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szeki the cat @lol_meowwimacat Vancouver, British Columbia

(it's pronounced suki). i get carried by @lolapexy ^-^ | Twitch Partner | Summoners War Global | Retired Bard Main | Business inquiries:

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@bearychuu :( I’m so sorry @NilesLOL @ForestWithin The coordination we all wish our teammates would have @juwiaTV Caramel brûlée so good 🤤 @ExecutionerKen @catsgomao WW with duelist or elder spat let’s goooo @catsgomao I’m still cracking up those graphics esp while moving yourself it would kill me @hanubuu Rest a bit while having a track day to look forward to! @catsgomao Maiko.... Id rather use the iPad with the pencil LOL @kutiekittenxo :( omfg
@rahsphotos I’ve used this one for about 5 years and I don’t think I’d ever use another one 😺 Dolly Wink Koji Liqui… way some asians fetishize being korean is weird as shit
Retweeted by szeki the cat @rahsphotos I like putting on makeup but I hate having to remove makeup because I always feel like I don’t do a goo… @sei_bby Hi cuteWe’ve received more than 24 million syringes and needles, which we’ll use when we have a vaccine. On that front, we…
Retweeted by szeki the catDo you guys use Twitter on Dark mode: Dim or Dark mode: Lights out✨💖✨baby mode activated✨💖✨
Retweeted by szeki the cat @milkyvitamin LOL @midoerii If you like reading, I highly recommend the light novel! His inner thoughts and details are often missed… @midoerii I’ve been such a fan of super busted OP-main characters like Slime/Misfit of demon king 😀TWITCH SINGS KARAOKE PART 2!!!! featuring some talented cuties from the @BASAsquad 💕 SIGN UP HERE:…
Retweeted by szeki the cat @Misah_Chan In the most polite way possible, doing a meet and greet, with people whose habits/interactions you don’… @cennaha Showing up to your house after hearing a No ???? Omg that’s scary as fuckDo I ask this guy to write me a check? Seems like he just steals all his photos with 0 credit (:
Retweeted by szeki the cat @BeatStars @DansonnBeats I guess it means your creator can steal photos from another creator to pass off as his own… @whanderlust Ooooo!!! Goals @lunalyxx Can you DMCA him? @DansonnBeats hey thief, at least ask. Artists wouldn’t slap a pic of someone on their… @Nova_God7 😚 @jessicahkim My god @jessicahkim 🥺😘 boba date after restrictions? @jessicahkim I put together my own ikea desk, where do I apply @xFruityCherries 🥺 I hope we can reunite soon 老婆 @jummychu2 Jummy* man last-word autocorrects ruining it 💀 @jummychu2 None of these are true and I don’t even understand the mentality behind these words. Does it make them f… a vid of me and @xFruityCherries when we met at TwitchCon 🥺 I miss her @JPNgalingding @lolnampyeon @Wongsies @LoLYugi Hoarding mats @lolnampyeon @JPNgalingding @Wongsies @LoLYugi AHAHAHA @jessicahkim My TL Blessed by a goddess @jmk420 KEKW @jmk420 @rayrliang LMAO @jmk420 FR LOL like if you responsible, great, then the tweet about assholes running stop signs clearly doesn’t apply to you... @sei_bby It’s the blind hostility and mob mentality for me LOL like you really think ppl are gonna read the shit yo… @jmk420 I’m checking my emails hoping he RTs this like he did with my 10 other tweets and will get me some Donos 🥺 @sei_bby Fr I had them all muted, checked Yugi’s Twitter cuz he told me they’re still at it and I was like damn the… @shadowraptor888 Like he found a tweet in a convo mode and then doesn’t realize with his smooth brain that said con… @sei_bby The amount of people going at my mentions demanding me to reply to them as if I owed them anything 😂 like… @scorgzi Laser zap eye blurry when trying to read 😩 @Tiffae @SuperAmyy Omg LOL Amy your “I didn’t kill her 🥺” @noelclaremont @tymwitsTV And I appreciate that and would also do the same if I witnessed an accident. It was just… @scorgzi Wait is this new episode i stopped after 3rd one cuz I couldn’t read the subs after prk @noelclaremont @tymwitsTV Then you would’ve said it for all cyclists and not have to add “personally” @scorgzi What drama is thisYou woulda thought that after I put you into this list it’ll be fairly obvious I’m trolling, but old white American… really ADMITS, a day later, to never having read the whole story before sticking his head in a place where it di…
@cc_bambie Yep same. @Pflax1 @pfhlick @SET2ONLYGOODSET 🤨 You’re the one who came in and started the conversation without reading the sit…
Retweeted by szeki the catI’m really living rent free in your head, even after I stopped replying to you 24+ hours ago 😂 See how the @ is t… @LoLYugi And even though everyone has to pay for their meal, you’re going to order something you’re allergic to and then get a comped meal 🤫Starting my day with another conversation with @LoLYugi wondering if any busybodies (that follow neither of us) are… As of today, business owners can apply for new support measures. If your small business has been affected b…
Retweeted by szeki the cat @noelclaremont @tymwitsTV All in all, I’m just seeing that cyclists keep using “we are more fragile on the road the… @noelclaremont @tymwitsTV “It would be the ethical thing to do” even YOU are well aware there’s not many people out… @Xpecial He likes it so his human must also like it too 🥺 that’s cute af @SuperAmyy @DekyFPS I think they need to close off some angles ... 360° checking esp with all the containers doesn’t feel too good to play @DekyFPS The first time I played it was in a comp match 💀 @DekyFPS every time i see it i think the same @LilyPichu yayaya congrats lily!
