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FIRST Robotics, indie games and soft things. Every decision of my life is in spreadsheet form

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Me and my girl Qiyana 🤙🏽 @LeagueOfLegends @riotgames #TRUEDAMAGE #LEAGUEOFLEGENDS
Retweeted by Christina 🤖The added detail that all of the evil exes in Scott Pilgrim canonically just respawn in their homes and stop caring…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Seriously was fine with the steam update until I tried to play a game I didn't already install that didn't belong to Andy's library... @jellicents's been a while since I last shared a new #EliosBotanimals design so here are some new guys! They're still roug…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖I think my coworkers would be legitimately annoyed if I started decorating my desk space this early so have a holid… plug again since I've seen this making the rounds again. But if y'all liked this comic and wanna support, I have…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖✨ #ポッキープリッツの日
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@FRANA_OW Orisa no crust -peak intellectual usage -visually makes more sense -confuses teammates long enough to de…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖//I just realized Greninja is a big froakiePut a standalone grass starter in smashVictor Hugo describing the Paris sewer system
Retweeted by Christina 🤖This is the only Twitter moment 'for me' that has been 100% for me probably has brown pants over maroon because of course she does but I just so happen to be wearing one of my tw…*looks at Mercy skin* *Looks at own outfit* Well shitOverwatch Event New Doctor Mercy Skin 오버워치 새로운 의사 메르시 스킨 공개
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Please play Tangle Tower #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Finalists from yesterday's GeForce Garage contest (2/2) @PDXLAN Congrats to Robert Hufford, Noah Krebs, and Josiah…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖//Andy is very smart and also not knowledgeable on foodsAndy just held up a persimmon with zero clue what it is I love one himboI already bought blue glitter hairspray so I'm legally obligated to attend a robotics competition next yearHideo Kojima receives the Guinness World Records, for the most followed Game director on Twitter and Instagram!…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Every now and then I remember the "we press F to pay respects and W to move onward" eulogy post and if I die within…
Sometimes I wish I'd do more gel/professional nails but I just applied topcoat and I'm feelin good as hell as if smash players care at all about DDR. Nice one 😂
Retweeted by Christina 🤖モスマン!
Retweeted by Christina 🤖WOW IT'S HERE I GUESS the hopefully comprehensive guide to product photography? 😂💦 its free to read on gdrive & i…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖I fucking hate creatively bankrupt thieving-ass twitter accounts, what absolute dipshit read a tweet and was like “…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Announcing Røkkr home event ticket sale details: Nov. 12-13: Røkkr Season Pass presale (Jan. Launch Weekend & May…
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@cadandcookies @Mrghllghghllghg We found a place with a better window and a super sick kitchen Fighter V: AE is LIVE now! 👉👈 #RedBullConquest Minneapolis @CapcomFighters
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Colleges are buying SAT takers names, marketing to low scorers, all to boost rejections and juice their already low…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Andy: oh wait I don't think I closed the [car] door properly Evan: oh let me check Evan *Pulls up Tesla app* Me: wa… @TroubledOdyssey Looool. Time is weirdIt seems like a cutesy gag but I legitimately don't remember my ageVideo game skill: C rank Event setup skill: A rank (I didn't help set this specific area up at all except for one c…"Oh yeah it would be weird. That's what we do right?"Someone on discord: Wait whats an IV (in pokemon) @cadandcookies : [activated]
Red Bull Conquest Minnesota / RBC MSP pro tip: the mall is doing a culinary event thing so go to a frontish desk and grab a bunch of couponsI have plans tomorrow so I'm literally just going to help set up but you know what they say, support your localsI don't even own Tekken or SFV but I love volunteering so time to go to Red Bull ConquestAge is just a number that counts quickly upward to an ending point.
