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Clearly fake name. Freelance. Bylines in @NYTimes, @Medium/@ozm, @PCMag, @ItsTheInventory. Formerly @Lifehacker. lordravenscraft at gmail

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@sbmbass @YepItsZak @halophoenix can't find anything in the rule book that's stopping you @halophoenix very slightly tempted to just make this my bannerconstantly glad to work with this man
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraftthis frame is accidentally an entire mood @DarrellMSU @Summerson @CanterRain this looks rad enough to satisfy my needs pretty sure i'd crush it tho @Summerson @DarrellMSU @CanterRain explain with photographic evidence @WhitsonGordon @WIRED @RonAmadeo @Summerson @RDRv3 why does no one ever listen to me @Summerson @tallshmo cam did you just have like a whole stack of these printed? @Summerson excuse me but i'd like to hear more about this spider-man bikethe self awareness is mind boggling i'm sick of talking about The Letter, too, but it's worth pointing out how every response to it has been met wi…"Free speech" means powerful people get to speak up, and the less powerful people really shouldn't even bother spea… @caro So again the people who struggle to be heard in the first place they're the ones we should be ignoring now?When it was about already powerful people "concerned" that they're not going to stay as powerful, it was an importa… aside the substance for a sec, what does it say that this grassroots rejoinder to the Harper's letter is si…
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"sure i'm complicit in building a dystopian surveillance state run by billionares eager to consume all the everythi…
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraftbut what if apple had made it
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraftwear your fucking mask at all times and wherever possible, stay. the. fuck. home. @BattleandBrew yo, let us know if there's any way we can support you guys—and especially whoever tested positive—in… sucks that my favorite bar has to close, but it's the right call. Also, yet more proof that "pretend everythi… ARE NOT BETTER THAN PEOPLE IN THE SOUTH—THREAD!
Retweeted by Eric RavenscraftThe mild inconvenience of hearing someone whisper or briefly glance at their phone in a movie theater is not so tho… can't think of better proof that suspension of disbelief is, at least partially, a choice than thin-skinned dudes… @Kitsulie @AITA_reddit there's so much here. why does he hone in on "g rated" games? like, it would be okay to play… job everyone either you are all extremely clever, or @hypervisible's analogy of facebook to a self-righteous…
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraftwithout googling, what tech company would you guess is the subject of this analogy?
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @WillOremus can i also guess facebookam I understanding this correctly? covid-19 is so deadly that Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen had to be released fr…
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2020 this is the worst @poisonivyism 37 and i'd be willing to bet a small amount of cash money that we overlap on at least half of the rem… @Gaohmee @InnuendoStudios I'm to the point of rewatching most of these videos at least once a month at this point.… @dlberes confused by the words "too much" in this sentence. did you mean "not enough"?no, i am not bitter that this book got a movie two years before an Animorphs movie was even announced, why do you askShe breasted boobily in a very ugly way except to me because I think she is attractive. But to be very clear, every… some reason the rest of the pages I received just say "baattmann" over and over, checking with the publisher to… @LordRavenscraft and then i overwatch
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscrafti have an an early release excerpt I would like to share. "I Critical Rolled out of bed and Halo: Reached for my O… doubt the "cAnCeL CuLtUrE" folks are gonna mind this too much @RDRv3 yes but david if there are any problems at all with a solution then that means that the previous situation,… got tired of this whole “the media wants to cause a panic.”
