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sione 🇹🇴 (any pronouns) ✨💫👼 'DROWN' & 'MY ANGEL GOES BEFORE ME' out now via @havegoodmanners 👼💫✨

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i am SO glad i didnt have twitter when i was a teen bc i really didnt know shit about literally anything until i was like 19 or 20 @cubsportmusic @darrenhayes song title of the year!!townsville was fun lol also this is my next single, coming soon ⚔️ peoples' day belongs to the people of Micronesia as well, from the islands of Kiribati, Guam, Saipan, Ro…
Retweeted by LonelyspeckHappy Indigenous People's day to Dr. Haunani-Kay Trask and J.D Mililani Trask “We are not American. Say it in your…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeck @sukivore reminds me of the traditional clothing my grandma of color used to wear :') @keeskea not a full length but like... long-ish EP incoming
@sukivore im like dropping hints that im a Character of Color
@badassglimmer11 @DiscussingFilm it's not about "offensive jokes" it's about how all these "are you TRIGGERED??" co…
@coolgrl_69 ❤️can you imagine a world where conservatives were actually as oppressed as they think they are i was working in a charity book storage place last year some of the donations included like 6 volumes of lenin… @tamara__1997 💞i can't remember if i've said this on here but i'm playing a show in townsville on friday 🌞 tix:… @reina_kapiolani mood i'm very thankful i was too poor to have a camera or decent internet in my teens because i wo…
oh my GOD it's terrifying i love it @thisisk 💙feeling pretty sad this week does astrology have anythig to say about thatbut for real i never understand the appeal of reading through a publication's massive ranking of songs just to Have…'t believe the #P4K2010s list didn't include Drown by Lonelyspeck which is currently available on all streaming…
caroline polachek is a vocal visionary!!!the only reason music from the 60s-70s is held up on an unsurpassable pedestal is because it's the era that boomers… my brain hourly since i saw the 1975 two weeks ago: N DONT CUUL I' A FIGHHT WEN U KNOE ISSA WÄW WEETH NUFIN BU YR TSHIRT OINN
@sararaofficial i've had sleep paralysis a lot so i think that's helped in like gaining some familiarity with that… @blisatl i'm so glad i stumbled across you guys and i hope more people continue discover you in the future cos you really deserve it 🖤i really want to astral project but it makes me too excited to stay relaxed. i tried the other day and kept jolting… - My Angel Goes Before Me [00:47]
Retweeted by Lonelyspecktrying to remember again first DAW was this
@TLRmakessound thank you for your servicei like when people post first person pov videos of them patting a cat because i can imagine its me patting the catwho's producing all these new australian metalcore bands like alpha wolf, diamond construct, dealer etc. they all s…
@havegoodmanners wip / lyrics / concept / mood board full book:
@Rosehill1999 found your account the other day from your hawai'i tweets (solidarity from a 🇹🇴!) but ended up follow… anyone want to be my crush? it's free real estate @shaaddsouza @darkskinmanson lmfao goddddcurrent sleep situation is that no matter what time i go to sleep or how tired i am i will wake up between either 2… @its1833 yeah i know lol i wasnt taking it too seriously. i think it's the most complex thing we know of but i'm su… @its1833 the human brain is the most complex thing in the universe so i think 24 years is alrightjust updated - music that influenced "drown" 🐚 featuring @tovestyrke, @umru_, @carliehanson, @deftones,…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeck @moonsignband love yous 💙
✨BEING NON-BINARY✨Find out what it's like being a non-binary musician in Aus right now with stories of frustration,…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeck @moonsignband ❤❤❤ @wolfjay_ @helloiamyura 😭😭😭❤❤❤✨BEING NON-BINARY✨ They make music that is seriously genius, cinematic pop and it was so brave and giving of…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeck @hughmcclure 💗💗💗bit scary to have this going out on national radio lol but i really want to get to a place where i can just be full…
