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Colin Harker @LordSteerpike Melmoth's ancestral mansion

✥ Gothic scholar and author ⤝ contributor to @NoSleepPodcast,, @WIHFF, @BDisgusting ⤝ ⟢ William Godwin and Charles Maturin are my patron saints 💀

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@aweirdmisc I guess I'll have to settle for obsessive Protestants who developed a childhood fascination with the hi… @aweirdmisc Preferably monks reluctantly interested in witchcraft 😂I was pretty openly fascinated with Montoni in Mysteries of Udolpho as an undergrad, so this probably contributed to her impression of me. 😂That "handsome, clever, and rich" Emma trailer keeps showing up on my timeline and all I can think of is that time… have made your country, Sir, familiar with tales of subterranean passages, and supernatural horrors. — Cha…
@OddNMacabre @BoobPunchTina Ooooh I haven't seen this movie since I was an undergrad, but I remember it being very… - Tonight @ 10pm est watch @BoobPunchTina’s movie pick Triangle - This flick is available to stream for free o…
Retweeted by Colin HarkerI am Half Sick of Shadows', said the Lady of Shalott, 1915 #johnwilliamwaterhouse #romanticism
Retweeted by Colin Harker @CateSpice I love it whenever you post these. They give a strange sense of peace.A little bit of wild sea and wind to ease your day 🐚
Retweeted by Colin Harker @AmeliaMangan @PhilNobileJr Sounds like it would make an amazing future Valancourt edition, if the stars are ever right. @AmeliaMangan @PhilNobileJr Welp, now I know what I want to watch next. @HooklandGuide This guy is almost laughably delusional. Did you see his tweet about Lovecraft, the outspoken atheis… @CateSpice The customs guy was either rude or amazingly dense. Either way, great response from your husband. ;)“In my day movies didn’t come with ‘trigger warnings’...” Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, 1959’s TERROR IS A MAN
Retweeted by Colin Harker @PhilNobileJr William Castle arguably made an art-form out of trigger warnings. @FANGORIA One of my favorites. @HooklandGuide I’m sorry you have to deal with harassing creeps like this. Ugh. @A_Lucid_Enigma It’s a cliche that’s been done to death in recent years. Can we at least go back to forsaken abbeys… @jasonsechrest @CemeteryDance Wow, this is gorgeous!THE INVISIBLE MAN (1933) by James Whale #UniversalMonsters #horror #poster by @jonathanburton
Retweeted by Colin Harker @CryptMidwest The entire plot of Hannibal
@RomGothHolly Those trees are forever branded in my memory as unpleasant obstacles on the way to Udolpho 🤣 @regcrawford3 @ThatEricAlper I want to see a cinematic adaptation of this. @RomGothHolly I have an intense love/hate relationship with Udolpho, so I can understand: love all the portions act… @RomGothHolly She truly is. 🖤 @RomGothHolly Once I have finished reading Godwin's fictional bibliography (alas, I only have two novels left and I… @RomGothHolly I still need to read that one! @RomGothHolly There's always an utterly fascinating story tragically tucked away in Radcliffe's novels. With the ex… @RomGothHolly So very true. All the more frustrating since that novel has such shining moments. It would have been… @RomGothHolly Haha, same. Radcliffe's digressions drive me insane even more than Maturin's because at least Maturin…, I'm sure you all already know this, but just in case: I adore Maturin and Melmoth is one of my all-time favori… my expression every time I get to that part in Melmoth where one of the characters falls asleep in the mi… @cybersphynx @baterfly I read that in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator voice for some reason 😂 @KitMickey I died at the "property of Angelina Jolie" sticker 🤣 @thediegocrespo I prefer the original, but the Fright Night remake actually wasn't bad. @RenMalone Oooh this looks right up my alley! I’m definitely going to hunt it down. @cybersphynx I think you'd enjoy it!Just watched The Blood Queen (2015; dir. Andrei Konst) on Amazon Prime. What a hidden gem of a Gothic horror film.… hell, this looks right up my line. @DerekSykes17 @thevelocipastor I am 100% behind this 🤣 @DerekSykes17 *it's @DerekSykes17 Right? All its missing is an equally insane sequel! @aweirdmisc @sjmay92 @MyFavGhost Oh my God this is perfect 🤣 @OracleEpps @DerekSykes17 I like your attitude! 😂 @INeveenBadr I would definitely recommend the novel Melmoth the Wanderer to begin with. If you love old-school clas… the only scales I will use to evaluate the worth of anything will be its cuteness factor and scariness f…
@AnneMarbleAAR Yes! The annotated paperback Penguin Classics edition is splendid for those very reasons. And yes, t… @thediegocrespo True! @RGoughThomas @thediegocrespo Ha! It might be more discussed among UK audiences -- I think here in the US, Snatch caught all the attention. @thediegocrespo I think it's sad that no one ever talks about what a stone-cold classic Lock, Stock, and Two Smokin… @ColTrysToWrite I love the design so much that I might do just that. @slimyswampghost I both hate and love it, it's hard to explain.The Silent Hill 2 impossibly long staircase made me sick to my stomach with dread the first time i played it.
