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@skrebnits @nadalismo20 @Dorli_Wi Rafa will play Gael who has done nothing post pandemic @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @Dorli_Wi Ladies have a good night all 👋I am very happy with the ATP Cup Draw 😀 Im going to sleep. @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi He speaks French @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @Dorli_Wi Paire vs Rafa? This is a joke @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @Dorli_Wi Russia has the best chances of winning then Spain in my opinion, they can only me… @EllenPerez95 They are crazy.....loyal is a mild word. Anymore funny videos? @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi He is Belgian @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @coachdal @Dorli_Wi Group C is much better than D Has any French beaten Rafa yet ? @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi I forgot about that ! Damn it @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi 1 match lost w Greece means nothing RBA may play him 🤣 @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi You know him @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @coachdal @Dorli_Wi Glad that zkyrgios hasnt landed there @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi I like Stefanos when he plays well @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @coachdal @Dorli_Wi There are plenty left Rafa has the easiest draw EVER ! Greece is going… @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi I added petrol over fire on the ATP Cup poll Wait till the Molers wake up 🤣🤣🤣 @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @coachdal @Dorli_Wi Germany is strong only if Zverev plays well You do not know till we se… @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi Even if Stefanos wins his match it will be 1-2 There is nobody in that… @PratsGerman @ATPCup Be serious ! @tabet_matthew @ATPCup Whats wrong with B? Poor Stefanos is one man team & AUSTRALIA has Milman & Demon....vs Rafa? @ATPCup Are you even ASKING ? Group A !! You stitched Nole big time ! If he makes it from the group of death he ha… @skrebnits @nadalismo20 @coachdal @Dorli_Wi Be serious 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @nadalismo20 @skrebnits @coachdal @Dorli_Wi I do not know why I feel that Rafa has a decent chance at AO with this… @TennisCanada 😀💪 @TennisCanada Im looking @ it on the bright side - good practice for Denis to play the best before AO.Great linked videos inside 👇 @skrebnits @coachdal Has the MoleFam started to complain yet ? 🤣 I guess @Dorli_Wi will tell us later today 😀 @senorjoey @atptour Then whoever wins vs winner Group D potentially Russia Easy 🤣 @atptour Group A - the group of death !! Group B & D —- easy 😀😀 Group C - seems the most balanced one @doublecareergs @ATPCup They are Covid free They should have spectstors up to 30-40% is safe if well distanced @skrebnits @coachdal It was him actually ! Why did he complain then if he wasnt in that group? @skrebnits @coachdal I think it was somebody else @skrebnits @coachdal When they have such a great draw RBA is locked up. Thats a compromise at later stages of the competition @josemorgado B vs C Rafa got an excellent pathway !! Poor Nole ending up with Russia if he makes it out of the gr…
Retweeted by Loli @josemorgado According to ATP Rulebook, it's A vs D and B vs C in the semifinals
Retweeted by Loli @josemorgado B vs C Rafa got an excellent pathway !! Poor Nole ending up with Russia if he makes it out of the gr… @Dorli_Wi - good morning When you wake up just smile 😀 @josemorgado ATP Cup format
Retweeted by Loli @josemorgado ATP Cup format @avidtennisfan @josemorgado Rafa 💪 @kdem20 @josemorgado The group of death !! @josemorgado Easy group for Rafa & Spain😀💪Stefanos is alone,Aus got Milman& Demon Excrutiating group for Serbia if… @nadalismo20 They stitched him up again Lets see the AO draw...🤔Final ATP Cup Draw 👇 Rafa will be happy with this ! RBA can relax. Stefanos is alone and Australia has Demon & Mil… on Facebook on the ATP Cup page The 4 leading countries based on the singles players ranking are the contender… to start now LIVE on Facebook 👇 @Tennis @Adriana11100542 @PabloCuevas22 Way above the rest ! 😀👍We forgot about them... @stu_fraser Very bad move by AO straight after Nole’s letter when things calm down a bit
