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I make videos sometimes. We can talk about whatever. The King of Limbo. Pfp by @ExteIIus

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@totalwar Are those Black Orcs with shields? @SirMeowMusic my heart I know I'd go off tangents related to the final release patch. The model rules though, might stream the… @TheIndigoGaming @NeillBlomkamp @sharlto It's not fair. @A_Bossaerts @Mechanicus40K @Xbox Viper is still with us every problem, a solution lies in the application of @Lord_Mandalore. Which is why he has created this trailer…
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It’s Skulls for the Skull Throne 4! This year we’ve released a free update to WARHAMMER II giving away the bigges…
Retweeted by Mandalore @MugBubule @GOGcom It was great and I learned a lot. I do wish they talked about Arx Fatalis a bit more since I've… @supremecool185 @ShammyTV I'm afraid of what this ritual causesThe @GOGcom summer sale is on. A lot of the games I've talked about are steeply knocked down in price. There's also…
Biggest players for the biggest goblin, damn.
"Our paths were called "Healer". This Town was ours to discover and explore. Little did we know what horrors lay in…
Retweeted by Mandalore @KinoFabino @Nibellion Straight facts @xilefenko @ShammyTV This is really enlightening but I fear what you've unleashed. @ShammyTV @Lord_Mandalore Hey so I datamined Lowry. In case you wanted to see the other side of him. You can view t…
Retweeted by MandaloreThrough the application of @Steam reviews great destruction arise! That's why we're honoured to announce that…
Retweeted by MandaloreHuge thanks to @Lord_Mandalore for coming over to my channel to talk about this very important issue.…
Retweeted by Mandalore @legalamb1 I couldn't have done it without all the great collaborators. I still crack up at Fabino Gelts. @SexualYeti I hope they'd throw me in the Dogs and give me hobgoblins or something weird.Made a piece for @Lord_Mandalore dude is one of my favorite youtubers, and he’s just over all a cool dude
Retweeted by Mandalore @vencja Saved the druidsDay Ten, in which our actors learn to grow alongside our play's story. To succeed in the play an actor shall maste…
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Also a RAT REMOVAL BONUS this is all too muchWELL HOLY SHIT My Jerusalem-like lust for Pigbarter has been solidified into Total War Warhammer canon. This is inc… @hjucvyo HOW WAS IT FORETOLD @sgt_Riekland This image is going to haunt me
New video is on the Total War Warhammer 2 DLC the Warden and the Paunch. I wasn't kidding when I said the Greenskin… @TheIndigoGaming @Raycevick I feel delirious seeing thisreplayed pathologic 2 now with daylight ending just to see this bastard staying alive #Pathologic15Years
Retweeted by Mandalore @Superode1 At the rate they release DLC I think at the earliest it'd be half a year away before talking about it again.Total Warhammer follow up video tomorrow. Gonna talk about the new DLC so it'll be a shorter one.
@Zerodomaikit Not being able to get it in the review with the original recorded song will haunt me forever.My Brain: I need to hurry up and finish my next video. My hands: hey remember that time @Lord_Mandalore posted tho…
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@itshannahflynn I could handle the derailings and collisions in the show but the eternity behind the brick wall was…
I'm playing the new Total War stuff, and I can happily say for the first time since Warhammer 1 Vlad has his edgier… #15летутопии #pathologic #морутопия Happy anniversary everyone! Come have a seat
Retweeted by MandaloreGoing LIVE with @Raycevick and @Lord_Mandalore on INDIGOCAST #3 in about an hour. We're going to be talking about…
Retweeted by Mandalore @KinoFabino I never thought it'd take me so long to get parts for a spaceship this time around things aren't the same
I haven't played Stellaris since the update that replaced planetary tiles and it's like being in a stranger's house now.
Been playing this on and off for a couple years, y'all should buy this. Right now.
