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Interested in: Special Situation Investing, Frauds/Fads/Failures, Macro & many other things. Question unchallenged assumptions.

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“but BKBrianKelly is still a believer. Here's why he thinks the cryptocurrency will resurrect” 🤔
Hey, do you work at Tesla? Or did you? Is there stuff we need to know? Let's talk - on the record or off. We can ke…
Retweeted by LST @OreoCap When will you resume the tweets without ALL CAPS @cablecarcapital @BuyersStrike @TheSkeptic21 “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by doing that so… @cablecarcapital @BuyersStrike @TheSkeptic21 What that means to me? The immigration system, not just the laws/polic… @cablecarcapital @BuyersStrike @TheSkeptic21 While I personally do not care as much about that, I think it’s a vali… @cablecarcapital @BuyersStrike @TheSkeptic21 I share your sentiment... in fairness (and not just for fairness’ sake… for the timely head’s up! Lol #HindsightCapital @FatTailCapital Who dis @dmwlsw Is it not absolute?“Credit is the smart money” @LSValue And there’s how much precedent case law... zero? Lol @retail_risk I remember this tweet and meant to respond to it back then and forgot lol
“In 2000, 98% of those apprehended at the southern [US] border were [from #Mexico]. Last year, just 42% were.”…
Retweeted by LST“As long as there are central bankers wildly printing money, over the long-term, gold only goes UP” @BagholderQuotes @valuevest Where do you see the stock from here? @valuevest I think you mean 170/share?Great idea. Ask him to pledge (even more) of the shares he owns, so that he can fund legal services/asylum support… is up...Kid tested, compliance approved tweet. @WallStCynic lolliquidity.Lol ... though New Yorkers might consider Iowa a shithole!
@hmeisler @ @wolfejosh Yup all those investigative reporters on the Forbes billionaire list.......“AT&T in Talks to Acquire AppNexus for About $1.6 Billion” Valued in 2015 at $1.8 billion Adtech: where “takeover” means takeunder“A fraud is always a fraud, it’s who the patsy is that’s always fluctuating.” - Tim Draper @LeederOfThePack you nailed it. @LongShortTrader The sad thing is if they got their way and eliminated these exams, there would be zero winners and…
Retweeted by LSTDiscrimination + racism against poor asian americans was deemed okay by NYC politicians (sorry, I mean whores), unt… @ProfGillis @BuyersStrike It actually has been very “American”, if you spend a few minutes studying the criminal “j… @BuyersStrike @ProfGillis Look, I know you get that I understand and am supportive of your frustrations. That said,… @BuyersStrike @ProfGillis I understand. but from the article, the law recently (May) changed re: the stance towards… @BuyersStrike @ProfGillis I didn’t see what you’re referring to in that article? @BuyersStrike @ProfGillis In that article, aren’t those people coming in illegally doing so because the asylum line…
@MacroTactical bitcoin $1,000,000. @dmwlsw Dowww$NFLX tgt raised to $1,000 from $400 at LSTOFF THE LOWS @nosunkcosts ThanksNo question, people aren’t statistics, and ANY child forcibly separated from his/her parents is a tragedy (barring… earlier charts show monthly apprehensions. The Customs and Border Protection data for monthly figures seems to… This is going to sound crazy + counterintuitive, but annualized illegal immigrant apprehensions under Obama + Tr… 1., this guy seems to attribute the initial decline in illegal immigrant apprehensions under Trump as a result… Illegal immigrant apprehensions were at far higher levels during the W Bush era (though to be fair, they decline… I for one would not have guessed that illegal immigrant apprehensions actually declined under the Trump administ… I (probably) have very pro immigrant/immigration leanings versus most people...I was curious what the eviden… of illegal immigrants, USA Southern Border - 2014 - Present: of illegal immigrants, USA Southern Border - down 80%-90% since March 2000: @nachkari ha yeah.. but in fairness, I think a very sensible perspective is that the multiples expansion since Q4 2… @Fritz844 I believe AWS reached an important materiality threshhold in 2013/2014 (~5% of total amzn net revenues)..… be fair, does not the rise in $AMZN price to sales multiple correspond with the growth of AWS?
Mute 'Gross'ROFL @cablecarcapital The exceptions don’t make a rule. I’m telling you as a non partisan observer of US politics over…
Stephen A. Smith apologizes for saying he loves butts
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@PSBCap I’m all for equal opportunity... equal opportunity bashing!Sorry for “talking my book” re: politics. I’m a political atheist, seeking to spread the gospel of political atheis…
Retweeted by LSTSorry for “talking my book” re: politics. I’m a political atheist, seeking to spread the gospel of political atheis… @Wmboot -__- @Wmboot Lol did I not ask the question ? @Wmboot Show meanti trumper: “ I’m perfectly fine if America is run by a black dictator who kills innocent children in the Middle… don’t they ask the question: does Department of Homeland Security have a reason to even exist ?The thing I don’t get about the Anti Trumpers is why none of them have become advocates for limited government or o… @retardedbearcap @glennchanWordpr Shorting Chinese equities is working well relative to shorting us equities, this… @tedfrank @sarahehunt01 9 billion in value wiped, countless lives endangered. Silicon Valley is the wrong compariso… you, Jeff Sessions, for inadvertently kickstarting Congress' effort to legalize marijuana @nntaleb Don’t you mean not having a schedule imposed on you... by others? #slave
But what about dem gubmint subsidies for Shkreli bail: $5 million Elizabeth Holmes bail: $500,000 GMAFB!!!Then: Bonnie and Clyde Now: Sunny and Liz Fwd: @timdraper @jessedraper @eholmes2003 #luckyspermclub @Bridgeovrwater @inner_scorecard @ShitFund I don’t think that’s the reason. @leveredtonil 1/90It's never going to end, is it? / THIS IS NOT ME
Retweeted by LST @inner_scorecard @ShitFund Self hatred @ShitFund Give it a few decades.Life as a shortseller (h/t @PlanMaestro ):