What’s Bianca Andreescu doing to keep busy in her two week quarantine in Australia? She shares some of that with…
Retweeted by LoliIt was to be expected....too many people, far too bigger event + they are a contained nation who wants the debates… @josemorgado BBC was looking at all big live events for this year and while others cancelled Wimbledon will go ahea… @josemorgado Not good news but expected - too many people to come ove plus they are very calm non argumentative peo… @Me1be1 Here I drink Lavazza or Illy Ive visited Costa Rica in 2012 and the coffee was great there,too @Me1be1 Thanks 😀 @Me1be1 I can imagine. I love a good coffee 😀 @Me1be1 Is the coffee better the other side? @Me1be1 WoW ! What r u doing there so far? @Me1be1 Where are you now ? @BenRothenberg They need to offer some psychological support and more care for the ones below 18 ! Awful time for them @atptour @nmahut Happy birthday Nicolas 🥂 @Dorli_Wi You were right 1am here Im fine @Me1be1 @MichalSamulski @ATPCup So 1am here Thank @missingpointpod I write to her every day... @jankovicmne @josemorgado They are watched by the entire nation What imagine they project in this crisis etc Though… @Me1be1 @MichalSamulski @ATPCup I have the ATP Cup on Facebook, but what time in London? Im@so bad at this @jankovicmne @josemorgado The government threatens to cancel the Premier league matches every news if players still… @Me1be1 @MichalSamulski @ATPCup Poor Stefanos ! He cannot win alone... Russia is the fav ! Now with RBA’s form com… @jankovicmne @josemorgado I pass.... Look at some work of art .....Pogba’s latest goal ! A beauty 😀 @jankovicmne @josemorgado Manchester United is totally revived ! Marcus managed to wake them up + Sir Alex keeps on… @josemorgado Lets go Marcus ! 💪💪💪 Top of the leaderboard 😀 @Me1be1 @MichalSamulski @ATPCup Its all between Spain, Russia and Serbia + Germany if Zverev pulls his weight @Dorli_Wi Thats from Madrid Gosh ! He looks great in white 😀 @LindaYa82449527 @josemorgado Its inhuman to lock someone in, in a room without windows and mice running over Bett… @TennisAustralia offering enough psychological support to Carlos Alcaraz?The youngest tennis player in the AO dr… @josemorgado @TennisAustralia A schedule of some kind to 1h of fresh air a day should have been organised ideally… @josemorgado Is @TennisAustralia offering enough psychological support to Carlos Alcaraz?The youngest tennis player… @Dorli_Wi you are more lost than me 🤣🤣 I need to ask Mark Petchy he is doing the draw with Todd @Dorli_Wi R u sure its 1am not 11pm with the plus 11h from their 12.00 ? @Dorli_Wi Thats fine, Im free tomorrow @Dorli_Wi this evening? @Dorli_Wi what time is in Europe that draw Its Fri morning there year is 1998. @serenawilliams is 16 years old. @Venuseswilliams is 17. It is the second round of the…
Retweeted by Loli @MichalSamulski @ATPCup What a headache calculating now what time is that in Europe GMT Melbourne +11h, they are a… so many #21s @missingpointpod High chances..... @stanwawrinka We are all for it ! Lets get it started.....🎾💪🎾💪🎾 @nadalismo20 Pella and Chardy who complain the most are not the youngest neither with a chance to ever win one 🏆 @J4mesIdeefabrik Shat a stupid miss !! He needed just 3 more matches to win I wont forgive him he forced us to wat… @J4mesIdeefabrik Roland Garros is 99.9% sure if he stays healthy +/- USO @J4mesIdeefabrik Roger’s last Slam was 3 years ago ! Its all about Rafa & Nole now. Rafa will end up with most !… champions know what it takes to get there better than most who do not have a clue, but keep voicing an opinion… is the reason we love @BrunoSoares82 in 🇬🇧 He is a true champion 6x🏆Grand Slams in doubles/mix & so humble👏👏… @danusiafrancis @skrebnits Almost 16k followers 😀 you got one more today 🌹 Beautiful routines on YouTube 😀 All the… @TennisChannel @RafaelNadal @DjokerNole I do not care as long Rafa has the most Slams Nothing else compare to that !! VAMOS ! 💪💪The GOAT debate is just a headache People should wait&see how it end All I want Rafa to have the most Slams🏆 On T… forgot Simona again 😀🤣 I guess its better for her in this turbulence 🤔 article - a must read 👇 The 2021 Australian Open: Did Craig Tiley overplay his hand? |… @athena1949 Im in pain LiterallyI hope Andy does not go.......its madness him going so late, has not trained lately, he should focus on the Europea…