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Howling with wolves by moonlight~ sleeping in coffins by daylight~ never missing out on a real fright~ she is the one named Dandy Sandy 🌕🐺🦇🧛🏻‍♀️ She/Her

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I’m glad my parents find it endearing when I do weird stuff like send out a group text to them & my aunts detailing… @Alexis_Krucke 😍😍😍 so many good doggos in one picture!
@Alexis_Krucke 😭😭😭 Oh my god thank you. I miss this sweet boy and his sisters (and his parents too of course!) so much!!!! 💕Grandfather: Have you ever seen A Dog’s Purpose? Me: No I don’t watch movies where the dog dies at the end- G: dog… @rikumbia 💖💖💖💖💖 THANK YOU FOR THIS BEAUTIFUL ADORABLE WHOLESOME PIECEIt happened again. My grandfather’s nurse keeps insisting I look just like a brunette version of her friend. 😂 idk… feel like @anautumnviolet and I are being called out specifically 😂😂😂 do not give sci-fi/fantasy the credit it deserves. 🙄 I’ve read a LOT of genre books that are much more engag… like a good day to remember that our culture demands women be Polite and Cheerful and Not Angry and demonizes…
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛 @jessiguess90 Yeah, same! It’s badass @jessiguess90 Yeah I admit, I only actually watched the trailer because I caught a glimpse of his face and was like…
WELL WELL WELL this caught my interest in about thirty different ways 😏 information has wrecked my entire existence, I— Why “text me when u get home so I know ur safe🙂” Me, four hours later, armored up and kicking down your door ready…
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛 @justin_drabek @StephenKing This is one of my favs!! I usually watch it every year around Halloween as part of my l… is still one of the most brutal moments in the entire series lol 😂😂😂 But I always felt like Vexen deserved it… had a dream about a library that also had dogs in it for people to play with and love on so. Anyway. This is a wo… @jessiguess90 Tall women are truly the best 🥰Just about fainted when I learned Gal Gadot is 5’10”
@Nitoki_ Oh my god 🥰🥰🥰Sora can't keep to himself #KingdomHearts #sokai #sora #kairi
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Writing a story: -time consuming -possibility of rejection is high -wtf, I have to actually figure out how to strin…
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Lol at “Existential” being @Dictionarycom ‘s word of the year for 2019Me getting ready for Re:Mind like “Please don’t let anything bad happen to my sunshine boy please don’t let anythin… @AITA_reddit
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Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛 @ChelFreya Omg. 🥺 Precious#soriku #sorikuweek #sorikuweek2019 'I like getting dragged into your messes.' and IIIII liked the idea of some ver…
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛 @jessiguess90 Lmfao Draco’s ‘another one bites the dust’
I’m a ⚪️ Boy ⚪️ Girl 🔘 Writer Looking for ⚪️ Boy ⚪️ Girl 🔘 This thing to write itself
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Whatever, Twitter. Wonder Woman in 1984 is literally out there pulling Sailor Moon-esque attacks and we all know it…’t believe I sometimes actually sit around at 7 in the morning answering fake interview questions about my unfin… want to inject this trailer right into my veins. @HylianGeekBoy Yeah for real. It took me a long time to get used to it and even when I was used to it, it felt like… Re: Coded 8. Chain of Memories (mostly...because I can’t stand the card system. Story is good tho) 7. 358/2 Days… You have my whiskey drink. LEGOLAS: And you have my vodka drink. GIMLI: And my lager drink. FRODO: And…
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Lance and Adira from Tangled the Series have major Brienne and Tormund vibes and I just. Love it.
If Republicans were willing to scrutinize billionaires *half* as much as they scrutinize people on food stamps, thi…
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Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛I am Cassandra, goddess of the ice chest, bringer of the day and the evening. Fear me because my heart was hurt so…
What a time to be a Kingdom Hearts fan
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛nobody: kairi in the KH3 dlc trailer:
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛It was such a not fight but it seemed to kinda quietly blow his mind because ever since then he’s made it a point t… I just remember how once I was telling my grandfather about my characters & he was like “Don’t you have a… @DailySora we do not feel we riot we want sora back
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛 @Camrynteague_ Y’all are wild. The cat was clearly drawn to her because it know her for a kindred spirit. She’s pre… hi just warning y’all once the Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC drops I’m gonna be back on my bullshit of talking about not… you don’t think Sokka on cactus is the most iconic thing..then you obviously don’t know what iconic means..
