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Feisty little Greek Yiayia, born and bred Londoner happily married and living in beautiful California. US citizen since 03. I am sarcastic, so....#resist

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@pamwallace @TravisAllen02 @MrRaulJenkins Unfollowed. @DonaldJTrumpJr Cry and cry again traitor tot. There is nobody of your ilk that would make me not vote for Biden/Harris2020 #BidenHarris2020 @SM_5251 Yes my so called moral neighbors who couldn’t care less about trumps escapades are so concerned about Kama… @Tweetypot Exactly! @SaraBellomy I couldn’t agree more! @88keys18 😉 @KyleKulinski I don’t despise her. Get over it! @88keys18 All over our local FB pages. I know. I shouldnt be on FB but 🤷‍♀️ ? @patbennettaz Exactly Pat! @DPrabhata @quelquechien @JB101_ @DNC I will be watching and can’t wait. @Transparenskey No, they are called hypochristians.Oh goodness suddenly so many “moral” trump supporters who care about Kamala’s past sex life. Where were your morals… @lanerodrigs1979 @JonathanStrouse @JoeBiden Oh yes!You made my day @joebiden, with your pick of Kamala Harris as your running mate.💙 I pledge to do everything within…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @nodank_ Oh do shut up. @senatemajldr @FoxNews @BillHemmer Nobody believes you but idiot chump supporters. @RepDougCollins @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris You are all so triggered today. It’s hilarious. @donwinslow @JudiLedgard @KarenPence Bless her heart. @donwinslow @mindylee26 @VP @SenKamalaHarris I can’t wait..@VP MIke Pence, No matter how much you prepare, @SenKamalaHarris is going to absolutely destroy you in the VP deb…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @Jasonmjarrett @expobear1 @ProjectLincoln Oh yes! @ProjectLincoln 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @TomiLahren Sooooo happy you left CA! You are such an angry young woman, it shows on your face.
@RealMarkNew91 @StevijoPayne Ha! They have me triggered for a long time.Joe Biden is running for President to offer Americans character, competence, and compassion—and his choice of…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @TiffanyDCross @nia516 So so exciting! @TeresaShank5 @NikitaKitty @donwinslow @SenKamalaHarris So disgusted with @CNN couldn’t reach for the remote fast enough. @jelly_snatch No don’t deactivate! The fun is just beginning. They are having meltdowns! @DonaldJTrumpJr Cry some more traitor tot.Trump supporters having’s fucking glorious. @strom_annette He is probably thinking of getting rid of pence! I am crying happy tears Annette. Cheers my friend! @steelerschic_85 @geokaren @DanieGirl5555 @Empath_g_app @BeastieLil @takeahikeplease @chrisrosenbau12 @namelessism @geokaren @DanieGirl5555 @Empath_g_app @BeastieLil @takeahikeplease @chrisrosenbau12 @namelessism @CarmenSisRice
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @scottbradly13 @usatodayDC Ask chump to pronounce the name of one of our national parks while talking about national parks. He is an idiot. @tlccourville Tammie crying happy tears. What a ticket! #Biden/Harris2020 @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris I am crying happy tears! Biden/Harris 2020!I have the great honor to announce that I’ve picked @KamalaHarris — a fearless fighter for the little guy, and one…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @TBoisseauATX @tlccourville What?Holy shit.... we have a ticket!! @londongal_28 ... let’s get those shirts!!!!
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸One fucking fly in my house and it manages to land on my fucking bagel. I will find you. @ABC All a stunt for his stupid suppoters who worship the second rate reality TV “star.” @politvidchannel Not all men. My husband after 42 years as a registered republican switched to Democrat in disgust… promise you if I'm elected, I won't waste any time getting this virus under control. I'll call Dr. Fauci and ask…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @smc429 He can’t and he isn’t. Most intelligent people see right through him. @SassyKadiK @DeepStateShu @FloLake That has got to be so hard! Living with a trumper, that is! 😂 @jelly_snatch Enjoy your day love. Sigh...I always say I am going to take a break and here I am!Seriously chump supporters still saying Joe has dementia or not fit to serve. I guess the idiots didn’t hear when c… @DanielaChapma15 How pathetic that he has to pull a stunt like this. @cmhtrain @JohnKasich @JoeBiden But I bet Joe can pronounce the name of one of our most beloved national parks. Ha… was the “shooting” near the WH yesterday just a continuation of the second rate reality TV show being filmed at the WH?🍊 🤡 @TheRickyDavila @markfromhalsey They have become cowards and sorry I am not sorry. @RepSwalwell @DonaldJTrumpJr @realDonaldTrump His spawn couldn’t give a damn. They are making so much money from hi… Second World War ended in 1945. It’s cruel for @DonaldJTrumpJr and family to let @realDonaldTrump stand out the…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @gtconway3d Oh shoot George is this sarcasm or did KellyAnn promise you something in exchange for s e x? @realDonaldTrump @Scaramucci @SteveHiltonx Yet you hired him so who is the fool?
