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Award-winning communicator ✏️ & @ThirdSector writer. @charitycomms trustee. Charity copywriter by day, travel & food blogger by night 🇿🇦🇬🇧

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@benrmatthews Welcome to the world Lowen! Congrats Ben, @JazCummins and Miss M!new blog post! Why you should put Favignana on your Italy #travel list
@SavlaFaire We love it. Filters out the London noise! I’ve also got an App for when we’re on holiday
Had such a great lunch today at @BabboLondon. Felt very safe too - staff wearing PPE, hand santisizer, tables well… @SavlaFaire @weareAllBright Well we sleep with a white noise CD on but yes, I’d say it’s fairly quiet
What world do we live in?!! Who in their right mind thinks this is an acceptable sentence? @KayeHolland It was so good to see you! @SavlaFaire @weareAllBright Oooh aircon!! Well jel... we have a Dyson airblade which helps a bit @tallieproud @TheCrick It’s very cool!Have only just realised where @TheCrick is after walking past it. It’s huge! What an impressive building (and the r… @KassieBarkerJ @connieconsumes Sooo good!!London was not built for this heat! @connieconsumes If you really want it, you could make it happen 💪🏻 @connieconsumes YES PLEASEGoing swimming part 2. Remembered my costume this time @JudeHabib @GemmaPettmanPR Just make sure you’ve got your costume!
If you want the double chocolate cookies that dreams are made of, check out @connieconsumes recipe… helicopter. No way am I getting on the tube or stuck in traffic @TagAlongDeb Not really! Thankfully it's Friday tomorrow 😊 @RiyadhK @JohnTorode1 @GreggAWallace @SamanthaQuek @matthewcpinsent @MasterChefUK Huge congrats to you! LOVE how yo… @howardlake @acwooding @reubenturner @JTCHANGINGBIZ I did briefly think about purchasing a costume but I only bough… @justwhatireckon For real?!! Wow... (the undies not the shoe 🤣) @mfoodandtravel Ha ha ha! @acwooding @reubenturner @JTCHANGINGBIZ 🤣 @SeashellSocials @madlinsudn @ByJoveMedia Not sure yet to be honest... need to experiment with them 😊 @KatherineBines Literally watched this episode yesterday! @reubenturner @JTCHANGINGBIZ Please do tell... @JTCHANGINGBIZ Oh God 🤣 @AngiecarterUK Um.... @JudeHabib @madlinsudn Soooo gutting!! My gym with the pool is 5 tube stops away so not that close to go back and get it @Beth_Upton I’m so annoyed with myself! Went on Monday and hang up my costume to dry and then forgot to put it back… @madlinsudn Soooo gutting!!Arrived at the gym to swim. Pool is empty - woooo! Get to the changing room and I’ve left my swimming costume at ho… @_BobiRobson It doesn’t even make sense given her career and not even having a traditional office!
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @_BeMoreDigital @wethecatalysts @charitydigicode How very meta! @_BeMoreDigital @wethecatalysts @charitydigicode Thanks! I'd love to know what the inspo was...? Curious! @Sam_Cookney What do you to watch it? Sky scanner? @FundraiserSarah Yes to 6! Although not a fan of snakes either... @RebeccaWho @DigLifeSkills Paging @drama_holly @digitalmaverick - can you help? @AtypicalDavid I'm gonna go with... YouGov.... @Promette @ameliacchong I LOVED that book! I have a Book Review highlight on my Instagram J… @kerrylifeloves 🤣 it was a bit gross though...
