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The family deserves answers and Fort Hood should have a full congressional investigation. #VANESSAGUILLEN
Retweeted by loripetty- xx @luisro19 We suck at life.- he is psychotic 😳 #blacklivesmatter #la 👑🖤 @tamronhall @yashar ‼️💯‼️❤️‼️- IDGAF and that sentence is too long. “Will Coronavirus End Hollywood” is the headline and the answer is YES unles…, Siri, play George Benson. And that’s a wrap. @lindapnyc And he’s not in on it.- tonight would be the perfect night to wake the killer cops of #BreonnaTaylor and put them in jail.… CALI @GavinNewsom LIL HELP PLZ ‼️ Jersey is extending unemployment for an additional 20 weeks due to #COVID19
Retweeted by loripetty @miss_lady_diva Love U Fam xx- please keep still xx
@MatthewACherry WUT U DO @RTGleason He directed THE JERK! Run, don’t walk ‼️❤️‼️ @BettyBuckley Love & Peace 2 U both. I’d be insanely alone without my kitty. ❤️❤️❤️ #2017 ...soar U funny angel xx @BettyBuckley 💔💔💔 @daemelar @SonyPictures Thank U 🥰The House passed additional COVID-19 relief on May 15 and the Senate still hasn’t voted on it. What are we waiting…
Retweeted by loripetty- 🤩🤩🤩 Love this scene! Thx @SonyPictures 😂💜 have to continue saying her name: Breonna Taylor should still be alive today.
Retweeted by loripettyHappy birthday, Cartman! 🎂🥳🎉🎁
Retweeted by loripetty @notcapnamerica What. Are U BUSY? @realDonaldTrump @NYCMayor Expensive? Costs more for you to go golfing. 🙄- CALI CAN U HEAR ME @GavinNewsom It also says “I care about your mom.”-wakeupwakeupwakeupwakeup @Amadii In Venice, 90% of Black people are wearing a mask, as opposed to 20% of vvhite ppl. 🤮 @Yassir_Lester U pretty @suburbanitis Glad somebody got a job🎉 @joelmgarland @HartHanson @andmichaelgreen Listen 2 Auntie‼️😂‼️ @psycodeqz WUT @LibbityBoo @figmentfever We have the same kitties!I’m completely alone for four months but now it’s gonna be a year because you shitheads won’t wear a mask. OMG. @EddieGriffinCom I love U so much. I am deeply broke AF. I get it. Stay home. 💜💜💜 @rgay If you’re in LA I’ll set U up xx @notcapnamerica @Basseyworld Well absolutely there is no 2020. Pick a number. I’m with it. @Basseyworld I’m 31 or 14. How old are U?The assumption is that the reader is a whyte person. - Toni Morrison Read that again.
@joelmgarland @HartHanson @andmichaelgreen 😂😂😂 @george_clinton @RepMaxineWaters ...if not before.- please love each other and #WearAMask 💔💔💔 💜 My pleasure, Lama! 🌺 ‼️Happy Birthday 🎉 ‼️ Anyone with wishes hit me up @BookCameo #LinkInBio 😘 got a new guy up here talking to Me like I'm only 2,000 years old. #RIPCarlReiner
Retweeted by loripettyIn the mid ‘90s when I needed to reach my dad, I’d walk to the pay phone outside my high school, drop in change, di…
Retweeted by loripetty @MauriceRuffin @IsaacFitzgerald *raises hand #thx @mrsweller99 @DesignationSix Love & Peace 2 U and your family. ❤️- welp. y’all get it yet?! #WearADamnMask @AngryBlackLady😭😂🤩‼️#outtaoptions 😆 from @SPBPHD xx #JamesBaldwin 💜👑💜 @blurbette (And it will be available in 2024 if the entire house doesn’t burn down first.)- fly high, Carl...we were so lucky 2 have U 💔🌺👑 A. Mask.
Retweeted by loripetty @robreiner Love and Peace 2 U Rob. Take it slow...💔💔💔 We love you ❤️❤️❤️New York turned out for a violin vigil for Elijah McClain at Washington Square Park tonight (and every person I saw…
Retweeted by loripetty @joelmgarland @HartHanson @andmichaelgreen It’s not LEAST for 6 months. Have your passport up to date in… @andmichaelgreen @joelmgarland 4 AM - 4:30 AM only. Cool. @joelmgarland @andmichaelgreen The only safe job I can think of for us is window washers. @T_Party21 Thx! 🤩🤩🤩
@IBFabulous I live at the beach and probably 20% of people are wearing masks. 😭- THANK U ‼️ @UsherPassion @RexChapman That’s all I could think about‼️ @PaulRudnickNY Not wearing her mask properly.- You misspelled IS LYING. this lovely morning would be the perfect start to the perfect day to arrest the killers that murdered Breonna Tay… @arctcfx I guess the doctors don’t know who each other is right away either.I’m such a softie I thought it was so the poor patients could see a face.- they put their faces on their gowns... @suburbanitis It’s like getting pregnant. Just takes one fucker. @suburbanitis R U N
- here go hell come 😣 company in America would immediately fire a CEO who retweeted a white power video.
Retweeted by loripetty- thank u xx 😷 ARE PEPPER SPRAYING AND ARRESTING AT WAVERLY & MCDOUGAL PLS STAY SAFE #queermarch
Retweeted by loripettyIt’s very simple. Trump is a racist. If you support him, you are a racist.
Retweeted by loripetty @hollyrpeete @DoloresRobinson I’m so terribly sorry. Love and Peace 2 you and your wonderful mother. 💜💜💜- unforgivable...not that he asked...sick, sick people with the sickest POS POTUS 😳 @WMMAMM U in it, kid xx @CerromeRussell I’m terribly old school in that we women are “thick” and men are “big, though.” In Iowa, “husky” wa… @ZiaMaeZion Love U 😘💋‼️- Have sanitizer, will travel. U gotta be sick of my masked pics 😎 Back in the house by 8:30 AM. Mask in the other… thread...
This Trader Joe’s Karen is lying. No real doctor would tell a patient not to wear a mask during COVID-19. Even thos…
Retweeted by loripetty @CerromeRussell Cuties 🥰🥰 @ColeWright @Chicago_History @GDIGM @Rosie @tomhanks @Madonna @TeaLeoni @jdlovitz Dirt in the Skirt‼️🤩🤩‼️
Don’t be selfish. Wear a mask.
Retweeted by loripettyWearing a masks saves lives. This shouldn't be controversial.
Retweeted by loripetty @solomonmissouri Feeling sorry for a racist rapist, kid stealer, thief and idiot? @mediagyrl Sending Superpowers‼️🤩‼️Not wearing a mask doesn’t prove you’re tough. It proves you don’t pay attention, that you don’t respect science,…
Retweeted by loripetty @KevinAllred Now you’re getting it. @DesignationSix He celebrated a step too soon. 😂😭 Tryna break out the college dance moves @notcapnamerica Grape and cherry only. @gryking Do they not seeeeeee the picture they took?!- and a racist rapist! @CerromeRussell Get it fixed in the morning. Money be damned. We need music!