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969 AD ⚔️ EN/JP VTuber Musician 🛡 Twitch Partner 🌹 Your lord and light🕯よろしくお願いします⛓He/Him/M’lord ☠️ Art #aethelart ONWARDS FOREVER

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@ironmouse feel better lil fella ☺️ @CyYuVtuber no pls I still need to do laundry and don’t have any fresh undies left @shylilytwitch nah we smokin 🅱️enis @MizuhaVtuber Yeah 10000% everything is off limits accept poisoning your body with alcohol @savepoint_cafe Amen brother ❤️ @xelvdvsv LMAOO that’s way too big @navizazi yes and no but maybe I think @soundweebjay2 they don’t call me young pencil for nothing…wait @GHOSTL0V3 Pigs in a blanket type beat lol @Khyomaru What do you suggest partner @GHOSTL0V3 lmaooo that hot dog you get in lunchables type dick @Moholmarn My tolerance is so low I don’t wanna smoke anything to big ya know 😌 lolEveryday that passes I inch closer to being back in America and eating a burrito the size of my torso and smoking a…
@akumanihmune Man, I should have finished dental school 🥲 @SanagiYuzu Happy birthday you disgusting stinky pee pee smellin dusty bootleg dustox “which one of ya didn’t flush… @ldobehardcore @ironmouse There ya go partner! thank youuuu
@RainhoeVT 🥲 @BubiVT oh my heavens
@Sydsnap ty syd ❤️❤️ Nyan did great right @NyanNyanners haha thnx bro, but that means you can’t say you sound like a dying whale anymore 😤 @TheAn1meMan hands down @HoodieJoe95 Thank you brother 😌🙏 @ChronicCHHD I’m shy 👉👈 loll but thank you baby @Orbitron121 hahaha yeah nah you're right bruvie, thank you man @D_Kaiju it only made her stonger!!! lol @Mr_Teeese luh you mr teese! thank youuu @radraddles thank you homie! im trying to get better each time!! @GHOSTL0V3 haha yeah I think I have like 3 layers on the kick and three on the snare all gated reverb. and the pad… @GHOSTL0V3 thanks man! im definitely hitting a more retro style with the mix on this song with my vocal chain but m… my poop vocals and @/NyanNyanners vocals on top of each other on the bridge for "The Water's Call" her voi…
@SrikerSly @KazumaVT sly please send the screenshot that I know you took to me rn @KazumaVT wtf put that shit back up, i didnt even get to see @DanSanSal @NyanNyanners Thank you Daniel !!! @SayuOkami lmao soon enough dude I’m ready ! @SayuOkami Holy shit this looks amazing 😍 @MowtenDoo Taco Bell is one of the biggest reasons I’m moving back honestly lol @MowtenDoo amen 🙏 @__R0XY__ @NyanNyanners Thank you roxy! You’re such a supportive mod to me 😏😉 @danielrand @NyanNyanners Bruh I know 😩 @OfficialRusion @NyanNyanners Yeah that’s the fun of all this right ? Infinite combos ! And thank you let’s keep trying our best to learn ! @Roninwolf131 @NyanNyanners Ty ronin 🥰🥰🥰 @OfficialRusion @NyanNyanners Ohhh yoo that’s not a bad idea, I like that a lot 😏😏😏 @OfficialRusion @NyanNyanners I have a smooth plate reverb from Valhalla 😎😎 @Bazzriel @Asmongold aw man im sorry! Hopefully was just a mis click! Remember if anyone ever asks you to not use t… @alex_chavez800 @NyanNyanners FL STUDIO! I think Nyan uses audacity to record vocals