Retweeted by Colin Harker @chrishawkins Haha you have a point! Maybe the elevator will still allow access to WiFi and we can communicate via Google Translate 😂 @chrishawkins It's true, an elevator repair man is really the only sensible answer to this question. On the other h… Ito. out @BrianKeene's recent article for @CemeteryDance on Matthew Lewis's infamous tale of depraved clergymen, g… @INeveenBadr I have such a sadomasochistic relationship with the author, it's a bit embarrassing. @DaveAGiannini I should buy it and correct the years with pieces of tape and a marker 🥴Imagine a matroyshka doll except every doll is an iron maiden torture device and that's what Melmoth the Wanderer i… @DaveAGiannini Right? That kind of ruins an otherwise lovely piece. Sigh. Very weird that they got something so obvious wrong.There's only one problem, but it's kind of huge: the birth/date years are completely wrong. Unless there's ANOTHER… wow. I think I really need this? @jamescappio There's something in her expression that's very much like mine! Eerie... @MyFavGhost I'm with Byron on this 😂 @thefilmviews It's well worth it. It's like taking a dive into the nightmarish rabbithole that is Maturin's philosophical imagination. @thefilmviews It's brilliant, right? Intensely frustrating but intensely brilliant. @thefilmviews I have a Stockholm Syndrome relationship to this novel, so this hits almost too close to home 🤣 @Blake2_0 I mercifully never heard of him until I saw the tweet you were responding to, but he seems disturbing. @Blake2_0 This is so creepy. @kymwald @PhilsNovels @michelekwas @sharagodwinson @dustinhitz @JSuzanneFrank @OpatrnyTova @aferreiraauthor @J5rson there's a board game based on The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and it has a John Melmoth card. If a… 1787 William Godwin applies for a post at the British Museum
Retweeted by Colin HarkerJapanese illustrator Yamamato Takato
Retweeted by Colin HarkerFrankenstein by Bernie Wrightson
Retweeted by Colin HarkerIn Japanese Folklore, Bake-kujira is a massive ghostly whale skeleton. Those who witness a Bake-kujira are infected…
Retweeted by Colin Harker @LilJerseyDevil Yes! They’re all very eerie. @LilJerseyDevil The fourth one with Kubrick and Jack is a bit adorable. 🖤Kitty Stephens Playing a Harp Lute (1804) by George Henry Harlow (England, 1787-1819). #Music #Musician
Retweeted by Colin Harker @slimyswampghost The Skeleton Key (2005) is one of my favorite, underrated Southern Gothic horror films.
@PhilNobileJr Might have to do the same, honestly.Today is quartidi 4 Pluviôse in the year of the Republic CCXXVIII, celebrating snowdrop.
Retweeted by Colin Harker @sick__66 I guess my take is that it comes down to the individual and don't think there's a hard and fast rule for… @freya_cw Also, before I forget, I just discovered this a couple of days ago and am mindblown that this exists: @OddNMacabre @OddNMacabre Sean, I think we actually watched this movie a couple of months ago! Not that we can't watch it again,… @KealanBurke I have a weird version of that where I want to say I write Gothic novels, but often when I do, I get a… @FreddyInSpace @BillBrasky2620 Yeah and actually, "Turn of the Screw" is regarded quite highly by the horror commun… am reminded once again of why I adore New England. @BoobPunchTina @maureenjohnson "Ghosts and monsters of stone. They are there to kill you." 🤣 This article is wonde… @freya_cw I thought I was the only one with this problem. @OddNMacabre Honestly, probably Creed. Dude would terrify Dracula himself 😂 @NatBrehmer I’m hearing mostly negative things, sadly. @rianjohnson @mattprigge Agreed. And Then There Were None gave me nightmares as a kid. So chillingly perfect. @Lambton_Worm Terrific! @Lambton_Worm I just listened to the trailer and I love the voice acting -- Howie's casting is perfect. @Lambton_Worm Oh my, I love that this exists! Very much looking forward to giving this a listen.