHANYEOL 💪 If…
Retweeted by L @borichilde Show me @borichilde Idol Levi is not one to be reckoned with! @borichilde Omg 🙏🙏🙏🙏 @loeyhashira Morning bestiana @borichilde He looks so hideous you are TAINTING MY TLdo you ever just get tired help @aroojtwt There’s no way.. myself from art block by drawing kaeya 😮‍💨🤞 #原神 #GenshinImpact #kaeya
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Retweeted by LI’m gonna sleep now, love him tons 💖 @IeviT__T KFJWIFJWIJDWOJWOJFKSNo way
Retweeted by Lshake your phone lightly ☝🏽☝🏽
Retweeted by LHis bow is so elegant too, I really do love him💔Everything about him is so pretty @antiackerman WTF?? @xunqianti YES☺️ @xiaolore I despise them for that matterCreepy as hell @strawbyui Imma just nod and walk @chanyeol_alice 🫂🫂🫂🫂🫂 @aII4yuta @chanyeol_alice Omg you are a gundam fanI already had an idea ready , not sure if people would want to see it tho 🥸So I was planning on working on another Times Square ad for chanyeol this year but hmmm @antiackerman We gonna be here for a bit @stillbbh This just makes me so much for excited to explore @stillbbh There must be a lot and I would hope there’s weeklyI got this, I helped 4 people obtain all crimson wishes @kjmpeach Also stealing this @kjmpeach Say it @antiIevi KFJSIJDISH GOOD PUT THEM IN THEIR PLACE @hanjiluvrs I’m sorry I can only meet you half way on this one 💔💔💔💔 @hanjiluvrs It’s debatable @littlestaryeol NO DONT GO?
Retweeted by L @pIanetchan Crying this is so cute @innersar I don’t know what you are talking about this point it’s on purposeNOW😭 @pIanetchan fave icey boy ❄️ #kaeya #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by L @borichilde it is almost 7ami bet baekhyuns left ball hangs lower
Retweeted by L @hanjiluvrs Sun what is going on hereGone too soon💔 @moonIightbyun I don’t like ugly yt people now move @moonIightbyun Yes , no body gives a shit about that cracker rosaria @moonIightbyun Yes SOLID roll, everyone I wanted first banner was better idc @tomizuko THIS IS SO FUNNY?2?3?2?Imma just say I know he hits it way harder than that @borichilde Keep telling yourself that @borichilde Speak too much you need to just be stopped @borichilde the fuck geto got a tapeworm????😭 @getoarchy TAPEWORM?1?3?2?3?geto: “ayo where my tapeworm go???!!!??” me:
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Retweeted by LPriv quote are you a chrollo stan, it’s ok @lehexin OH MY GOD ITS TRUW WHEN ARE WE MEETING HER💔💔 @borichilde In a regular boring outfit @tomizuko’t let the Chrollo stans find this @aII4yuta I kept it in the freezer a bit too long 💔 @borichilde ITS FKSJDOSJDIDJ @aII4yuta KNFAOFJAODJAOSJ playing with levis glizzy juice @loeycity cmon we're waiting
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