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Interested in: Special Situation Investing, Frauds/Fads/Failures, Macro & many other things. Question unchallenged assumptions.

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"In the world of financial Twitter, it is an open secret that the person behind @WarrenBuffet99 — the name of the l… I learned who did NOT know open secrets.
Answer: never
not currently involved in the 'flavor du jour' names... but to this day, I struggle to see why anyone would deliber… is a pump n dumps' dream market.
Criteo -9.9% as Goldman points to Facebook desertification
"Short-selling is 'an American tradition', which has always been part of the furniture."
Retweeted by LST"On Friday September 7th, at 11:59:59 EST .... " LOLKITCHEN SINK ITExpect Donnie to retake the mic from Elon.I was gonna manipulate the market, but then I got high... I was gonna fudge the numbers, but then I got high... T… @DumbLuckCapital cuz I got high cuz I got high cuz I got highhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh“Buy Pot Stocks” @dmwlsw I had never heard of that site prior to all this publicity lol @retardedbearcap the mark twain way @retardedbearcap This is tricky lol
@DowdEdward Not so simple: Donnie has been great for the NYT... see the stock price since the election.#BringOntheMeteor spice pizza Pumpkin spice Ribeye Pumpkin Spice Sushi Rolls Pumpkin Spice n Chips Burger n Pumpkin Spice ... We are so fucked matter how this ends... they better make a sitcom of this someday. truth is wilder than fiction! @dscoughlin A+++I think donnie got jealous of elon. @tealwillingham <sad face>Lonestar...L-O-N-E-S-T-A-R
Zzz markets don't end with old age...but they surely get dumber with old age...hoo boyyyy... @retardedbearcap nope, it's only a crime if it's used to reinforce a negative thesis!“The Triumph of the Monopolists”by Bill Gates, Godfather of Tech Monopolism 1990s - Present“tech companies 'may be hurting competition and intentionally stifling' ideas” @LongTplexTrader All is safe as long as the es remains bid. @YoloCapMgmt LOLthe long term meme is strong with this one...Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt
@SamAntar @KlendathuCap You can also just be ... wrong.“Everything you need to know about short selling” Easy: don’t do it! Saved you a click, Happy Labor Day!
@kenjeong Glad to finally see you. Well done! If it makes you feel any better, you’re not the only one to receive d… one and the only... Mr Chow!!!
one of my best friends was down -55% as of 6/30/2011...and finished the year +45%.The greatest discretionary investor/speculator the world has ever seen, by a long shot.Heteroskedasticity: (1) +60% YTD as of 9/30 (2) -10% YTD, just within a few weeks (3) +13% YTD as of 12/31"Quantum ended 1987 up 13 percent, despite having languished in the red only two months earlier.""In roughly a week, Quantum had gone from being up 60 percent for the year to being some 10 percent down"George Soros and 1987: when your longs & shorts BOTH go against you @OutOfPosition I'm curious.Anyone up 25% or more YTD?
@gvtunney no, I think you may want to ask them how many $s they wish they had purchased a year ago. @LSValue "Anyone with first hand knowledge on the ground in China? " well, asking that question in Chinese would probably help.If gold's value were derived solely from industrial uses, what would be its value (in $s per oz) ? @jedimarkus77 $FANGThe four most important letters in finance: HODL @LongLongTrader mister levered“You haven’t made it until you have fully dedicated impersonators on twitter.” - @WarrenBuffettHQ
This is the Gerber market.Visionary (June 2017): bless the rains down in Africa
Retweeted by LST"When I see a bubble forming, I rush in to buy, adding fuel to the fire.” - Warren Buffet
Retweeted by LSTNationalistic/mercantilistic language coming to a 10K/Annual Report near you!!! @JohnArnoldFndtn "Cheese cures cancer, new study suggests" <click> $ <click> $ <click> $ @pradeeepk Congrats
Your catalyst for 3,000 on the S&P 500."When I see a bubble forming, I rush in to buy, adding fuel to the fire.” - Warren Buffet"Twitter is dead." - Friedrich NietzscheCRM.QCrypto 2017 envyStocks = US stocks only have any good theories on why @LindseyGrahamSC all of a sudden became a Trumper? Political survival, blackma… @thomsoash <raises hand>"Bill Cosby is allegedly using Bitcoin to hide what is left of his fortune from creditors and other interested parties"
Pedo Secured.This completely normal interaction is somehow the weirdest tweet I've seen him from him
Retweeted by LSTSomeone should create a "Deep Throat" equivalent blog for $AMZN ...Hot takes: (1) Yield curve = gloom and doom vs. (2) Yield curve = 1-2+ more years of boom, ending in euphoria… @WarrenBuffett @warrenbuffet99
@GeorgeSoros99 @Robostocks123 Hey! Are you saying that I'm your dumbest friend???In case there was any doubt: Fred Wilson, Venture Capitalist at Union Square Ventures, basically disputes all and every argument Elon Musk…
LOL @Sparticuszorro OdeyHow I met my wife
I’ve lost track.
@ukarlewitz Please back up your opinions with facts and figures .... lol ;)
trade wars? zzz something something yield curve? zzz emerging markets? zzz commodities? zzz Trump? zzz Strong econo… = random word generator of fintwit trending topics over last quarterzzz“La-Z-Boy shares hit record high as consumers recline” A+++ called me crazy for predicting S&P EPS of $155+ 5 years ago...and now I see $200 to $225 before "peak cycle"…
Retweeted by LST @DividendMaster ppl smarter than I have been saying something about too much supply, and something about the USD.Sugar (evidently) heading to zero. @evan_lorenz LOL"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long en… #Science"Meat consumption & Stock Market Returns: The USA has among the highest meat consumption & the best LT performing s… I give up.