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Freelance Artist specializing in portraits. I DO NOT work for money, I work for GOD. on TWITTER to HELP CORRECT ERROR in the #CATHOLIC CHURCH thru #TRUTH.

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@E_Rae3 @CMartinForMO @ProtecttheFaith IF he obeyed God's Living Word he would have been HOME or in CHURCH or somew… @PiusOP @mboorstein @jdflynn @washingtonpost that is simply YOUR perception you can't just project that on to us?????? ah aye yie
@mollywithakay Receive His Love&Forgive &B theHolyCross & NOTHING we do. except RECEIVE it. We can al… @mollywithakay God Gave u, me, the priests EACH 1 OF US the Power to 4give in our hearts - Heaven on earth being ON… @mollywithakay your4givenessComesFrom theLove&SacrificeOfJesusOn theHolyCross-simply receive It-show up #PalmsUp &r… @LeMeTellUSumtin I think THIS is the MOST POPULAR SIN in the #CatholicChurch today - hating in the Name of Jesus :( @LeMeTellUSumtin until hate becomes THE sin @Vlinguist ?????? can one be more arrogant??? @LeMeTellUSumtin bottom line: he hated...... @SevenShepherd Yes Lord #Jesus may i ALWAYS BE THE ONE WHO RETURNS TO GIVE THANKS! and never one of the 9! Through Christ Our Lord Amen @Pistol480 Help me to embrace Your Mercy & Grace & share It w/others. Thank You for Accepting me despite all my imp… @JesusITrustInU4 "kill em w/kindness" Is From The Living Word Of GodGood morning, from a Saint Kateri Habitat in Delaware! “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed b…
Retweeted by LORIANNART @MiaFarrow Sweet Mary has brought him down from within..... par for the course of those corrupt w/POWER. @Digitalnun @BirgitteUna i am heartbroken 4all the #Catholic nuns who BLOCKED me on #CatholicTwitter because i disa… @BirgitteUna @The_Tablet one can HOPE..... @novenanews #ThankYou #Jesus Where there IS NO MALE/FEMALE & the "flesh is of NO AVAIL" obeying the Living Word Of… @TODAYshow #Praise God they were safely rescued! #ThankYou #Jesus 4the HEROS among us! #GodBless @SevenShepherd my pinned tweet shares an example of of the best moments of my entire lifetime @thehill Mary makes me happy. @thehill I believe we are seeing the TOPPLING DOWN FROM POWER FROM really is an "age old" story… @thehill Since the announcement of Mary's BOOK COMING OUT....... He has ANNOUNCED - BIDEN AHEAD IN POLLS followed…'s argument that he wasIMMUNEfrom any criminal process"runs up against the200yrs of precedent establishing tha… God You Have Gone Beyond my desire & I will sing Your Mercies! St Therese of Lisieux #goodmorning @LisaSmi2288704 @jetrotter BIDEN IS A LIFETIME SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT #VoteJoeBidenToSaveAmerica #VoteBlue2020 #VoteJoe
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@LeMeTellUSumtin yes America is founded on Genocide of the American Indian & slavery of blacks "wonderful" :( @robreiner oh MARY SWEET MARY .... OH MARY SWEET MARY..... @dlongenecker1 #Amen! although one may be killed for Wisdom..... by the arrogant & wicked.... look at Martin Luther King jr. etc. @RevLDReed showing up #PalmsUp hungry&thirsty 4His Love 4us ALL. #Prayers 4ALL 4ALL r in need of #Jesus, His Living… #ThursdayMotivation #thursdayvibes @USATODAY The Presidency is the only thing saving him at the moment. A criminal President.
Retweeted by LORIANNART @dlongenecker1 hoping fine art sales increase w/isolation :) #Peaceyes this is the ONLY WAY to Live & Have Sustained Joy In the #Lord #JesusChrist @ArlingtonStarla @ABC definitely guard one's self against grief - a demon straight from hell. #GodBless @Denver09731428 @theFuquak @ABC @JoeBiden DIDN'T BRING THE INNOCENT MAN BACK DID IT??? so what's so special about MURDER??? @ABC Grief Is a DEMON STRAIGHT FROM HELL....killing those living & robbing us of the Joys Of the Lord.... TAKE CAR… @NBCNews SOUNDS JUST LIKE MY LOEFFLER COUSINS........ "white privilege" is something one who has it is blind to it....Day 191 of 366. The Lord God is brighter than the brilliance of a sunrise! Wrapping himself around me like a shiel…
Retweeted by LORIANNART @RevLDReed The LordGod IsBrighter Than the brilliance of a sunrise! Wrapping Himself Around me Like aShield He Is S…
Retweeted by LORIANNART @RevLDReed The LordGod IsBrighter Than the brilliance of a sunrise! Wrapping Himself Around me Like aShield He Is S… #Praise You #Jesus 4Your Love! #GodBless #Peace #PalmsUp #TruthMatters over $5k a month during the pandemic selling cars... 12-14 hour days... great work ethic, highly intelligent… Fostered them like One Who Raises an infant to His Cheeks Yet though I stooped to feed my child they did not know… again, O LORD Of Hosts Look Down From Heaven&See Take Care of this vine &Protect what Your Right Hand Has Plan… cost u have received w/out cost u r 2give Do not take gold or silver or copper 4your belts no sack 4the jou… @escapedmatrix just remember whites were willing to KILL THEIR OWN next generation in order to own black slaves.... can u say "stubborn" ? @frjohncyr yes the"Our Father"is REALLY aPrayer of Declaration -the HIGHEST FORM of #Prayer According 2 God Is Prai… #Jesus 4my litttle grandbaby Noreen Katherine...named after my daughter who died of cancer at 10mos old. Go… Life is a Treasure. Each moment Eternity seeing God Face To Face Being One with Him St Therese of Lis… @godonly w/man GOD LOVES ALL EQUALLY ALWAYS @godonly God Alone Converts....... man has ZERO POWER w/out God @escapedmatrix LOL and watch my cable! paid a month in advance!Current Pencil #Portrait Commission... #IsolationArt #ThankYou #Jesus #PalmsUp such fun, a… @myonlineshrine silly folks NOTHING that enters us (music that enters our ears) can defile us...only what comes OUT OF US from it....
