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A new paper by @FredericHanusch and @FHBBiermann in @AnthropoceneRev explores some of the longest-lived organizatio… @LongNow, I wrote about Barcelona’s @SonarFestival/@sonarplusd and the 1960s psychedelic/multimedia/avant-garde…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationI do wish time travel was real.
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationWonderful to be quoted at length by @longnow in their writeup of @SonarFestival & @sonarplusd
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Clean energy is spreading faster than expected, but not fast enough, says the International Energy Agency (@IEA) in… has gotten a lot more multi since 1966.
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationYesterday, we shared remarkable footage from the Prelinger Archives of San Francisco's Market Street taken four day… seeking to bridge the worlds of art and technology, and the popular and the avant garde, the @SonarFestival in B… @ChaturMayank Thank you for being a member! @DrFunkySpoon Thank you, @DrFunkySpoon, both for your words here and for delivering such a compelling talk for us i… those in the Bay Area, tickets to @footage's Lost Landscapes (showing two nights on December 10th and 11th at t… know @longnow is such a wonderful organization. They are constantly feeding discussions, ideas, and a range of…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationLa French Tech's @njgroene recently interviewed Long Now's @nicholaspaul26 on the appropriate role of long-term thi…
.@GitHub's long-term archiving project has adopted @StewartBrand’s pace layers framework its code-archiving strateg… up to this year’s Lost Landscapes of San Francisco, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite SF-based clips fr… it worth sacrificing historical artifacts in order to do cutting-edge science?
Tickets are now on sale for our annual Lost Landscapes of San Francisco show with Rick Prelinger (@footage). Lost L…"When all of these four horsemen ride together, I get really confident that the state of the world, and the human c…"Bets are a tax on bullshit" @amcafee thinks we'll do more with less in the next decade and is putting his money w…
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation.@amcafee and @stewartbrand discussing dematerialization and bullish long bets at the @longnow seminar on Andy’s bo…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationFascinating research around energy from @amcafee at tonight's @longnow seminar.
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation"Bets are a tax on bullshit." - @amcafee with @stewartbrand at tonight's @longnow seminar
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationOnce incentives are in place, get the hell out of the way and let people do what they do #innovation "Even though…
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation.@mcafee's talk, More From Less, has just begun. Long Now members can tune in to the livestream at in Iran constructed over a thousand years ago out of clay, straw and wood are not only still standing; th…
Tonight, @amcafee speaks at Long Now about how capitalism coupled with technological progress is leading to demater… her @Interval talk, antiquarian horologist @BrittanyNicoCox shared the extraordinary lives and inventions of Jea…'s the thing about climate change. It will require adaptation of a large magnitude over a short time span. The…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationThis is the best article I’ve ever read on why AI is not an existential threat and how AI doomsayers have mischarac…
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#LongPrediction: “At least 1000 people in one calendar year will depart Earth for Mars by the end of 02035.” -…'s not going to be a 'fix' for climate change, says science journalist @JeffGoodell. There will only be adapt…
How do myths evolve over the Long Now? Using a new approach to comparative mythology that borrows from evolutionary… Kelly (@kevin2kelly) argues that the inevitable rise of superhuman artificial intelligence—long predicted by…"The Pace Layer framework is a thinking tool developed by Stewart Brand that effectively stretches the 'now' to mak…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationIt was an honor to keynote the @hellotmrc Regional Summit in Singapore last week with a reflection on long-term thi…
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Mind-blowing talk by @mljmljmlj at the @longnow
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation Sadao, an architect who was the hidden hand behind the architectural innovations of Buckminster Fuller, has d… “By 02050, an algorithm will receive a major multi-book publishing deal.” - @hughhowey Think Hug… Stories Last - a fabulous talk and Q&A by @neilhimself at the Long Now Foundation. via @longnow
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Researchers used skeletal remains and ancient DNA to reconstruct the burial of a woman who lived in what is now sou… next week's Long Now talk, Andrew McAfee (@amcafee) will draw on a wide range of evidence to show that the world… Now is pleased to announce that we have partnered with @GitHub in its newly-launched archive program to preser… million years from now, Earth will look like this
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationCatching up on some ⁦@longnow⁩ episodes. #archaeology #history #podcast
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationToday GitHub announced a new archive program—and to celebrate, they invited @longnow and @internetarchive and a few…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationA huge thank you to our partners who joined us today at #GitHubUniverse and have been the inspiration behind the Gi…
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Historic recordings of Maine's Passamaquoddy Tribe restored more than a century later“As early as the time of Homer, more than 2,500 years ago, the Greeks were imagining in myth how one might fabricat… @johnwlaw @deedottiedot @jonathanstray @propublica @AP @zarinahagnew @EmbassyNetwork @DandelionChoco @elainewherry
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation2018-19 CASBS fellow @amayor speaking now @Interval @longnow on imaginings of automatons and artificial life in anc…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationAdrienne Mayor's @Interval talk on robots and artificial intelligence brought to life in Greek myths has just begu…
NEW KICKSTARTER REWARD: Our friends at the @LongNow Foundation have generously donated exactly ONE bundle of items…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationBones of ape living 12 million years ago point to the genesis of upright walking. just learned of @longplayer, a one thousand year long musical composition that began playing at midnight on th…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationTONIGHT @Interval @longnow in partnership w/CASBS 2018-19 @berggruenInst fellow at CASBS @amayor speaking on "God…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationBy making responsible use of natural resources, we actually allow them to thrive, in turn ensuring their availabili…
Next Nov 25th we will discuss some proposals to become #goodancestors here in Spain, inspired by @longnow and…
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation“Our ability to imagine artificial intelligence goes back to the ancient times,” says Adrienne Mayor (@amayor), who… you are an alien, who has just recovered a fragment of the Pioneer 10. What would this image mean do you?
