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Freelance Artist specializing in portraits. I DO NOT work for money, I work for GOD. on TWITTER to HELP CORRECT ERROR in the #CATHOLIC CHURCH thru #TRUTH.

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@robbieg430_g so many dark sides 2many sorts of professions.... not just porn ... it isn't ALL dark it just ISN'T.… @NBCTheVoice @johnlegend @kellyclarkson it truly is a Great Work of Art! Great Music! #Peace #GodBless @catholictheosis @bankofferns NO God Made All our REPARATIONS for our sins ....what God Does Ask is that we SErve t… @ccpecknold @frjohnhollowell mediocrity (judging & comparing- TWO THINGS GOD ASKS US NOT TO DO) genius.... that is a RELATIVE TERM @acardnal @ccpecknold yea its too stupid for my brain too @ccpecknold @frjohnhollowell i sure hope he didnt say that garbage.................. glad he is on hold
@ChicagoPriest #GodBless u2 Brother Peter & #ThankYou 4 all u do in the Service &Love of #JesusChrist @zenaurelius @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia of course not! all are equal in the Eyes of God Who Sees ALL As Alive And No male/femaleyes! #CatholicTwitter Priests & #MediaNuns from the #CatholicChurch CONSTANTLY BLOCKING PEOPLE??? so much for "lovi…
Retweeted by LORIANNARTHow did we get away from theChristChild being thePOOR? How come #CatholicChurch refuses this position by the many p…
Retweeted by LORIANNARTRaise your hearts & your thoughts to God Who Alone Can Console you & Give you the Strength to sustain your trials i…
Retweeted by LORIANNART @VoluntasDeiFiat soaking in satan's tub of death obsession when #Jesus Conquered death! He is the God of the Living… @joelmorin @frjohnhollowell conjugal love - relating to marriage or the relationship of a married couple. "conjugal… @joelmorin @frjohnhollowell maybe not for you.... u may lack the sensitivity or the spirit to feel such oneness in… @joelmorin @frjohnhollowell KISSING can be ENOUGH.................... @joelmorin @frjohnhollowell anal has worked w/both sexes .... @AutisticPriest @CanonTwoTwelve yes u can be as mean as the rest of us..... (blocking bretheren on #CatholicTwitter @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler "wreaked havoc" WHAT emasculated males? can't get an erection? what? what HAVOC? @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler i rejectNOTHINGof #JesusChrst just the lust/greed/envy 4 God'sPowe… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler u see we NOW have altar girls.... I felt that error all the way to my core.... @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler of course! Timothy speaks of doing what they do w/women by/the law… #TruthMatters #TruthBeTold #ThursdayMotivation #ThursdayThoughts @inflammateomnia ugh here comes satan's hatred of death...... God Says "I Am the GOD OF THE LIVING & not of the de… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler I ACT IN "PERSONAW CHRISTI" WHEN I SERVE THE POOR aint no one in t… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler i see then define away........... @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler during the consecration after he did the last supper part.. the on… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler but they steal God' Name for themselves so what do you expect? sigh @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler he offered OUR MERITS up for the reparation of sins...we HAVE NO M… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler ok although i no nothing of the Protestant religion & born and rai… @christinamiriam sorry 2see BLOCKING on a #Catholic post..... hatred of Jesus done in His Name when BY a #Catholic @BrianBransfield LOVE the rich yellows & organges of the flame in conrast to the WHITE Light of the sun #GodBless a… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler i dont last time i did the priest LIED during CONSECRATION so i wa… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler everyday now for about15yrs for mass and o… @jamuller73 @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia share it or u do nothing w/your words @mightybarrister @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler she didn't when she was alive but she does NOW with me...we have b… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler why don't YOU share w/me GOD'S WORD on what u are speaking about i… @mightybarrister @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler no no the WORD OF PLAIN that it is quite an… @DavidAg97533980 @mightybarrister @Bishopoftyler i LOVE the HOLY ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH silly goose that is why i am… @DavidAg97533980 @RuralUSCatholic @Bishopoftyler oh yeah u mean above yes we will always have the poor with us too @DavidAg97533980 @RuralUSCatholic @Bishopoftyler no @mightybarrister @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler to serve the POOR is to BE THE HANDS&HEART of #JesusChrist (HIS FL… @mightybarrister @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler in the tabernacle of our HEARTS the #CatholicChurch seems to have… @RuralUSCatholic @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler i love the 3 oils that the Nose of Jesus Smelled - Frankincense &… @TheDemocrats NICE! @mightybarrister @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler Every place that is made room for the POOR yes! is a THRONE! give… @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler ?? well really ALL i did was ASK a SIMPLE QUESTION? @thehill .........about his daughters 100's of trademarks w/China??? @edgedancefit @Reflective_Soul i love when the swing dancers show up at a good ol live blues show & dance! @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler i even was the privileged & honored one to serve the #Thanksgiving Feast to these p… @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler yes i founded a ministry 18yrs old now serving the poorest a Sunday Feast each Sund… @DavidAg97533980 @Bishopoftyler yes all i am saying is LETS ALWAYS CONSIDER THE POORsince they are the SAME AS JESU… Gonna Be Here - Blind Boys of Alabama via @YouTube @JimSichko i do & u r #GodBless #Peace #PalmsUp & a comedian! my favorite facet of Christ's Infinite FacetsI am rapidly running out of tomorrows on which to begin my Christmas Shopping.....
