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what god wants god gets,god help us all! roger waters

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NEW EPISODE: The Grindbin has finally reached episode 200, and what better way to celebrate than by suffering throu…
Retweeted by tim yobo @Bobby_Batson I swear to god I am listening to that episode right now. @Grindpod @Bobby_Batson @MikeIsErnie @eddietheaxe From humble roots. @spdustin Toaster? @JAVdottxt This is why I love/hate the internet. @JAVdottxt What’s a CD single?
@LamarEsq @spsullivan That was what my dad used to tell me about dating. @Dave_SonofBob How do you block a GIF? @redditships Just think what’s going to happen when her pussycat passes. @JAVdottxt The shit that passes as art today. @JAVdottxt After being locked in my house for 17 days I just might be. @gtconway3d Guess who you are in this picture.
@ericszyszka As of 2:41 PM EST this is still the best joke today on twitter @espiers Water bucket? @r8dr4lfe75 @eripley999 She agrees. #DontBeCulty
Who owns the company that makes(won’t name it) drug that Trump keeps pushing? #TrumpPressBriefing #Covid_19 @MikeIsErnie And it’s only 6:50 pm @davidfrum Gods only excuse is that he doesn’t exist. @DevinCow @yashar Remember twirling the cord? @JAVdottxt It’s nice to see our senior citizens pitching in.
@capecoraldwells Everything except condoms,just like the real James Bond. @Bobby_Batson It’s the little things that make us happy. @KHiveForAmerica How do I donate zero fu@ks? @BookofJonah @eripley999 She wears it well. @Grindpod I’m just glad that I could be there for when the circle completed itself. And I’m glad I joined the Patre… @gknee1267 If you can’t “talk” to your god in your home to keep people safe #GoToHell @JAVdottxt It’s called fetishes.
@briankoppelman The Kids Are Alright. Up until that point I thought Kiss was the greatest rock band.
@StuartYoung19 @Grindpod I’ll check it out! What time do they start streaming? @MollyJongFast This has been true for along time. @JAVdottxt So if she had G Cups her outfit would fit properly?
@asterroyds Any of the Ninja Gaiden would put me in a coma. @Grindpod I loved this movie when it came out.
@HamillHimself In that case can you say happy birthday to my mom?Right now The Twilight Zone is on and it’s Five Characters in Search of an Exit, this is episode is the reason I am… @MattWalshBlog Well you can pray from your home.Remember that with every order of #MyPillow you get a free set of white sheets. *white sheets are… @RoarinRoss What’s the name of this game? @JAVdottxt Not if they have been to the USA! #COVID19 @mmfa Wouldn’t it be ironic if he got Covid-19. I only say this because he is a cancer on society.
@NoahHurowitz @yashar If you never tipped before you’re a bad person,if you don’t tip now you’re a asshole. #Tips #tiptuesday #StayHome @FLOOKLYN Well he was a crackhead. @MollyJongFast Same guy that says his crack dealer told him he couldn’t buy any more crack and should start a pillow business? # @Sheilainoregon @dolo_sensei It said wrong answers. @StephenKing Thanks now that’s how I’m always going to hear it. @danielsegootz @Grindpod I tweet when I’m in the penalty box.I don’t think Pornhub is getting the credit it deserves for holding this country together the last few weeks.… @OregonProgress Nope! Not doing this again.Playing NHL 2020 and listening to Night Train to Terror. One of the most insane movies ever on the best podcast for…
@HamillHimself He means Monday Night Football when Dennis Miller was on it right? Cha Cha @maggieNYT @RobGeorge Why didn’t they ask what color the building is? @FrankLuntz As a wordsmith Frank do you think the 2.2 million is being used to make 100,000 sound small?Woo hoo I’m going to tell my landlord he doesn’t have a choice. #COVID19 @MollyJongFast It’s to make 100,000 sound small. @brosandprose @ClarityatWork All the Postal,UPS,FEDEX and everyone else that’s delivering to doors that we don’t wa… @MollyJongFast Saw this when I was 12 and it was about 4 years later when I finally got the autopilot joke. It was a great joke. @KlausKblog This tweet brought to you by Philip Morris.
@MrInfer17041959 @Grindpod @ChuckWendig I just listened to this today. @realDonaldTrump What this has done is guarantee that it’s going to spread the virus everywhere. Any person in the… @LOLGOP Some people say @Facebook gives you #COVID19 @MollyJongFast Does he think steroids will cure the virus? @JAVdottxt The Code is number 2. @OctoberFerguson I built one to keep all my TP in.
@LamarEsq Blast from the past or wave of the future? @CharlemagnumPI @WeCutHeadsPod The Load of Christ.The weirdest part is there’s no smell of marijuana anywhere. #COVID2019 @CharlemagnumPI @WeCutHeadsPod Well he won’t be joining the Big Johnson Club.
@JAVdottxt A cocked room mystery @mayawiley Kind of like that time in catholic school when they told us not to listen to Billy Joel Only the Good Die Young. @WhiteCastle I love the way your food just slides right out of my ass! @MollyJongFast What are all the people in packed churches going to throw away? @tcm Tim Carey never got the recognition he deserved. @yashar I thought it was 1918 @yashar Thanks Oprah! @LamarEsq I have noticed the same thing.Makes you long the days of when it just dog shit and cigarette butts.
@IncredibleEggs I like my Easter eggs without #coronavirus @gtconway3d @manhattan_liz Yet you continue to make money off of Trump. You and your wife are both cashing in just in different ways. @spdustin @SenSchumer They will still do it but at least it will be a bit harder from them. @willsommer Just when you think it can’t get any crazier it does. @Grindpod My sister swears our aunt bought us to see it when it came out,but I don’t remember it. I do remember see…
@shannonrwatts Oz is the worst thing Oprah ever unleashed on the world.Eating a special brownie. Playing NHL 2020 Xbox. Listening to Tentacles for the 10th time @Grindpod #StayHome #COVID19 @brianstelter @oliverdarcy But what if we knew all those car accidents would be happening all in the next month or two? @cultofmac Fu@k that! @lertsema @DesbraRon A buddy of mine works in this field,he’s been too busy booking private flights to play with us on Xbox. @clmazin But as usual Trump doesn’t pay his debts so we are going have to pay. @JasonLeopold @slpng_giants @THR At this point that actually have to tell them they will only ask easy questions? @RichardMetzger Whenever I have to try to ration it out I always burn it faster. @TMZ Wow what a great father. @MollyJongFast Trump thinks everyone is like him. @RichardMetzger But are you sure you have enough? @RudyGiuliani But you also married your cousin.
@MollyJongFast @gtconway3d Oh Dip! @MollyJongFast Here is an idea just help the Cruise lines that are actually registered in the United States of Amer… @FrankLuntz @CDCgov Death Tax. @upulie I bet that mask smell like the candle that smells like her vagina.2:50 am and playing Xbox listening to @Grindpod Catch the Heat because sometimes it’s not bad having to #StayHome @realDonaldTrump Puerto Rico knows what he’s talking about.
@forevertawl @dmatkins137 How about just till this is all over we flip the pay that Wall Street companies give to t… @MJMcKean 12:49 pm on the east coast and you have already made the best joke today. Shut the internet down.