Retweeted by Christina 🤖✨giveaway time!✨ I'm giving away a ghost pokepin to 2 lucky winners! to enter the draw: 🔹rt this post 🔹follow…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖I came into this expecting something awful'm staying at this hip artsy hotel that has writings all over the place. They are supposed to be witty but I read…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Uber's self-driving car hit and killed a person because Uber programmed it to kill anyone who was not walking on a…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Family portrait goals #BluesCluesandYou
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Business: panders to China China: puts strict limits on gaming time
The problem with Bojack is that the ending songs are great and I'm too slow to tell Netflix to stop skippingWhy is this season so happy and resolvingShout-out to the plane name parodiesOh man I love the Raven jokes in this ep of bojackFor a second I thought that Kojima really hates popular Korean boybands
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Adventure Choice #1
Retweeted by Christina 🤖[ THE DIRECTOR'S HAIRPIN ] Inspired by the game, CONTROL 🔻Purchase it here🔻 #ControlRemedy
Retweeted by Christina 🤖PLEASE! Also, those pockets you think are fake and don’t open are just welt seams and are stitched shut to keep the…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖You ever just remember a thing you did in high school that was so cringey you have a physical reaction @Diamond_Sota @MiDNiTEMN @CODLeague ‼️let me in hell no
Retweeted by Christina 🤖If Andy can handle me constantly queueing overwatch I can probably deal with the quest for elite smashAdd wolverine to smash so I can make MvC jokesHis little gloves...
Retweeted by Christina 🤖2019 social media is quote retweeting a video on twitter which recorded an instagram post which recorded a tiktok d…
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//I'm actually super into motor discourse so this isn't a real complain butMe: hey I'd like to be a part of more mentor emails Mentor emails: [20 replies about whether to buy X motor] Me: oh wait noI am actually very hype for Terry even though I know I'm going to be badOf course I'm gunna try to watch sakurai geek out about SNK before this like, department wide meetingNEW! We've got C O N S U M E by @louisroskosch and Round Friends by @haimeh_ugarte available for 24 hours only at…
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Midwest - you only have ONE DAY LEFT to register for Red Bull Conquest Minneapolis! Who are we seeing this Saturd…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖 @ChrisDAnimation Thank you for the tldr// I've been trying to play more bap lately but I've been winning more with Lucio so...Aw yis Fabulous app (@GetTheFabulous) ripped off GRIS and is reminder to all devs to be mindful of big companies and b…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Hello Kitty goes esports with FNATIC! FNATIC x @hellokitty coming November 15th. Pre-register now to be notified o…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖These are the unlockable colors for the Kickstarter!!! Full update: You choose colors at…
Retweeted by Christina 🤖 @DeBoardAnne Looking up Sirfetch'd gifs only returns eyebrow related ones, for the record @DeBoardAnne Yes @capricornlilith Can we get an f in chat for one good noodle @Aluhnim .@cadandcookies it's been a while since your last hair cut...1) how do I get Razer to sponsor my wedding 2) who wants to marry me videography opportunity 👀
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Retweeted by Christina 🤖My reward for basic human tasks is eating imitation crab straight out of the container
Spotify really just taking thoughts out of my head now huh @jellicents 🥰 thnx!! I still have the green tea cleanser from when you recommend me that one site lol. My fool brai… who take care of their face, what are your favorite products/routine?I'm tired, if you can't tellR _ _My type is black haired dudes with a red and white color scheme who got super buff and hung out in the mountains fo…'s time to learn guilty gear
My sister is explaining the FFXIV house hunting crisis and uh whatShout-out to my sister for reminding me that this happened also it's been 10 years and after an OWL players first pay check
Retweeted by Christina 🤖 @capricornlilith @PlayOverwatch @itskishe I love it he looks like an eboy. He probably spent a lot of his dad's money on it
Is this u @capricornlilith!!!!! #genyatta
Retweeted by Christina 🤖Full size of my new icon's not longer seasonally appropriate to have a spooky icon but it's too early for a Christmas one but I'm not mak… @capricornlilith @PlayOverwatch @itskishe How dare you