@thebluejaysong ah, she prob shouldn't need to see a doctor when she's feeling very sick then right.... because doctors can be wrong too :/ @catsgomao NICE @Misah_Chan :( oh no... @Senpai_Des 🥺🥺🥺🥺nintendo failed us when they didn’t add a pug villager 🙁
Retweeted by szeki the cat @msatym Hahahaha run Jackie the cyclist stan Twitter gonna jump at you next @msatym @WoiApple @YoungUpstart72 @Pflax1 You can tell the irresponsible ones by seeing which ones don’t agree with… @leeholic Sarah!??? I like this so much omg @just1cyclist And that’s good! I give cyclists ample space and don’t pass them unless another lane opens up. Now we… @DesertDuck_ @WoiApple And like... Motorcyclists also get hurt more than car drivers in an accident. Doesn’t mean t… @WoiApple You care so much about a random tweet on the internet dedicated to my local friend with a specific situat… @WoiApple @jmk420 @Com2uS @summonerswarapp @SWCEsports Pog top player!!LMAO @sei_bby said it the best, cyclists are like the vegans of the roads 😂 I can totally see it, even with my post PRK eyes @AddictLeenore Mm yes keep twisting the truth, you wish your smooth brain can have that many twists @AddictLeenore 😍😻🥰😘 @aihaku Instagram reels filled in that void for me, no more 10 min videos to see the glitter @AddictLeenore I’ll take that deflection as an apology for your poor reading skills, you’re forgiven. @AddictLeenore How about fix the regulations so everyone is covered and if cyclists are NEVER at fault then they wo… @AddictLeenore A cyclist hit his car while he wasn’t MOVING and even the police at the intersection saw it happen a… you’ve been staying at home and isolated, I’m proud of you for staying in to save countless lives❣️we will get t… stay socially distanced and wear a mask PROPERLY when there are people around you. Chin diapers are ok when… @tymwitsTV I’m just overall wary in case they swerve or slip or just decide to not pay attention to the road... lik… @tymwitsTV I guess in Vancouver our lanes do have a bit of leeway to pass cyclists safely but I’d usually wait unti…’re so obsessed with my tweets they’re all over your profile, you might as well follow me 🥰😍😻 you mentioned me f… user starting with P oddly has a lot of my tweets on his timeline and replies to everything to get followers t… @Apollus_Sol @sei_bby Yes what he said @cindypenguinn Ahhh trueeeee @cindypenguinn Feels Canadian man. Our travel perks get nerfed every year @offiluna And when it recommends other listings too... and then ah but if you pay a bit more.... @kelownacycler I mean this is going to go in circles. You’re never going to address the accidents that cyclists do… @offiluna Rental or mortgage 😃 housing market is stable at least @John_Clarke_79 Setting is in Vancouver British Columbia! Thanks! Current issue: at-fault drivers will pay for t… @chibinewyen Electric heating blanket if they’re cold all the time, USB fan if they’re warm all the time ... as I’m…’all are like “going to my grand parents for thanksgiving 🤗” baby that’s the last supper
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