Retweeted by LORIANNARTDear Santa: ( ) I've been good all year. ( ) Ok most of the time. ( ) Once in a while. (x) Forget it, I'll buy my own stuff.
Retweeted by LORIANNART @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia Bingo! :) #GodBless ! God Says "There is no male/female" - only Spirit - only Love #Peace @JimSichko life is rough. where's the poor there? lets see an act to them God Willing..... #Peace #GodBless @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia Synonyms for same Xerox carbon clone ditto double dupe duplicate equa… @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia yep but the level of respect MUST be EQUAL- just like that little sto… @JimSichko may the #CatholicChurch break FREE from the container of lies it is held in #Prayers #Peace #GodBless @JimSichko yes yes yes! how many times His Blessings have far exceeded my wildest imaginations in my dreams to fant… @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia simply not one of us should treat another any less than we would our… @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia 7 Husbands, in the SAME WAU be considerate as you live with your wive… @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia this is within a marriage yet it is how we should ALL live 4one anoth… @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia from 1Peter 2:9 of WHO we ARE as a CHURCH/PEOPLE - a chosen people, a… @timraleigh @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia well if man is to uphold his woman while a woman serves the… @naz_chughtai @CallSaulUS i believe in One God the Father The Almighty Maker of Heaven & earth of allthat is seen &… @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr even Christmas covers a pagan holiday as does Easter & All Saints Day & St Valentine's Day etc. @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr no matter how OTHERS take it....when WE TAKE it as Christians it is ART & when i see it as… @Survivor_JohnS @nunblogger seems it is the spirit of MONEY behind them & not #Jesus? block me too? @Survivor_JohnS @nunblogger BLOCKED ME TOO - which we all KNOW is HATING JESUS ..... i dislike when people hate in the Name of Jesus #wepray @BethFratesMD @Reflective_Soul ? and IF it doesn't it does not mean that someone is disrespectful of others... no o… @AmoneyResists now he calls PELOSI A LIAR.............will his MEAN SPIRIT ever cease? @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr God Says"do not concern yourselve w/that which is2 sublime4u" I think i can stick w/the po… @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr THERE IS NO OTHER GOD SILLY....WE ALL KNOW THIS....LETS LIVE AS WE KNOW.....OUR FATHER SON… wounds continue to bleed but they bleed in the Blood of Christ 4they bleed in LOVE of the POOR - in this case, p… bear the wounds ofLosing my infantDaughter2cancer in 1999 by having a ministry in her honor-Noreen's NourishmentM… @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr art&beauty r in the eye of the beholder...God Himself Created the FemaleBody...NOTHING PRO… your hearts & your thoughts to God Who Alone Can Console you & Give you the Strength to sustain your trials i… @JeanieHannaman oh the floodgates are open ..... lol whew! #xoxo much LOVE to u Thank you for your #Prayers.... i f… @wlcarp1 @CatholicDems please SEE AS GOD SEES! God Says "God Sees ALL As Alive" "God IS a God of the Living! Not of… @JeanieHannaman ! #ThankYou 4your love&prayers that has me shedding both tears of sorrow & joy at once! Oh Father Y… @Bishopoftyler ??? what??? how about lets consider the THRONE ROOM THE LOCAL HOMELESS SHELTER???
Retweeted by LORIANNART @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr i think one would have to be daft to think ANY CATHOLIC priest would worship an idol how a… @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr RECEIVE IT AS SUCH IN THE LOVE OF JESUS WHO LOVES ALL OF OUR ART & EFFORTS AT LOVE ALONE @Bishopoftyler ??? what??? how about lets consider the THRONE ROOM THE LOCAL HOMELESS SHELTER??? @pastortombrown "6 There4 letsMOVE BEYOND theElementaryTeachings aboutChrist& b taken4ward 2maturityNOT laying AGAI… @Dialogue_works @CatholicDems @SpeakerPelosi i pray she can be TOUGHER #GodBless her. hoping we ARE living THIS WOR… @orthodoxeia @GregorisFr these guys spread lies IT IStheVIRGIN MARY&its the CELEBRATIONofLIFE&CREATION. as…' Own Word - He Humbles those in high places, & the lofty city He Brings Down; He Tumbles it to the ground, Le… @pastortombrown God Tells us in our hearts what is right & wrong... LISTEN to HIM @pastortombrown how about SHARE IT ....? don't give me WORK? no fruit in that? @HoneyTongueMuse @inflammateomnia yes God Is Saying "Treat Each Other As Equals" @pastortombrown GodHas my calling as 1 that hungers&thirsts 4 His One Truth before any gold or silver as i stumbled… @pastortombrown of course not, brother Tom! I LOVE YOU in the Name of our #Holy #Savior #JesusChrist! 🥰🙌🙏🙏🙏😇✌️☺️ @pastortombrown yes not even God Hates these as God Does NOT Hate....for He Is Love Alone Try LOVE ALONE you'll lik… @Sheltieman3 sorry to see me blocked (Jesus' hated) #GodBless #Prayers for the weak & cowards which is ALL of us #Peace @USATODAY i would too....wouldn't want to get knocked offStrong nun energy.
Retweeted by LORIANNART @pastortombrown YOU ARE NOT HATERS BUT JUDGES when you judge other's love......... don't you see that or are you daft?