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@5ODAS beat bladelmk lmk lmk @Oreologist blue and violet🥰 lol @imisstide no hahaguys be like “i know a spot” and then break your heart into nothingenjoy the lunar eclipse tonight ❤️everyone hating on team hammed burger count your days @gucciovenn 👁👃🏻👁hammed burger team rise @gucciovenn team hammed 💯 @optiuh answer the question @BakeHatesItHere shut the fuck up burger 💯💯which team you got in the tournamentpresenting both sides of the argument burger @petritmain thank you :)hammed burger
@stanthefishman yes this was just a general tweetmen be like “i know a spot” and then take you to the lowest point in your life
@bil_cipher @KatahoIic gayce mask @MikeHeadly39 thank you :’)) @KatahoIic ratio’d by longneckedbeck w mask
Retweeted by gayce @KatahoIic ratio’d by longneckedbeck w mask the plural of penny is penis @RawDogg209 @TristanGHill but masks are a scam lolololdepression so bad mannn @Oreologist you wouldn’t know @stereoberrys not going to bother asking, please deactivate @longneckedbeck “tl sleep”
Retweeted by gayce @riyugen LMFAOOO @Oreologist TL sleep?every nude i see captioned “TL sleep?” @floricets man look at this wtf is this
@bl00zer i would say all of them tbh @Boy1drr doesn’t mean i can’t watch avatarthis might be the best part of avatar 🥺 morning everyone :) i’ve been super busy lately but heyyy
@babieyoda ONLY IF YOU POST IT MIMI NOT IF YOU JUST SAVE IT DW DWit me it me @Xouped why @gucciovenn college stufffff @gucciovenn hi evan @bil_cipher whatever
good evening friends @imisstide whatever say you hate me @imisstide what @floricets the leo one hurt my soul
done and done @prakdip @ieatchawarma that his new account?fuck it @optiuh merch feels out of it and is logging off ✌️ @vixenesha i cant imagine being so beautiful holy
@TristanGHill it’s sad that people like that exist really @TristanGHill it’s sad how normalized the thought that sexual assault doesn’t happen to men is, i’m so sorry you ha… go on the TL for the first time today and see a grown man, with a daughter, with a history of being a vile human… @VatsalSP7 he has a daughter yet hes saying things like this and that is beyond me @olbechia “you have a responsibility to stop him” no he has a responsibility not to startand as someone who went through a rape at a young age, who didn’t report it to police out of being ashamed and in f… around 35% of sexually assaults are even reported to the police, and from that 35%, around 5% become false acc… @MattComplex it’s fucking disgustingsilence is not consent. being paralyzed with fear is not consent. don’t justify a man assuming consent to physicall… @lemonsgocrazy @optiuh wait what they literally just openedBitches be like: “OMG North Jersey is so nice and beautiful😍😍” North Jersey:
Retweeted by gayce @optiuh LMFAOOOO @optiuh IM LITERALLY NOT UP NORTH @optiuh no dude i live more south @optiuh i’ll miss u at the beaches today come visit sometime @optiuh so fake man @jeangaultierr god what is wrong with you @optiuh wtf man @optiuh HEY WHERE WHERE YO WHERE
Nice impression bro, keep it up 👍 RT @optiuh: I’m The Chief from Spongebob!
Retweeted by gayce @SamjaySJ tf @jeangaultierr you’re welcomehow is opti allowed on twitter @dominoprix LMFAO @imisstide @dominoprix fuck off❤️ @dominoprix i always wonder if someone out there is using pics of me tbh lololol @may_wedda ihymiddle aged women dropping nudes and squirt vids to men w/o their consent 😂 get a grip sweetheart @gucciovenn gm evan @xanful you too!! @mrpotatohaed gm @jeangaultierr ty ty ty tygood morning
@mrpotatohaed not too many @bil_cipher @jeangaultierr @nikkashmeat LMFAOOO @jeangaultierr @bil_cipher @nikkashmeat STOP @bil_cipher @jeangaultierr @nikkashmeat STOP @bil_cipher @jeangaultierr @nikkashmeat WHY IS IT STILL ON HIS FUCKING MIND MAN @IcyVert ok @jeangaultierr @nikkashmeat YOU NEED HELP MANI lost it when it shocked his hand
Retweeted by gayce