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Time for a restful night's sleep. Night, peeps this day 2018, @drkarenlord & @paulmagrs signing after our talk at @edbookfest Great… this day 2018, the Most Excellent @AcmeDarryl signing books after his @MyriadEditions Graphic Science event a… this day 2017, portrait of a busker on the Royal Mile #Fringe #Edinburgh #photography #portraitTaken this day 2016, the splendid @amendlocke signing my chum Kaia's book at @edbookfest this day 2016, Charlotte Square at night during @edbookfest #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2014, @michaelcarey191 & @isabelgreenberg at @edbookfest #books #comics #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2013, Joe Sacco & Chris Ware talking to @TeddyJamieson at @edbookfest From their expressions I think… this day 2012, portrait in sunlight and shadows Actor at the #Fringe on the Royal Mil… this day 2012, cowboys and aliens on the Royal Mile #Fringe #Edinburgh #photography @jeffvandermeer I do love when a kitty puts their paw on your wrist or hand like that, as if to say "you're mine".#DEATHROWCATS !!! #CARTHAGETX #cats ! #ADOPT ! #FOSTER ! #PLEDGE for #RESCUE! #LASTCALL #ADOPTUS #FOSTERUS
Retweeted by Lord Woolamaloo @JennieMacfie @OrkneyLibrary Hah, possibly, but I can't imagine I would leave any behind for a stash, I'd have eaten and drunk it all :-) @DocFiBrown @jamescanton @tweetclix @EdinBookshop @canongatebooks @BBCRadio4 Being of good Celtic heritage, my skin… Trump advisor appeared to have tried to insult Kamala Harris by comparing the vice presidential candidate to Marg…
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooStash of beer and gummy sweets from the 1980s found hidden behind section in public library Michael O'Shea's The Transfiguration, a young boy with emotional problems, obsessed with vampire lore. Low… @DocFiBrown @jamescanton @EdinBookshop @canongatebooks @BBCRadio4 I love reading under a good treeThis is pretty damned cool: a house made out of the stern of an 1908 US Coastguard vessel G… enjoy the sight of a pair of bear cubs playing in a kiddie pool in someone's back garden @DocFiBrown @jamescanton @EdinBookshop @canongatebooks @BBCRadio4 Lovely to see you, Fi, hope you enjoy the book!Clouds reflecting in the Union Canal this evening. #Polwarth #Edinburgh repairing the old TARDIS at #Polwarth this evening. #Edinburgh #DoctorWho from the top of the bookshop ladder. All daredevil aerial stunts performed without the aid of a safety net...… @valmcdermid klaxon!!! Still Life a new Karen Pirie tale, just arrived from @LittleBrownUK #books #CrimeFiction
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooQuick run to post some books, fights temptation to get ice-cream cone from Luca's on way back... #Edinburgh @edinhelp ThanksNice bookmarks from @OrendaBooks arrived, complete with sweeties they included for us just because they are lovely!!
Retweeted by Lord Woolamaloo @LR_Lam @_ElizabethMay Yep @LR_Lam @_ElizabethMay Just had someone in to buy a copy, I think she said you tapped her for biology advice for your work.I can't give a shout out to @EdinBookshop for obvious reasons 😂 but any one out there love our Children's Dept enou…
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooBerries. #nature @edinhelp Thank you 😃 @edinhelp hi, guys. This builder's van has been blocking the entire pavement at the top of Merchiston Ave (near jun… reluctantly into waking world once more....
Off to sail the seas of the Dreaming. Night, peeps @shellbryson Yeah, was rather disappointed too. Difficult times for sure, but still irked zero SF or GN events, entire area ignored. @shellbryson Would that be certain lit fest that had zero SF or GN events units digital form?? @DocFiBrown Quite enjoy the ritual of it too, getting vinyl out of sleeve, dusting it down, needle on record, that… @DocFiBrown Cool, see you then. I am missing being able to browse the music stall in the Grassmarket on Saturdays f… @DocFiBrown most were in good condition as I often only played them a few times, recorded onto a Metal or Chrome ta… @DocFiBrown When my chum got me a Crosley turntable in a case a couple of years back for my bday I rummaged through… producers hit by slump in sales during pandemic You know, in the spirit of public… this: iconic final scenes of 2001 re-created at home as 2020: An Isolation Odyssey #film @oculusaye @LocalEyesTours ah, but it doesn't count till a White Man explains it all to everyone :-) @DocFiBrown Ah, singles, how I remember those. Both the 45rpm variety and the cheese slices.... @shellbryson Comfort yourself with the thought that in four months you will be complaining about your energy bills… @JonCG seen this? Gorgeous, handbuilt, Deco-inspired fairing on a BMW R100. Bloody gorgeous… was just the son of the 4th Lord Bethell, but he hustled, had grit and perseverance, and eventually became the…
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooWalking, cycling or just sitting by the Union Canal on a summer evening #Fountainbridge #Edinburgh #photographyYe gods. This utter moron should be removed from his office right away and charged with reckless endangerment of hi…, uh. This isn’t good AT ALL.
