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🔥Lori🔥 @lorovis Burbank, CA

I’m evil now. Storyboard Revisionist, looking for work mid-November. they/them

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Heinz escapes the illusion in Magnetic Rose (1995), dir. Kōji Morimoto, Studio 4°C The lushly-animated tale of an…
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @bustercagle Your line art is nice!!! Comics are hard it’s a triumph that you were able to make one. I never can hahaIMPORTANT. No matter where you live, if your mail in ballot arrives after Nov 3rd, assume it won't be counted. YOU…
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @misterbabadork @NicoColaleo 🥺❤️ @KKCRUISlN I HATE THIS SM @KKCRUISlN this fills me with rage @NicoColaleo Hi! I'm an experienced revisionist and I am open to a quick gig! If you email… @thelfr I totally understand! My hair is almost black naturally so I have to bleach it so much to get any fun colors!!If you are newer at art and want to show off your pieces id love to see them!! I know sometimes they go under the r… love seeing young/new artist art! It has a passion that I miss in my own art 🥺 @abellehayford That’s good u are doing that!!! I had an ear infection so bad I lost some of the hearing in my right ear :( @wogsterfest YEAH LOL @wogsterfest im about to go into a meeting but i will beI want a small shelf on my desk but I'm struggling to find one @PinkieToons I believe it needs to be after a specific year... I have a pen from my intous pro I got in 2015 and it…
Remember: HELL NO on Prop 22 #NoOnProp22
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @misterbabadork okay that works ill learn drums maybe @misterbabadork i knew you would what can you do im gonna be the managerlucky me boy
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @misterbabadork I literally said to Ari that you would reply to this agreeingDoes anyone want to join a punk band with Ari. He can sing and play guitar. @thelfr Your hair is such a nice shade of purple @crocojaws @nootsuit @swordtooth WHAT THE FUCK??? @bunhearts I’m not kidding our legs would come back scratched up and messed up our shiny backpacks and shit lmfao @bunhearts you are lucky...normally santa ana winds are hot! When i was a kid they would make us play outside in th…
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥Hi I’m Lori, currently a storyboard revisionist for the pilot “Battle of the Bands” by Broken Arrow Studios, but mi…
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @sheaparfait I know I couldn’t believe what I was hearing lolJust a reminder I'll be looking for work again after Thanksgiving! :) If you know your shows are looking for someone LMK!
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @curry_swirl Congrats Curry!!!’ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️lucky me boy @Borishu_Art 🥺❤️ @honeysink That's what i was looking into also!!!just watched a video that said anime doesn't have "stilted/limited animation" when some scenes are just still pictures with mouth flapsmoving back to the northern LA area means santa anas again...I was away from them for a year and a half............…, well, you’ll join us someday. #otgw
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @MeganRoseRuiz1 I love how you draw soooooo much it’s so funny and cute @TheCelticTampon HANDSOME!!
@misterbabadork Nvm her name got picked but she will still have the jar just for you @seenacus Okay that works thank you seena 🥺 @KKCRUISlN Fuck thsi is my main Twitter @KKCRUISlN IS THIS A SHINY OR ITS REAL COLORS IT LOOKS LIKE A BALLSACK @misterbabadork someone already did accessory but ill also do that too you get to pick her name🩸They're all going to laugh at you🩸
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @oatmealspet I WANT THEIR SHOES @zutheotu KASJDKLGJSLDG YES @nyarsenic OOOO!! Do you have an idea for the other half? Or should someone else pick it! @swordtooth okay :)Lets do this!! : ) @MarcyBones64 🥺 @MarcyBones64 Yeah :(! @potatofarmgirl Ahhh thank u!!!!! I’ve been curious about the local ones 🥺 IM GLAD THE GUY GAVE U SO MUCH EXTRA @potatofarmgirl What one did you go too :000 @mothgeist love this look @wogsterfest CRAZY BASTARD @wogsterfest STANCY DKFJGLKJVC its okay i wanna get mine repaired and that's why i was looking aroundAll the places that were offering them looked seedy then i found one that looked good and they were not offering mo… was looking into piercers but I just realized what responsible company would be piercing noses right now!! When t… @KaitSnod @rainbowrowell im going to the book store tomorrow...i will buy this book finally...(it turns out i dont have it..) ur impact @yesmaaike MAAIKE THIS IS SCARY @wogsterfest Thank you -_- I love him but he is immatureI’m like the “failure” of the family, I dropped out of school so whenever I succeed at something my dad always seems annoyed :/ idkThis happened days ago and I’m still upset about it lol so I need to publicly put him on blastHm so I talked with my dad on the phone the other day and gave him an update on my life and how it’s going good and… we need to renew infinity train so I can potentially work on it when my current job is up :)But seriously there is a part in season 1 that mirrors my own childhood so much it makes me tear up everytime I wat… INFINITY TRAIN Whenever I recommend Infinity Train to people I tell them that this is what I was craving gr… need the shirt in LRTfall wardrobe essentials
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @bimbocatra : ) @bimbocatra spadamonwe just bougth and built him like a 5'3 cat tree and he decided he needed to jump into the box with mask trashshrimp just jumped into a box we were using as a mask trash can, knocked it all over the floor and now is trying to… @indiedynamo you are in my thoughts jordan im so sorry this is happening i hope they find out whats wrong.原画: 山田尚子 けいおん! 秋山澪❤🖤
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥some costume figure drawings today... most poses were 5 minutes i think
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥just because people are liking and retweeting this I should let you know, I'm a storyboard artist/revisionist and I… @moemothra :( so cruel cooking up shrimpJust a reminder I'll be looking for work again after Thanksgiving! :) If you know your shows are looking for someone LMK!Squash is in the oven everyone @TheCelticTampon ❤️ @doodlingmoon That makes sense!!OR*** thanks auto correctFollow our shows Twitter it face my wrath saw this song live and it ultimately made me a worse person’ve wanted a bridge piercing but sadly I was cursed with a glasses prescription that doesn’t have a contact counterpart
@doodlingmoon in southern California its mostly used to describe a white person lol
Retweeted by 🔥Lori🔥 @narriose YES!! its rlly good >: ) @oatmealspet (sighs) (puts in cart) @narriose I REEXPLAINED WHAT I WAS SAYING im like half awake, i like this though a lot you draw hypno so cute @narriose wait lemme explain this better!! you should have zag walk past hypno so hypno is off-screen then zag stop… @narriose i think you should have zag walk off-screen then pan :0 it would make the timing smoother!! @myanimewaifu NOOOO IS THE GOLD LINE GONNA BE GONE FOR 2 YEARS @mbrleigh EVERYONE IS ENABLING ME LOL ...i dropped almost 200 on a zack fair figure 2 years ago.. this is nothing