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comedian/actor 🍭 shrill 🍭 miracle workers 🍭 ghosts 🍭 this time: with alan partridge 🍭 taskmaster 🍭 agent: dawn sedgwick (UK) and UTA (US)

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@catcohen amen and absolute 💕 @holnels it’s vintage i got it in america soooooorry worst answer xPlease #savelivecomedy 🙏 📷@clairehaighpics please save @Moth_Club
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@laughingwithal where’s the punchline? 😂😂😂😂hoping this puts an end to the sincere Instagram posts warning people not to vote for Ye.
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Instagram has outdone itself with 6 likes of this painting which took about three weeks so I’m posting it here agai…
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2020 @SamDiss HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUN! 💐If you want to know what is best for trans people. Listen to trans people. More specifically, listen to black tran…
Retweeted by lollySmall Boy completed his D*vid Walli*ms book collection today, so I finally decided to take a read of the latest. (I…
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@thetwerkinggirl @hershpat HAHA 😍😍😍 @ayoedebiri reply to my text bitch!! xoxo @Molionides @clairehaighpics 😍😍😍
@kardashoon cryin
thank you for all of your lovely birthday messages for tom cruise. will pass them on x @adamjenkins7 @NetflixUK 🤗Quick question: how long do you guys sleep for each night on average? 6-8 hours? Half that and you get an extra 20+…
Retweeted by lolly @mark__mywards @paddy_delaney has a good one @DaveAbbottMusic @NetflixUK @TomCruise blink and you’ll miss him!mission impossible: fallout is now available to stream on @NetflixUK 💐💐💐 @rosejohnno @best_gabby Not in a sex wayOur new show for @audible_com! Coming soon..
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@carrybeanchloe 😌😌😌23-year-old Sikh girl, Pardeep Kaur Plaha old from Leytonstone, East London missing since 10:30 AM on July 1 after…
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@MsHelenWatts @stonewalluk racism isn’t just being called the n wordAs a visually impaired pedestrian this is utterly terrifying. We urgently need investment in safe pedestrian infra…
Retweeted by lolly @Ffranciscodgf #adi went on a date with @TheMaeMartin and it was incredible! please like and subscribe! 💕💕💕
Retweeted by lollyI’ve had a few great days but then I think about the cops who killed BREONNA TAYLOR are STILL not arrested. Probab…
Retweeted by lolly @GKuhlenschmidt @Show_And_Tell @TheMaeMartin 🥰 @peatreebojangle @Ffranciscodgf @peatreebojangle that is up to @Ffranciscodgfi went on a date with @TheMaeMartin and it was incredible! please like and subscribe! 💕💕💕’m obsessed with how funny @lollyadefope is in this. You can still rent Mae’s House Party - all proceeds go to…
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@kardashoon haahhaahaahaa @Ffranciscodgf *grilled cheese, am no basic henI May Destroy You, Insecure, Shrill, Normal People, In My Skin, Frayed- all shows that are making my lockdown life…
Retweeted by lollyAfter the murder of Breonna Taylor, Louisville city council has just voted 24-1 to INCREASE the police budget by $7…
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If need to talk to someone please know you're not alone. Call 116 123 (Samaritans UK)
Retweeted by lollyi auditioned to be the next james bond
Retweeted by lolly! Behind The Filter pilot is out on @bbcthree would love you to watch! x
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Aurora PD breaking up the peaceful violin vigil for the very kid they murdered. #ElijahMclain
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Two years ago, Naomi Hersi, a black trans woman, was murdered by a man she met on a dating app in London. Her name…
Retweeted by lolly @sleezsisters HAHAHA @Party_Harderson 🥰🥰🥰 @_CallMeIfe_ @dontsmileattee i’ve been performing this sketch live for years and my video of it came out on may 27t…
So excited to finally announce @lollyadefope as the next @007
Retweeted by lolly @ameliargh happy birthday SWEET bb 🥰🥰🥰 @E4Tweets @jamesbondi auditioned to be the next james bond
@oneofthosefaces 👏🏾My God. Fired NC police officer on tape: "We are just going to go out and start slaughtering them (expletive)”...…
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@bertiebrandes 💀Please donate to Elijah McClain's family, they're not even halfway towards their goal.
Retweeted by lollyhelp Sean as they open the ONLY black-owned, queer-owned coffee shop in west hollywood !! donate here ❤️
Retweeted by lollyJust give her the part already 👏 @lollyadefope #Lolly4Bond #RemoteComedy
Retweeted by lollythis is the best TV interview Dizzee's done probably ever. has Piers suddenly forgotten the years he spent using…
Retweeted by lollyWhite people get so furious about not being allowed to break the rules as if they’ve been getting away with breakin…
Retweeted by lolly🌈🌈🌈 donate to @sexworkhive ! even a couple of quid a month will help support their ongoing mutual aid, events and s… @alisoneroman 🥵Do you know what the sickest thing about this is? That just over a week ago white supremacists took the streets to…
Retweeted by lolly @Rose_Matafeo yeah i don’t even normally like poetry but you were amazing up there!!!PSYCHED that this is on Friday! What a line up of grade A bobby dazzlers. We have a band (if we're calling David…
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It’s been 100 days since #BreonnaTalyor was murdered. An innocent black woman in her home was murdered and killers…
Retweeted by lollyTo those on the UK comedy scene who are newly offering themselves up as safe confidantes to victims and proport the…
Retweeted by lollyNow I can get a show on @RadioX
Retweeted by lollyCan't wait for the Last Dance style documentary series on Alex from Glasto. The man, the myth, the legend behind the bucket hat.
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just a reminder this was only 2 years ago
Retweeted by lollyHow you’ve been sleeping recently @TheMaeMartin ? 🤣🤣🤣 @lollyadefope #MaesHouseParty didn’t expect so many endorseme…
Retweeted by lollyI’m obsessed with @TheMaeMartin and @lollyadefope 😂😂😂 #Maeshouseparty
Retweeted by lolly😂😂 howling at @lollyadefope #maeshouseparty
Retweeted by lollyHas anyone else's online date ever been full of ads? 😂#MaesHouseParty
Retweeted by lollyIt’s superstar ⁦@lollyadefope⁩ 👏👏👏 #maeshouseparty
Retweeted by lolly @MissArnoldDrama 💕💕💕Two icons: @TheMaeMartin and @megstalter 👏 #maeshouseparty
Retweeted by lolly @PaapaEssiedu @BBCFOUR @TheRSC yaaaaaaaaaaaaaas 💐TONIGHT I get to hang out with you! I love you! Grab tix now - I'm livestreaming a very weird anarchic show, featu…
Retweeted by lollyMost of my time right now is taken up thinking about my dad and whatever became of him. A troubled man, but not a b…
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i- @ziwe @William_Njo @ayoedebiri GOAT vidToo many young Black girls are being preyed upon and these men do it cause they know they can get away with it. Eno…
Retweeted by lolly @kardashoon love you x @AgeingIngenue goosebumpswhat we shouldn’t do is take a sick pleasure in watching their downfall, especially those people who are doing the…
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@SaveNour so inspiring ❤️YAS @theamyannette HAHAHA @MarloFilms @ChrisMcQueer_ 😍 reminder if you can’t go protest, there is lots you can do from home. no one associated wi…
Retweeted by lolly @Ffranciscodgf ‘apples’ 👴🏻Show me a woman who leveraged her rape experience into wealth. I'll wait.
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Dido reveals she always aims for a 40/60 split when cutting a sandwich so that when she’s finished the first part s…
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