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Kingdom Hearts Twitter is awake and we're all screaming
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛There are literally no words for me to express how excited I am for the ReMind DLC for all these reasons and more 😤…*gasping* can’t!!! Breathe!!! Anymore!!!!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!UMMM LITERALLY SCARED MY DOGS WITH SCREAMING “WHAT WHAAT WHA-HA-HAT WHAAAAT” WHILE WATCHING THIS 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
someone recorded their cat saying “well hi!” in a southern accent and i will never be the same
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛“Her heart was a secret garden, and all the plants were carnivorous”
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@polishguitar24 😩 Thank you. You’ve mentioned that in the past and it always makes me shooketh lol. Idk what it is… begging my serotonin to come back
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Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Y’know I don’t often get told I look like famous people, but I’ve had a number of old ladies in different states sa…
Person: I thought you wanted to write a book Writer: I do. Desperately! Stories fill my mind to the point of burst…
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Other fantasy writers: my magic is DARK. My magic is BLOODY. YOU NEED TO RIP OFF THREE LIMBS AND SUMMON /SATAN/ TO…
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@anautumnviolet 😅😂🥰💖 And that’s all I have to say about that. @KTMorgan527 Yeah my cousin @LaRussa98 made it all and put it all together! It was excellent!
Bring masquerade balls back in 2020. Cloaks, gilded masks, mysterious liaisons—all inside of a giant manor on a spr…
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FINALLY watching the Tangled cartoons thanks to Disney+ are my thoughts: -Flynn Rider is still my dream… @jessiguess90 @Alexis_Krucke @alydawn 😂😂😂😂😂 AHHHHHH!!!!
Anyway it just felt like a copout to get him back with Callum and Rayla, and just felt like it undid his ve… He is a little kid. It just...literally did nothing, lol.I’m gonna be bothered about this for a while so...does anyone know what Ezran was actually hoping to accomplish in… snape, dying: harry.............your mom was fine as hell. she was so fucking hot. i wanted to bang the shi…
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@Carly_Solstice 5 pmPossible novel structure.
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"who the HELL is in my Google Doc" I think furiously, before realizing it's me in a different tab
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛Idk why but I keep having dreams about being back in high school, not doing my homework, and starting to fail a cla…
...yes. types of light: 1) dogs 2) blank page embraced by a sudden swirling influx of words 3) spontaneous celebration…
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Side note, I haven’t read this manga in a really long time and forgot it’s name, and I’m just so impressed with goo…, if memory serves, none of the characters in love with her get to grow from this love or find happiness outsid… time I am very much NOT okay with this is in the manga Fushigi Yugi, where Miaka literally doesn’t get to have a… example? A time I’m okay w this is when Fish Eye tries to steal Mamoru, bc it gives Usagi a chance to show a ce… on that note, a trope I really, REALLY hate is literally everyone & their mother being in love w the protagonis… lot of ppl on my feed are talking about tropes for some reason, so! A trope I really, REALLY love is characters b… @jessiguess90 Whoa. Is that Freddie Prince Jr.?
And, of course 4. Extremely powerful!On that note, here is my evidence for Rey truly being Anakin’s reincarnation (metaphorical or literal, idc) through… Trilogy is about his temptation from Palpatine and ultimate corruption. Original Trilogy is about his redem… I don’t feel like it diminishes Rey for her to have this connection to Anakin. It doesn’t pose her as less than… of Anakin. And YES, I do feel like that’s important, because Star Wars isn’t a story about the Galaxy… disconnected from the rest of the story. Rey hasn’t had to really struggle with or earn...anything. She has no… yt video I just watched posed that Rey and Kylo Ren stand for the legacies of Anakin Skywalker & Darth Vader,…
can y’all PLEASE let people enjoy kh the way that makes them happy instead of making them feel guilty for liking or…
Retweeted by 💛🗝Keyblade Master Cassie🗝💛 @CarsonDFaust It was also, predictably, huge lol @CarsonDFaust Ahhaha, yes. 😅 I wrote one for undergrad, since I was in the Honors program at my university and that was a requirement. @usashiinn If at all possible, please get yourself out of this situation. Talk to a counselor if you’re going to sc… decade, I -Got my BA in English -Got my MFA in creative writing -Completed 2 creative theses (one of which got…
@jessiguess90 @Alexis_Krucke @adstriplin @MaloneRanger93 @harperleemajors @endorphinique @tiki_straw @vera_kurian
@jessiguess90 Awkward people unite! was such a mushy kid I loved Robin because he shamelessly loved Marian and she loved him back. No tricks or mind…
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