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@Fightincowboy Congrats!! @DrLupo Sending you and your family positive thoughts. We’re here for you if you need us 💙G305 + G915 TKL = tons of gaming fun. #KeepPlaying
@mobilesinper @DogImpersonator Brandon... to get hyped for the F1 race this weekend! @MaximeMXM is here with a Sochi hot lap in @Formula1game along with…'t forget to clean your @shroud G840 mousepad to make sure that logo pops 😎 Learn more: @cwgabriel Make sure you use the RGB so you can look like this
Warning: playing @FallGuysGame on the first day of fall may result in a celebratory fall. Hope that didn’t hurt,… you! Yes you! You should check out our latest #CreatorSpotlight with @PlayWithJambo streaming Horizon Zero Dawn…, sleek, massive flick potential. Meet the @shroud PRO Wireless. Learn more: @IntelGaming @LogitechGesportWhat's @shroud's favorite game of all-time? Does he like CSGO or Valorant more? Learn more about shroud in our PRO…'re extremely excited to welcome @RoryPlays_ to the Logitech G family! Cooking stream soon please? 🍽😋 Make sure… @mobilesinper We're coming over to playG305 + G915 TKL = tons of gaming fun. #KeepPlaying @DiGiorno @BehrendNinja @PlayWithJambo incredibly detailed sound for your VR games with the dual audio drivers in the G333 VR Earphones. Learn more:…
@SL33PYcasts @PistolWhipVR Cable management for VR confirmed.Our reaction when we saw @shroud's new logo on our PRO X Wireless Headset 🤗🤗🤗 Learn more: at 2pm PT, we have @PlayWithJambo taking over the Logitech G Twitch channel for a new #CreatorSpotlight. W… is the first game you're planning to play with the G333 VR headphones and Oculus Quest 2? Learn more:…'s a really solid extended look at the custom tags on the @shroud x Logitech G PRO X Wireless Headset. This vid… the finishing touches on your gaming setup with a ColorWare custom painted @LogitechG mouse! Available at:…
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The PRO X Wireless with custom @shroud headphone tags. Go get some water with style while you're waiting for your V… @DramakinsTv is the imposter? Tbh blue is looking kinda sus. came early this year! Thank you @shroud and @LogitechG 💙💙
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Take to the high seas with low-profile keys. What's a pirate's favorite letter? #talklikeapirateday of luck to the teams heading over to Shanghai equipped with our Logitech G gear. GLHF at #Worlds2020! @TSM
Retweeted by Logitech GPLAYMASTER will teach you to spray like the best. Join the open beta today ➡ fate of Gotham is at stake. Like for the the Cape Crusader 🦇 RT for the Clown Prince of Crime 🃏 #BatmanDay Logitech @McLarenF1 G Challenge Race Day! Some of the best drivers from the AP region are taking on Sugo for… @FR33DXM1 @shroud Shroud did say to double stack them the tools of the one of the best aimers in the game with the new shroud x Logitech G PRO line-up.…
Equipped with an Oculus Ready Cable, the new G333 VR headset gives you clean, immersive audio for your Oculus Quest… @alyekly @P1SMx @LatinosinGaming Thank you so much for sharing. Love to see this type of representation in games.I knew I couldn't be the only one reacting like this to Miles Morales PS5 gameplay reveal. Representation matters.…
Retweeted by Logitech G @stevenspohn Thank you for your passion and drive to make gaming inclusive and accessible 💙What piece of @shroud gear are you most excited to get your hands on? to see the difference between the G923 and the G29? Check out @MaximeMXM's latest video where she takes a test… @AlexandreAA26 We blame drafting tweets at midnight. @KAISERzy @9zTeam 💙 @VioTCZ ... then I dropped itWant to get an inside look into @G2esports #Worlds2020 journey? Take a look at their latest vlog to see how the pla… 50mm PRO-G Drivers, the PRO Headset brings amazing clarity and bass response to the VR world.…
