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Interested in: Special Situation Investing, Frauds/Fads/Failures, Macro & many other things. Question unchallenged assumptions.

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@NegDiscountRt my grievance is actually this - that a single people group are being targeted re: a behavior that is found in various. @jjw358 the inflow of chinese immigrants to the USA is a matter of national security, whereas illegal immigration o… @spmullin sorry -25% @spmullin on a similar vein: there is way too much Chinese student visas, such that.. the issuance is actually down… possible theory (as to why the some of loudest Trump critics are the most xenophobic/racist towards Chinese): sam… drop in the number of visas granted to Indian students and a 24% decline in visas for Chinese students in 2017 @LongShortTrader 🤔 I read a recent article suggesting that whites were leaving south Chicago and were being replace…
Retweeted by LSTDisclosures: I would have & will stand to benefit if Chinese student visas and/or immigration were to be drastical…'s one thing if these views were supported by rigorous, longitudinal /latitudinal studies - but they are based on… an American who is very pro immigration (of all peoples..regardless of tribe, creed, religion, incomes, etc), I'… people who (nearly daily) have been saying: "Trump is bad for America, racist, against immigration, the DNA an… of the most peculiar phenomenon I've observed recently: some of the most vocal Trump critics - who criticize hi… @John_Hempton Apple has been kinda that if you think about it...
I’m sure others have/will make jokes about it... but how fitting: a state with overspending issues is guaranteed, o…“The massive spending by Pritzker — as well as the $75 million raised by Rauner — will likely make the Illinois rac… TUE SEP 12, 2017 WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton to leave company Now: @Wmboot Yes but the shares may not be a long for other reasons.When a company whose shares I’m short acts with clarity and grace when facing accusations...that makes me want to c… have a copy of the study that is cited in this article ?, Dear @clusterstock , I take issue with your use of "alleged 'massive fraud' " The terms of the SEC settleme… Jobs rolling in his grave: @WallStCritic ah, the bearded one."about 31% of non-working men at age 30 in US are not employed either because they are in prison or have been in th…
Retweeted by LST @R1Jack @ValueMule lolOr you can move to the USA, which historically has celebrated and protected freedom of speech far more than elsewhe… @leveredtonil who knows though.. it can be one of those cured over time vs price... @modestproposal1 well, they do get real eyeballs...Did someone say FB is a generational buy opportunity yesterday? Full position ? Subsequently deleted?If Criteo were to experience 1% of the scrutiny that Facebook currently is, for their privacy violations, most of t…
Retweeted by LST"Celltrion is a fraud" - Guess which year I first heard someone allege that Celltrion is a fraud?“Quants are the foxes of markets, knowing a little about a lot of securities, while traditional investors are the h… both gives and takes from the general public... maybe the balance is out of sync with regards to the fair level… are both positive and negative externalities associated with FB... they have deservedly been getting bad pres… the new batch of FB experts: what if I were to tell you that there’s a company just like it... but worse? 🤔
This year (if down more than 1%): year (if down more than 1%): stream seems calm as a cucumber given major indices down over 1%... last year the stream would be in panic if indices were down over 1%.This feels like early February or it's made to trick us into believing it's early February.Evidently, 'Extreme Fear'getting some shake n bake here ehThanks guys for the real time FB quotes @WallStCritic fish can get lost at sea too, okay???Is LFIN a pump n dump?"Recession resistant" Capital markets dependent, yet somehow recession resistant, eh?uh bro, uh did u uh hear about ADBE bull thesis? u can hear about it and how options are positioned for the low low price of ___ per monthAdobe’s pivot to SaaS is so underreported, and the stock underowned as evidenced by the RT and like counts: @NKondratiev not just German... I believe there are quite a few affluent countries with this orientation. The US, i…
Surprising fact of the day: 7 out of the 10 richest members of congress (house + senate) are Democrats, according t…
Retweeted by LSTWas forced to watch Shape of Water... is it just me or is it basically La La Land , but with a fish? @victoriouscake I’ve found it helpful to make a point to walk around / stretch as much and as frequently as possible.
The reason Wikipedia is the only truly great website is that it’s not for profit. Similarly, everything you ever li…
Retweeted by LSTyahoo didnt report earnings in march 2000 and it was reporting profits in 1999 come up with a different thesis
Retweeted by LSTSo true, so true...taking this to the next level: where/when you were born matters #luckyspermclub #fooledbyluck @ViewFromtheHedg what are you talking about dude? when I was poor I was smart, and when I was not poor, I am dumb ;)
@UnionSquareGrp LOL @probesreporter As the Netflix case shows regarding corporate governance, people tolerate/even condone despotism so… does it too chartists care about the two hundo... I don’t see how that is relevant for the purposes of correctly pricing an option. @Bridgeovrwater @naufalsanaullah Can* @Bridgeovrwater @naufalsanaullah One thing that pisses me off is given so many self described “ liberals” in NY...… @Bridgeovrwater @naufalsanaullah When you visit similar caliber cities outside the US and you will probably feel this more acutelyhow do you a price a company that is the sum of two real options? If you own it at a high IV, you're a fool for p…"Proceeds from sale of precious metals" lol not a line item I'd expect to see on an internet companyI thought he was neutral/negative everything except bitcoin... ? love Oz very much, but wait till mister princess finds out: (1) Australia bends the knee to US (2) Racism is jus… @leveredtonil 70 @DennyCrane550 I agree with this sentiment... thing is, I don't think such a thing exists, most of the time, once y… @DennyCrane550 "sitting outside when it is 15 degrees below 0" what would a Texan know about 15 degrees below 0? lol ;)
"It is time to hold cash; it is time to sell rallies; it is time not to buy weakness,” “We can trade other thing… @nsbarsky I don't think we're in disagreement: I believe we're making different points. In fact, I support your poi…"TRUMP DISCUSSING PLAN TO FIRE AG JEFF SESSIONS - SOURCES: VANITY FAIR" cuz i got high cuz i got high cuz i got highhhhhhDemocrat, Jim Chanos: “The person who went after corporate crime aggressively was GW Bush. Obama did not, & to a po… @WintonCapPtnrs @nsbarsky This too: Holmes robs investors of at least $700 million dollars through deliberate and calculated fraud will serve…
Retweeted by LST @nsbarsky Big fan of yours, but I think what bothers many of us re: the Theranos case is Elizabeth Holmes, who was… name is John. John Pearson. where the heck are these pics ?! was promised an up week, something very seasonally bullish week March something opex something something something!