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HxH, Berserk. Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Come. Mad Men, Breaking Bad. Nietzsche, Stirner, Schopenhauer, Heraclitus.

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@Murkthemayor Good @KenDavid4549 Arguing that Leorio can't beat Meruem because his nen isn't as strong - Yeah, that's literally the point💀💀💀
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @K_Doofenshmirtz It’s not close tho @KenDavid4549 9.5 > 8.5 @dante_yy Hisoka vs Kastro was great characterization. Anime should’ve kept the tarot card. Pretty cool how the sam… below by Gustave Moreau* at the National Museum of Western Art (Tokyo, Japan). Notice before Hisoka’s nam…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @dante_yy Forgot Chrollo vs Zoldycks, probably place it right below Hisoka vs Kastro @dante_yy Gon vs Pitou/Netero vs Meruem Hisoka vs Chrollo Gon vs Genthru Kurapika vs Uvogin Knuckle/etc. vs Youpi G… @Ashen_Pasta Nice life peaked when i found this at a thrift store
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraParallel of 1 parent in case it wasn’t clear*** @black_yeaah Idk, he’ll possibly get training under Cheadle (medicine hunter) to develop his nen further but I doub… @Los1492 Your memory is not bad at all. I forgot what it looked like
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraMiura 🤝 Togashi Coochie monsters
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta @BlackClover_twt @LukaZer0 Ight keep going
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta Facts @black_yeaah Nah I think he means more like Leorio beating Uvo rather than a specialistDgm has some pretty good art ngl
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta Fr, too overpowered imoThank god for that types reflect personality— and abilities being consciously designed by a user reflects their desires, prioritie… waste was wrt nen abilities using distant nen categories abd that’s a general rule that isn’t so impractical if… comedia @nfmaster_99 Neferpitou def the most literal version of this because her innate curiosity to see how strong she was…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @nfmaster_99 Especially when "curiosity" is the whole spirit of the series and of hunters to explore and go on adventures.
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta That we are 🤖Random thought but I like how 'curiousity killed the cat' is frequently used by Togashi. Early on with Gon and the…
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraWhat does that even mean? 😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraDefeating the simple and cruel Genthru gave Gon a sense of superiority and righteousness that he never had before,…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta Left looks like Yoko Kurama’s plant used against Karasu in the Dark Tournament arc“Hunter x Hunter” @Slime11037 @Homugi02 Tx @Homugi02 Yes, ty @Ashen_Pasta Lmao he’s an interesting personality tho. Must be some eccentric female hunters out there @Ashen_Pasta Yeah I assume it’s a backup plan in case Togashi doesn’t have time to incorporate a satisfying explana… @Homugi02 @Slime11037 What anime is that?Would be funny if that “Ging used pregnancy stones” theory turned out to be true, and added to the parallels to get a hq version of this
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraGreen, goat and fatherless
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Starkun257 Actually I have to take back PP for protagonist. @RoboStan3 True @Just_Pariston Great taste 🙏 @25thMyles Psycho-Pass and?Add Death NoteHunter x Hunter, Berserk, Monster, Fate/Zero, Psycho-Pass @HkonMk Poor Gon.Hisoka seeming more concerned about Gon's state than Ging 🤣😭
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta Yeah I did enjoy that divergenceStorm is honestly the biggest Sasuke fanboy on Twitter
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta Yeah I was disappointed with FMAB for that reason. I prefer the tone of FMA 2003 though FMAB is overal… don't know if y'all are aware but....bootleged live-action Korean Goku grew up to be Deok Su in Squid Game. That'…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Just_Pariston You’re probably right @Los1492 @KenDavid4549 Also i love how YYH has multiple easter eggs in HxH like Hiei and Kurama appearing in a back…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @MitsuiMVP I can’t say I need a rewatch so badlyGon, Ed is a goat tho lol, won’t pick. easily a long time since FMAB but I liked Roy a lot Yu Hakusho was the best 90s anime I watched. The characters were so relatable and became very human at the end.
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta @KenDavid4549 Yep, just put election arc before reaching and staying in another world rather than host… @HkonMk Like a model lmao @Ashen_Pasta @KenDavid4549 And the fact they are just ants in their world— Togashi always implied there was more ou… @Ashen_Pasta @KenDavid4549 Yep… and it’s basically another attempt at Demon World from YYH — Raizen-Yusuke , Don-Ging-GonCoincidence? #HxH #Toriko #Chapter1
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta @KenDavid4549 True tho I think Togashi always had DC planned in some form @Starkun257 Yep, Killua-Rammot scene, Hisoka’s sexuality, “Meruem is just a bug playing chess,” etc. @RealLifeRyan_ @Los1492 yeah if it was live action the game of thrones fans would eat that shit up
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @KenDavid4549 True @Ashen_Pasta Same. @KenDavid4549 @Ashen_Pasta I’ve seen Rashplays’ video saying they look like the yokai of Japanese mythology. He was… @Cowboy_Yeager04 Hater @Ashen_Pasta Good. Nietzsche said (paraphrasing) a genius is ruined when he recognizes his genius. @Ashen_Pasta Yeah all Togashi interviews are required reading 😤 @Ashen_Pasta Lmao ik @Itoreadsmanga If Togashi passes the illustration onto someone else or gets his health together 🙏 @Cowboy_Yeager04 Not really, they think Meruem can take Cell because they’re more afraid of him (episode 94 reaction btw) favorite antagonists in order (October 2021). HMs are because I need to finish their respective arcs or series.…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera the anime made this even better 😩
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraI still contend that if Vinland Saga were live action it would have a HUGE fanbase. But most casuals can’t get over…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @08Jarro @Crunchyroll I agree but stop starting stuff
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera3x3 of antags better than Zeke ✌️
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @KenDavid4549 @Ashen_Pasta @Starkun257 Well I mean for HxH but it’s also dependent on execution just prefer to do without itAnyways... 💅💅
Retweeted by Christopher RiveraAfter this Grand Theft Auto Trilogy, Konami needs to do this with Metal Gear Solid series... Come on do something..…
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Ashen_Pasta Yeah I get that @Ashen_Pasta Lmao, when did that happen? Cool anyways 🙏🥳The world's best green boi #hxh #hunterxhunter
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Starkun257 Yeah I know that. But time itself isn’t really a thing to manipulate, it’s everything, so I assume it t… a top 5 Togashi angel but you wouldn’t get it 😷✋
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @Starkun257 Specialist?! Tserriednich and Neon are specialists @wafflesOmega Most HxH fans don't act like this
Retweeted by Christopher Rivera @KenDavid4549 @wafflesOmega @TheIzzyBomb Fumble* 😬