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Coleen, Brenda, Jane and Carol will be with you a little later than usual this Tuesday. Join the #LooseWomen after… do you talk to about your sex life? 🤔 We'll be discussing the topic on Tuesday's #LooseWomen and want to hear from you.
Her plans to return to #EastEnders as Heather's long-lost twin may not have come to fruition, but @cherylfergison1're sending so much love to Coleen's sisters, Linda and Anne, who've both now rung the bell to mark the end of th…'They're really preying on boys' particular fears and vulnerabilities.' Laura Bates tells the #LooseWomen how pare…'d have thought @NolanColeen's voice would change so much over the years? 😂 She doesn't even recognise it herse…'I think I was a Stepford Wife at work.' Andrea tells the #LooseWomen why she would always say she was 'fine' when… for your Monday #LooseWomen? We'll be with you from 12.30pm on @ITV, @WeAreSTV and @itvhub. Join us ➡️…
Thank you to all those who've shared their stories following our #LooseWomen's discussion about domestic abuse.… you've been affected by the issues discussed on Friday's Loose Women you can use the below helplines to find mor…'I found myself asking what have I done to deserve this?' Brenda discusses her experience of domestic abuse with t…'It could have been a massive trigger for a lot of survivors out there watching it.' Toby-Alexander Smith explains…'re going to be having a really important discussion about domestic abuse on Friday's #LooseWomen with…
You NEED to hear Judi Love's hair stories! #LooseWomen Watch ➡️ your average Thursday on #LooseWomen 😂 Watch ➡️ it, Jane 💁‍♀️ #LooseWomen'She was a perfect sister.' Dame Joan Collins pays tribute to her late sister, Jackie, and tells the #LooseWomen w… women’s alcohol consumption could be recorded on their child’s medical records under plans considered by t… definitely put the 'break' in break up 💽🚗 How did you deal with your ex's things? Watch the #LooseWomen cha…'s been 5 years since Jackie Collins joined us for what would be her last #LooseWomen interview before she passed… hope you'll join the #LooseWomen family in wishing Loose Legend @SherrieHewson a very Happy 70th Birthday 🎉🎂 We…
'In the late 90s the women who were really famous were tiny and I was just normal sized.' Debra Messing spoke powe… #LooseWomen sent a special message to Carole Baskin as they explained how they ended up in the middle of their…'s been feeling tired and grumpy, after her new neighbours moved in - with a baby. But she admits that while t… Anniversary Linda and Mark 🎉 We LOVE the gifts she's given him 😂 Watch the chat ➡️ on earth did our #LooseWomen find themselves embroiled in the latest Carole Baskin Tiger King twist? 👀🐯👑 As Li…'re catching up with Debra Messing on Wednesday's #LooseWomen 🎉 The Will & Grace star will be telling us why she…
'I created the monster that is Tyson Fury today, I think!' Paris Fury tells the #LooseWomen how she helped transfo… Sherrie's not backward in coming forward with the #LooseWomen 😂 Never change, Sherrie. Never change! Watch ➡️…'When I fancy someone I turn into a 12-year-old schoolgirl, I forget my own name!' Coleen's in need of a dating pe… Hewson's got a big reveal for us on Tuesday's #LooseWomen! Watch along ➡️ is taking the plunge and joining a dating app today but is worried that it's just a young person's game! T…'s all happening on Tuesday's #LooseWomen with Paris Fury and Sherrie Hewson joining us from 12.30pm ⏰ Paris tal…
Ivana Trump thinks daughter @IvankaTrump could follow in @realDonaldTrump's footsteps and become the first female p…'I can't imagine not laying eyes on him just once a day.' Ruth's not sure she's ready for Jack to head off to univ… you ground a teenager at 18? 🤔 #LooseWomen Ruth and Coleen don't quite see eye to eye on this one. What do YOU… needs the perfect man when you can have the perfect Yorkshire puddings? 😍 Thanks @jamesmartinchef! Watch… 2020 anyone? It's all happening in our Oval Office! Ruth's rocking a very presidential look for Monday's…
'Honey is an amazing, vibrant, strong young woman.' Jonathan Ross shares how proud he is of his daughter Honey's b…'I pray for bedtime. Sometimes when it gets to 5pm I get a little tear and think just a few more hours.' Stacey sh…'Someone I don't know, if they have a perception of me, so what?' Jane tells the #LooseWomen how she's learnt to s…'ve got a jam packed show for you this Friday, including debates involving bedtime routines, life, love and all t…
*cough* No pressure, @realjoeswash 😂 Stacey's been telling the #LooseWomen about her dream wedding 💐 Watch ➡️…'I don't want a wedding, I want a marriage. This is how it should have been the first time.' Kerry Katona tells th…'Sometimes when we're bringing people down and tearing them down, it doesn't feel very feminist to me either.' Sta… that's a NO from @Ginofantastico... 😅 To pineapple or NOT to pineapple? Join the #LooseWomen debate from 12.3…'re on tenterhooks ahead of Thursday's #LooseWomen. Have you had your say on our big pineapple pizza debate yet?…
Does pineapple belong on a pizza? 🍕🍍 We need YOU to settle this very important #LooseWomen debate 👇'It's bought it back to two people in a room talking about issues, life, death, emotion and that's where you are.'…'I don't know whether I deal with it very well. I get a bit upset.' #Corrie's Ben Price tells the #LooseWomen abou…'I have known you 30 years and I have been 'Linda'd' practically every week!' The 'Linda'd' list just keeps on com…'I always knock and pause, because there are somethings I don't want to see!' Andrea and Linda share very differen… isn't even on the panel today but she felt so strongly about being Linda'd that she sent us a video message…'I can remove that element of the unknown and show the human side of genetics.' @Adam_Pearson talks about the impo…'Linda says to me, 'alright Andy Pandy!' Denise tells the #LooseWomen about her run in with Linda's baggy mouth th… you ready @loosewomen?
