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@jbfan911 @jazz_inmypants No..wrong. MARCH 18TH 2018 @jazz_inmypants @jbfan911 The best of the best... @jazz_inmypants @jbfan911 @jazz_inmypants @jbfan911 @jazz_inmypants @jbfan911 I have more.. @jazz_inmypants @jbfan911 Trump says from the beginning he knew thousands could die from coronavirus but wanted to be positive so t…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @matchu_chutrain @laurenthehough Remake in the your dad sounds like fun 😬 @laurenthehough @matchu_chutrain your assignment if you choose to learn this!I’m not crying... you are... 😭
Retweeted by Lora Ray @jbfan911 Have you been eating my marshmallows and jello shotsI’m a physician at a hospital in NYC and THIS IS THE “PPE” I WAS JUST HANDED for my shift. Our federal government h…
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@matchu_chutrain But you look good..and really isn't that all that matters? @andylassner I'm from Minnesota we tend to follow the @R0ckadile @KeithConnelly3 @AliVelshi @greta Oh ok..lolHey all you cool cats and kittens.
Retweeted by Lora RayWe have extra FDA-approved ventilators. Will ship to hospitals worldwide within Tesla delivery regions. Device & sh…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @KeithConnelly3 @AliVelshi @greta @KeithConnelly3 @AliVelshi @greta You mean this? @samanthalanglie Amazon is low on box hair color!
@GeorgeTakei Today's press conference was brought to you by My Pillow @jbfan911 @StillKickinCo @noraborealis isnt she the cutest! Love our shirts!This fucking guy.
Retweeted by Lora Ray @hartluck was the exact moment I stopped watching. Kudos to those who never started watching.
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@matchu_chutrain Maybe if they gave you credit they wouldn't think it was stolen brother died last night. Alone. His wife was not permitted to be with him. His daughters were kept from seeing h…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @hartluck You can't get tested in Minnesota if you aren't on the frontline (medical personnel, nursing home...) it…
I love happy news stories as much as the next mom, but at the root of them is the horrifying, enraging truth that a…
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@jbfan911 Girl..I can figure something out for you to do
@matchu_chutrain And all this talk about moving here and you went to MISSOURIholy shit this @JoeBiden ad is good.
Retweeted by Lora RayToday my son got dressed in nice clothes and said it was picture day at his school (His school of course is our kit…
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@LornaDamon @HassanJermy @JYFboy @heysunil @Alyssa_Milano @HillaryClinton The issue is there aren't enough hospital…
Imagine going back in time 3 years & telling yourself there was going to be a global pandemic that threatened milli…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @hartluck do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.
Retweeted by Lora RayRaise you’re hand if you will end your home-based social distancing ONLY when medical experts give the all clear &…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @jbfan911 @matchu_chutrain Yes we were @jbfan911 @matchu_chutrain Dad and I are dying laughing...
@andylassner 😵 @jbfan911 Oh good lord...what is happeningIf you are staying home to save lives you ARE being productive.
Retweeted by Lora Ray @Lori_Smith @janashortal Stay safe too.I'm one of those people on meds that lowers my immune system and have chroni… @janashortal @Lori_Smith Sometimes things are repeated not for you but for the other thousands of people. You have… @joshgad Nephew was tested last Tuesday...still waiting for results. He is in the medical field and can't go to w… N.J. restauranteur took out a 50K credit line to pay his employees during coronavirus crisis. Buy his pizza!
Retweeted by Lora RayCuban doctors arriving into Italy to support the fight against Covid-19. Throughout most pandemics of the 21st cent…
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Retweeted by Lora Ray @andylassner This dude doesn’t care! sending this text and email to his people. The email i…
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Retweeted by Lora Ray @jbfan911 I thought you were moving out
@FOX9 @FOX9 It's still on fire @hartluck indeed.
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@ErikSolheim long for results? @JustineBateman If you can save 1 person from dying by staying in for 2 weeks is it worth it?Bravo! South Korea 🇰🇷 has set up ‘phone booths’ that can test people for the coronavirus in just 7 minutes. The cou…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @RuFfRyDaH @hartluck Wow! Thanks @realDonaldTrump ...for making America great...NOT @RuFfRyDaH @hartluck Thanks! He is young and feeling better. Stay safe! @RuFfRyDaH @hartluck That's here in Minnesota. My nephew was tested on in the medical field @matchu_chutrain to know @hartluck @hartluck mean............. They haven’t banned LAUGHTER
Retweeted by Lora RayMy wife’s boyfriend who works at the pentagon says national lockdown coming tomorrow.
Retweeted by Lora Ray @hartluck It take 6 days for test results. And yes that man is an the doctor's expression he is thinking thr same thing!! @jbfan911 And the fact you live here
Was just watching my baby girl on a video call w/ her teacher & 2 classmates & I started to get truly emotional. I…
Retweeted by Lora RayHi. Yes, it originated in China, but the technical term is Covid-19 Your mom originated from the back of a Buic…
Retweeted by Lora Ray @JenGPas @madshelen @laurenthehough My in laws drove from mpls to San Antonio Texas last weekend to visit friends!… @matchu_chutrain Natalie had microwave's all good @matchu_chutrain I know where I fall...haven't cooked a meal in days @laurenthehough @DallasDan1968 @laurenthehough Conversation with my 80 year old mother
Watch this. #TrumpLiedPeopleDied
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BREAKING: Due to massive incompetence and inexplicable delay, WHO to rename Covid-19 to Covfefe-45.
Retweeted by Lora Ray @yashar My parents are taking full advantage...they didn't NEED anything they went to Walmart at 8 am to just look.My spouse is a physician in the emergency dept, and is actively treating #coronavirus patients. We just made the di…
Retweeted by Lora RayI’m introducing an immediate economic relief plan for every American. —$4k to every adult who makes under 100k per…
Retweeted by Lora RayI’m screaming that these brothers are literally having an argument on live telly about who’s their mum’s favourite…
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@noraborealis @StillKickinCo Just ordered a couple of tee shirts! @janashortal’m donating my YouTube revenue this month to help people out of work with amazon gift cards. Reply below with your…
Retweeted by Lora RayDay 3 at home and the 7 year old is showing off his vocabulary and making to do lists.
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@ScotlandBaldwin It's like magic 😁I have Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia which I take a medication (Cellcept) that lowers my immune system. If I g… Trump got on national television and without any warning gave the whole world 48 hours to either get in or out o…
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Here’s a great cause we can donate to and support at this time!
Retweeted by Lora Ray @katperkinsmusic Just donated! Keep up the good workHockey has been cancelled for like six hours and Canada solved coronavirus
Retweeted by Lora Ray @janashortal Ii have underlying health issues and am taking a drug that suppresses my immune system. I need to ta…
@matchu_chutrain I'm isolating at the brewery. It's music trivia..I have gloves on and am not touching my face. @matchu_chutrain @matchu_chutrain Come to my house we are safe..we have alcohol wipes I mean alcoholPlaying it safe...not drinking Corona a little clarity -- if you are taking a financial hit that can in any way be filled with people showing up in a…
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