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'I love my dog like a baby.' #LooseWomen Andrea and Gloria say their pets have become their babies 🐶 Do you think…'I haven't got the energy!' Amanda Redman's been telling the #LooseWomen about her latest comedy, in which her cha… #LooseWomen have been discussing the recent flooding in the aftermath of Storm Ciara. Do you think Boris Johns… many cups of tea can you get out of just one teabag? ☕️ Janet's sharing her thrifty tips with the #LooseWomen.…👇 Don't miss Amanda on #LooseWomen. Join the fun on @ITV and @WeAreSTV from 12.30pm, or watch the chat on the ITV…
The #LooseWomen will be catching up with @redman1_amanda tomorrow. She'll be telling us all about her new comedy s…'Don't try this at home.' Janet's sharing some interesting hair dye hacks with the #LooseWomen 😂 What's your favo… not adjust your sets! The #LooseWomen have gone grey for the day in tribute to @MrsSOsbourne 💁‍♀️ 60th Birthday @McGiff 🎂🥳 With lots of love from all the #LooseWomen family ❤️'They were just escapism.' The #LooseWomen are remembering their favourite soap storylines and the days when soaps…‘In my house, you don’t have a device if you’re under 10 years of age.’ The #LooseWomen are discussing whether we… can a toothbrush, rubber gloves and a bin bag help you get great hair? 💁‍♀️ Join the #LooseWomen at 12.30pm on…
@MrsCMcGuinness Christine McGuinness joined the #LooseWomen to talk about her youngest daughter's diagnosis with au…‘Mummy is going to change the world to understand her superstars.’ @MrsCMcGuinness reads the poem she wrote for he… you or someone you know has been affected by any of the issues discussed on today's #LooseWomen you can use thes…
Everybody at Love Island and ITV is shocked and saddened by this desperately sad news. Caroline was a much loved me…
Retweeted by Loose WomenFrom @nadiasawalha's surprise for @1Judilove and @brenda_edwards to @EamonnHolmes' #LooseLovedOnes waltz with…
@robbiewilliams The #LooseWomen family is so excited about Robbie and Ayda's good news! Read Ayda's beautiful anno… you heard the good news? Ayda and Robbie have just announced the birth of their 4th child, Beau Benedict Entho…'I call him Piersy Baby.' Susan Boyle tells the #LooseWomen about her crush on @piersmorgan and reveals whether or… that's what we call a #LooseWomen entrance! It's @SusanBoyle 🙌'I love you as my husband, but also as my carer.' Denise surprised Lincoln with a declaration of love, live on… Loose Cupid @nadiasawalha is working extra hard to spread the love today 😂 #LooseWomen hello @1Judilove 😂 Happy Valentine's Day! #LooseWomen'I'll be honest, I knew zero. It was not on my radar.' #DancingOnIce star @benhanlin wants to raise awareness abou…'I'm not paying you to brush your teeth!' The #LooseWomen are discussing a story about a woman who decided to pay…'Valentine's is not just about couples!' Which of our #LooseWomen do you think @nadiasawalha's about to surprise? 🤔 did our Denise end up running into Justin Timberlake? The #LooseWomen reveal all on @ITV and @WeAreSTV from 12… Valentine's Day 💖 We're feeling the love for #BGT legend @SusanBoyle, who joins the #LooseWomen today to te…
"I had severe anxiety attacks. I ended up in hospital three times. I had kidney stones. I felt I couldn't go out."…'Park the car and fill it up with petrol and put the laundry in the basket and we'll love you forever.'… would you do if your partner proposed on national TV? 💍 Would you love it? Or hate it? Nadia's explaining wh… comes the bride 👰 Congratulations Nadia and Mark 🎉 #LooseWomen'I felt like I was really not doing a good job.' Stacey and the #LooseWomen are talking about the struggles some w… coins to gel pens and scented erasers, Stacey and Christine have great memories of collecting things when they…😮 Who's popped the question? Join the #LooseWomen on @ITV and @WeAreSTV right now to find out! 💍's almost Valentine's Day ❤️ Have you got the tree up yet? 🤔 Never mind roses, Valentine's trees are the new cra…
After a difficult few months, Rebekah Vardy will join the #LooseWomen tomorrow to talk about becoming a mum for the… @WayneBridge @FrankieBridge 'Once you get it out, you do feel so much better.' Frankie and Wayne Bridge told the…'My wife always shakes her head in dismay whenever I'm about to tweet anything.' The #LooseWomen couldn't let… may have pied @GMB's @piersmorgan, but Janet's clearly caught feelings for @JamesBlunt 😘 #LooseWomen'I didn't realise just talking to someone could make you feel that much better.' @WayneBridge and @FrankieBridge e…'I'm 50 this year. It's a milestone birthday. I want to do something for myself.' Saira tells the #LooseWomen why…'Sort it out!' The #LooseWomen have been discussing the reported shortage of HRT medication and both Janet and Sai… the hump day slump with a Wednesday lunchtime workout 🏋️‍♀️ Can you guess which of our #LooseWomen is about t…
