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Lorii ♥ @loriirosetv United States

Halloween & Horror obsessed 🖤 Wife of @coyotewildfire 💍 Also a quirky, fun & super chatty variety streamer on Twitch! Business ~

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@wookie606 Man of Medan and Until Dawn are AMAZING! Jade and I played both together and had a blast. @ChuckysSideGirl Yass I love it!! Literally my hubby and I's plans for tomorrow!! 🖤🎃 @PeraltIsGaming And an RE speed runner?! 😍
I really want to follow more horror streamers, or anyone who enjoys streaming spoopy games. I shall be on the lookout! 👀 @CoyoteWildfire @PftMCommunity @DrnkIrishPotato @W0rldbuilder @ionnuke @WizzardOfTime @casualchibi @adultnature…'m 5'5 and I'm a little anxious about the future. Oof. Hitting me in the feels there predictive text. Fright Night Friday, friends! 💀 This afternoon we will be jumping into a game I have never played before, bu… game has my heart. 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 #LinksAwakening @Vicktaru Feel better soon Vicktaru! @tonalmeat @CoyoteWildfire @AKINSANE1 @Nightmarcher808 @SultryRage @noobamber Thank you Tonal!! You're too sweet 💕💕 @ScreamsBehind Oh yeah, you definitely can!! Usually by the initial contact and then absolutely nothing ever again. 😂This!! #HorrorCommunity best community! 🖤'm not one for streamer advice or anything BUT If you're looking for new people to meet and to support, suppor… Days Until #Halloween 🎃
Retweeted by Lorii ♥ @RetroAddict86 It really is. I've only played it once since the beta weekend, as luckily a friend gifted it to me!… @RetroAddict86 Ha ha, right!! 😂 @AllyRaeven Same! I always do a little chair wiggle when it's playing!If you don't find the Fall Guys lobby music a BOP Are you ok??? Do you need some hugs??? @DanImpey Morning DANERONIDANERONI ❤️ @JaneBakai Good morning lovely!! 💕✨Good morning. Friday at last. 🖤☕️ @CoyoteWildfire THIS. @wookie606 @SYBTIG You're very welcome my friend. ❤️ @gashina98 @CoyoteWildfire Omg Gashina!! 🥺🥺 I'm so lucky to have you as a friend, you always make me feel so loved… @SYBTIG love this guy! Fantastic streamer and a great friend. If you're looking for new people to watch... Why… @whiskeyymoon My heart 🥺💕✨ @itzbabyshane @zStormP @JimOnToast_ @SlimTheFatMann Thank you Shane!! @QuazArxx Yay well done my friend!! You're gonna kick ass! ❤️ @CoyoteWildfire Also he is very cute with a very nice butt. Worthy of the follows. @CoyoteWildfire My number one favourite streamer? @CoyoteWildfire ❤️❤️ @casualchibi @tonalmeat He really is!! @tonalmeat Tonallll you're absolutely amazing. Thank you 💕Time for some cozy Links Awakening before bed. 🍃 @KatyRose9 You're so CUTE ✨ @Ashlinaa Feel better soon Ash 🖤🖤Thank you everyone for a super wonderful stream this afternoon! The raids, the hype train, the new friendships. I… @WizzardOfTime @CoyoteWildfire @Cimarus2 @kyler_sane @TheNorthTrooper @vanddriss @heyLyssten @WorldZYFit…
Hi, hello ✨ I have had two cups of coffee today so it's time to jump into my very first playthrough of Paper Mario… @tonalmeat Suuuper excited for this one!Also I am on my second coffee of the day so I am ENERGETIC. Also also new stream alerts 👀New stream thingies coming soooon!! ✨ Also, today is Paper Mario day! We will be starting my very first playthroug… @wookie606 is the kind of vibes that I can get down with. @claudiaparisx Thank you!!! ✨ @DanImpey Definitely!!! 🥰I'm getting my hair cut this Saturday ahhh I'm so excited!! Last time it was cut was before I moved over to the US… love this girl, one of my favourite streamers to watch. ✨ And she's live right now! You know what that means. 😉 @SedyTo You're going to do it Sedy!! 🖤🖤 @EloquentBambi Hope you feel better soon Bambi. 