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E.A.P. @lokuro Switzerland

Full-time scientist & part-time fangirl~ Birds are ❤️ All pronouns are cool.

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@sonntamm звучит очень жутко T_T Надеюсь, что оно скоро как и можно более безболезненно пройдет 💚
Here is the full video of him and his mean gf as a budgie they say… or wait, they don‘t X‘D
This particular piece of my #autograph collection is rather famous because all the #garashir shippers love it. 😄 I…
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@sugaccino nomnomnomnom ❤️ @FoxdaOops Она заслуживает всего этого и больше! T_T <3 @FoxdaOops Такая маленькая и уже такая пушистая и вредная Т___Т @FromMadonna Это нормально, наноботы ползают в эпительном слое 🤓 @FromMadonna Das sieht wie ein Kunstwerk aus 😳Niemand: Wirklich niemand: Norddeutsche:
Retweeted by E.A.P. @FoxdaOops хз, наверное тяжелое бремя ответственности давит X) Но это его дело, а вот звонить когда я не подготовлена это уже преступление😆 @AkinasPotpourri He is -.- I mean it is important but not something he could do from his vacation anyway. Oh welp.… @SSjUmi He is… and he is visiting Bremen too. I just imagine him standing knee-deep in Watten and calling me to check up “about the future”.Me: Ah, no regular meeting with boss today since he is on vacation. Nice :) Boss: *calls from vacation to catch-up*…
@theberylfly Aww <3 I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t mind sharing, but I have no particular interest in ~this~… true pastoral life experience when you bike 1h to the nearest village to buy fresh eggs… and the true Swiss exper… I think in another life, I would be a perfect tyrant. Like, why do people have to ask so many questions.… @FoxdaOops Dorky… em, I mean - happy family portrait! ☺️log(😅) =💧log😄
Retweeted by E.A.P. @hivershin Простите, я максимально мимокрокодил, но твиттер показал мне это в лайках и мне просто надо знать - что именно за цитата? 😳Bonus points if you recognize the shirt ;)There were cooler and better-looking photos from the last weekend, but this blurry “the whole gang just woke up” pi…
Let me share my admiration for this most talented work of art! It´s pure magic and talent!❤️ I may be biased but I…
@SSjUmi Me too 😳Meet these cuties! 💚
@theberylfly don´t want to sounds weird, but I am looking forward to it @theberylfly Rad! ✨ @khasut Thank you! I gladly accept all of the above (and only wish for my feat lucky to also find its way into irl… @khasut Thank you! That is actually my Vincent hat (every self-respecting bard needs such a hat), but I burrowed it… @FoxdaOops спасибо! Сегодня погода снова хуже, но вчера очень нам подыграла и можно было наплаваться в волю и главн…
@Nuiihren YO-HO-HO! @SSjUmi DANKE!! <3 (Alles gut, die Zeit ist ein unnötiges Konstrukt X’D Schlaf aus und komm zurück in die Welt der… now we are finally watching the last ep of Black Sails, after like two years or so 😆 gehabt! Pommes und ne coole Wasserrutsche! XD @FoxdaOops Какой страшный зверь! Держись так, ты пустила себе в комнату хищника 😈Look at this amazing animation featuring two idiots and poor Edena who happens to be love them both~ „Take that you… @FoxdaOops Она такая игривая лапонька 😍 @FoxdaOops @sonntamm @karoshi13 @arren_kae @FromMadonna @Nuiihren Ещё раз поздравляю!
Never has a letter to a publication been more perfect...
Retweeted by E.A.P.This is why it was a mistake to replace all the old 70s metal playgrounds with safety plastic. Iron. You need iron…
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Retweeted by E.A.P. @SSjUmi Der ist so sanft und fruchtig~ Super Geschmack, wir beide :DZeig mir deinen Schrank und ich sag dir, wer du bist XD @Sheeris ugh. @Nuiihren Never
You know what’s cooler than going to space? Paying your employees a living wage.