@maximum_pr @SwanStreatley Wow, it looks gorgeous! @Rachel_Holls @Jenny_Pearce1 @Barts_Charity @NHSBartsHealth @Charity_Meetup @charitychap Done. Good luck!Come and work with us @Barts_Charity! We’re looking for 3 Hospitals Fundraisers to help us support both…
Retweeted by Kirsty Marrins 📝 @ThatJoEden Pleasure. Hope it brings in a good amount of cash! @JTCHANGINGBIZ Yuck! @nellsberry Um, perhaps. But maybe he just really has an unbelievably itchy foot? I think the pull ups were to take… @Andy95Smith I mean, he was touching the bars after he’d just scratched his bare foot... @Andy95Smith So gross. I hope it’s not contagious...I’d forgotten just how weird traveling on the tube can be. Just been in a carriage where a guy took off his shoe, s… are now open for our Stronger Voices training programme. Created in partnership with @EquallyOurs and…
Retweeted by Kirsty Marrins 📝 @TheHopeRev Thanks so much! Glad you enjoyed it and hope it was usefulJust to say... if you’re having a clear out, please only donate items that are in good condition and can be sold. C…! Just had a call from @TheBHF to come and collect donations from my clear out. They only have availability nex… @FundEverywhere @madlinsudn No worries! @FundEverywhere Highly recommend @madlinsudn!Happy 150th birthday @BritishRedCross! One of the best charities I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Twice!…
@kerrylifeloves Oh yes. Hence why I’ve not even downloaded TikTok!! @KatherineBines Meant to say on a scooter! @KatherineBines It does my head in! Just had a grown woman shoot in between me and two other women walking on the p…’m all for people cycling more but if you’re too scared to cycle on the road, don’t cycle. Pavements are for walki… @danaksegal @CharityNikki @danaksegal @CharityNikki You are such an influencer. Just bought some Tahini! @CharityNikki I really like the crispy/spongy ones rather than the silken @CharityNikki Tofu! Love it 😋Also, a trip to Whitstable and meeting up with @GemmaPettmanPR and @salleeann!Every month I look back and reflect on ten things that made me happy. In July that was a spontaneous picnic with fr…
The last pic reminds me of my husband. We have a king size bed yet I’ll wake up in the middle of the night wonderin… @PJacksonClark @NGSOpenGardens You should be proud! @PJacksonClark Wow, that’s so lovely! @david_whitney Oh yes. Sounds like he doesn’t care about his either! @Haroon_Mota_ Ah thank you 😊 And congrats on all your epic runs! And fundraising 👏🏻 @Haroon_Mota_ And I though I did well at 5k! @david_whitney What would their wedding reception be like? Tater tots in the communal garden washed down with tap water?Not sure why I thought it was a good idea to go for my first outdoor run in 2 weeks in 21 degrees and blazing sunsh…
@LisaClavering Yeah... I can’t seem to regulate my pace at all 🤣 @LisaClavering Not today. Tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted... @HLOBlog @MargotLDN @linastores @JosePizarroRest @BarrafinaDRln It’s sooooo good 😋 @HLOBlog @MargotLDN @linastores @JosePizarroRest @BarrafinaDRln No worries 😊 FYI @MargotLDN is opening on the 12thGenius 👏🏻 @HLOBlog I love @MargotLDN @linastores @JosePizarroRest @BarrafinaDRln to name a few. Here’s a whole list! @AlexandraFearon Sounds about right @mokuska True... hmmm, I dunno @mokuska I dunno... part of me thinks it’s just lazy. You can post your favourite album but not say why it’s your f… 👇🏻 @mokuska Such a bore... so pointless
@koffs @madlinsudn @AperolSpritzUK Lolz! It was a throwback competition... this pic is 3 years old! Or maybe 2... I forget @UrvashiRoe She really is! She has a few in Camden. Spotted this one too @UrvashiRoe @Dishoom Oooh lovely! And I have that same photo from a trip about a month ago @KirstyWarwick @AperolSpritzUK Thanks Kirsty! Best prize EVER 🧡 @madlinsudn @JTCHANGINGBIZ @AperolSpritzUK How old were you...? Old enough I hope 🤣 @madlinsudn @AperolSpritzUK Thank you 😊 @JTCHANGINGBIZ @madlinsudn @AperolSpritzUK I think I can see they’re all Woodland Trust @JTCHANGINGBIZ @madlinsudn @AperolSpritzUK Ah I see! National Trust? Woodland Trust?I’m gonna lend him my copy of ‘Why I’m no longer talking to white people about race.’ @JTCHANGINGBIZ @madlinsudn @AperolSpritzUK What are they...? @madlinsudn @AperolSpritzUK Thank you! Of course, here you go: I was one of three winnersNeed some UK staycation inspiration? Here's 12 places to put on your list