Retweeted by Lord Woolamaloo @karochan3 I'm glad they made it law, so few were bothering before they did, it was making me very ratty @CoryMacRae Exactly, and they often tells students they are "preparing them for the real world" (which most of the… @LR_Lam Woot!!! If you do find yourself by the Edinburgh Bookshop come in and get a book selfie with Seven Devils a… never thought this would ever, ever happen, much less in 2020. I think I'm in shock. Holy shit.
Retweeted by Lord Woolamaloo @CoryMacRae I remember our psychology lecturer at college saying we were doing various essays & assignments because… @catherinerayner just arrived from @MacmillanKidsUK - Arlo, the Lion Who Couldn't Sleep. #books #BooksForKids
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooThere's a great review of Victory Point on Down The Tubes! #comics "This is a book I will come back to again and ag…
Retweeted by Lord Woolamaloo @Jelliottcoleman Zarjaz!!! @ChristineCarr @EdinBookshop Sorry, we've not been told of any signed ones coming to usTripwire Reviews DC's The Joker: 80 Years Of The Clown Prince Of Crime @ollymacnamee @LordWoolamaloo
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooForced to confront the waking world again...
Slumbering time, night, peeps this day 2019, #portrait of a #Fringe performer Royal Mile, #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2018, @johnhdunning , Michael Kennedy & Javi Rey signing after we had a great @SelfMadeHero event at… this day 2015, Saucy Jack & the Space Vixens at the #Fringe #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2012, twin sisters Kris & Alix performing music at the #Fringe #music #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2012, #portrait of a #Fringe actor #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2010, lady marionette blowing me a kiss on the Royal Mile #Edinburgh #Fringe #photographyTaken this day 2010, performers doing a slow march up the Royal Mile at the #Fringe #Edinburgh #photographyTaken this day 2007, Park Chan-Wook at the @edfilmfest #Edinburgh #film #photographyWildlife cameras hidden in Thai forest capture more images of wild tigers Beautiful creatures.People enjoying drinks and a blether outside Montpeliers this evening (what a difference from last night!)… @AnnVanderMeer wait till he starts telling him about the really big bunny with the pocket watch, who always appears to be in a hurryChap and his reflection at the Globetrotter chip shop, #Bruntsfield Sorry, @Beathhigh didn'… @rowenaaitken Glad to hear it :-) @AnnVanderMeer Oh no, Grampa Jeff's off one his "do you know rabbits eat poop" trips.I like to think that just sometimes I make a difference...Introduced another young reader to Harry Harrison's wonderful Stainless Steel Rat adventures. Ready to move from YA… @DocFiBrown Oh that was you! Yes! We should have had those just after the event, now told any day now. I'm in till… @DocFiBrown You should have said hi!!! @sjksanders @horror_channel @SirPatStew It's the first time I have revisited this ep since I lost my beloved aunt a… rather nice feeling when you come home on a hot day after work and realise you made so much pasta last night t… @awmudge @rowenaaitken Yes, thanks, was fine! I try not to worry about it happening again, but I thought that the f… evening's @horror_channel #StarTrek TNG repeat is "Sarek". Superb, deeply emotional episode (ironically for a… @SirBenfro @aptshadow Sitting by the Union Canal after bookshop work, reading another few chapters of it Al fresco,…, on the subject of good things, that @aptshadow has a new book out next week that you're all going to want to…
Retweeted by Lord WoolamalooTripwire Reviews Ed Brubaker And Sean Phillips’ Pulp Original Graphic Novel
Retweeted by Lord Woolamaloo @LR_Lam A badge of honourAfter last night's hours-long giants playing Taiko drums thunder, Zeus-level lightning & ferocious deluge, this eve… @AikiSaul Congrats!!!We just unpacked Christmas books. It's August 12th.... Unsurprisingly I am not feeling the festive spirit... #books @MissSJP A damp piece!What a difference from last night"s hours-long thunderstorms: pavements still glistening wet but sun drying them of… time, look, it is morning. Happy happy, joy joy
Sleepy byes times, night, peeps I had known the lightning would go on for hours I would have made more effort to finish off my creature, ready t… @rowenaaitken I've been checking the spot where it came in during previous storms umpteen times this evening alread…