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Hit the Rift with the PRO X Superlight. Learn more about our newest mouse: some racing action in tonight @iRacing ! Come by the stream and enjoy the ride @LogitechG
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It's going to be a GG for the enemy squad when you use the same gear as @s1mpleO. Learn more about the esports pla… PRO X Superlight harnesses our most accurate sensor: the HERO 25K. Insane precision, minimized latency. Learn… your gaming to the next level with a free @logitechg G502 Lightspeed Mouse, gifted with every purchase of our…
Retweeted by Logitech GThe best only get better when you remove the obstacles in front of them. Play like @s1mpleO with the PRO X Superlig… @AutumnMaeTV Eyes = dog RGB confirmedThe PRO X Superlight has powered: ✅ LEC Champions ✅ ESL Pro League Champions ✅ Rainbow Six Siege NA Major Winners…
Meticulously crafted to bring you our lightest mouse ever. Learn more about the PRO X Superlight:…’re thankful for YOU! Add some fall vibes to your desktop and mobile with our Thanksgiving edition backgrounds. After Thanksgiving Dinner Thanksgiving Di…
Retweeted by Logitech GLegends deserve legendary gear. Get the mouse that powers @Bjergsen. Learn more about the PRO X Superlight:… regional champion. 2020 Worlds finalist. We’ve faced him on the rift before, but now it’s time for him to…
Retweeted by Logitech GNothing like a clean unboxing of a new mouse that's super light and super white. Watch @alyekly's first reaction…
Zero Doubt. Zero Fear. Zero Limits. Zero Obstacles. Zero Opposition. Get the gear that powers the best esports pro… @IntelGaming @IntelGaming 👉👈What’s in store for you the end of your year? Tap the GIF, share what you land on. @DankCem Pre-orders are only available in certain regions right now. The mouse will be available on December 3 in N… distractions so you can focus on winning. The PRO X Superlight gives you what you need to focus on your game.… tools to make you Immortal. Learn more about the PRO X Superlight:
@AceDoloX1 Ok we need to sub to his stream ASAP"Crazy" ... "Beautiful" ... "Insane" Watch @thesquatingdog unbox the new PRO X Superlight on stream, and check it… power. Learn more about the power of the PRO X Superlight: @DrLupo Maybe it was opposite day? @Kahjahkins 🤔 @ShakkCS Pre-order for NA starts on December 3The PRO X Superlight zero additive PTFE feet make you feel like you're gliding on air. Pro tip: there is an optiona… customizing the Logitech G733? Now customize it to your ears as well. Download Immerse for Logitech G. Take a…
Retweeted by Logitech GWe're heading to the AP region for our upcoming Logitech @McLarenF1 G Challenge Regional Grand Finals. It'll be an…
"It’s a must-consider for anyone seeking a high-end mouse that can go the distance." The PRO X Superlight has been… AWPers dream. Learn more on how the PRO X Superlight is going to help with your flicks: our smoothest glide ever with new zero additive PTFE feet on the new PRO X Superlight. Learn more about the P…'s the first game you're going test with your PRO X Superlight? Learn more about the PRO X Superlight:…
World champions have no fear. Play with the confidence to win like @benitanov. Learn more about the tools of a wor… the newest members of the PRO Series family - the PRO X Superlight. Sign up to be notified when your fina… new weapon of choice. Get your PRO X Superlight in black or white today:
Get ready to hit those flicks. Pick up your PRO X Superlight: for pros. Engineered to win. Learn more about the PRO X Superlight: the stream is live here best racers are looking to take home the Logitech @McLarenF1 G Challenge Regional Grand Finals. Race kicks o… @CrossArchon @samschwemm We were definitely still worried Sam might crush our mouse like she crushes enemy teams.Our lightest mouse ever to complete your PRO series collection. Learn more about the PRO X Superlight:…
It's Party One Time! We're excited to welcome @BigCheeseKIT to our group of sponsored creators. Time to visit his s… December 19th - 20th Benefiting @StJude.