Retweeted by Mandalore @SirMeowMusic This is so strangeSome of you may not know about our old but very atmospheric project #thevoid However this project means a lot to u…
Retweeted by MandaloreThis Saturday, I'll be hosting my 3rd episode of INDIGOCAST, with game reviewer and video essay legends, @Raycevick
Retweeted by MandaloreAlso TL;DR for why: They were 100% gonna pitch what they eventually got as a crowdfunding project for sure and GW d… the last poll about the 40K game. They're definitely not gonna be able to get a license and the project h…
Our celebration begins at the start of everything. Soon it will all start coming together. Act I theme is: Theatre…
Retweeted by Mandalore @Kaiserhawk I'm now imagining a Skaven shift manager that no one notices is a giant rat. @ToolofParanoia Just don't dump any money on it until there's a lot more to show. A lot of games at this stage can… a video pushed into recommended leads to the strangest comments. @BluyLight I thought something similar. My guess is they're thinking of the Dawn of War 2 model but I'm not sure. @E_Krenis I have a feeling they made their link temporary. I'll let then know. @mattyshoestring I had the exact same journey. @ImperatorOfPuns I'll let them know. They're at a primordial soup stage of development so it doesn't sound impossible.
@Kekoa_OK You'll get the Deathwing video right after I walk to one side of a map and back.Okay, here's the game plan. Warhammer video in about two weeks-ish. Might actually stream Total War sometime in the… that choking meme and the idea of the 2 struggling for dominant control i just couldn't resist doing this drawi…
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@Aeolid8 These are getting way too high effort too fast.This new template is pretty good @Lord_Mandalore
Retweeted by Mandalore @PSTPodcast The hashtag isn't gonna work but it does exist
Retweeted by MandalorePracticing my pixel art today with a portrait of @Lord_Mandalore. Damn drawing is harder than it looks. #pixelart
Retweeted by Mandalore @jph_anderson We did our bestThis isn't the usual type of thing I tweet but I voiced a bit for this video with... someone... you all know... so…
Retweeted by Mandalore @Gatsuru__ @P_Drone_Strike Holy shit @Lord_Mandalore you will never escape from it
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The most ambitious shitty crossover @FredInTheKnud @UberDanger @NetHistorian @Lord_Mandalore @PandaSeifuku
Retweeted by Mandalore @Silkennine @Rushlimbob I didn't think I'd see Unity Station getting competition
It's the exact DLC I thought it'd be but the Mad Max Elf Batman vs Immortan Goblin trailer isn't something I expect… @scorn_game Hope is restored @SirMeowMusic
@shibirirururuwa JUST AS PLANNED @ArtisticPont I had been starting on a different video but I had a feeling this might happen. We'll see.This means the DLC trailer is likely tomorrow. Uh oh. @PatStaresAt @Rushlimbob God bless Grifter
2020 @Sephlock @SirMeowMusic It's close to what happened. David tweaked them but the cursed baseline audio files are out there. @Hbomberguy "They'll forget all about that Dark Souls 2 thing once they see my Invisible War is Genius video." I see through your scheme.
@Razzleoh7 @DaveOshry Just keep watching it until you don't it's really goodHave had a few ask how game sound effects got ripped for the SFM bit since that's apparently a big feat. We didn't.…
@Silkennine @dampab @Galaick_ high elf main @KinoFabino You're the best man for the job. No one competes.I was fortunate enough to be approached by Lord Mandalore for some work for his Total War: Warhammer 2 review.
Retweeted by MandaloreHad the honor of contributing some art to @Lord_Mandalore s newest video about Total War Warhammer 2, if you haven'…
Retweeted by Mandalore @Jack_Burton27 Ed Edd n Eddy but it's Volkmar, Gelt, and FranzAnimated bit I did for @Lord_Mandalore and his Warhammer Total war 2 review!
Retweeted by MandaloreMy contribution to @Lord_Mandalore's Total War Wahammmer 2 video, buncha chaos dudes, took me way too long but i'm…
Retweeted by Mandalore @PatStaresAt a huge thanks to everyone who helped out with it. They were all wonderful to work with.Well that went over way better than I thought it would! I'm glad people actually liked a longer video. I'll be taki… @shott1e This was the hardest thing not to tease. @Lord_Mandalore didn't need to drop this on us, but he did, and I am eternally grateful.
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THE TIME HAS COME, SUMMON THE ELECTOR COUNTS My biggest video ever on Total War Warhammer 2. Hope it was worth the… @m0rfeu17 That was a primary goal so YOU AND ME BOTHIt's processing on Youtube's end. It's around an hour and twenty so I have no clue how long that takes. @Jollyrogers99 @StumbleD0r3 I THOUGHT THERE WOULDN'T BE FRIENDLY FIRE