@chikoumori v based @SanagiYuzu @SayuOkami my fkn heart can’t handle it bros ❤️😌 @Blake_C137 @NyanNyanners Yeah that’s right ! Mousewave was just kind of a thank you letter tribute to mousey. But… @OfficialRusion @NyanNyanners Thank you ! My vocal chain rn is Compression, eq, de esser, multiband compressor, r… @AlexNix81470779 @NyanNyanners Yeah we’re making an original ep ! Maybe 6-7 songs I’m thinking rn maybe more as the stories unfold a bit @LukeRedgraveVT @NyanNyanners Man I’d love to learn from him, I’m still noob 😌 @myoukochou @NyanNyanners Hahaha yeah just a quick dirty delay send for right now! Gonna keep messing around and pr… @savepoint_cafe @NyanNyanners Hahaha still lots of work to do! This is just a quick first try ! But thanks homie @_IM_EGO @NyanNyanners In god, such a good de esserThe @NyanNyanners vocals are here. First WIP mix ☠️ Song Name: The Water's Call @ltcinsane Ty bro 😎 🔥🧙‍♀️Plasma donated! @ironmouse @LordAethelstan Sorry for the poopy pic, but cheap phone. Going back next week. ❤
Retweeted by Lord Æthelstan🩸☠️| BGM CM: closed @Benobi_KW @ironmouse atta boy! Castle gang has been donating like crazy! Proud of everyone @beakyVT pengis @Lightsoul_fx what you have created is nothing short of a masterpiece. Everything I ever wanted and I can’t thank you enough ! @akumanihmune This must have been what the famous philosopher Soulja Boy was talking about when he said “Hopped up…
@dyarikku I watched this live and still have no idea how you made me look so good so fast 😌 thank you for gracing u… of the Lord 🙏 #aethelart
Retweeted by Lord Æthelstan🩸☠️| BGM CM: closed @SrslyTrash @Oscar_Casino_ lmao holy fuck I don’t think I could ever physically do this @The_one_fallout If I can you can i promise, never fkn give up @EPr0jekt89 Hahahaha say no more I’m in baby @ironmouse big PP havers donate plasma regularly I heard @GHOSTL0V3 Let’s get this bread baby! @GHOSTL0V3 gotta keep that beach body year round brother 😎Every now and again I think of this tweet and think, “wow this is definitely not the person who I would think sings…
Retweeted by Lord Æthelstan🩸☠️| BGM CM: closed @xelvdvsv hahahahaa oh you found this old pic of my flesh control unit 🥲 thanks mate @SanagiYuzu You don’t smell that bad !
@ironmouse 😌 @SenzVtuber ahh the old standby, heard it so much it feels like home @Iridescentminds haha that’s ok I’ll give your mom a phone call and sort all this out @BlasterRaven1 HAHAHAHAHAH fkn prolly dude @Bexistentialism LMAOO thank you ❤️❤️ @chikoumori LMAOOO THERE WAS NO SHIT TALKING ONLY PRAISE @Cant_Walker LMAOOO honestly yeah probably @nbutcher1987 LMAOOO nicola that’s beautiful, your banter is always top notch cheers bruvie @MadMike1222 You’re the first one Mike ;) @TheWolfHacker hahaha such an amazing first impression @Tankinturtle hahaha nah nah nah that’s giving my voice way too much praise @WeddhPL HAHAHA wedd ! Bad boy @__R0XY__ LMAOOOO roxy you got a new mic! Looks really high tech ! @Ton_chik hahaha I can’t lie it was very kind, I just hope they get something to eat and don’t actually starve lolll @ZombieSeya aww that’s the nicest thing you ever said to me Seya @JVFKHM lmaooo that reply is amazing wtf thank you @makisetogawa hahahaha …wait what?lol both of these are real messages from the same stream last nightI have two types of first time chatters on my stream: “Your voice makes me want to pull out my vibrator and just r…
@harrrion @cherrypugpie Yes please :) @CDawgVA Easy clap mate, give em hell 😤 @Mountainplasma1 hahaha oh Jesus that sounds horrible @KingGuyK @MarinaBooUwU Thank you king ❤️ @akumanihmune proud of you Nemo 🥲 @AlexNix81470779 thank you Alex ! God bless ya mate !! @AlexNix81470779 amen brother! Sometimes you just gotta be the passenger in life’s pickup truck and drive off into the sunset baby @EPr0jekt89 hahahaha thanks homie, it was definitely one of the weirder moments of my life glad you liked it @SluttyHydra I don’t know if I trust them yet LOL