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@vanetti It's late. @vanetti "Oh man, I forgot how nice everything was before the mutant virus gained sentience and enslaved humanity."Tegan and Sara get it.
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanSo, this turned out to be alarmingly accurate. is a horrible bill.
Retweeted by Jodie Troutman @anniezard @lokified 😱 @lokified A lesson I've always taken to heart. I doubled-down on it with Lit Brick, a comic strip already about ob… was incredibly formative for me. I still feel like the style and rhythm of the jokes I tell in real life are… @anniezard It is! And I'm the opposite in that I can't recall the film at all.Resuming my oft-delayed MST3K binge properly, with Experiment 701: Night of the Bloodbeast. It starts with the Onc… @CassieCeleste So many years belting out "WOULDN'T YOU THINK I'M THE GIRL, THE GIRL WHO HAS EVERYYYYYTHIIIING" and… @JessFink @jamesdleech They are soft and delicious and this conversation only reaffirms that we were right to wage… @jamesdleech @JessFink Buddy, I absolutely know the feeling. @jamesdleech @JessFink James sneaking illicit American cookies into his home, hiding the shame of his chocolate chips and oatmeal raisins.
Hit me up on PayPal and I will hire Stephen Root to read all of her tweets as Milton from OFFICE SPACE.…
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanGood on Biden for replacing the Diet Coke button with a Freestyle
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanGood news, Ninja Turtles is still good. @abrissverlierer So yeah, what other people said: Odyssey is the must-play if you never have, but the 3 Pack of Cla… went with Jodie. ever think about "That'll do, pig. That'll do." and get unreasonably emotional?let Kyle Katarn into ur heart
Retweeted by Jodie Troutman @hardplasticeyes He's genuinely DOING STUFF and it's wild. @damnyouwillis @NotLasers *blink blink* I am... not okay.ONCE AGAIN, WE ARE GOING TO FLAVORTOWN. @chadbowers Oh, it's absolutely Starship Mine, because it's Die Hard on the Enterprise and who doesn't want that.… @ianjq @Rlan2 @hEnereyG @bobservo @retronauts One of my first ever Nintendo games was the NES Crazy Castle, so this…'s Game Boy hack "OK KO Must Break Into Boxmore" now has official box art! Inspired by a conversation I had…
Retweeted by Jodie Troutman @colonelnemo I keep forgetting this movie exists and I'm kinda fine with that. @franzferdinand2 @HitlerPuncher There are subsects of each that are terrible. Rational folks on either side will j… @jessiejuwono That title is SO much better too. "Connected" is meaningless. @HitlerPuncher "But why does the Doctor look so OLD!" "Um, obviously he crossed his own timestream and aged premat… Bernie he’d be prettier if he smiled
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanThe thing with all the reboots and rehashes in comic books is that the core superhero reader base of middle-aged sh… you find... * Bernie's mittens? * Bernie's chair? * Bernie's socialized health care platform? to imagine the repo man, oz and the gobbledy gooker all packing heat
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanI'm extremely confused by this swift and reasonable response to COVID. @bradcandoit Blowing it by not leading with "GOODBYE, LADIES."I look extremely gay today. It's how I greet the first full day of the Biden presidency.In the past two weeks Marvel has announced they're doing both Heroes Reborn and the Clone Saga again. Their strateg…
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanVery excited for Gallifrey Base to lose their shit placing this in a timeline. @HitlerPuncher @unicornosis Yeah, it's sort of a tragedy of television that audiences and the BBC alike had apparen… @HitlerPuncher @unicornosis Yeah, that Mel season is... silly.
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanGonna stream some Phasmaphobia, then probably some Stardew. @JustPlainTweets I enjoy watching the grunge generation age.My joke too good to leave in Messenger. you're a child and you get to say, "...and now back to Tom Hanks."The Rent will continue until morale improves.BRUUUUUUUUUUUUCE. rotation so you can see the full pose. are built on hope.
@anniezard HACKS. Ban them. @anniezard Daisy on a Bike, baybeeeee. @JustPlainTweets @HonestlyJon I will never stop being delighted by this extremely stupid fact. @anniezard Orange and Periwinkle. @anniezard Can't wait for me to throw my post-pandemic bash and have Santa float in on a bubble. @leboism Sorry, bud.YEAH BOY.'m a trans girl who consistently fails, so when you're right, you're right. BROKE INTO CONGRESS INTENT ON MURDER AND MAYHEM, ENCOURAGED BY ELECTED REPUBLICANS THIS WAS TWO WEEKS AGO .
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanDisappointed they didn't take another shot at Courtney Love some 22 years later.I respect this band who had a hit single then IMMEDIATELY broke up."We told Joe we'd play our little song."Also this. Democrats are literally the only people on Earth trying to compromise, which I guess is a noble pursuit… logically understand the "come together" message, but also Republicans are bigoted scumbags who wish only to prof…, yes, obviously I'm a Tik-Tok person, I just had to be more specific. am... not a Tik-Tok person."Let's spend some time with a truly amazing doctor... the doctor of thuganomics." *mariachi horns*C'mon, Parade Across America, "Sweet Georgia Brown" is in the public domain as of this year. @peprally The good news is, from my experience, is that your local state's judge can rule that your birth certifica… @peprally Heck yeah! My own name change is tee'd up for a month from now. Birth certificates are weird, though, e… will keep my thoughts on the Rangerettes off of main. @jessnevins Sometimes you just need to be free of things.Summoning Salt is one of the hardest working historians in games, so I was glad to spotlight his craft on our show…
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanThese dudes are SO close to just busting out the theme from Legend of Zelda.Kinda loving the "high school A/V club" energy of this stream.Joe Biden finally gets to ride the Haunted Mansion
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanShout-out to the stream's camera dude who is getting incredibly winded and breathing heavily.Joe, please stop trying to talk to people.Okay, this is just getting weird now.This energy
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanSee, y'all make fun of the balloons and the Broadway show-stops, but THIS is what happens when parades don't have that shit. @midgetnazgul Purple and Grey, the latter because I find your height a comfort as another tall person.I am wearing short-shorts and a loose button-up.Anyway, I'm jealous of how cold it looks in DC right now because I'm genuinely sweating in my Phoenix apartment.Calling bullshit on the Parade Across America because it only travels through Washington DC. That's, like, .5% of America, tops. @colonelnemo Obviously Biden had already been briefed on our pact with the underworld twelve years ago, but this wa… know I don't need to answer this question. Gentleman….. First Wife Guy
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanOh shit, another baseball game is starting at Arlington. @JustPlainTweets @HoneyButterChi AW YES, LOCAL FRIED CHICKEN AND WAFFLES. Phoenix's legendary place is… standing in this cemetery, absolutely wishing they could check their watches.MAKE that bitch a State motherfucker!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Jodie TroutmanNothing but respect for my president. @TheWeaseKing Haha, thank you! Though my rare pictures are definitely optimized for Twitter.Come out swinging yes please and thank you., I don't yet @CPHotmess SO GOOD.THIS PRESIDENCY HAS ALREADY ACCOMPLISHED MORE GOOD THAN TRUMP
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