@russianheat @shroud @HanchoHd @shroud The keyboard comes in linear red switches.Your new full PRO lineup is waiting for you. Learn more about the @shroud x Logitech G line:…'s the first @BeatSaber track you're going to master with the PRO Headset and Oculus Quest 2?… @Im_Slap @VioTCZ Googles "comically large cake shaped as a headset that Vio will drop"We have the man, the myth, the legend - @BigCheeseKIT - streaming Fall Guys for our newest #CreatorSpotlight. Make… the Peek Playmaster challenge and your opponents will never see you coming. Join the open beta today ➡… @VenaurGaming @shroud Happy Worlds Song Day!What's the first game you're playing with your new @shroud x Logitech G gear? Learn more about the shroud PRO lin… @VioTCZ You dropped it didn't you. Also happy birthday! @Friskkmkay @BlueMicrophones Huzaah! Congrats :) @Kahjahkins for Oculus Quest 2, the G333 VR headphones keep you focused on the world you're playing in. ➡…
All @LogitechG everything. The new @shroud Pro series is so clean 💙 Feeling lucky that we both get to be…
Retweeted by Logitech GRead more about our approach to creating high performance in-ear headphones in partnership with @ASTROGaming: @ItsYoshh Sup. Also, thanks for reminding us that we should be listening to Modern Baseball today. @heatherhearts This gif! 💙Fully immerse yourself with high quality audio by combining the new Oculus Quest 2 with the PRO Headset or all-new… @BigCheeseKIT Saving this for future assets. Thank you. @BattleBunnyJinx @shroud They should be available in Canada via If you're still running in… @alex_frostwolf There will be a restock although we don't have exact timing as of right now. Also tagging in @mobilesinper for reasons :) @LordNevar @Logitech The Logitech G PRO X Wireless will not work with the G935 dongle as it connects to the dongle… @PapaZaph @SandeepHingu @shroud You should be able to access the shroud products within the individual product pages. @ianrivera35 @shroud Which region are you trying to order from? We can flag this feedback for the team.Be like Mike. Get the gear that powers @shroud. ➡ using Logitech G products years ago and now we have a line of our own. Introducing the shroud x @LogitechG
Retweeted by Logitech GIt's time for the big birthday stream! I'm 40 but I'm giving YOU the presents! With giveaways from: @LogitechG
Retweeted by Logitech GHey @shroud, what type of mouse do you use? Learn more about the shroud x Logitech G PRO Line:…
✅ Custom PRO X Wireless ✅ Custom PRO Wireless ✅ Custom PRO X Keyboard ✅ Custom G840 Mousepad 🟩 Pulling some insane… @ZovKx @shroud It will be available in Germany! @NachoCustomz @shroud Should be fixed soon. Our web team is working on it.Introducing the @Shroud x Logitech G PRO line-up. Gear up like the best in the game. 👉 👈 @shroud Our website after this tweet is an incredible ambassador for gaming and we feel proud to have worked with him. We hope you have an amazi… @Stiven_SRB to refine your skills or warm up for you next match? The Aim training in PLAYMASTER is ready to make you a… @Sasslyn @DramaLlamaNite There’s still something more coming today. Stay tuned. @mobilesinper Good morning @Chris_Pate @FrankLi @Chris_Pate @FrankLi CHRIS. NO. @FrankLi Great now it's stuck in our head before we have to go to bed...Learn more about the HERO 25K update and see a list of compatible mice on our blog: HERO just got an upgrade. An upcoming free G Hub update will evolve the HERO 16K sensor to a HERO 25K sensor b…’s still a few more days to join the sweepstakes from our pals at @discord. Win yourself a @HermanMiller x Log…
@loadedgg @shroud🐐 September 15, 2020 @AutumnMaeTV The one true king! years since the original release of Halo Reach and we want to know...what’s your favorite installment in the Hal… @G2esports @hdac_rizon What @G2_Sua meal helped you get the win this time around? @cypheroftyr @Twitch @BDaveWalters Congratulations to you and everyone involved! We're so excited for this! @Dr_M_Azhar506 It'd be best to check with your preferred local or online retailer in your region!G915 TKL gives you more room to let loose and play your way. #KeepPlaying and learn more at @Tarv1s We’d suggest putting in a ticket to if you haven’t already! They should be able to help you out.