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Jay "Lorg" @Lorg_ American living in Sweden

Producer/Designer in gamedev | Current: @UbiMassive Prev: @Obsidian | Puns. Weights. MonHun. |

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@Arlieth Right temp. Chug.Update: Stretchy slacks feel like wearing sweatpants, while still looking a bit sharp. Excellent purchase. @SocksyBear Time to carry me through AT Namielle! HOORAY!
I still have my capture card, webcam, mixer, compressor, mic, and green screen... I’d have to re-do all of my graph… seared and oven roasted pork loin tonight :) @BloodyfasterTV I hit some 160kg squat singles yesterday, plus 120kg 5x5 squats. My legs were yelling at me for the whole class tonight.Whew. Girlfriend talked me into taking a HIIT class after doing squats last night. The class was really fun, but my… @Rushlock Yup! Exactly. @Rushlock Nah. The interaction was the whole point (for me). @Rushlock For sure. I wouldn’t do it to “make it”... never did. It’s a hobby I miss, but I’m not sure if I have (or… @Rushlock The best part is I can hear the reply in your dulcet tones. @Rushlock Mixture of things really. Nostalgia. Fun. Investment. Time consuming. Rewarding. Equipment. Schedule. Good and bad.My girlfriend isn’t really a gamer and hadn’t heard about Twitch before I came around. I’ve, since, shown her Twit… @8bitpimp Yooooo!My Swedish is improving a bit, so now I just butcher my way through speaking... which makes me feel like I’ve learned nothing at all.
@avalonstar Nah. Stand by it. @PUNJISTICK @renee @TimDotTV @renee I’d actually taken a pretty big break from them prior to this whole thing, so games are a bit of an escape f… @DarkestDungeon @FallofCthulhu Don’t forget your trinkets. @maquannas @LadyDevann I still refer to character creation as “Level 1”... @PlayTorchlight My original Torchlight golem t-shirt, from PAX Prime, finally fell apart. Rest in pieces, shirt.Oh yeah. If you want more food and lifting nonsense... I still use my instagram for this type of content: dessert. @Danotage @djWHEAT The octopus in Echo the Dolphin. The eel in Mario 64. The water Colossus in SoTC. Subnautica...… @ahruon I appreciate this.Squat day? Squat day. @EdEMonster Ah, ok. @cynixy Guacamole-ionaire. @cynixy For about 3.7 hours. @Arekkz @olafurw 👍>🤙 @RealClaudioG Mandalorian is already complete!
@Faucius I got away from “these four walls” for a couple days. Phew. @Silent0siris I haven’t. I was looking at Westworld and True Detective as potential next adventures. @Silent0siris For sure. I do appreciate the suggestions though! @Silent0siris The only one of those that resonates with me is Better Call Saul. I’ve tried the others. I’m not the audience. @LadyDevann DovahSKIN 😎 @MANvsGAME The QOL and visual updates to MHW just make it a superior experience for me. I also really appreciate t… @Arekkz Watch every Juji Mufu video.Well, we finished Peaky Blinders and Mad Men... what show do we watch now? Suggestions please. @KattAnira I thought the very same. @SocksyBear @Vide0Gains Chamber of Yeet-itude. @JonsandmanTv I still think about that cable management picture from @AnneMunition ... what a work of art.I’m gonna have to do more volunteering/grocery delivering in the next couple weeks. I want to contribute more to pe… snuck a Palico drawing into my jacket pocket. @chrisradsby We’re all playing Monster Hunter. @mioree_ You’ve got this, Mio!
@scarfino Move to Sweden. It’s a must.Server did not fail. to the server, “Hey, uh... do you think I can get an ice cream cone and a mug of beer?”Whoops. Mantra: 4,538. @Arlieth 3 feet is 10/10Also. Little jellyfish was stuck on a rock, I tossed him back in the water. He’s safe 👍.Couple of firsts today. First time touching a jelly fish. First time in a sea cave. yeah. Bit of a hike in the mountains and hills today. @KasperIRL I’m in the future. It’s not Friday night. I’m not drinking. :(Frukost @CarsonDrewit Best of luck to Nemo.Slept in way too late dot jpeg
@Mali_Games Glad you decided to take a crack at it.On a rainy walk, we met the best boy. His name is Tasse.’re just jelly. @Soaryn117 @tehMorag Oh ho hoHey, @tehMorag - caption this. like... @MANvsGAME @CohhCarnage Look, MAN, stop being such a square. 😎 @CohhCarnage I see you have your plans... blocked out. 😎 @Faucius @thesolerestocks Oh daaaaaang. Good looking out.
Yup.! This texture pack though! Minecraft with RTX is nuts. @Professorbroman Maybe. @Kazperstan Good call.OH DAMN! I found some trousers/slacks that are mega stretchy, look slick, slim fitting, and fit my quads. Hellllll yeah. out of town for a couple days. @PUNJISTICK @renee @KasperIRL @AdmiralBahroo Take my advice then. Get to it! @DomesticDan Nichijou @KasperIRL @AdmiralBahroo @renee Happy to help. Lemme know if you want to talk about getting those gains, @AdmiralBahroo!
@Knives112 What I mean is... if it wasn’t there the whole time. And they had to scramble, because $$$.One lady was soooo appreciative of the delivery. She was definitely happy to get food and talk to another human in the flesh. @Knives112 Wouldn’t it be funny if it didn’t exist and they just made it a thing due to fan outcry? @Gemini_Twitch Not sure how 100% relevant this is to the discussion, but I really liked @BaconDonutTV’s article. @SocksyBear Ayyyy, top tier gif. @monsterhunter That gif! @PoultreeGeist @Tigerwritertv It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. @jk_rowling Harry Potter and the Mystery of the File NameVolunteered to deliver groceries to people in risk groups today! Beautiful day to get out and help some fellow hum…
Today’s programming. (Plus yoga cool down) super good to stick to the programming again, instead of solely pushing for PRs. Getting the work capacity b… @Ezekiel_III Just start banning people at random. Got it. @JDWenzel Always @AndyLunique Let’s go.Squat. Day. @KattAnira No. You. @KattAnira Just you.
@okaydrian Even sans pinch. @okaydrian @Darshelle HmmOkay! Managed to get my end game set going. My GS has healing augment. I’ve upgraded/augmented 2 of my armor pieces… @matronedea Humans. Giant asteroid needs to take care of us.