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Interested in: Special Situation Investing, Frauds/Fads/Failures, Macro & many other things. Question unchallenged assumptions.

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@unemon1 @markflowchatter There were others.recent weeks has been like a replay of oldies: $EBIX $JCOM and $XPObeen following this name for years. Thought risk/reward was attractive with the buyout talks chatter. Here, not so sure.full disclosure: we've been short $XPO since the 90s. No longer short.Wasn't $HD Home Depot or $AMZN Amazon supposed to buy $XPO in the beginning of the year? It's 50% off since then.How to lose credibility with me: "the next madoff" me: STFU, go look at the allen stanford fraud @_CB01 lol mullah?BG back in da house.
Intellectual honesty + loyalty = underrated.I just heard a funny story about someone who has no track record but lots of twitter followers that wants to launc…
Retweeted by LST @TommyThornton dude, why are you exposing me? I thought we were friends!zzz...year is over.You haven’t made it in this business until you’ve been nominated for Finance Charlatan of the Year #FCOTYPOLLS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN! Cast your vote for this year’s finance charlatan of the year HERE #FCOTY -->
Retweeted by LSTNo one knows nothing.
TRUMP SAYS RELEASE OF HUAWEI CFO COULD BE PART OF BROADER TRADE DEAL WITH CHINA: RTRS yes yes, take credit (granti… pot smoking before the age of 18 lowers IQ permanently by eight points (half a standard deviation). Repeat af…
Retweeted by LSTInvestor expectations for their portfolio returns over next decade: Average investor: 10.2% Average pension fund:…
Retweeted by LST @Hugo_LX_LN fairThe beauty of America is the system still works despite what you just saw. @freegolds hi :)It's like a 15%-25% tax cut.if you're not making money this year, relax. Your purchasing power with respect to the rest of the world is still up 15%-25%.Everyone relax. USA equities remain only game in town. Still 1,500-2,500 bps of alpha relative to rest of the world's equity markets."Legal pyramid scheme"$YRIV double bottom
Retweeted by LSTBuffett + Munger = "recovering short sellers" @RodBoydILM Ah, ok. My question is this: how much of current "tax crimes" would simply not be considered crimes if… @RogerBarker5 100% agree with you. Those were terrible. Who initiated that I wonder? White House? @RodBoydILM Legalization of marijuana definitionall decriminalizes many “crimes” accounting for... what % of Americ… @RodBoydILM (1) how much criminalization results from complexification? How much crime would not be considered crim… @RodBoydILM how does any of what you say address my points?By the way, I like the IRS and its staff. Failures have been on the policy side and corruption in DC, where the IRS… through the piece. At best incomplete analysis, at worst intellectually dishonest/incompeetent. Why? Two el…“How the IRS was gutted” you take a poll of Americans: “is this a good thing or a bad thing?” ... how do you think… learned about @globaltimesnews for the first time earlier this year. At the very least, it presents perspectives… years later: “New York Governor May Include Proposal to Modernize NYC Mass Transit In Budget Proposal Next Monday”“New York Governor May Include Marijuana Legalization In Budget Proposal Next Month” Politicians tend to be follow…
2018 @hmeisler NO SOUP FOR YOU!!! @AlderLaneeggs "the market bottomed around this time last Thursday" - just now @selling_theta seasonality, something something.GBP is actually kinda zzz compared to what we've seen before.Shorting Bunds, God help me! @officialmcafee "Quant Who Predicted Last Week's Carnage Now Sees Risk Of Explosive "Blast To The Upside" " @officialmcafee not what I expected to see today..."I will eat 100 mosquitos if the Dow goes below 20,000" - today not quite @officialmcafee , but notable nonetheless...everyone is lining up to buy this.strap on, strap offLONG $NTEC ... @unemon1 loves loves loves $NTEC Long idea with a 6 to 8 months’ time horizon! $NTEC exhibits all th…
Retweeted by LST @Financialtailor I would laugh.I'm not betting on it, per se, but would a -5% / +5% range next year frustrate the most people?No flushes, more constipation....I really was hoping to buy the $NTRI ... got cute, thinking this correction would buy us some time. As they say in french, #FECKOh well. Was paper long this, especially after learning that the analyst hyping $MED at 240/share, was bearish… @JacobWolinsky That’s right. Violating civil rights is only a crime if a foreign country engages in it. If it’s don… @LeederOfThePack Side comment: our people, among all people, have the most incentive to analyze as objectively as p… @LeederOfThePack Got it. We’re addressing different things here. I’m talking about past and present actions. Your f… @LeederOfThePack You have not addressed my question, nor refuted my points. So you’re saying that having 100,000s o… @LeederOfThePack lol k @LucasWilk Yes there are 100,000 (probably far more) similar examples. Madoff btw ironically is one of the worst ex… @fly1nwa11 Correct.I believe the SEC is impotent. I respect the SEC. These aren’t inconsistent beliefs. @LeederOfThePack Does China have 100,000s of troops stationed worldwide?The SEC is underresourced, faces an impossible dual mandate, and is subject to political pressure from the White Ho… @LeederOfThePack Did you read it ? I share your concerns; but as chomsky points out over the years , China is nowhe… respect the SEC. cc: @SEC_News
@HyperParameters @jkw_iii Any articles worth reading up on that case ? ThanksMore recently: Noam Chomsky joins academics boycotting China Marxism conferences via @financialtimesCorrection: from 2010. No less impressive in its prescience.Chomsky, November 2017 (continued): links USA and China potential sources of conflict ... to their respective stances on Iran. One year ago!!! Chomsky: Would the world become better place If China becomes more powerful than the U.S. ? from November 29,…'s David Frum in 2003 on "Unpatriotic Conservatives"..."unpatriotic" because they didn't want to rush into Iraq…
Retweeted by LSTAs for Iraq, I had to put up with d-bags like David Frum, who said people who opposed that war were "unpatriotic"
Retweeted by LSTGood points @Stalingrad_Poor People forget just how awful the Bush Administration was.
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@fonstuinstra @mikeygow “before withdrawing the ban” - looks like they withdrew the ban?"Will you give all you can give So that our banner may advance Some will fall and some will live Will you stand up…“Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people Who will not be slaves a…
Retweeted by LST🤔 > everywhere else
Retweeted by LST @_CB01 They need to hodl.“Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people Who will not be slaves a…🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🤷‍♂️ 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 🇫🇷 so in touch with public sentiment. is uber going public again ?
Retweeted by LSTWell well well Uber
2018 point: but which direction? don't know @ukarlewitz in real life, I don't know his story, or what he does for a living, but I am always impres… Urban Camel = A+++ @CassandraTSLAQ @Upper20sStCap Right. I meant, I regrettably did not stay short closer to their lows.disclosure: short this again. @Upper20sStCap Yes, that's the connotation. I don't recall people saying that VRX nor MDXG were zeroes when closer… @Upper20sStCap Hmm. The “Q” designation has very specific connotations. @ContrarianShort Except that Enron nor its CEO were symbolically aligned with a highly progressive movement (in thi… gentleman short seller would wisely caution against the zealots who would refer to $TSLA as $TSLAQ 30 times a day.I’ve never seen (zero times) a company whose share price closer to ATHs vs zero referred to with the .Q designation…