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Full time Twitch Streamer ∣ Warrior of Light #FFXIV ∣ Wife to @coyotewildfire ∣ Horror fanatic ∣ Come and become a stream Cub! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ

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Protip: if someone changes the way they look, don’t tell them you liked the way they looked before better. 👌❗️
Retweeted by Lorii @CoyoteWildfire @thefreedyshow @Twitch @Cynthia_lich @AaronGarrison88 @Exspence2 @JaneBakai Agreed! You're such a w… lil angel kitty 💫💜 #FFXIV #GPOSERS
@CoyoteWildfire @NoGutsNoGalaxy @MW5Mercs @PftMCommunity @juhakettunen @W0rldbuilder @TheWutofWat @adultnature don't have the heart to tell Jiji that they won't fit. Featuring my beloved Arctis 7 headset from @SteelSeries 🖤 stream today my friends. I didn't sleep well last night as I scared myself silly watching Don't Fuck With Cats o… @Cynthia_lich 😍😍I love you guys more than words can express. Thank you for your generosity and your company. My Twitch family. I'm so lucky. 😢❤️ @SteelSeries Yes. I'd even use it for beer too. What can I say I'm a rule breaker
We are going live right now to continue our Shadowbringers journey in #FFXIV! Come and say hi and be a part of th… @pokenerd77 @PrimalGaming420 @2PProject @YLaylee @PVRalston1123 @FusionYgo @CoyoteWildfire @ellenjaynee @Gess79TV All the time. Although it's stopped recently which is nice! @CoyoteWildfire 😂😂 boop ✨ Good moooorning! I'll be live this afternoon with some more #Shadowbringers story! Seeing as you all… honey is live right now with some #FFXIV adventures! He's just reached Ishgard too.. Yay! Come hang out! ✨
@girlmeetshorror So so good!! 🖤💞Valentione’s Day returns to #FFXIV on January 29!💞 Join Lisette de Valentione and her associates to help spread…
Retweeted by Lorii @SteelSeries I'm mad because senpai steelseries hasn't noticed me yet fountain! Ohh I can't wait for this! ❤️ @Vicktaru Looks delicious!!I write this because I'm seeing so much drama lately about someone demanding support and it made me feel upset. Th… streams have been quieter than usual lately. I haven't been making as much financially as I was. BUT LISTEN I…
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IT IS TIME TO DO PRAETORIUM 15 TIMES IN A ROW FOR MOOGLE TOMES Just kidding. Only 13 times. 😎 Let's go live rig… do people have time to actually be live streaming and be in other people's streams.. WHILE streaming themselves… help me before I end up buying every single item of @kyliecosmetics 😖 Ever since I started using her ski…
It's Monday and time to adventure back into #FFXIV and continue with Shadowbringers main story! Let's have more fun… always wonderful @MissRogueFlame is live with some #FFXIV adventures! She's super cool and fun to hang out with… @girlmeetshorror @Roro_Relanah 🖤🖤
@HanSolosTV @TimeForT17 @Just_Jaimz @Finsterplays @billieeilish @MaskCrimson Dude this is really good! Congrats! You're very talented ❤️Wet hair vibes 💦 you're not standing in Gridania in the pouring rain, wearing nothing but a bikini and a fat chocobo head.. You'r…
Finally spent my birthday gift cards today. 🥰🌸 @kylieskin 💖 Google denied working with my website because my content is 'bloody and not family friendly'. Well screw you Ka… @KatieKaliber OMG this is the best thing I've seen in MHW 😂😍 @StoneyTMI I'm sorry! Hope you feel better soon lovely 💕 @SedyTo Beautiful Sedy 💕✨ @Fillet2kRyan @VigilantWings It's always that Taco Bell...When you take a super cute pic of you in your new pj's and then BAM Husband appears in background mirror like Joe…
@harryhorrorshow @Dexerto This is amazing. Made me giggle so much! Mlam Mlam Mlam 😝 @QuazArxx Ohh new and exciting things!! 👀Thank you for the amazing support this afternoon! I'm grateful to have finally worked through some of the HUNDREDS… @CoyoteWildfire @PftMCommunity @TheWutofWat @Dn_Neo969 @Roro_Relanah @MW5Mercs @BaronSolace @adultnature @_zjemma @DanImpey Thanks MALTF4! 🧡 @Roro_Relanah Thank you Roro! 💕💕 @Roro_Relanah No you didn't Roro! Not you at all. Don't worry. You've been wonderful <3Happy happy Friday friends! 💫 I know I mentioned playing some MHW today, but, I miiight have ended up playing it u… Please, do not try to dictate how I should be in my own streams. Yes I'm going through story in a game and YE… @KawaiiFoxita @SteelSeries @SteelSeriesUK Congrats!! Super jealous! My favourite brand. 🥰❤️ @pafef678 You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed! 💕
I am live right now! 💫 More Shadowbringers MSQ, maaaybe I will do some Bard leveling if I get a chance, too. Come… @BaronSolace Of course!More Shadowbringers story on FFXIV this afternoon! ✨ I'll be live from 2pm Eastern!