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationHow salvaging ancient shipwrecks might lead us to unveil the mystery of dark matter critical part of being able to tell a story that lasts for 10,000 years is to make sure there are actually people…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationI wanted to share this @longnow event featuring Adrienne Mayor @Interval:
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationFor the next five hours, you can witness Mercury's transit across the sun—an event that occurs about 13 times a cen… Now Berlin will be meeting for (what we think is) the first time on Thursday 21st November 02019.…
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A neural network that teaches itself the laws of physics could help to solve quantum-mechanics mysteries. history of how to talk to extraterrestrial intelligence:
Mexican mammoth trap provides first evidence of prehistoric hunting pits"Kicking the can down the road like this is often seen as the profit-maximizing or politically expedient option. Bu…
The "Big Here" doesn't get much bigger than than @nealagarwal's The Size of Space, an interactive visualization tha… Orrery at the @Interval is the first working prototype of an orrery that will help the 10,000 Year Clock tell t… team of scientists found that even if we ceased emissions by 02030, sea levels would still rise a meter by 02300.
Long Now's Laura Welcher (@lbwelch) recently spoke with @arielwaldman on @testedcom's Offworld podcast about Close…"Environmental problems are solvable. It's just that it takes focused effort over a decade or three to move toward…"The hard silica glass can withstand being boiled in hot water, baked in an oven, microwaved, flooded, scoured, dem…’m researching for a book on Maintenance Of Everything. It’s lovely to see an article that connects a term from s…
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationLong-term archiving: Microsoft has stored the entirety of Superman on a piece of glass the size of a drink coaster.… piece from The Long Now Foundation blog comparing ancient venture capitalism and the modern economy. Of the 1…
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“What are the kinds of human stories we can tell when we talk about time travel? Why do we have the feeling that ma… new interactive map lets you input any location on Earth and see how it's changed over the past 750 million years.
Retweeted by The Long Now FoundationPhysicists have found a new way to conceive of time as an emergent dimension, a kind of hologram springing from the… not? (@Interval) Seriously, we’re delighted to be selling books tonight for @Annaleen’s “We’re in the Wr…
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Brussels sprouts might be all the rage now, but they used to taste incredibly bitter. That began to change in the 0… Gaiman (@neilhimself) on how to tell a story that lasts 10,000 years.
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation.@Annaleen speaks tonight at The @Interval at 7:30pm PST. Members can tune in to the livestream here: @nytimes calls @Annaleen's new book, THE FUTURE OF ANOTHER TIMELINE, "breathtakingly brilliant."
.@Annaleen returns to The @Interval tomorrow evening to discuss their new book, THE FUTURE OF ANOTHER TIMELINE. Rea…"The lowest-carbon building is one that doesn’t need to be built.""We need to think globally, we need to think rationally, and above all, we need to think long-term." - Martin Rees,… you @stewartbrand for this endorsement. You and @LongNow greatly influenced our thinking in #HistoryManifesto
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.@mazzucatom's plan to fix capitalism: is an outstanding book on long-term thinking. It makes the case for a much stronger role for historians in th…
Retweeted by The Long Now Foundation"Never before now has it been so vital that we all become experts on the long-term view." A #LongRead for your Sun…
A historian's quest to find and catalog a million letters by U.S. soldiers for future generations to study. venture capitalism and its lessons for the modern economy:
"In having children—in engendering them, in loving them, in teaching them to love and care about the world—parents… evolution of life in 60 seconds #LongShort language a vehicle or obstacle? Is meaning internal or 'out there'? Can changing our stories change us? Even s…
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.@stewartbrand on the dozen “inevitable” trends that @kevin2kelly believes will drive the next 30 years of digital… you define “truth,” oral narratives can be repositories for cultural knowledge, beliefs, and shared experie…