@jerryzez @DanComp02107462 @elliesangelwing @DavidPr70117773 @Aidan52420511 @johns20014 @EllahieCooking @RoseAmeli1 #Portrait Commission in #Pencildrawing #Pencil $120 for this piece., please release a special blessing over our days and weeks. Send positive increase in every area of our lives…
Retweeted by LORIANNART @DanComp02107462 @elliesangelwing @DavidPr70117773 @Aidan52420511 @johns20014 @EllahieCooking @RoseAmeli1 @elliesangelwing @DanComp02107462 @DavidPr70117773 @Aidan52420511 @johns20014 @EllahieCooking @RoseAmeli1 @HoneyTongueMuse brainwashing is the culprit! Truth Cuts through the garbage but few see Her. @FatherSJMC ???? um yeah NO lol just RECALL GOD'S LIVING WORD "THE FLESH IS OF NO AVAIL" try not to give it avail shall we???SO MUCH LOVE!!! then you have the #CatholicChurch the CHURCH OF LOVE CONDEMNS THIS LOVE?????? Lord #Jesus help You… couple Jaime and Carla have been together for 17 years 🌈
Retweeted by LORIANNARTLIVE & LET LIVE W/LOVE NOT JUDGEMENT to the LORD In His Strength seek to serve Him constantly Recall the Wondrous Deeds that He Has Wrought His Por… BLESS MARY TRUMP......... TYRANT GOES DOWN FROM WITHIN so typical! History Repeats Itself...... #TruthMatters to Him sing His Praise proclaim all His Wondrous Deeds Glory In His Holy Name rejoice O hearts that seek the L…“And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 #Help #Hope #JesusSaves
Retweeted by LORIANNART"My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation [is] from him." ~Psalms 62:5 #God #Poetry #Bible
Retweeted by LORIANNART @SrKatrinaCSJP @Mccrimmons @carmelnunsgb @CarmeliteWay @carmelitequotes @carmelwv3 yes i pray & get BLOCKED by… @thompsonb2569 @RPGOnaturallyme Heavenly Father we pray that theGod Of OurLord JesusChrist, the Father Of Glory Wil… morning from the Galilee Jesus bless us ✝️
Retweeted by LORIANNART @NapOfCorsica kanye tried to cash in on " Church" now its "state" ..... his wife becoming a lawyer is tough competi…
@latimes and no one missed them or was murdered by them either.....Germany thinks Trump is the "Fire Devil" ........... #MAGA2020 WHAT A DISGRACE OF A COUNTRY WE ARE WITH NO LEADER… is on the cover of a German magazine. Unfortunately, this is how they view America. @thehill better than L-I-A-R @RevLDReed hate to say it but i do love it..... @CraigRozniecki typical white rich guys way...... @CarmeliteNick @GigiLevangie LOL @menny_thoughts @jakeallr i have a child in Heaven at 10mos. i wish each year the pope would ANNUALLY DECLARE THESE… @menny_thoughts so do i, but i was left to live to pray for him the rest of my life...still do after 35yrs......HAPPY 80TH RINGO @livingforjc @DanComp02107462 yes FORGIVENESS IS ALREADY OURS........ @thehill I hope she spills more than Mary Trump...... #TruthMatters @FatherSJMC @FatherLewis @mary_kenton @bishopoffulham @dioceseoflondon hopefully they need it more than the Church… @themerry_monk if it were only that simple.... when we take our questions to GOD than YES.... it will lead to Wisdom @nevancik1 @CraigRozniecki yeah the rich man's woes are REAL! @CraigRozniecki well THATS NOT EVEN NEW NEWS........ @AnitaFixe @MoonStarCyn @jetrotter @donaldrusso994 just don't masturbate to your own get gross ......w/your lies??? @BirgitteUna @JacintaGoode evil knows no bounds....remember it can always be worse.... she could have been 6mos old… @Atena21620181 yes I Love #Jesus :) #ThankYou #JesusChrist 4Your Love 4me. showing up #PalmsUp hungry&thirsty 4Your… the world's Greatest Boogie Woogie Blues Keyboardist/Singer Pinetop Perkins on his 107th birhtday. aint… #PinetopPerkins @pinetopperkins on his 107th birthday photo - in front of an UNfinished watercolor of 5… @DeaOfAmor @ChoosingLoveBot yes they are two sides of the same coin! like love/hate good/evil fear/love light/dark credit/blame @jayjay283 @LisaSmi2288704 @jetrotter PHOTO SHOP is way too short for such hateful garbage LIES don… @LisaSmi2288704 @jetrotter BIDEN IS A LIFETIME SERVANT OF THE PEOPLE LIKE IT OR NOT #VoteJoeBidenToSaveAmerica #VoteBlue2020 #VoteJoe @LisaSmi2288704 @jetrotter step away from the mirror.... THINK READ PRAY don't follow the sheep follow the Good Sh… @Sheltieman3 it doesn't matter bottom line: BE READY RIGHT NOW (always)