I've not really been into podcasts in the past.. but one of my friends has recently decided to embark on a passion… reached 2.1k followers! 💫 Thank you so much! I'm so grateful 🖤 @ZeroSaru @CoyoteWildfire I had so much fun!! Well done.. So proud of what you have raised! @Ashlinaa I think I'd cry! 🖤🔪Busy day ahead tomorrow! I'll be implementing some really awesome additions to the stream and writing up some brand… @Ashlinaa @M_Overture @jamieleecurtis This is too cool!! 🖤🖤 @ZeroSaru @jackboxgames @WIRES_NSW @robswitch @CoyoteWildfire @roymckraken @TDGtwitch @PrafacyAllen @Slev_86 does my candle look terrified?
Thank you guys for an amazing stream today! MHW is crazy good! I can't wait to play more on stream! 🦖 Big thanks t… is the perfect day to hunt monsters!! Oh wait.. I already found myself. Mission complete! I am talking abou… @Roro_Relanah Thank you Roro! <3 <3This is the best thing I've seen today. I laughed so hard I almost cried. 😂 @hopefulservant See I love the quiet! But the fan has been helping me a lot recently. It also helps with cooling do… @cubbies1967 I haven't done it before but Jade suggested trying it out. It really helps!So I've been sleeping with a fan on at night to help blur out background noise and holy moly I've been sleeping ver… @pokenerd77 GOOD MOOOORNING ❤️ @PraetorianPHD Awesome!! I would too like to see more! :) @SedyTo Stunning!! Also you deserve all the love in the world. 🖤 @jigglypuff1169 @ZFG_Squad @twitchtvhost @TwitchReTweets @FlyRts Pretty girl!! 🧡💫 @Blueeyeddevil72 @craigengler Such an awesome movie! 😝 @hopefulservant Same!! I love the peace and quiet. I always feel like I can think and organize my projects better. @kwehzy Cutest lil grump 💖 @doctordefiant69 Hahaha NO DOC NEVER 😝 @adultnature Hehehe thank you lovely!! ❤️❤️Absolutely gorgeous! 😍🖤 @TheAethernet @HelloGlennAngel @galaxy_bones @heatherhearts Beautiful as always! ✨💕Thank you guys so much for all the love and support in today's stream!! I am so lucky and grateful! And I am super…
Happy happy Monday! 💫 It's time once again to adventure into Eorzea and continue with Shadowbringers storyline! Le… wanted to show you guys how awesome my new horror blanket is! Thank you @creepycompany 🖤🔪's Monday! ✨ Which means.. Time for more Shadowbringers story in today's stream! And probably me almost crying… is trying to bring you down is already below you. 🙌
Retweeted by LoriiThank you so so soooo much for all of the sweet birthday messages you all left me today!! 💖 I've had a wonderful d… happiest of birthdays, 25 years young, to the most beautiful girl in the world. I love you to the moon and back L…
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@HuggableHipster Aww thank you Huggable!!! Love you girl!! 💕💕 @pafef678 @PurpleDragon_20 @LilyMai_Darling @Amira_ut @PhianixxGaming @harmohh @Elena__Kasumi @satanaindonna hey look... I have leveled up! ✨ I'm now 25! Forever grateful for what we have achieved the past year. Thank… @AaronGarrison88 Love you dude!! @AaronGarrison88 Aww Immortal you're so amazing!! Thank you ❤️❤️ @PrismindX This was me on Friday!! 😭 @legge12 Thank you Gavin!! ❤️ @EloquentBambi Aww thankies!! 💖💖 @Stoic_Beast But.. But.. I'm not prepared!! I must buy more tissues asap! @CoyoteWildfire Always yours!! Meow 💕😘My wonderful and super sweet friend @Roro_Relanah is live! So go show him some love and support and hang out! He'… @GMallecks Oh my goodness! Great work! I'm a little bit jealous. Going to take me a while yet to get there! ❤️