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@notdevinparker I completely agree with you. Chapter 2 is a joke. Chapter 1 was a perfect film. Pennywise came back… @ohtori_nu I’ve always thought they overlapped too. Touga and Ruka are total foils which is why Touga was banging S…
FIRST LOOK: Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin’ Red Ranger Helmet
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @itscanonpodcast LET’S ROCK! Please feel free to email me for details. Thanks for thinking of me! @TheChampSW Flatterer! You’re awesome dude. Thank you!
I love crisp, fresh, brand new YA on pub day! Definitely excited for this new read. I’m a sucker for Fairy Tales re… Wizards Review: NECA Hellraiser Ultimate Pinhead
Retweeted by Loryn StoneFIRST LOOK: Super7’s Back to the Future Part II ReAction Figures
Retweeted by Loryn StoneMarvel Universe Variant Bring Art Designed By Tetsuya Nomura Spider-Man
Retweeted by Loryn StoneIron Studios IT Chapter 2 Pennywise 1/10 Scale Art Statue
Retweeted by Loryn StoneChogokin Limited Edition VF-1S Valkyrie Roy Focker Special
Retweeted by Loryn Stone100soft’s Dumpster Fire in a Mask is Crowned the 2020 Toy of the Year Winner
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UPDATE: I've just organized an online interview for sometime next week. Details to come. Watch this space! 😎…
Retweeted by Loryn StoneBack to the Future is celebrating its 35th anniversary and we are celebrating right along with it— by examining how… @chellygel Hell yes!messages from my mom:
Retweeted by Loryn StoneOpinions Can Be Invalid, You Are Allowed To Fight Offensive Criticism, and Defending Yourself Isn’t Feeding the Tro…
Retweeted by Loryn StoneDon’t let anyone who expect a cookie for their opinion bring you down. They don’t know you like you know you. Be yo… speak on behalf of all of us when I say that there is no shame in defending these attacks. We’re taught “don’t fe… a Digital #ContentCreator, I am treated to a lot of “helpful” comments and feedback that is by no means cruel, b…
@Buckwild4Christ A man with his gold! @Buckwild4Christ You’ve got it, brother! @Buckwild4Christ I think the “play your own tune” is trite and embarrassing. I think the Dragonzord summoning, Drag… @Buckwild4Christ It is Lightning Collection!One more time for the back row! @RangerBoard @toy_wizards @Hasbro Thank you guys!Also from @LorynStone from @toy_wizards - A detailed video look at @Hasbro's 2020 Lightning Collection Dragon Dagge…
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @dekablue25 Maaaaaybe but the Legacy is so much heavier. @LivingRangerKey Pffffttt. Thanks, mate!From @toy_wizards - A video comparison between the 2020 Hasbro Lightning Collection Dragon Dagger, the 2014 Bandai…
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @RangerBoard @LorynStone @Hasbro @PowerRangers Thank you for the share! We also did a Part 2 highlighting just the…
Retweeted by Loryn StoneIt’s Part 2 of the Power Rangers Lightning Collection Dragon Dagger review! We’re checking out all those bits and p…
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @GreenSnowRanger @toy_wizards It’s a really cool toy. I’ll do a write up tomorrow with some specific nuances that I… @LorynStone 😧 I am the most jealous I have ever been
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @PowerRangers Am I enthusiastic enough yet?! @justinpaul74 It is! @BurdgeJeremy I don’t remember! I got into Power Rangers 1994 ish. @SlowFocus They look like dragon daggers!
I am physically affected. #PowerRangers #PowerRangersToys #DragonZord #GoGreenRangerGo @SailorTortilla @ShojoPower Space Sword or Star Yell, for sure.Editorial: Walmart is Terrible for Collectible Toys
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @simcuwitz I wouldn't look at the eBay *listings* but for what the toys actually sold for on Ebay. It gives a bette… hope you like wrestling toys. @nericruz82 Pfffftttttttttttt hahahaha @dandock My kids (7 and 5) and OBSESSED with Pokémon right now. @dandock I was 13 when Indigo League aired. I watched it obsessively for Team Rocket and then fell off. It’s bizarr…
You'd think they'd make those stickers on apples taste better if you have no choice but to eat them 🙄
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @AZFamilyGuy @toy_wizards A Sideswipe in disguise!FIRST LOOK: Back to the Future x Transformers “Gigawatt” Figure
Retweeted by Loryn StoneMy young adult novel is officially out of print and the rights have reverted back to me. I am determined to get it… @SlowFocus @laceygilleran @buildabear No, it's not a product I'm interested in. @HaynesKphaynes1 I’ve been ordering the baddies. COBRA! The Joe crew doesn’t appeal to me but I can’t wait to have… @culinarycara You have a great point! @PlasticBattles I’m hard. @BullOrkDecker @BigBadToyStore @Jazwares @_SgtSlaughter You did it right. @KalynnBayron 😍❤️ @KalynnBayron I just preordered it. I can’t wait to read it. Congratulations, love.
