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In case you missed it, part 1 of my Top 10 digital charity campaigns of 2019 is live! @kerrylifeloves @4refugeewomen Oh good, hope they can take them! @kerrylifeloves I know @4refugeewomen collect them every Christmas for gifts for refugee women but I think the deadline has passed...
@LucyCaldicott Well that’s pretty shit, isn’t it? Sorry to hear that Lucy @MrLloydVaughan @ThirdSector @AlzResearchUK Pleasure! Such a great campaign. Loved the simplicity of the explanation. @kate_string @crisis_uk Pleasure. It’s a great campaign!
@Br3ndanUK @lightful @Johnny_Murnane_ @tomdefraine Hope you’re enjoying the Xmas party tonight! I’m currently sat a… @lightful @Johnny_Murnane_ @tomdefraine @Br3ndanUK Awesome jumper @Br3ndanUK 🙌 @ThirdSectorLab Cheers Ross 😊It’s here! Part 1 of my annual @ThirdSector Top 10 digital charity campaigns of 2019! Which charities made spot 10… @robmusic_ I avoid that station at all costs! It's like a never ending labyrinth @coopuk Exciting, thank you! Haven't received it yet but perhaps it'll turn up tomorrow @jonmarnold What a lovely card! Happy birthday Zoe! @RubyBayleyPratt thank you for the lovely Christmas e-card! Forgot to mention but I’ll be starting a contract next… @UrvashiRoe @Kavey @meemalee @utterlyscrummy Thank you! Was already following @Kavey but now am following @utterlyscrummy tooNot gonna lie, feeling pretty low. Please cheer me up by tagging someone you think I should follow (if I don’t alre… 👇🏻 results are in and the people have spoken! Not a landslide winner in this case... Thanks to everyone who voted. you can bear another vote (this one has a positive outcome though)... just 40 mins left to tell us what you'd li… @Jlowthrop It’s like Groundhog Day @CIPRnfp @CharityComms Thanks so much for sharing!I’m travelling up to Edinburgh today to visit my dad before Christmas. Might just stay there. @pauldegregorio I had to take a sleeping pill to get to sleep ... and now I’ve woken up to a nightmare
@koffs @CharityComms It’s been like that the whole way 🤣 In one way I’m pleased because the idea is expert advice f… @thatkat If only.... @balgobinthinks @CharityComms Yes, love that and we’ve tried to do that already @thatkat Definitely sleeping. Albeit restlessly! @ladylaxton @CharityComms Thanks Clare! @PaigeComms @CharityComms Mental health and well being experts - as in their profession 😊 Some have been in the sector!33 votes so far and it's pretty even at the moment. Have your say! #CharityWellbeing @CharityNikki woooooo!! Perhaps you could even do a session?What do you think? Should charity employees have to donate to the charity they work for? Ephraim's writing an e-boo… @EllieSandercock @ThirdSector @tinytickers That was 2018 though wasn’t it?Hope you’re going @CharityNikki? Could you help spread the word? @JoshDibble @CharityComms That’s what I meant 🙌Planning new content for the @CharityComms #CharityWellbeing guide for early next year. Would you like to see more: @helenl I’m glad x @KateLeeCEO @ThirdSector @CLIC_Sargent oooh thanks Kate! @jeffica @ThirdSector @YoungMindsUK @TrussellTrust one of those is definitely on the list! @helenl You are anything but useless! One of the greatest things anyone can do for someone else when they need to t…
@d_p_hunt 🤣🙌Only a couple of minutes into #GoggleSprogs and crying with laughter! Although slightly concerned all the kids thin… @KateCollinsUK @CatherineRaynor It’s just such a lovely story ❤️ @KateCollinsUK @CatherineRaynor I’m now crying on my couch 😭 @ThirdSectorLab @lilmisstee @RosieWowk @CharityComms Cheers Ross! Rosie, here’s the link to the Facebook group @SamRSparrow @andrewbsparrow She is GORGEOUS!! Congrats to you and Mr Sparrow on your beautiful little girl @madlinsudn @ThirdSector @RNLI @wwf_uk @CatsProtection @family_action It's sooooo hard!Free Webinar on January 14! How to Double Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Fundraising: The webi…
