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@bluenoterecords / @radiantchildren / BLM / fuck Donald Trump

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@Gaszia Broooo amazing track @ThyArtIsMemes Trump would date his daughter but that’s chillNot ppl actually getting offended by this 😆So were all just cool with among us looking like it was done in ms paintGoldlink has an insane ear for beatsYo wtf my bro got a Grammy and a gold record lol
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@aaronkwood Thanks! @thew6rst Thank you brother 🙌🏽🙌🏽 @THEK0UNT GAS!!!! @louisfutonbeats 🤣🤘🏽🤘🏽I can confirm.
Retweeted by lightskin type beatWe gold baby!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 #producedbylophiile ain’t been the same since we stopped Askin’ Jeeves
Retweeted by lightskin type beat @dologangsticky Exactly lmao @theneedledrop TOE DAT SHIT UP!Ok maybe it’s not the “best” but it’s my fav @ajbends I’ll show u in person @AlexShelnutt SoonI think I just made the best flip I’ve ever done 😨😨😨 @AustinHull23 Assigning the lfo to the mod wheel and getting chorusing between the 2 oscillators even tho they’re all set to be the same
As much as I love serum there is still some weird shit when I design that I don’t know how to fix @Cristobawl Y u up so earlyJUSTICE FOR COOKIEE KAWAII
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@ramzoidmusic Gas!!!Who tryna do a car photoshoot w me and my homie 👀't mind me, just v happy @lophiile responded to me🥺 AS I WAS LISTENING TO HIM
Retweeted by lightskin type beatSalute!! ♥️♥️ remember feeling old when I took this photo. I think I was 15? What an idiot get mad disrespected by certain artists it’s like you do realize I’m an important part of the equationWho’s mom is this now WERE MEANT TO LIVE FOR SO MUCH MOREMOON RIVER ROCK. MOON RIVER ROLL
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@Synchronice Lmao I laughed so hard at that @_harriscole Ground loop ..? @shellystrick4L 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Fuck I need piano lessons
@curtang24 Bulldognation@gmailHow it started vs How it’s going
Retweeted by lightskin type beatWhen your producer doesn’t know he trash
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@Skyduck64 Thank u sir these are jus sumn lite 🥺 @curtang24 @joedynoomite @teddyswims Bro no wonder I woke up straight vibinScam scam scam scam fuck a blue check mark these mfs are scammers w followersDoes this really work?? Producers are you PAYING to get “placements”??? You GET paid a placement.. wtf lol vibes @DeionGill Noooooochillin makin beats
Shoutout @NI_News so hyped on this!! Thank you ♥️• if You Feel TRACKLIST | October 23rd. • production from Sango & Dpat, Bizness Boi, DJ Camper, D’Mile, Lophiile,…
Retweeted by lightskin type beat‘Crazy’ out now 💘
Retweeted by lightskin type beatNew @hope_tala chune out today!! Produced by me and @iamfredcox 😈✌🏽 @AaronHeard_ Amazing @RyanScottGraham Wussup then playboiImagine making a song this hard @Jayandstuff Daddy’s wallet™️ @Jayandstuff ...and can afford to live weho @SethMunson I understand this but I don’t understand W h Y @markwaltersx Thanks bro he’s obnoxiousFirst time in a studio since March.. feels insanely foreign lmao @angelvhhh Heeler gang!
@Skyduck64 Representation matters !His sister wanna shine too right quick 💫 @shellystrick4L I be tryin shit on the low 🙈 @The_SeanKoester Heeler gangDaily pup pic 🐶 new sample pack Pretty Cool Sounds Vol. 3 is out now on @splice!! My most expansive pack to date by far…
Retweeted by lightskin type beat @INF1N1TEMUSIC @_harriscole Let’s run it @Dreamsofskitch @emilyfrknmanuel @JoshManuel Bro YOUR wedding .. @WhiskeePrincess On whatYou’re joking .. hated weddings growing up then I went to @emilyfrknmanuel and @JoshManuel’s and got wasted and it clicked @JoshManuel @ajbends @Dreamsofskitch @maingear Thanks for teaching about not only philosophy but science
@samuraidel Yoooo 🔥 @soundbynami 👑👑👑 @dylanknod Nah I tried to text u to see if u was wid it but u blocked me @mr_hend0 See I started on pc way back when and this was true @abisoos I have one already @radthad__ @maingear A ha ha 😤 @MoshTalksBeez @maingear This one is amazing fasho @PardonTheShay @maingear I highly recommend! @Gaszia @maingear It’s a dream gShould I... move my music life over to pc? I’ve just about had it w/ Mac 💻 @ryanvwatanabe @maingear It fucks @sq2ggy @maingear Poggers @Zedd @maingear Dude!!! This thing is amazing 😍Dude big shout out to @maingear I’m so grateful for this!! No more back pain 😤 is my moment. @baredex Do .. and I cannot stress this enough.. whatever the hell you wantI will never stop using my voice ✊🏾Thank you to all the beautiful women involved
Retweeted by lightskin type beatMy boys can’t tour so this guy can flourish 🥰 one level in halo 1 when you first find the flood was fucking horrifying when i was a kid
Retweeted by lightskin type beat @hyundiaelantra This nigga spittin @BeatsByESTA Damn I just spun this for the first time in years today 😮 @Soulslimm 😂😂
@THEK0UNT Always next level 🤯 @lilaaron911