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#ComputerScience #HorrorFamily #MutantFam #KillerClown Town👹 #DrumLife🥁 @Shudder Addict And @amieeemarieee75 and i run the @DeadFriday20 Watch Party

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Hidden Gem 💎 #NowWatching with @amieeemarieee75 @DustyHorror @amieeemarieee75 The Horror Master @TheHorrorMaster #TheFog #JohnCarpenter with my bestie @LordsPrayer6
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @frightrags @barbaracrampton Haha I was just about to say that 😂😂😂 @RachaelKHarper1 I'll have to look on my laptop tomorrow... I've turned it off for the night @RachaelKHarper1 Yep I definitely will! I will buy you lunch 😃 @RachaelKHarper1 I have a picture with my brothers and I in front of that sign 🤣 @RachaelKHarper1 Ummmm like maybe 2 summers ago maybe 2018 @RachaelKHarper1 Yup been there 😁 delish @RachaelKHarper1 On Center Ave ? @DaveBThyName29 and block is A-OK. Embrace the power. It's your Twitter too.
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#NowWatching #Stripperland #HorrorFam #MutantFam On @PrimeVideo #Letterboxd @Pander_Bear28 Haha you'll be fine and fit right in 😉 @Pander_Bear28 How did your first day goWarning!! Unmasked I tend to talk... a lot!!
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @MorticiaVibes Yup 👍 @DoomHeadRex sent you a DM @DoomHeadRex Awesome 👍 @DoomHeadRex Do you remember if his model had the air suspension, some of them you could pump up the rear end with… @DoomHeadRex Oh dude, yep my buddy in high school had a Ford Ranchero it was white and lime green haha we called it… @DoomHeadRex I had a 77 i wish they would remake againYou inspired me, @abhorrently_urs ! Love you, woman 🖤 Here is Lady Lazarus by Sylvia Plath, my favorite poem 🥀
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @DoomHeadRex Me too in my El-Camino :)I did a Star Trek tree this year in my toy room and I'm thrilled out how it turned out pictures don't do it justice.
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @BrainOfBlood So cool man @Boobafett69 @jjabrams Yep sounds like fun for sure a Saturday marathon of Phantasm @ChuckysSideGirl Can we just skip to Friday @Boobafett69 @jjabrams Such a great film, we need to do a watch party one weekend on all 5.. wait i think there are 5 right? or is it 4?#NowWatching Phantasm (1979) @jjabrams did an incredible job on Phantasm Remastered 📼 It looks, and sounds, amazin…
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @MattHombreLobo @craiglayton07 Yep Yep, And the person that needed the help i hope they got it! Suicide is an awful… @jayburke HAHA just do it lol cut the cable @jayburke I haven't been on FB in like 8 months, I'm not sure but cant you filter whom you get messages from? @jayburke Honestly, in my opinion Facebook and Facebook Messenger is becoming too invasive in the privacy arena, ha… needs to watch this video #HorrorFam #MutantFam 💙💙💙💙 @craiglayton07 @kinky_horror This is why i love the #HorrorFam #MutantFam so much, in times of need we pull togethe… @jayburke delete @DeadFriday20 Crawl would work best imo. Though, I haven't seen Mortuary, so I voted for that out of curiosity.…
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown TownWho are the worst people in the universe?
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @AntointteG @Tatopumpkin @Miss_T1000 @lofivampire @Lisacaines841 @HorrorNostalgia @evil_toast916 @HorrorQueenNeve 7 interests 7… @amieeemarieee75 🤣🤣🤣Happy Monday to all members of the #horrorfamily, #horrorcommunity, #gothiccommunity, #modelcommunity &…
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown TownI don't wanna go back to work to this view
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @Pander_Bear28 You got this 👍 I have faith in you 💓 @Raiton08 Good morning Raiton 😁 @LordsPrayer6 Here's the cool one.
