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@downbadpatrol Holy shit this is so good @Jayandstuff 📠
@Elaquent Shit is HARDD @tyszal straight cheeksKalief Browder allegedly stole a backpack at 16, spent 3 yrs at Riker's Island without trial. Riley Williams stole…
Retweeted by loDon’t be fooled by the social media highlight reel shit fucking sucks. Shit is ass.stupid fucking week! @T_ffanyFlores @jakefm You saw the legend irl... @chukwudihodge Word!? @marceatsfood 💯Malibu 📍
@amnija_ 💯doland
@curtang24 WHO IS QIt would probably benefit my daily life somewhat if I was capable of sleeping 😴car got totaled stream :)
@chukwudihodge Hearddd @chukwudihodge Idk man some beats are good some aren’t. The fact that it’s a sample or not should almost be irrelevantwhy are there still sampling debates are y’all new here
@Skyduck64 @OfficialSpector @OfficialMeshell I love how versatile this shit is. You def dialed in the “bass player… SKYLER ACORD SIGNATURE BASS FROM @officialspector IS FINALLY HERE!!! WOOHOOO // s/o @OfficialMeshell
Retweeted by lo @tellesmith Same lolEveryone knows @Timbaland is a master of his craft. Did you know these three hits sampled these Arabic classics? 🎧…
Retweeted by loToday’s been a mix of shitty and litty. Just gotta smile thru the pain. lol @cameronmarygold Bro it’s so hard I’m post! Great job!!In case you don’t know @RadiantChildren is my band and this is our song she’s talking about @JoshManuel @chenzomauro Thoughts n prayers 2 dik 🙌🏽🙏🏽I SAID WHAT I SAID know what vibe im on tomorrow @Azalialexi Yurrrrrrr @BlueasClues Yo. Yes.I wanna be at namm drunkenly scratching on some demo turntable @JhariahClare 💯Infinity On High by Fall Out Boy is for Black people.
Retweeted by lo @Jayandstuff melodies and sounds rn:
@samuraidel Nxt build? @THEK0UNT Sick @pheelipberg Fore! @itsmelvv LOVE lorn. Actually been revisiting him a lot lately @edawk10 Goat @DeadEyesArt @enterprisecares Good to know @SeanDeLorean @carlyacord FactoidsI need sound design inspo who’s making cool shit I can study 🤔 @BeatsByTor Damn lol @christielock Remember when we got NAMM’d @ajbends @Skyduck64 @JoshManuel @carlyacord Bro who tf is saying 50?? 55° in the crib is frigid @morgothbeatz Roll w me Monday @Skyduck64 Used this on @ajbends Lotta people I’m tryna fuck up
@stint_ Lmao
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@teddyswims @curtang24 @joedynoomite THANK U KINGS @ajbends @cameronmarygold Hit me w ur budget when u can and I’ll recommend some shit 🤘🏽 @ajbends @cameronmarygold Don’t play boy hop in @cameronmarygold Yurrrrrrr that’s fire ! Back to the Sony club 😈 @ThyArtIsMemes The birth of my band
Literally have perfectly fine internet but for some reason streaming just doesn’t fucking work. How do I fix this 😡… out pitchmap prophecy fulfilled
Retweeted by lo @LKrauss1 Live your best life king @hotelgaruda Literally not a flex at all just happy to support the software I’ve loved for years and stop worrying… buying all my plugs it feels great. Thank you for all your years of service @cracks @BNAmusic88 Bruh 😂😂Greatest break of all time
How tf are people gatekeeping HIKING now?? “Influencers” discover mountains then move to Washington state talm bout… Sullivan dropped her best album this far into her career that’s p inspiring
producers know @christielock Yep. Everybody!! @activebynight I overuse that bitch lolBig fan of AudioThing plugins. Super creative and cool sounding shit @dylanknod OUT OF STOCK OUT OF STOCK OUT OF STOCK OUT OF STOCKBeat block when ppl are asking you for packs is a vibeSince Trump’s almost out of office, I figured this would be a fun time to remind everyone of the weirdest & dumbest…
Retweeted by lo @Antivistsworld Yo.. at the Rio de Prata Ecological Preserve in Brazil in February 2018, turned the nature trails into a surre…
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@lolnice__ 😭😭
Retweeted by lo @okkinxoxo Yooooo 🤘🏽 @raeleenikole So refreshing @raeleenikole Bear!
Yurr @fortebowie What 😡😡Am I to understand that the Thin Blue Line MAGA folks killed more cops yesterday than an entire nine months of anti…
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@RedHotStyley 💯🔥🔥🔥New kicks clean @chongmakesmusic Vibe @adgarrett2 Thanks for the rec @brian_heil @HebOnTheWeb @iamfredcox LETS GOOOOOOO @dylanknod @HebOnTheWeb @iamfredcox Let’s go install it rnJust went 7-0 in rocket league with @HebOnTheWeb @iamfredcox on my momma we too cold 🥶Don’t try and put it in reverse now Terry
Retweeted by loOur drums slap tho 💯🔥 @Skyduck64 artists won’t post about BLM but will put trap drums in their songsFinally we agree on something 💯 @tyszal So me