Retweeted by Logitech GJoin @PikaChulita, and give your setup a ✨glow up ✨with the G733. Curious about our new Color Collection? Learn m… you can tell the difference between LIGHTSPEED Wireless and a wired mouse, we're 99% sure you're a 🤖 Learn more… have a brand-new #CreatorSpotlight featuring @Deity7 in celebration of this month's Veterans Day! Tune in now as…"Logitech’s newest offering feels like a professional’s tool, and in our experience, it feels sort of like buying t…
The new PRO X Superlight is our new aesthetic. Learn more about our lightest mouse ever: @LogitechGesport This is definitely news to us. We just saw a normal pizza party photo without our unreleased mouse in it.Life is more fun when you play. We're thrilled that @TIME has recognized our efforts to make gaming more accessible… @thesquatingdog The mouse told us to say helloMeet our lightest mouse ever - the PRO X Superlight. Engineered to win at less than 63 grams. Learn more:… @M0msSpagheti It’ll be here soon!Less than 63 grams without a hole in sight. Learn more about the PRO X Superlight:
Introducing the PRO X Superlight! <63 grams Hero 25K Lightspeed Wireless Zero Additive PTFE Feet It was extremel…
Retweeted by Logitech G“On a technical level this is one of the most impressive releases I’ve seen in months though, and if you’re looking… @mynerahl The pre-order is only available in some regions at this time. All regions will have access to order on De… hold of your new weapon: the PRO X Superlight Available December 3: @DanXaroni You can go to sleep! Official orders from will start on December 3. @SHHerbxrt Official orders on will start on December 3. The pre-order button should be switching to coming soon. @Jxke2K_ The pre-order button was added by error and should switch to coming soon. Official orders from… @XecratioN No pre-order option for today. It'll be available for ordering on December 3. @Jxke2K_ @DrLupo It's a known issue on our side. Official orders from will start on December 3.Quick note on releasing timing: Official orders from will start on December 3. The pre-orde… @DrLupo Don't worry. We're still friends 💙Meet the PRO X Superlight ✅️ <63 grams ✅️️ HERO 25K ️✅️ LIGHTSPEED Wireless ️✅️ Zero Additive PTFE Feet ️✅️ Engine… @azuki0384 🧐
@Periphuggah We’re excited to officially unveil our new super secret project™ tomorrow. Make sure you stay tuned to… @CompleteCircut3 @hasanthehun Happy to help out if you want to jump into DMs. @mike911gt Not the 👻 @99sloth This will not be a limited product. @garywhitta you tomorrow #PlayToWin're thrilled to welcome @jessicahkim to our sponsored roster of content creators! Welcome to the team 👍👍 Make su… in at just 278 grams, the ultra lightweight G733 is the perfect comfy addition to any setup. Which Logit… @jessicahkim New gear already working out we see @jessicahkim Welcome to the team! 👍👍happy to announce that im now officially a @LogitechG partner!!💙🤍 #LogitechGPartner
Retweeted by Logitech GIt's LATAMs time to take center stage of the Logitech @McLarenF1 G Challenge Regional Grand Finals! They hit the gr…
@Orb Gaming like a proWireless gear like the G915 helps you get into the most comfortable gaming position. Just look at this prime exampl… @GlitterXplosion We sent an official petition to change our name because why the h not. @DaRealSnitz @AHI_Bendigo @Quantum_95 @AHI_Bendigo @iRacing What has been your favorite track to race on? @geneon101 @AHI_Bendigo How are the raids going?Happy Monday! What game dominated your weekend? 📸: @AHI_Bendigo a new level of immersion when exploring the Yukon by playing with the Logitech G923, now supported in today…
Retweeted by Logitech GExplore the Yukon and feel every bump on the road with @PlaySnowRunner and the G923! We're thrilled to announce TRU…
Play like a #Worlds2020 champion. #PlayToWin we are making the @TSM Rainbow Six Siege team set their HERO sensor DPI to 25K just because we can. Are you re…
Retweeted by Logitech G @thesquatingdog Can confirm that it is in fact spicy so it does eat chilis.POWERPLAY for your mouse and BLUE VO!CE for your PRO X Headset are the reasons you're taking home the W for your te… all black setup never goes out of style. Just behold, Exhibit A: 📸: @HanchoHd 👉:
Happy birthday to the one and only @TechniqTV! 🐺 Join us in wishing this guy an awesome day and keep up with his… @ZombaeKillz CONGRATS!! 🎉 🎊It's @Brxndon_15 taking home the win at Azure Circuit and the Logitech @McLarenF1 G Challenge EMEA Regional Grand F…
Retweeted by Logitech GThe Logitech @McLarenF1 G Challenge EMEA Regional Grand Finals kicks off in an hour! Tune in live on our Twitch cha… a week to be a gamer! What are you playing this weekend?