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @amieeemarieee75 Coming back for more lol #KillerClown @amieeemarieee75 @amieeemarieee75 Lol 🤣🤣🤣He gone #KillerClown with @amieeemarieee75 #KillerClown hahahaha #HorrorFam #MutantFam @JulianT16362538 Cool 👍 @amieeemarieee75 Bust a move @Pander_Bear28 sent a DM 😁 @GeorgeSchmidt67 @Pander_Bear28 @Pander_Bear28 @GeorgeSchmidt67 Great old movie Amanda 👍#NowWatching #TheNightWatchmen with @amieeemarieee75 on Letterboxd send some good vibes my way tomorrow. CT scan w contrast on Rt shoulder to see if my RT rotator cuff is fuke…
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @6SKULLMAN66 Good luck man, I hope everything turns out good for you 👍👍
#NowWatching #revenge #Shudder #HorrorFam #MutantFam @amieeemarieee75 @amieeemarieee75 @cortneypalm5 I might consider it @SorryAmigos @Shorror_ @SupGirl 28 to 27 it was close 🙈 @SupGirl @Shorror_ @SorryAmigos I'm with Wes on this one #Panthers @Panthers #NFLTwitter #NFLChecking out this little gem #NowWatching with @amieeemarieee75 #OnceUponATimeAtChristmas Once Upon a Time at Chri… @cortneypalm5 @amieeemarieee75 👍 here you go babe 🤩 @JulianT16362538 when are you going to make another blizzard video outside 😁🥶❄️ @zombiegirl72 Try Santas Slay :) @zombiegirl72 Chomp Chomp lol its kinda crazy 🤪
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @Spooky_veronica This is the truth! Like it doesn't even matter what people think or say anymore ~ just be yourself :)This is what i need on my coffee table Abs :) @langis941 @abhorrently_urs And Slugs.... i really like Slugs :) @langis941 @abhorrently_urs Oh you know me lol i have a thing for gory cheesy movies, i kinda want to watch Dead Sn… @langis941 @amieeemarieee75 @abhorrently_urs Its just enough cheese and gore :) @amythatisme @NightmareEnt1 @Horror_Disciple @_Violent_Violet @Corbella0994 @The_Bandit1980 @ohamymarie @amieeemarieee75 @abhorrently_urs @langis941 I have, but im game to see it again :) its new @abhorrently_urs @langis941 @amieeemarieee75 we need to see this one :) @abhorrently_urs @langis941 Im laughing so hard this film is insane lol good pick @langis941 :)Starting the morning off with coffee and a movie. ☕️ #NowWatching #FirstTimeWatch Bad Boys II (2003) 🎞
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @RachaelKHarper1 I kinda like the second better than the first one, They start to click better in this film :) enjoy it Rach @langis941 @abhorrently_urs Thanks buddy, and you like @TBLightning #GoBolts 👍 @HorrorFanRyan @omaraubert @voldude4life @Stefuneeee @andredisean @hotsing @nickasing @Yaritza15Ruiz
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @abhorrently_urs @amieeemarieee75 Yes ma'am 💕 #TwistedTwins @DaveBThyName29 Top 10 zombie comedy movie for sure bro 👍First ever GN’R show in South Africa ‘18
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @abhorrently_urs Thank youuuu so much #SuperTwin 🖤🖤🖤🖤 I feel the same about you Abs🖤🖤🖤 ILYSM #TerribleTwosome
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @abhorrently_urs @amieeemarieee75 Omg Abs 😂😂😂Morning #HorrorFam #MutantFam everyone pls wish my #SuperTwin a Happy Birthday today! He’s a genuine, selfless and…
Retweeted by 🔪Patrick HorrorHolic🖕🦇🔞 #KillerClown Town @abhorrently_urs @langis941 @langis941 my #HorrorBrother has been one of the best dude's I've found on Twitter this… @Tatopumpkin This one is insane 🤣 @Tatopumpkin Try this one 👍 @Tatopumpkin @Ward_Fowler1701 #MutantFam #horrorfam @amieeemarieee75