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Lo @LoneyJane Suffolk, UK

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@ShamblesAndFuss Isn’t it amazing? So pleased with it!I’ve finally opened the fabric for my bathroom blind. OH MY WORD, IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL. I’m now on a mission to find…
Retweeted by LoDecision made on spare room colour: THIS on the wall behind the bed, and white on the other three walls. I’m v exci…
Retweeted by Lo @BootsMcGoot Omg very glad it’s not just me. @BladenVictoria @dog_rates Oh! That’s better than I thought it was before - thanks :)I know that last tweet is incredibly unoriginal but it made me smile 🤗 Sunak spent £500m on the "Eat Out to Help Out" scheme. It costs around £20m to provide free school meals for…
Retweeted by LoI’ve just read a lovely cascade of all your tweets about the moon. I love you guys.I can't stop needle felting little pumpkins. #HandmadeHour
Retweeted by Lotoday’s friendly reminder that we are still in a pandemic and you should wear a mask whenever you’re outside in pub…
Retweeted by Lo @SuziOvens Aaaaaa good luck!when medusa showers is it like this or like this
Retweeted by LoThis is what colour my birthday is."Sadiq Khan has bankrupted TfL" - Boris Johnson TFL deficit when Johnson left: £1.5bn TFL deficit 2019-2020: £200…
Retweeted by LoGosh this is very pleasing. to brag but ive escaped every room ive ever been in
Retweeted by LoIs it bad to resent the bakers who just consistently perform brilliantly while everyone else is having a complete mare? #gbboMy father, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has never made a political video. Until now. #MelBrooks4JoeBiden #BidenHarris
Retweeted by LoWith the US Elections looming, travel back with me 110 years to this scene from 1910, which I have Babelised for yo…
Retweeted by Lo @dog_rates I wish there was a UK distributor of your cool stuff, as the shipping costs tend to put me off :( Any pl… these people realise the opposing view is literally 'white supremacy and racism is good'
Retweeted by LoIt’s another disgusting combo but pleasing cellophane layer. 👍, I don’t know either. @RobOnABike Oh! Well that’s weird! Thanks :)Now I’m going to try and wash my black stretch jeans again to get the smell of burnt rubber out of them. Apparently it’s the dye? AaarrghhWashed again and wrapped for the day. Bit sore around the point of the bullet but otherwise ok 😃 #tattootalkHave I slept through the bit where Twitter will only let you QT a tweet?
There. Nice and clean and dry and wrapped up for bed. No moisturiser at this point. Following my instructions!It’ll be time to inspect the tattoo soon! Aaaagh!!! @EternalLife_ 😄😄😄 @EternalLife_ GUILLERMO DEL TORO IS INVOLVED!! @EternalLife_ They have? Oooo! May ve remoof our vigs? But seriously this news excites me. @matt_fwyalchen DUDE!! Beautiful. 👏👏👏this is how i keep my roommates dog out of the kitchen while i am cooking
Retweeted by LoI can seriously, seriously relate to this.
Retweeted by LoThis is JOY @DickKingSmith I was just about to tweet that! Oh I wish I’d been there 😂heaped light sky blue fatherlike greenish beige bursal rosa
Retweeted by Lo @Simon_Pegg *reads your tweet; clicks onto link; does a big ole LOL* 😁😄Following the needing-a-new-recycling bin, I’ll be stencilling my address on both of them now. Not sure whether to… @stuartmwrites Thank you sweetie!New hat is 💗 @ShamblesAndFuss Oooo much clearer 🤩This room is gonna look v cool 😎 @ShamblesAndFuss Yes, def. I left my samples up for a good week or so before deciding. 👍 @ShamblesAndFuss That could well work! Just make sure you mix enough to do the whole room without running out! But… @ShamblesAndFuss Also worth involving @ssempreliberaa for colour chat; she knows her hues! @ShamblesAndFuss Ooo and I love the furniture! The grey sofa/chair is quite purple-y so tricky to get a grey that g… will put a smile on your face today 😊
Retweeted by LoAs I have the rest of the week off, I will be mostly sitting with my leg elevated and watching the telly. Recommend… @mrdaveturner Yayyyy!
Retweeted by LoRT if you agree.
Retweeted by Lo @Danthepie It’s a very brave little hummingbird! It’s protecting the heart that it’s flying in front of 😍 @ShamblesAndFuss On right calf: bubblegum bullet speeding towards left leg hummingbird! Was much smaller and I was much les twitchy, phew! @Danthepie The bullet which is flying towards the hummingbird that’s on the other leg 🤩And we are done! Goodness but she works quickly. Time to drive home now 😇Right, wish me luck, I’m going in. #tattoo @Tunrip That’s well cute 😄 @Tunrip Is it carrying conkers? I can’t figure that out! @Sarah_and_Son My 10yo nephew is fully into Jelly Cat animals, as is his school friend. It’s gorge :) @CoffeeAndGinger She’s lucky, Suffolk is awesome (yes I’m biased)! @thepostcardpro 😆
“The days are getting shorter and colder, but I ask you to remember: even as the winter comes in, there is hope and…
Retweeted by LoMore Hulk? What’s happening?
Retweeted by Lo @ShamblesAndFuss Here! have just eaten a rosemary and salted caramel chocolate and it was AMAZING. @JoolsAWilson I knowwwwwww but it’s so tempting 😩Oh not much, just reading medical websites and convincing myself that I have brain legions because of unexplained l… the time* @superteadrinker I mean, yes, but I’ll forgive it because of the calf 🤩 @superteadrinker That is the best calf 🤗 @scyrene I’ll bet! @scyrene Cor.Tomorrow is second calf tattoo day! Hopefully there will be less gruesome #tattootalk following this one. It should… mother has a blouse from the 70s in that exact beige and red combo. @doowyrag Well you do live in Suffolk, which is made of headwinds :)therapy
Retweeted by LoThey look to me like two layers of coloured plastic laying on top of one another and overlapping 😁 🤗💙💛’re back! Just been told by my supplier that my Baby Yo-Ho-Ho-Da Christmas cards are on their merry way. I have…
Retweeted by LoIncredible Hulk? @Sarah_and_Son *wipes tears, smile, carries on with day* 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰I should probably tag @VimtoTime in this to get info about the blue trousers situation.Some nice timeline colour coordination here. I hope the stuffed being is wearing bright blue trousers 🤗🤎💛💙
Tourette's Stand-Up - Tic Riffs & Jokes Compilation
Retweeted by LoSo perhaps I need to make some jewellery that uses tiny tiny rubies and emeralds and sapphires 🤩❤️💚💙Also Pa has realised he’s prob not going to use the watch-making jewels he bought ages ago, so used them as part of… Trump looks like he's dressed in a bad Halloween costume of Donald Trump.
Retweeted by LoIt was wrapped in this paper which Mum has had since the 90s: so long that it’s pretty much back in fashion from wh… extra birthday gift from the folks 😍 @Spock_Thornaby The tuning is terrifyingly spot on! How?!!Very important that you vote on this pls, it’s literally at 50/50!
Every ball is moving in straight line
Retweeted by Lo @SuziOvens Thank you lovely lady 🤗💖🤗💖 There have been nice things, yes - lots, so over all good :)xWell this is adorable. back to 2017 this storm dropped crazy amounts of lightning. One of my favorites from this night. @skstorm
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