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Jay "Lorg" @Lorg_ American living in Sweden

Producer/Designer in gamedev | Current: @UbiMassive Prev: @Obsidian | Puns. Weights. MonHun. | Twitch:

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Oh whoa, I have a little badge in @trav1099 's chat. Nifty. @Silent0siris I didn't even think of this option. ANXIETY INTENSIFIES @Zeer0P I'll take the anxiety and nausea over the insane abdominal pain from a week ago. @Zeer0P It's fine - I'm (sadly) used to being on antibiotics for stuff... Flagyl just seems to be making me anxious…, do antibiotics cause major anxiety for anyone else out there? (Currently taking doxycycline and flagyl ... dou… bought tickets to see @TheMidnightLA in Aarhaus, Denmark! FINALLY going to see this amazing music live. @Arekkz I have the best IG set. It’s called: Great Sword. 😎😎😎
@CohhCarnage @Andy_Lunique Back off, Cohh, they're mine first. @Johan_Bild Hahaha, not where I'm at... Video is from yesterday. Absolutely GORGEOUS weather though.Update. My abdominal pain is going away. Appetite coming back. Antibiotics and bland diet to the rescue.Sweden, you beautiful thing.
OH SNAP! My shirts for the @endgame drop 2 showed up!!! @Arekkz OMGkamiSo many of you have reached out in replies, or privately, regarding this health stuff... makes me thankful and is TRULY humbling. Thank you.
@Faucius SweeeeedeeeeeeeeeenYoooo. After nearly 7 days of no appetite, it’s so nice to be hungry again. @Andy_Lunique Bottom bun (toasted), double patties, cheese (swiss or any smoked white cheese), bacon, caramelized o… puppy visited the office today. Anyone who has taken Flagyl/metronidazole can tell you how hard this antibiotic hits your system... Feeling dizzy. @michirage Ink gains. @TrevorDikes Yeah. It’s been a rough go. Similar thing that just happened to my dad almost happened to me.Doc says no gym for at least another week. Daaaaamn.Lost some extra weight the last few days, because of being sick/not eating much... Not exactly how I planned to rea… @JDWenzel I know this enemy.
So... panic attacks, eh? How 'bout 'em.Okay, a few hours in... I don't know if it's placebo, but the antibiotics are cooling things off in my gut. Holy moly. @JamieChurch2 Antibiotics is likely what’s needed. Diverticulitis is likely the problem.Left the ER empty handed and in pain (again). The specialist I saw previously called me and told me they had an ope… 2. And back at the hospital. More labs. Likely more questions. Still pain. feeling half dead today, so......... I guess that’s good. Back to the hospital for more tests today.
Humbled and thankful for the kind words and actions today.Still hurting. A bit confused. A bit worried still. But home for the time being. sucks adds +1 to bicep aesthetics. @ArctixTV Yeah. I’m super thankful for that. Being here, having zero worry about whether or not to accept treatment… @ArctixTV Definitely not feeling 100% right now.Bahaha. The nurse here is like, “What’re you doing here, bro?! I see you at the gym all the time!” @matronedea Yes. I would like to exist without severe pain. @Arekkz TBDER hype. Complications from the colonoscopy I got 10 days ago. Hello, Swedish ER. Here’s to hoping I am okay.
! @Professorbroman WELP @Arekkz @Dusk777 @Arekkz @GamerSheek Congrats! But Arekkz, we talked about this... You were SUPPOSED to rig this for me!Hot damn, I think I want to pick up Code Vein. Maybe I can put my "not-so-into-anime-games" thing aside for what se… @Ezekiel_III D&Definitely glad you have you around. Keep on moving, brother.
@Dogen Be safe, hombre.“‘You miss 100% shots you don’t take.’ - Wayne Gretzky” - Michael Scott
Funny how a few things going well can make you more nervous than some bad stuff, eh? @rxlyaT @ellahellberg @EmilyElisabeth_ Yes. @capitalvices 🤙
Exercise/lifting... man oh man, such a mental life saver.Kaboom. Quads are feeling inflated today. @Professorbroman Coffee Grind* @MANvsGAME Wait, what game is this again? @MANvsGAME Yup, gonna have to snag it. I've been pretty convinced. @Darshelle_ Yeah, I prefer Great Sword over Insect Glaive, personally.
We're hiring for an Office Manager! If you're organized, detail oriented, love games, are looking for a fun work en…
Retweeted by Jay 'Lorg' @_Zelkina @chargebIade @TwoSixNine Exactly. Hoping for latent. @TwoSixNine I NEED this GS to be raw dmg. I NEED IT. @TwoSixNine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Gemini_Twitch Dude, taxes in Sweden took me like 120 seconds to complete. It was amazing. @Curvyllama @imaSpaceboy Yeaaahhh. Sometimes they call it “serum sickness” other times they call it “taking antibio… @Curvyllama @imaSpaceboy Take them with food. First day is usually rough. Probiotics 2 hours before/after taking th… @LadySensei89 Yup! I didn’t move to California until 2016. @Gemini_Twitch I don’t mind taxes. I do mind incompetence.What’s that? Back on the weight loss (after family and doctor stuff)... mid week weigh in and already lower than th…
@LadySensei89 This is from 2015, when I lived in Washington.Why is the State of California sending me a "delinquent tax" notice for a year I didn't live/work/pay taxes/earn income in the state? @DomesticDan
@ThatBronzeGirl Only game to actually make me lose sleep from being terrified. @ckaleiki Can I wield Chris Kaleiki has a PVP weapon? @Faucius Will these let me shoulder charge IRL? @MANvsGAME People could NEVER get the capitalization right. I got sick of it. @MANvsGAME @MANvsGAME Yeah, it was MALEHUMANvsVIDEOGAME @MANvsGAME No joke, I made my original "Lorg_" twitch account just to sub to your channel/talk in your chat, instea… a free shirt tonight at the gym! Too bad creatine is a PED (ohhhohohoho). Guess I’m not natty. RIP. @xenos76 Good luck.Sweeeeden looking pretty. @AnneMunition Oh, that's pretty darn cool. Nice work.
@AnnaProsser @ThatBronzeGirl Fred Meyer trip is actually on my radar when I visit the US again. @SantaDevs @tehMorag Chicken Katsu. Deadlifts. Living the dream. @SourKoolaidShow @Knives112 @trav1099 Maybe it's @travelchannel ? @Arekkz Desire sensor is strong. @okaydrian @LadyDevann Yo! +1 that's awesome. @michirage @MaevriPlays Ready for space, yo.Yuuuuup! In 30 minutes. :) @Silent0siris Who does an arms day? What even... I can't.Oh look at that, potential date number 2 incoming? 🤙Ah nice! I didn’t gain back as much as I thought. Okay, make that ~2kg to go. Even easier. family health stuff seems to be clearing up (fingers crossed), and the week of prepping for doc appointment…
@Diction Oh. @NikonPunch 2 photoshoots are underway. 📸@BrandonTSnider 📸@DrLupo 📸@tkblingx2 📸@MindofSnaps 📸@DanDrumStone 📸@PowerGPUcom…
Retweeted by Jay 'Lorg'Hahaha, some of you acting like this is basically a marriage proposal. It was just a great first date(which after t… that was an amazing date.