Retweeted by Loose WomenWe've got a jam packed show for this lunchtime so grab a cuppa and tune in!☕️ We’re with you from 12:30pm on @ITV,…
It's often viewed as a wedding day tradition but statistics suggest more than half of couples don't actually do the…'He looks like he could give you the right advice and he could pay the university fees.' Trevor McDonald is Judi's…'Everybody else in the room knew that my partner was cheating with another woman in the room apart from me.' As Ke…'She'll win it!' Martin Clunes tells the #LooseWomen how he thinks former cast-mate and close friend Caroline Quen… you see the #LooseWomen being apart of the last series of Doc Martin? 🤣 Watch➡️'It's really critical for a show like EastEnders to highlight this. It's heartbreaking to know there's a woman or a…'I walked in and all his stuff was piled up by the front door. It's the fact that it's the end of an era.'😢 Poor D… Harry and Meghan give up their royal titles? 👑 The #LooseWomen want to hear your thoughts!
We haven't seen the last of Liz on @itvcorrie! Beverley Callard's been telling us what to expect from her dramatic…'I am battling and fighting!' #Corrie's Beverley Callard had to postpone her #Strictly dreams due to complications… filmed herself going through a hot flush to share the realities of menopause with the #LooseWomen. Watch th… Linda - many a mum, dad or mortified child has been there 😂 A little lock on the bedroom door goes a long way w…'As long as they're talking to someone, that's the important thing.' Andrea and Brenda share their experiences of… you let your kids sleep in the bed with you? David and Victoria Beckham let daughter Harper visit during the ni…
TWENTY ONE TODAY!!! And not one of us looks a day over er......😳 Happy Birthday to us!!! 🎉 🥳 🎈
Retweeted by Loose WomenHappy 21st Birthday #LooseWomen! 🥳🎉 Thank you so much to our wonderful viewers - we couldn't do it without you ❤️…
👀🤣 oh dear...
Retweeted by Loose WomenToday’s @loosewomen @itv has shown how important it is to have a safe space for men to talk their truth, laugh and…
Retweeted by Loose WomenCongratulations to @MarkWright_ and @StaceySolomon - our #LooseWomen x @socceraid champions! 🏆 Watch today's spec… is such a beautiful conversation between @MarkWright_, @OllyMurs and @MarvinHumes about what it means to them… this, @ollymurs, is exactly how baby rumours start ... 👀 Watch #LooseWomen on ITV Hub ➡️… 'If Rochelle was due 48 hours from now, would you be sat at Old Trafford right now?' - '100%!' Uh oh,…, @MarkWright_ & @MarvinHumes on @loosewomen NOW!! 👍🏻👌🏻🤪
Retweeted by Loose WomenAbsolutely smashing show today!! @loosewomen and MEN!!! The panel gets real about masculinity, relationships and mo…
Retweeted by Loose Women📣 Announcing our starting 6 for the #LooseWomen & Men #SoccerAid Special 💃⚽️ @andrea_mclean, @StaceySolomon,…
'I won't let the disease dictate how I live my life.' @paulsinha shares his inspirational outlook on life living w…'It was a big risk but it's made me a better person.' Our @nadiasawalha gets emotional as her daughter shares a he… me live today @loosewomen 12.30pm @itv #JudiLove #Loosewomen #ITV
Retweeted by Loose WomenOur #LooseWomen will be joined by our very own @nadiasawalha and husband Mark and The Chase's @paulsinha on today's…
Marcus thank you so much for your message and for everything you are doing to help raise awareness on this topic th…
Retweeted by Loose WomenThank you @MarcusRashford for your kind words for our @brenda_edwards. ❤️ Watch Brenda share her story on today's… @loosewomen Well done Brenda, there is so much power in sharing your story. Your children should be very proud of you x
Retweeted by Loose WomenHuge congratulations to @emmerdale's @JoepopProds and @lawrencenotrin who are expecting their first child together…'I was just sitting in the dark because I had no money.' As footballer @MarcusRashford campaigns to end child pove… tells us today's #LooseWomen is going to be a messy one. 😂 Watch on ITV Hub from 12.30 ➡️… forward to big chats with the ladies on @ITV today between 12.30 - 13.30 . See you there @loosewomen 😘
Retweeted by Loose WomenYou either love it or loathe it, but do you regularly iron your clothes? 👔 The #LooseWomen will be discussing iron…'re wishing @ranvir01 the best of luck on her #Strictly journey 🎉
The death of a dog can be a devastating loss and leave a big hole in our lives, as Linda experienced with the death…'I'm going to show you, actually, if I put my mind to something I can be a strong person.' @BobbyCNorris is lookin…'By doing it, I'd broken that cycle for myself and for my children.' Do you think you've become braver or more reb… our #LooseWomen at 12.30pm when they'll speak exclusively to @BobbyCNorris about his life changing body transf…
Bank Holiday Monday mood 😂 We hope you have a great day ❤️ #LooseWomen