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amorphous @loneamorphous Orlando, FL - Los Angeles, CA

i create music, films, and a bunch of other stuff too. #ForGeorgeFloyd #ForBreonnaTaylor #ForTheCountlessBlackLivesLost

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@cuffieSZN they took it off of there as well. it was on everything for free lol @YesBilquis @dontaskmyneba it was a fan made mashup album I made in tribute to them and people thought it was real. it’s not kaytra’s fault. @AlsoBgmatias mhm!!! @ItsFrankyJ traditionally? yeah! but learning how to draw on a glass screen is quite the challenge. i'm also a perf… have a long ways to go and a lot to learn but Procreate is pretty therapeutic. 💞 @loneamorphous Keep your head up young king 💪🏾
Retweeted by amorphousI’m not even going to lie, I’ve been super down emotionally and super stressed. 😔
@GODISMlKEY same. @THECLASSICMANNY (iono if i could ever drop the free link though considering what's happened the past few days. i'll try some day.)i actually mixed them once back in the day during a practice DJ set. 🤣 @WrittenByHanna @bigshitxtalker same. thank goodness we're still here. 😭 @X_Unspoken yeah! it was free everywhere. the only place someone could donate because i thought that was standard p… @damn_toe No 😭😭😭So basically... Attorney General Daniel Cameron is acknowledging that Brett Hankison wrongfully shot into the apart…
Retweeted by amorphousthat was not my intention at all. i (and many other producers & DJs) thought it was okay to release mashups on band… @DKuzNY ❤❤❤ thank youuuu!Truly a phenom. Support @loneamorphous
Retweeted by amorphous @radseed @MichellCClark It should stay there so yes! @MichellCClark Thank you so much!!!listening to this Rihanna "Same Ol Mistakes" x Kool & The Gang "Summer Madness" mashup right now. y'all better quit…
Retweeted by amorphous @jayhaspower ❤️❤️❤️You’re a legend. Can’t wait to see what’s next.
Retweeted by amorphousApple Music Decade Essentials Covers: Whitney - 80s Aaliyah - 90s Rihanna - 00s Beyoncé - 10s
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one door closes, and another ALWAYS opens. 🙌🏽at least this happened! 😭 @_mayaceylon 😭 thank you!!!!! My cash app is $amorphous! @jamesearl23 it might take a minute! there's over 170 tracks LOL🖤 end of an era but the beginning of a n e w one ?
Retweeted by amorphousNo apologies bro. You’re uber talented. Something incredible is already making its way to you. Appreciate the acc…
Retweeted by amorphous @madiba_obakeng She already got them 😭😭😭😭This man is a true talent. Support support support!
Retweeted by amorphousVery sorry to hear this! Thank you for sharing your work. I know where you are is only the beginning for what the w…
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@damionsound a lawsuit??? 😭😭😭 don’t speak that on meee omgggg.Good things are coming your way king, you’ll get over this obstacle and find much more success
Retweeted by amorphous @loneamorphous you’re brilliant. it hurts now, but this is just gonna be a minor bump in the road when you look bac…
Retweeted by amorphousit's very clear that my creative mind is valuable. it's worth something. even when i thought otherwise, people were…’m sorry this happened to you but I appreciate how thoughtful you are to give us your work ❤️ great things will ha…
Retweeted by amorphousi cannot thank you guys enough for all of the support and love for my mashups over the years. they were always just… @FUCCl that's not a bad idea!!!you should start a patreon.
Retweeted by amorphous @trapcry and chile if i did that they'd REALLY be on me. 😭 @trapcry chile that's a lot of work (let me get to it) @pinkmapviolin permanantly disabled me, so here's everything that i ever released through bandcamp over the years! thank… @RobLives4Love nope. they took it off of my channel as well.hi! unfortunately, this fun creative project got too big for its own good and was practically wiped from existence… @BrooklynYel 😂😂😂ICONIC!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by amorphous @balladsmusic i uploaded it to my google drive if you're interested! MF JAM?!?!?!?!?
Retweeted by amorphous @Fool_n_Fukry possibly! i'm going to try to upload everything to google drive/audiomack and such to save people the… sure hope that dream of working with beyoncé is still in play. 🥴 @NEESHiMinaj just so you know, it is free. (unless one wanted to donate of course). 🤣 @grapepowder i'm uploading everything to my google drive just in case that becomes an issue for people! @NEESHiMinaj for now! probably not for long :/ @grapepowder pretty sure my entire bandcamp will be gone soon, so download anything you like over there while you can! @FelipeSiquara it was on there! lol they took that right down like 5 mintues ago :/welp! they just wiped the BeyXKaytra project from the entirety of the internet. guess it got too big. 🤣 thank you g… @RobLives4Love yep!!! @boyofthebadland lmfaoo!!! it's very humbling but goodness me, i gotta find another place to upload everything i've… @FelipeSiquara i guess the kaytraxbey project (which was free) got too big. 🤣 @yoyotrav 😭😭😭 thank you sooooo much! @HenJoeSchmoe ❤️❤️❤️ @AwengChuol Good morning!!! Hope all is well! @mrdoc thank you soooo much! @BrynCJHammond @MissyElliott @AaliyahArchives I always figured it was '01, but decided to ask for 100% confirmation haha @chvckbenjamin 🤣 we speak pretty often! @miggydaniels @Beyonce @KAYTRANADA Right here! @MissyElliott Where Could He Be!!! Do you remember what year that was recorded!?👀😭 WOAH. @its_dryx oh. @theejayy done! an entrancing Beyoncé x Kaytranada mash-up project:
Retweeted by amorphous @YourboyDonell thank you!!!I hope she finds you
Retweeted by amorphous @DomVHarris it's free!! but you should be able to download it into your library. it's on youtube and soundcloud (mi…
@GardenStateRich thank youu!!! @abisoos right like skkskskssk @mangoaday LMFAOO!!! thank you so much! @zoranealehurtin @thesalteater thank you!!! and i totally get it. at the end of the day, it's HER music! lmfaoo jus… @thesalteater @zoranealehurtin haha thank you! yeah, i was lowkey afraid they'd snatch that other project down beca… @Avereaux thank youuuu!!!!!! 😭😭😭 @thesalteater @zoranealehurtin ksksks they didn't have an issue with the 'bey-z' project i did! i hope they know it… made that bey x kaytra project over the past few days as a tribute to two artists that legitimately inspired me b… @Jconeyy97 @Anyeezus thank y'all!!!woah. thank you @okayplayer! ❤️ @keiopensdoors @Beyonce @KAYTRANADA thank you!!!!! @SadeInStereo it's on the superior youtube album version though!!! @1vibe @Beyonce @KAYTRANADA ❤️❤️❤️ @Mr_AMB Ahh!!! Thank you SO much, it means the absolute world! ❤️ @kelleent ❤️❤️❤️ @SadeInStereo it got blockeedddd. 😭😭😭 @kaelyncooper she did!!!! it almost made it on to the tour!let me stop playing and fully speak this: one day, i am going to work with beyoncé. @Reynolds_NoWrap @AkwaWings @Beyonce @KAYTRANADA correct! no way possible for that to happen. it's free regardless.… @Nia2Bea thank you sooooooo very much! @_BlackKateMoss_ 😭😭😭😭 IM SORRY!!!! @ImTheReasonWhy heksksksk it's free as always!!! (unless they want to donate or anything!)speaking this into an actual collaboration one day. 😭🙌🏾 @its_dryx You knooowww she be watching us. Just keep doing you, please. Your music, your voice, it's so necessary.…