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@nabiplay thanks I bought it myself 🥸 @ChrisShin69 yeah I’ll feed u at second sky 😏 @filthywhore420 tis amazing just got diabetes 🤩yes @yesigotothegym wtf is wrong with u lmfao @_skag @scorgzi holy shit amongus @scorgzi @_skag @FaideTwitch u need the surround sound dlc bro뚠뚠!
Retweeted by arnavHE BOUNCE
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@yoojpls Alright i take it back, Bow is def a major problem 😂 @tonkat5u HYUNG 😫 @yoojpls Season 9 thoughts: Pros: Worlds Edge Valkyrie is viable Bow is fun/needs a nerf Arc star nerf PK on the… @choyjustin WORST TAKE IVE SEEN IN A WHILE @portilho yer @ItzMasayoshi Wait this literally looks like the anime phantom skin from valo that’s so sick 🙀 @portilho I would die for themAsh finds Lugia 🌊
Retweeted by arnav @floaromaa pawggersTERRIBLE DAY AT WORK BUT HE MAKES IT BETTER shark @sseuraegigirl dab @sseuraegigirl NICE PFP OMG @Kirnino_ happy for u dawg @fuwaffy ....omg... turns out im the noob @fuwaffy nooo CHRISTIAN DIOR the dude who the brand is named after '__>' @fuwaffy regards to my boi Christian
@yesigotothegym separately on the first part rite 👍 @fuwaffy omg good choice I got a Dior bracelet last month too THEY R SO NICEEEEEE @Cybax @yoojpls no shot that’s 🧢 @yesigotothegym mood holy fk @shitshimi SORRY @yoojpls that’s me on the left 🗣 @yesigotothegym wtf Twitter crop gone?
Retweeted by arnavcome along with me🌟
Retweeted by arnav @tonkat5u battle styles @auroraveiI speak for yourself 💯it’s dangerous to go alone, take this
Retweeted by arnav @auroraveiI holy fk ur an oiler @breezyyylol dam need to learn from ur pup @auroraveiI wait I think he opened it already(?? unless u got him more since then @TAHK0 @tonkat5u @floaromaa WTF AIKUROS ANA SLEEP DART GENJI ?! BEST OW HACKS 藝人阿卡利(Akali)15分鐘時300毫升 VALORANT @Cloud9 c9 supremacy @breezyyylol wtf bro u met ur jungler irl? @auroraveiI hello it’s me ur brother 💯‼️I haven’t checked Twitter in the last 12 hours I’m just going to assume that Cloud9 beat DWG KIA 👍Twitter crop is gone which means him and his chunkiness are finally free from the clutches of bad cropping
Retweeted by arnav @auroraveiI LOOOOOOOOOL뭐야 윀케귀여워!
Retweeted by arnav @scorgzi @auroraveiI thank u hyoon “dababy” kang👍👍
@ayo_dom smh some ppl just don’t appreciate the FREE 1080p to 120p converterbakery i work at did an amogus cake & sugar cookies for a birthday party and i almost cried
Retweeted by arnav @woodsidenyc :3 is apoorv picking u up cuz hes currently sleep @hy00jschl0ng homie got more comebacks than twice at this point i guess that's just what happens when ur the 🐐every time aceu touches apex its titled as "THE RETURN" mf had 10 comebacks this year alone 🧐 @woodsidenyc ur staying at our place all those days? :"O @woodsidenyc i literal ly have no idea whats going on im so outof touch with reality @woodsidenyc WAIT RU COMING TODYA ? @auroraveiI scrolled thru these expecting a dababy pic @woodsidenyc u have to use ur brain when ur old man :/ job or no jobCan’t believe I’m expected to use my brain every day of my life for the next 50 years being an adult BLOWSthis new bloodhound skin goes hard
Retweeted by arnavthey are dating ✨😻
Retweeted by arnav @filthywhore420 @gigavirgin420 HELLO PLS CHILL ... also nice pfp very cute @gigavirgin420 @filthywhore420 gloria.....🧐 @filthywhore420 @gigavirgin420 mf gave dobby the SOCK @jessicahkim homie got kaught in 4k :/ @jessicahkim power play from the lil guy... @nycphillysfla 🤭 @peachroll ᕦ(ò_óˇ )ᕤ @Cybax I WAS BEING SARCASTIC LO
@Cybax what’s this about lol @AriaSaki FIT GO CRAZY 🗣WTF YUME BLOODHOUND ULT formula memes cuz we got the mf fortnite sync 😤😤
Retweeted by arnav @enlunalol -____-“When we are all fully vaxxed and I finally get to see my dawgs.
Retweeted by arnav @enloony WHY R U BRUSHING UP ON UR HOUSEWIFE SKILLS .. @enloony my equation is simple, my love for money is greater than my disdain towards employment 👍 @toefurchris1 @yoojpls @Cybax @gigavirgin420 hi @enloony ur work tweets r hilarious and also I feel them in my soulはじめて新幹線に乗る子猫🐸お引越しします🐱
Retweeted by arnav @jummychu2 yo that show is so good in a cheesy way LOL @heewooooo @DekyFPS @insanitylol im not falling for this shit man @insanitylol what about morgana ... and perhaps rumble :) @shalombitchesss wait what do i seem like perceive me. @gigavirgin420 @scorgzi @woodsidenyc i have pc u can stteram fomr @scorgzi @woodsidenyc @gigavirgin420 @shalombitchesss do i seem like a product manager..
@ashuuri_xoxo this! p popular book I’m praying it convinces me to fix my awful sleeping habits玉犬尊・・・・・・
Retweeted by arnavStarted reading a book on my iPad books app and it gives me a little notification every 5 mins that I’ve hit a new… @yesigotothegym :3 @yesigotothegym