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @bigtimemorf What I'm getting from this is that dunkey got to the discussion after @CodexEntry and I, and it's nice to be trendsettersThe only time I've found them even remotely useful is in relative comparisons. "Everyone is dunking on this game!"… wrote a bit about Rotten Tomatoes/Metacritic way back when, and even the math on how these sites work is kinda br… is a great video. Numbers are not a good metric of a creative product, and the point about discussing taste is… @RDRv3 @PointJules @c_davies why are you trying to hurt me(Comparatively) few people will openly mock mental illness. Many people will gleefully mock the symptoms of mental… @RDRv3 @PointJules @c_davies david i am going to have to ask you to never again write the word "supple" or you will… @ow At this point, I'm convinced that there's no such thing as a lede paragraph. There's just the second paragraph,… is very cool and objectively cyberpunk image adjustments directly to the original layer and disable undo history @ArtemR @AndroidPolice Seems like a strong argument for a reverse sort option, which can live far, far away from th…
This is not the first person I've seen reading a letter that says "Hey, I'm not out for blood, but this made me unc… @shadihamid "I don't want Matt to be reprimanded" why the entire fuck are you lying?This literally did not happen web developers i have never in my life wanted to go to the last pageApart from everything else, and similar to what I tweeted below recently, it just feels strange to me that this is…
Retweeted by Eric RavenscraftI am genuinely more worried about the countless hours decent journalists have had to spend debunking insane conspir… self driving car thing miiight wear out in my lifetime, but pretty confident about the restjust for fun i went back to check all my "evergreen tweet"s and so far i'm 5 for 5 threat isn't that they, as PEOPLE, have no platform to speak on. It's that there's no acceptance of their awful… @jmrivera02 they're gonna act like it's a horrible burden to pretend they're going to, thoughremember: if you publicly say that your coworkers' public stances make you feel uncomfortable, that's cancel cultur… every day trying to read or follow literally anything on here
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @NoahTesch @ParkerMolloy Apparently we simultaneously live in a culture where the only way to express your dissatis… @Argle_Bargler I once recommended using a power drill, a (clean) toilet brush, and a 5 gallon bucket to peel an ent…, requisite: I am a white man writing on the internet, so I didn't get anywhere near the worst of it. The women… lifehacker, I would routinely spend hours fielding angry responses from readers FURIOUS that I would suggest suc… as I think the Overton window is an overused term, it’s that shift that these people are really objecting to.…
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @RDRv3 I really hate to misapply or overuse the term, but I genuinely had to have a talk with my actual therapist a…'m still angry about it. I have no idea who this woman is, she's standing a foot away outside my car, no mask on,… the 4th, we took a chance on a drive-in movie. Sealed car, recirculated air, have masks just in case. It's proba…'s a genuine culture shock that other areas have near universal mask usage. Other states are thoroughly compliant… @RDRv3 @Summerson @russellholly @hayatohuseman My area is almost the inverse. Stores don't require masks or, if the… @RDRv3 @Summerson @russellholly @hayatohuseman hahaha oh man. that's. that's awesome. i love hearing what life is l… @RDRv3 @Summerson @russellholly @hayatohuseman There's also a non-zero number of people who genuinely don't know wh…'s no such thing as a good CMS, only one that's better than that OTHER one you used to use. That one sucked ev…
I googled instapaper vs pocket and was delighted to find @LordRavenscraft
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @paleofuture Can I use "The government has no hens" to get out of a traffic ticket? @LiamSpradlin either that or you're non-canonCAMERON'S TWEET ENDING EXPLAINED In the end, Cam was a dream the whole time. We know this because at the beginning… like my men like I like my coffee: a pleasure both costly and brief
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @WillOremus @PatFitzgerald23 CSV file is here: but for reference Cooper will face up to a year in jail for trying to sic NYPD on a birdwatching black man. She should face some…
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Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraft @meganmorrone i have many further questions @meganmorrone hi thank you for accepting questions, i have one. w whatDragon Con is (finally) cancelled. I know this is a tough call, but it's the right one. See y'all in 2021, I hope. @Summerson oh no @Summerson what if i just go indie and write whatever tf i want AND have full editorial control? @Summerson this is exactly why i never wanted to move up at any company i wrote for probably also limited my income which...feels weird"Mr. Cannibal, what's the best way to season human flesh?" okay fine dumb question "Mr. Politician, can you explai…, whenever you see an interviewer ask a profoundly dumb question, more often than not, this is why. The smart th… hardest thing to master as an interviewer is to ask a really simple, ideally really stupid question, and then S…
Retweeted by Eric RavenscraftThese precious lil racists are losing it and it really is beautiful to see. Keep going
Retweeted by Eric Ravenscraftyeah, my weekend was pretty good how about you--
The man who tried to groom me when I was a teenager is Steve Ressel, the animation director who worked on a bunch o…
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