💕 @TheBatNut Good morning! ❤️I love this so much 🥺 So proud of my good friend @gashina98!! Guys seriously, if you haven't checked him out yet… @ZeroSaru Oh yeah!!! Thanks Zero!! @gashina98 @CoyoteWildfire @sirodd @adultnature @ZeroSaru @wookie606 LOVE YOUUU ❤️❤️ @casualchibi And you as well! Super glad we have all become friends through our mutual communities!! 💕 @Ashlinaa Ahhh that looks so cool!! 🔪🔪 @casualchibi So happy and proud of you!! 💕✨ @pkmmpositivity 🖤Goodnight. 🖤🌙 @CoyoteWildfire @PftMCommunity @TheeUnderworld @ZeroSaru @Zero1282 @LadyPoopC @wolfandblitz @Vicktaru @adultnature… @gashina98 @PlayVALORANT @TeamQTp2T @TheeUnderworld @TwitchSIE YASSSS QUEEN I AM THERE <3
@KateMit10302734 me too!! It's been way too long! xxSo as for my hair cut, I am thinking... Underboob length. Still long but not an absolute pain in the ass long. 😌 @tonalmeat I mean, I'm not one to judge or tell others how to do it, but yeah, I dislike this very much. I'll almos… #LinksAwakening #NintendoSwitch day with Links Awakening and blankets ✨ @IanForrest12 It's just selfish. There's so much selfishness around the world and it disgusts me every day. Appreciate you. ❤️Happy birthday to my amazingly spooky friend @IanForrest12! Thank you for creating the incredible @ScreamsBehind Po… @IanForrest12 Yeah and these people need to get a fucking life. You're the most caring individual I know. Don't let… @wookie606 Hopefully you can get it sorted ASAP! @casualchibi WE GOT THISSSSOof. How YOU doin? @EloquentBambi you do? how have I never heard of this! @casualchibi Yeah definitely!! Hopefully I'll get to tune in next time too 🥰 @TheBatNut Not a bad idea! 😏 @casualchibi @Liamykins1 You are the SWEETEST 💕The only reason I want to become a Twitch partner is to have more emote slots. 🥺 HOW CAN I CHOOSE ONLY 5?!?! @AllyRaeven She is the most precious thing to ever bless my time line 🥺💕Want to know my secret to staying so happy and positive? Horror movies. A whole lot of horror movies. 🖤People who can't communicate think everything is an argument.
Retweeted by Lorii ♥ @casualchibi I had a lot of fun!! 💕✨ @Ashlinaa Right back at you Ash!! Appreciate you 🖤I forgot just how amazing Paranormal Activity, The Marked Ones is. 🥺 It's funny, spoopy and jump scary. Also cleve… by and hang out with this wonderful, spooky lady! She's the best. 🖤✨ @LadyPoopC @aka_SGG @adultnature @CoyoteWildfire @ZeroSaru @grantwilson88 @Demo615 @Nightmarcher808 @RyanKW90…
@wookayy606 @CoyoteWildfire @Markmc88 This is honestly the sweetest and most wholesome thing 🥺 I got all emotional… @gashina98 @TwitchSings @TeamQTp2T @TheeUnderworld @TwitchSIE Quality shit game play 😂 you make me smile @Ashlinaa I love it so much!! 🎃 @gashina98 Can't wait to tune in next time! 🥰💕 @tonalmeat @GShnuggy YES!! 🎃🎃Hi, hello! ✨ Have you heard? Bananamoons are one of the healthiest fruits to eat on this planet! So, let's go col… @KateMit10302734 I'm kind of 50/50 about Shudder. I think it's super cool and there's definitely a lot of movies on… @wookayy606 I mean... it's not bad. We cancelled a few months into it but that was mainly because we chose to go fo… @LordsPrayer6 Some, yes. Although I love modern horror, I am a big fan of The Exorcist (even though it terrifies me… course, Shudder would add new movies Host which looks BOMB and La Llorona AS SOON AS I cancel my membership. Shucks. 🥺 @LordsPrayer6 I'm a huge fan of the Paranormal Activity franchise, currently re-watching them all again now! Also a… @grantwilson88 Podcasts have drastically changed my morning routines now! Literally never listen to music anymore!I really love horror so much. Like... I can't even put into words how passionate and in love I am with horror. It… @wookayy606 It really was! We loved playing it on Stream. May even revisit it soon. I do plan on buying Little Hope…