Retweeted by E.A.P.LRT: Did I mention (today) how much I love Garak?#StarTrekDS9 #StarTrek
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The poor boy is molting 🥲 It‘s always a stressful time for the birds. Meteor’s pretty plumage is all ragged and scr… @FromMadonna That’s surreal
@FoxdaOops на следующем видео я буду все в бандажах и перестану играть на арфе, но... приоритеты 😔 @FromMadonna Мимоза - Темная Сила😈 @Sheeris okay, das ist böse, aber ich habe gelacht XD @Nuiihren He was such a sweet baby and then he met her. The Bad Girl😳Mimosa: Coming to feed us, riiiight? /bites/ Meteor: Oh. We are supposed to do that?? 😳 oh right. Sure. I can do i… Whatcha doing, Mom?? @FoxdaOops Best babies for sure! 💙💚I’ve reached this state of crazy bird Mom when I put on a fresh pair of home pants and tasty birb seeds start falling out of the pockets…Wenn Hunde domestizierte Wölfe sind, sind Menschen vielleicht domestizierte Werwölfe?
Retweeted by E.A.P.The @StarTrek #technobabble muscle is a “use it or lose it” asset. Mine was at risk. I do these exercises periodica…
Retweeted by E.A.P. @FromMadonna @FoxdaOops @karoshi13 Да, всех остальных пап можно мерить по шкале 😆 @FoxdaOops @FromMadonna @karoshi13 но главное ЕЩЁ РАЗ С НОВОЙ КВАРТИРОЙ начинается новая, лучшая жизнь! 💙 @FoxdaOops @FromMadonna @karoshi13 вспомнилось, как папа провожал меня в другую страну: /пожал руку/ ну давай, детёныш. /ушел/
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Retweeted by E.A.P. @Nuiihren In its defense - it kind of is a giant torch X) @TheDrgonMaster @FoxdaOops Foxda has already perfectly explained the matter, but let me just chime in with a mournf… look at these two darling artists sharing a tender embrace and their thoughts of creating something perfect, a… @theberylfly I am just borrowing Blue for a ride! After our explosive (but probably short-lived) affaire, I will ki…
I have to say, my work place does look a bit sinister at night my new favorite shirt XD
@GewaltAkt Oh gosh, das tut mir so leid, das zu lesen. Viel Kraft dir! @sonntamm (maybe you are allergic to work? XD) It still sucks though. I hope the pain will go away and leave you in peace!Also, thinking back to the networking evening, it‘s funny how my enigmatic “Russian soul” always tend to gravitate… @wanwanwana @Nuiihren 🤣 @Nuiihren @wanwanwana That‘s how I want to be remembered 😎 @wanwanwana Holy shit, haltet durch! Hoffentlich, könnt ihr bald und unbeschadet nach Hause!! @FromMadonna Хорошо, что вы на горе!! Держу все кулаки, чтобы как можно скорее нормализовалось все! @wanwanwana @RagingMadness @SerPadfoot You make it sound way too appealing… I guess there is a time in every bird’s… @FromMadonna @QuotationMarkBB @pj_squirrel That actually looks comfy 😎 @wanwanwana @RagingMadness @SerPadfoot Actually, the „perch“ has a very nice width for tired birdy feet, especially… @FromMadonna Апокалипсис нау 🥲 ЖИВИ ДРУГ! @GewaltAkt Halter durch! >__<
Networking - a fancier way of saying that I spent the entire evening eating, drinking and talking politics with ten 40-something guys.
@AkinasPotpourri yeah, I am aware of that XD it's just funny how the brain is wired😬Me, on a normal day: My English is not perfect, but it is not that bad : ) Me, after talking to my fav ex-Boston c… what horror stories I sometimes hear from other departments mine is really a paradise on earth though.… my promotion I’ve had a lot more meetings with “higher echelon” and I have to say - one does feel it when one…
Why do humans love "crunchy on the outside, creamy on the inside" food textures? I think it's because of a genetic…
Retweeted by E.A.P.We always have a week’s Covid update at work, and today was the first day with 0 new cases and 0 cases in isolation…
Italy winning both the gay and the straight competitions of Europe. What are they planning?
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Retweeted by E.A.P. @khasut YES. With my coat flapping behind~ (and thanks~ I used "Directions" they have such shiny colors! Not very… combing, my hair loses all its anime, gravity-defying properties, but sometimes I wake up to see this in the…
Scottish distillery tour guide doesn't give a fuck
Retweeted by E.A.P.Avoid people. Stay home. Become the most interesting person in the room.
Retweeted by E.A.P.The nature is healing: Die Sommerabende riechen wieder nach Grill~ Lecker aber so penetrant.
@SSjUmi Eine Schönheit!