@ITV @WeAreSTV @WayneBridge @FrankieBridge Plus, James Blunt is back with brand new music and he'll be sharing the… and Frankie Bridge continue our #LooseWomen Love Week celebrations tomorrow ❤️ They'll be dropping in to tal… @StaceySolomon @realjoeswash You can always expect the unexpected with #LooseWomen's #LooseLovedOnes, from false ha…'ve loved having @realjoeswash and @EamonnHolmes back in the #LooseWomen studio 💖 Watch #LooseLovedOnes on the I…, how about @EamonnHolmes and @TheAntonDuBeke for Strictly Come Dancing 2020? It's a 10 from us 👏 #LooseWomen |…'Who don't you try lifting a car seat in and out of a car 27,000 times a day?' Are you Team Stacey? Or Team Joe? 😂…'Who's tapping on the wall?' We're still in stitches after @StaceySolomon and @realjoeswash's #LooseLovedOnes labo…'We don’t get a fair crack of the whip.' #LooseLovedOnes Joe and Eamonn think fathers don’t get a fair deal in ter…'I'll take my hair out if you take your teeth out.' We hope #LooseLovedOnes @RuthieeL and @EamonnHolmes NEVER chan…'I wish she could see what I see and what everyone else sees.' #LooseWomen's #LooseLovedOnes has only been back fo…'s #LooseLovedOnes time again! @StaceySolomon and @RuthieeL have brought @realjoeswash and @EamonnHolmes to work…
Are partners a help or a hindrance on the labour ward? 👶 #LooseWomen Stacey and Ruth have stories to share about J… when @StaceySolomon's @realjoeswash told @RuthieeL that he didn't think she deserved @EamonnHolmes? 😂 The…'It's actually quite comfortable.' Got a mask for @LindaRobson58 @MaskedSingerUK? She seems right at home in…'They just drain you and suck the life out of you and then when you haven't got any energy left, they haven't got a…'Some people would see it as hypocrisy, some people would see it as using their voice.' The #LooseWomen are talkin… @NolanColeen couldn't make it in because of #StormCiara. Did the storm stop you heading to work today? ☔️ #LooseWomenWhat does the fox say? 🦊🎤 And who is the masked panellist? The #LooseWomen are catching up with #MaskedSinger's a sneak peek of what happened when #LooseWomen Coleen and Brenda met the real Military Wives Choirs. Keep wa…
What does the fox say about that unmasking? 🦊 Watch #LooseWomen on Monday to find out. We'll be catching up with… do you sing inside those giant #MaskedSinger masks? And what's it really like to wear one? 🤔 The #LooseWomen g…'s got the biggest ego? @piersmorgan or @susannareid100? 👀 We played a little game with the @gmb duo and things…
#DancingOnIce's @Brianne_TV said she knew she was going to marry @kdkilbane77 before she even met him. Do you beli…'When I first found out, I was worried, because I can barely iron my pants!' #LoveIsland's Jack Fincham told the… joined Holly on the sofa to talk about some very personal news and we couldn't be prouder.
Retweeted by Loose Women'I think it's a very strong and empowering message to a lot of people.' The #LooseWomen show their support for Phi… liked it so he put a rink on it 😉💍 #LooseWomen'I didn't know what to do at the time. It wasn't on my agenda at all.' Jack Fincham tells the #LooseWomen how he f… love and support to @schofe from all the Loose Women family.
GOT A TEXT! 📱 #LoveIsland's @jack_charlesf joins the #LooseWomen tomorrow, to talk about becoming a dad for the fi… the rink to the ring, #DancingOnIce stars @kdkilbane77 and @Brianne_TV have a lot to talk about with the… @CallTheMidwife1 'I remember one time I was with my mum, and she just didn’t know who I was.' Our Judi and guest J…'When you hear yourself saying something sensible to your children, do you ever think, who is that person?' The…'I lost my husband, that I loved, but I gained a child that I loved' @CallTheMidwife1's Judy Parfitt shares her ex…'I put myself in the place of 'what could be the worst?', feel the fear and then I move on.' Judi tells the…'How many people are there in the world doing a job that they don't really want to do, that they did because their… on earth is going on here? Join the #LooseWomen on @ITV and @WeAreSTV from 12.30pm to find out!
'James was always classed as the 'murdered two-year-old' and I didn’t want him to remain like that.' Ahead of what…'s got a special gift for @EamonnHolmes. Happy Wednesday! #LooseWomen #LooseWomen are discussing how open we should be with our children about our relationships. Do you think we sh…'I wanted something good to come out of what happened to him.' James Bulger's mum Denise explains why she set up a…'I don't think we've come very far. You can't judge women by what they wear.' Janet and the #LooseWomen are discus…'What's the problem? What is the problem?' Stacey doesn't think there's anything wrong with a little shoulder,… yesterday our friends over at @loosewomen worked out the real age of @piersmorgan and @susannareid100... One l…
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'We could both finish each other in seconds' After four years on air together, @susannareid100 and @piersmorgan sa… @piersmorgan just been pied by Janet? 🥧 She doesn't seem to want to couple up with this @GMB boy 😂 #LooseWomen Janet's only gone and won an award! 🏆 #LooseWomen'If someone's texting and coming towards me, I don't move out of the way. I just stand still.' Ruth and the… back Janet 🎉 #LooseWomen Loose WomZen 🧘‍♀️ #LooseWomen's eye lotion? 👁 And who's making a comeback on #LooseWomen today? Tune in on @ITV and @WeAreSTV at 12.30pm.…
Ever wondered how the contestants actually sing under those @MaskedSingerUK masks? 🤔 @SkunkAnansie's @skinskinny (…‘It’s OK. You can do what other people do. It’s OK to be different! #GBBO's Briony Williams shared her Body Story…’s an ITV Daytime crossover! 😁 @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 will be joining the #LooseWomen tomorrow as they…‘People say to leave but there’s lots of reasons why people stay’ Do you think an affair can ever make a marriage…