@DiscussingFilm comedy is cultural, culture shifts. if these "funny guys" were actually masters of their craft they… @keeskea one thing ive learned is ppl seem to interpret my awkward shyness as like serene/pleasant so i dont have t… @jaboukie @arca1000000 omgggme at the end of midsommar being completely overwhelmed with extreme emotions anyone else absolutely obsessed with achieving catharsis or am i just that full of repressed baggage @keeskea honestly still trying to figure this out after like 6 years of playing solo live but i think im very very.… @sararaofficial 😢 my friends gave me a big mcr poster for my birthday one year bless them but i could never put pos… believe i had to see someone on here proudly say my chemical romance sucks as though it's 2009 and it's accept… watched midsommar last night and i've already gone through so many stages of feelings about it but at the moment…
@jacksonlangford the fact that charli co-wrote señorita @niche508 yeah, pnd3 was already starting to shift away from that earlier style tho. i'd like to know where/how tha…
Hawaii was stolen by Caucasian insurgents who murdered Hawaiians and took control of the government from Hawaii’s q…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeck @TiserOpinion lol who's really "indoctrinated" here, the people pushing for broader acceptance of human diversity o… watch this video religiously happened to the dreamy moody r&b style that artists like partynextdoor, roy woods, bryson tiller etc were doin… Aus Fed Government currently have a petition open, and if it gets enough signatures by October 16th it will mea…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeckariana's flow in the "gimme the loot" part of 7 rings is djent
@sweater_curse @EGOISMxo ahhh 😳🥰💞ive had enough of people being hot
it's illegal to save the worldThere are enemies of the planet and the people everywhere! Find ways to cause them just a bit of harm. If we all do…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeckusing "😂" every other word is a dialectical feature of pacific islander internet vernacular. in this essay i willCar Bomb is really the SOPHIE of metal @ElSangito to me it's like "whats going on why is there yelling im just sitting here"Avengers: Endgame is the most ambitious crossover event in history...
Retweeted by LonelyspeckIndigenous and Pasifika youth at the forefront of the climate movement
Retweeted by LonelyspeckA dream to be working with @BATHSmusic. Baths plays The Lansdowne on November 20, joined by @LUCIANBLOMKAMP +…
Retweeted by Lonelyspeckand this!!! @jonnoxrevanche ghdghskdjhdk
JUST ANNOUNCED **** We're playing Melbourne Music Week 19th Nov 🤠 ++ beautiful music from @lonelyspeck
Retweeted by Lonelyspecksuper excited to be a part of this one!!
@iamvulnicura lol everyone has such radically different rankings. Thoughts was an instant favourite for me @charli_xcx i truly love them all but 1. Click 2. Thoughts 3. Official 4. Gone 5. Cross You Out 6. Silver Cross 7.… @Richaod finally someone gives A Thousand Suns the respect it deservesalso when @Truman_Black told all the girls to face the back and all the boys to face the front i just faced sideways lmao #nonbinarylifethe production of the 1975's show blew my fucking mind it was so good... also they had one of the most sweet polite crowds i've been in @breadface_jpeg @havegoodmanners 💜💜💜thank u so much!!! 💗 @jacksonlangford octopuses are literally my favourite animal lol i even follow an instagram account dedicated to them.@Lonelyspeck - Drown [21:06]
Retweeted by Lonelyspeckyay 😍🚀🚀🚀 @Gxbriellemxry Noooothe one time i dont check the plates, lesson learnedsomeone pulled up out the front of my place in a car matching the description of the uber i'd booked and i was walk… gag is i'm not an exhausting person to be around because im gentle and unassuming, but the inside of my brain i… reading back my own tweets @tommyfaith_ @Maxquinn
@charli_xcx OFFICIALDrown is out now 🐚
Retweeted by Lonelyspeck @pmorris alex lahey covered my chemical romance on triple j "like a version" (featuring g flip on percussion), gera…