@JillWineBanks They secretly worship him? Who knows it’s just awful Jill. No wonder he gets away with it all. Nobody has any guts. @realMJSharma Yes it’s all for his reality TV show.Did anyone watch the idiots press conference? Anyone have any huevos to call him out? @donwinslow @Iamworthy9 I don’t even know who they are anymore. @1sharkie5 @PopcornFactory @NikkiHaley @nikki She is a hack.Most of us know this is a continuation of “The Apprentice.” To me he will never be anything more than a second rate… Haley. Tougher on a popcorn delivery service than she is on a president whose failures have led to mass Ameri…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸She is complicit. Don't retweet her.
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @hedzupheelzdown @PopcornFactory @NikkiHaley Nobody gives a flying fig about her but I came here as I plan or ordering for the holidays. @PopcornFactory @NikkiHaley brought me to your page. I will be ordering Christmas presents from you! @realDonaldTrump I couldn’t care less. Won’t be watching and sure you will have to pay people to show up. @LLesliekarras Definitely not bashing him as much as they did HRC and her emails. He deserves so much more from th… @NikkiHaley @PopcornFactory You poor thing. @tedcruz Let’s see you take a pay cut for the little work you do. And while we are at it, cut these vile peoples be… @jelly_snatch Me too. @DrDenaGrayson As soon as I see @RickSantorum on my tv I immediately change the channel. Why do they continue to pu… @NightlyPolitics @BarbaraWieczor7 So did the whole world plan it to get back on trump? Seriously so stupid. @xtcunltd01 Bye mate!
@AriaaJaeger Hi Ariaa it has been a tough few months that is for sure. Sending you love and a hug. ❤️ @xtcunltd01 And as I said, it might not be a popular tweet, do carry on mate. @xtcunltd01 I have got a grip thank you and it’s my opinion. @knicker86738859 Not trolling my opinion but you look like a fake account? @medwoman1 Pretty much all of it from the MSM to the pool reporters who listen to the the drivel without calling it out. @lafilm90028 In 2016 they showed every single trump rally and pretty much ignored HRC until it came to her emails o… @glenda4Biz They are just as bad thank you and no I don’t watch Fox. @ReeferMadness @CL2Empower @ddale8 Then force him to speak the truth and stop coddling him. They all let him get aw… @AdamParkhomenko No longer watch any of these joke shows. @JoeBiden I will be voting by mail and there is not a darn thing he can do about it.Every single eligible American should have the opportunity to vote-by-mail this November. If it's good enough for D…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @lonebrat I rarely watch it has all become so sickening and heck yes I will be voting as soon as I can. @redsonja0072 @lonebrat Exactly! @mmpadellan @Firestorm1776 Too damn high!Jonathan Swan and Chris Wallace BOTH demonstrated exactly how to interview lying liars who lie: PREPARATION. There…
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @Empath_g_app @steelerschic_85 @EthanLK2001 @LuciaRendn4 @Naildriver7 @FunInMia @maryellen622 @JakeLobin @steelerschic_85 @EthanLK2001 @londongal_28 @LuciaRendn4 @Naildriver7 @FunInMia @maryellen622 @JakeLobin
Retweeted by LondonGal☔️🍸 @GingerTAllison1 @Stephie1945 I hope you are right. @kmkmcm Oh I most definitely will be voting. By mail but willing to stand in line for hours to vote for Biden. @JeanneHoffa Definitely MSM...but mostly all of it. They have allowed trump to get away with way too much. @jefehobbs 🎯 @johnmassaro12 I never watch Fox. @ReeferMadness @CL2Empower Definitely the MSM and quite frankly I hate to say it but mostly all of it. He is good f… @CJ13twt Really I hope you are right. @MiaMia87217278 Yes they did. @martyvidnovic I know, I hope I am too. @urbanmeemaw @dnahealthnut Ha ha ha come on over!