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My tweets are bad 50% of the time, dont expect much. Down Apocalyptic. Constant tweeter. bad fighting gamer, smash player, anime watcher. Banner by @copycat_FGC

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@Kousaka_FGC @REDvsFantasy The tweet isnt even that slanderous tho? @SoaringLuceXX @IAMTHESLIME_ Because blocking low with stick feels inconsistent @SoaringLuceXX @IAMTHESLIME_ Why do i use stick for everything or why do i only use dpad for down backing @SoaringLuceXX @IAMTHESLIME_ I do always use the stick unless i am holding downback, then i use the dpadfuck it 1. Chainsaw Man 2. Redline 3. Mob Psycho 4. Claymore 5. Soul Eater
Retweeted by RadianceFUCK DUDE I JUST REMEMBERED THE HAPPY THOUGHTS POEM @Tybo404 GODDDDDDDD ACTUAL GOOSEBUMPSI realized why people use Ky in Guilty Gear btw. They want to use a shoto, but Kazuya isn't in the game.
Retweeted by Radiance @VedhanXeno2 Women? Hate those fr!
Retweeted by Radiance @Darker5696 happens sometimes when i try to do jump in>K button>2D for a knockdown and then the 2D just fucking whi… is funny sometimes 😭
Retweeted by Radianceshowed my sister zero before ubw and she agrees with my decision because of the context it providesNah what Ki doing bro 😭😭
Retweeted by Radiance @SettySpacer The thing about this scene is people don't realize rem basically forced the word “ i love emilia" out…
Retweeted by Radiancestarting Date A Live. the kurumi enthusiasts convinced me. live thread now.
Retweeted by Radiance @Tybo404 oh no that was always there @IAMTHESLIME_ wait you dont use the stick for 632146? @CEOofRukaGang w @variablebleu7 @DanteRedgrave87 these zato players are fucking different browait does he not remember, thats genuinely really sad @LordRadiance Mfs will make a gimmick acc, get 100k followers, and then start linking their personal page in every tweet
Retweeted by Radiance @Tybo404 wait shit i dont remember thatpeople who get big off running gimmick accounts are so corny actually the quickest way to twitter cloutits cute to think how their kinda friends romance @Koitsuko_Sama why do you hate yourself so so thats why theres no mention of arcmage in mainline, cause shes long gone THATS FUCKING OD WITH THE DEVELOPMENT OF GOBLIN SLAYER in year one hes questioning the idea of friends, in mainl… they just come for the sky remember you guys bringing up how goblin slayer fights a dragon, im approaching the end of year one, so i think imma get there soongoblin slayer goat has probably killed at least 150 goblins and keeps going who wants a free copy of bbtag special edition for steam? All you have to do is guess what size shoes I wear and…
Retweeted by RadianceCombos for Rollback and BBCFRollback been real quiet ever since strive dropped @DanteRedgrave87 i was literally just ABOUT to tweet "combos for rollback and bbcf rollback been real quiet ever since strive dropped"I think I'm gonna be sick
Retweeted by Radiance @MilleniumY2K but stupid fucking sol canthat dude who made that tweet about the fighterz sale is gunna have to fight off the hoarde @REDvsFantasy why are people so fucking pressed in the qrts cant say shit about fighterz i swear結衣ちゃん誕生日おめでとー!🚀
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@pear139 wtf i thought she functioned off dizzy logic and was like 2 years old or some shithmm ive saved far too many interesting things to do for the sumer im planning on reading the rezero lns and read fa… @bumassdude yuri agree when theres no gil slander involvedthis thread go dumy @rod_flare @tsukihibathtime Gilgamesh avi
Retweeted by RadianceMilfisviel von milfsbern
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Retweeted by RadianceI dunno how people can make alt accounts just to hit up beginner tournaments. Like first of all, you're wasting you…
Retweeted by Radiance @DanteRedgrave87 big truePurposely punching down in fighting games is actually just sleep medicine. Peak FGs is always when you're fighting…
Retweeted by RadianceMFs be like "see me in this" Bitch see me climbing out your mom's bedroom window
Retweeted by RadianceBitches will win a tournament and be like CANT HELP BEING A LEO
Retweeted by Radiance @Koitsuko_Sama GOATWelp, I suppose it's back to watching Magi for me.
Retweeted by Radiance"Game still lit I swear, fuck net roll whatever"
Retweeted by Radianceif goblin slayer is called the goblin slayer cause hes non stop chasing goblins then i should be bag slayer the way i non stop chase the bag魂の話を聞かせてよ
Retweeted by Radiance @PLANETNOTDEAD ohhh him yeah hes pretty cool @PLANETNOTDEAD who?turn that shit up charles
Retweeted by Radiancesame with beyblade too no capyugioh dub vs yugioh sub is what seperates the kids shows from the animeReminder to watch Yu-Gi-Oh subbed
Retweeted by Radiance @The_Antagonist7 lmaooo @FurkiJow s2/3 who saying s1 @The_Antagonist7 real shit @thatguysurfer had to point out the obvious @Irankanime reck dont usually tweet like that tho from what ive seen @jiwazs real leo players mashed flash kick there @thatguysurfer nigga realy put midgi in there @The_Antagonist7 same @The_Antagonist7 Not yet @CFEx_ Like actually uncontestable in the air and can easily dodge anti airs, with extremely easy and potent high l… after season 1
Retweeted by RadianceFor how much people are down bad over makima she doesnt have alot of sauce @Night_walkerYt Yepぷる
Retweeted by Radiance @Night_walkerYt Im vibing with the third most @CFEx_ HOLY SHIT SO AGREED Their character is fine but millia downplayers are selling their character like shes bottom 4Milla downplayers are worse than Goku blue downplayers
Retweeted by RadianceHorny people are oppressed on twitterhow to scare a strive player
Retweeted by Radiance @Cr1ms0n_lus7 AgreedCHASE THE BAG, ALL ELSE ARE DISTRACTIONS @CEOofRukaGang go sleep @GymCoachGG i know it too well lolim glad i dont check like the actual engagements on the tweets bro i just looked and it said 100 people saw one of… @TheCanadianTree you shouldi havent mentioned it in a bit but kurumi DAL is fucking od, one of my favorite anime girls @The_Antagonist7 fitting for the latest follow to be a kurumi simp @esotericnoir i thought diaphone played axl see why ambg likes her so much