Retweeted by Kirsty Marrins 📝 @Horacio_vhr @ThirdSector These are lovely! Thanks for sharing @bmbm @ThirdSector Oooh thanks! Already have one from WT on my list but not this one @bmbm @ThirdSector Definitely agree but their response to the DM wasn't really a campaign... @Alice_Rath @ThirdSector @mariecurieuk yes!! Great campaign @bmbm @ThirdSector which campaign though?Busy putting together my Top 10 digital charity campaigns of 2019 for @ThirdSector! So many great campaigns to choo…
Bit aggressive ... @bmbm @faizashaheen She’s arrived! Congrats Beth ❤️ @mikezywina wow, that's a blast from the past! Flagging @LeonjWard
@CharityCommsAmy @CharityComms This makes my heart sing Amy! Great handle too 😎 @LisaClavering @Jlowthrop @franswaine It’s thanks to you and Fran we do this!*how*! Obviously I NEED that membership 🤣 @OpenMindMH That’s awesome Rachel! @Jlowthrop 😘 @madlinsudn @lightful @barnardos 😊Just sent @Jlowthrop a 10 min WhatsApp voice note. She is like my accountability partner, confidant, therapist, che… @doublemacc @MisfitsMedia Genius!When I first started out in comms in the sector, I can't tell you have valuable having a @CharityComms membership w… under 30 - you need to vote. Your voice will be heard. Have you made your plan for Thursday this week? Polls…
Retweeted by Kirsty Marrins 📝 @drama_holly Not to mention all the youth clubs...
This is the amazing @Jessi_Gutch who I had the honour to work with at @BritishRedCross. Please watch this ahead of… this for real?
@MCiavucco @moonhot97 @OneYouPHE @NHSuk @BorisJohnson @_NatashaDevon @otrbristol Absolutely! @JoshDibble @Uber @Ash_Cash Oh wow. Go Ash! It just takes one @MCiavucco @moonhot97 @OneYouPHE @NHSuk @BorisJohnson @_NatashaDevon just flagging that @otrbristol offers counsell…
Mary and Marina are filthy! 🤣 #Gogglebox @theglaciertrust @JustGiving @sccceo @andy_hillier Hmmm. Not liking the sound of this. Doesn't seem very ethical to… @madlinsudn @JudeHabib @sounddelivery Glad you’ve had a good one! X @JudeHabib @madlinsudn @sounddelivery Happy birthday Madeleine! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day and that celebrations last all weekend 🥳 @LizziHollis I’ve never watched it either 🤷🏼‍♀️ @karlwilding @MarkFlann That’s what I want it for! @karlwilding @MarkFlann Thanks! Think I need to get that to up my running game @skellymaher @CharityComms Lucky him!
@madlinsudn here’s another for your digital advent post @madlinsudn It’s wonderful! @robmusic_ What a lovely inscription on that bench. Your dad sounds like an absolute gem. So sorry you lost him too soon @karlwilding Well done Karl! Also interested what app that is? @skellymaher @CharityComms Let me guess... Is Joseph taking the photo? @charitychap @TheModernPantry Maybe it was someone else then... @charitychap @TheModernPantry I feel like this is déjà vu.... did this happen to you once before? @henryrowling Woah! You should enter that in a photography competition
@serenastweeting It did! Thank you 😊 @ncvochlo @ladylaxton @m_sherrington @zoeamar @Peaheg @elmunro Sorry, haven't had time to contribute! But looks lik… and join me for a full-day of free digital marketing strategy training for your charity! @Media_Trust is givin… @giuliavmerlo So sorry for your loss Giulia. You are really brave to share this. I’m sure you’ve helped another wom…
@JuliaMHawkins @CharityComms Thank you Julia and lovely to finally meet youSuch a fantastic afternoon and so brilliant to dedicate time and space to talk about such an important topic… is closing this brilliant #CharityWellbeing seminar by reminding us that this is not the end. It’s t… @writesJW Oh great! @Jlowthrop And the slides will be online! @charitychap I think we were the only ones who got it of the best things you can do is ask ‘how are you?’ with real intent #CharityWellbeing