Ravensburger Launches “WWE Legends Royal Rumble Card Game”
Retweeted by Loryn StoneJazwares and UFC® Bring the Action to Fans with Launch of New Collectibles Line
Retweeted by Loryn StonePower Rangers Lightning Collection Psycho Ranger Team First Look
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❤️❤️GIVEAWAY TIME❤️❤️ The Toy Wizards 100 YouTube subscriber celebration starts now! And the Grand Prize that YOU c…
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The #SpiderMan Vs. SpiderMan toy isn’t awesome, but at least YOU chose a game for our #GIVEAWAY!
Retweeted by Loryn StoneOverlord III: Ainz Ooal Gown Yukata and Albedo Yukata PVC by FuRyu
Retweeted by Loryn Stone4 Star Wars Anakin Skywalker (And 2 Emperor Palpatine) Toys That You Can Still Order Today
Retweeted by Loryn StoneMove Over Lord Drakkon: Power Rangers Fans Want Green Ranger x Shredder Toys
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My daughter (she's five) recognized Brennan since she's been watching Dino Charge. Her eyes went wide and she said… me your unpopular Sonic opinions:
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @sonicsta_ The Silver Sonic from Sonic 2 will always be cooler than Metal Sonic. And I’m a chick who likes her meta… excited to have been invited to be a part of this documentary about #powerrangers filmed by officialpowermorph…
Retweeted by Loryn StoneUpdate: now the shoes match the socks
Retweeted by Loryn StoneNot a bad way to spend the day! We are so excited for everyone to see the project we are working on for… an amazing day! We spent the day with @TheJasonFaunt, Catherine Sutherland, @nakiaburrise, @BrennanMejia,…
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@dynogems Yowza.Kidrobot Shows Off Yummy World Victorio the Veggie Taco Plush
Retweeted by Loryn StoneRevoltech RevoGeo Vespa Mandarinia (AKA Murder Hornet)
Retweeted by Loryn StoneMcFarlane Toys Shows Off New SPAWN Prototype Images Photos
Retweeted by Loryn StoneFunko Announces Sanrio Hello Kitty x Kaiju Line For the Cutest Little Monster Attacks Ever
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @dynogems Did I exceed my image changing allocation?#NewProfilePic Mercury is the happiest she’s been in YEARS and we support her!
Retweeted by Loryn StoneDo you stop reading a book if you dislike the protagonist?
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @stormrosewriter I’d just say beware the info-dump regardless of how you get there. @LorynStone @gijoburg I also pre-ordered Storm Shadow and Profit Director Destro :)
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @LorynStone Yeah there was some damage to the pocketbook today for many toy fans!!
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @80sForNow So say we all. @EntEarth I'd also take a lizard faced "once a man" Cobra Commander. @EntEarth The Baroness! 100% without a doubt! @LorynStone Hahaha dear God being a TOY collector is one hell of a drug 🤣🤣🤣👍👍
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @LorynStone But wait... There's more.😯
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @LorynStone Look I don't want to hear about your addiction to nerd stuff can't you just be addicted to caffeine alc…
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @LorynStone Dude, finally ordered the first wave last night only to wake up to all these pre-orders. It burns. IT BURNS!!
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @LorynStone I know. I’m the same here. I keep having to check my emails & all the accounts I’ve created on the vari…
Retweeted by Loryn Stone @StateOverse WOW! @mattdunford My morning starts with becoming time-traveling levels of caffeinated.
Today I lost count of how many toys I preordered. I do know that at least 3/4 of them are #GIJoe toys.Super7 Shows Off Rancid Skeletim ReAction Figure
Retweeted by Loryn StoneThe Office Figure Set by Little People Collector
Retweeted by Loryn StoneG.I.Joe Classified Series Leaks P.D. Destro, Gung Ho, & Red Ninja
Retweeted by Loryn StonePlease help us out by subscribing to the Toy Wizards #YouTube channel! We are adding all of our #toyreview videos t…
Retweeted by Loryn StoneJada Toys Shows Off Images of 1:32 Scale Hollywood Rides Power Rangers Vehicles
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