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Los Alamos Lab @LosAlamosNatLab Los Alamos, New Mexico

Meeting national security challenges with #science and #technology. (Note: RTs and MTs do not imply endorsements.)

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Using new #technology, oncologists create images of tumors during treatment, enabling greater precision without har… at Los Alamos have developed a new #computer model that uses complex algorithms and #MachineLearning to… morning and early afternoon @Supercomputing's #DOEatSC Booth 925, we have talks on Cognitive Simulation and…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabLos Alamos National Laboratory commits to advancing gender equality in nuclear policy
Finding the infant massive black holes in the early universe Los Alamos projects win R&D 100 Awards disease outbreaks could be forecasted like the weather, communities could set up protective measures to mitigate…, a Cray XC40 system operated by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories, is ranked…
American scientists are about to start shooting plasma guns in a bid to achieve controlled nuclear fusion TOMORROW! Did you know the #DOEatSC Booth has #HPC speakers, demos, and more on Tuesday through Thursday…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabWhat is Dark Matter Made Of? These Are the Top Candidates. sea ice has impact far beyond the poles May Reveal the Nature of Ash Plumes
Los Alamos pursues #technology for more affordable fuel cell electric #cars group of Lab employees gathered to create or edit biographies of Los Alamos female scientists on Wikipedia Alamos #AI model wins #flu forecasting challenge #quantum dots capture more #energy from light and lose less to heat at Los Alamos National Laboratory are advancing a technology known as proton radiography to increase the…
We have a VERY exciting announcement to celebrate on our 1 year birthday. @LosAlamosNatLab will be the first Nation…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabA Black Hole Threw a Star Out of the Milky Way Galaxy Why U.S. must win race to build first practical #quantum #computers via @mercnewsUnderstanding the interaction between wind and fire behavior could improve predictions of wildfire trajectory and s…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabLos Alamos scientists are providing advanced materials characterization techniques to correlate thermal, physical,… we are going to deflect an asteroid?
Weatherwatch: cloud 'x-rays' seek to reveal anatomy of a storm foreshocks foretell California #earthquakes ability to collect information far outpaces the ability to fully utilize it—yet that information may hold the k… develop software for complex CO2 capture, transport and storage infrastructure a material difference
#Deepfakes: In some videos, you can't believe your eyes #Quantum Computers to Test the Fundamentals of #Physics via @sciam#AI can help stop nuclear proliferation #proton beam takes aim at #cancer
#Quantum Darwinism, an Idea to Explain Objective Reality, Passes First Tests Helps Seismologists Predict #Earthquakes Los Alamos projects win R&D 100 Awards U.S. must win race to build first practical #quantum #computers #VeteransDay we honor the history, contributions, and continued service of our Veterans. Thank you to all who…
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Ultra-secure communication gets boost from carbon #nanotubes that efficiently produce #photons; thanks to…
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This week’s #LosAlamosPress Highlights include stories on the discovery of a new strain of #HIV, life on #Mars, the… you're at #SWE19, be sure to say hi to the @LosAlamosNatLab team at booth 321!
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabLooking Inside a Tyrannosaur's Skull a career in secret #physics |
Check out this video on the latest #RD100 Award winner. #DeltaFS, an open source software developed by…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabThe Sterile #Neutrino Discovery using advanced #DNA sequencing #technology have documented an unidentified #HIV strain. can searching for meteorites in Antarctica tell us about life on #Mars? We chatted w/ @marsninja of…
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A century of wildfire exclusion—the strategy of putting out fires as fast as they start—has led to a significant bu… Los Alamos projects win R&D 100 Awards than 30 percent of human cancers are caused by mutations in a family of proteins called RAS. LLNL and…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabNovember is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Check out this #bioengineering marvel from @LosAlamosNatLab: PuLMo. #LCAM
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabLos Alamos and US Forest Service are developing QUIC-Fire, which will allow fire managers to explore prescribed-fir…"There’s a lot of mystery around why certain things happened. New strains can unravel some of that unknown history,…
#AI-based #Cancer Protein Simulation is Finalist for SC19 Best Paper via @hpcwireWeb-Based Technology Assesses Structural Health #Blog: Vagner Castro, #ARM Mobile Facility lead technician for #ARMMOSAiC and @LosAlamosNatLab staff…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabBetter Data Just Can't Wait disease spread by predicting mosquito populations
2019 @ENERGY awards $4M to carbon capture and storage projects selected as part of ACT - @GreenCarCongres
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabLos Alamos evaluates new algal strain candidates and optimizes their cultivation conditions for robust outdoor prod… builds practical #quantum #computers first will be well positioned to dominate global security and the glob… there life on Mars? Varnish on rocks here on Earth could help us figure that out. No, seriously. @ThirdPod ch…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabIs there life on Mars? Varnish on rocks here on Earth could help us figure that out. No, seriously. We chatted w…
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"#Science First" - the best path to #quantum supremacy. part of MOSAiC field campaign, environmental researchers will operate a suite of instruments 24/7 as ship drifts… Alamos overcomes the key obstacle to manufacturing graphene, a wonder material of the future. Los Alamos team has been documenting the cycles and seasons of monarch butterflies and the location of milkweed o… oasis once existed on #Mars
“What’s exciting about this work is that it’s being applied in the real world,” said Scott Pakin, a computer scient…“Accurately forecasting diseases is similar to weather forecasting in that you need to feed #computer models large…🦇 #Halloween is #DarkMatterDay for scientists around the world. Take a look at how researchers @LosAlamosNatLab ar…
Retweeted by Los Alamos Lab#HIV #vaccine enters human efficacy trials
Modified #quantum dots capture more energy from light and lose less to heat unexpected rewards of #space exploration researchers have developed code to distribute computation more efficiently and across increasing numbers of… new issue of #Science #Technology & #Engineering Highlights is out! Check it out here:
A sophisticated new instrument will probe a key frontier in nuclear and particle physics: subatomic jets of particl… at Los Alamos National Laboratory are about to start experiments with "plasma guns" in the hope of achie… accurately predicts slow slip in #earthquakes have long used satellite cameras, such as the Geostationary Lightning Mapper, to count lightning flashes…
#Lasers Are Cool—and Cooling or nanomaterials? These tiny zinc oxide rods were created in a water bath and are seen up close through a… Alamos National Lab wins CDC’s FluSight Challenge protects milkweed to preserve monarchs via @abqjournalUsing #Quantum #Computers to Test the Fundamentals of Physics via @sciam
#Deepfakes: In some videos, you can't believe your eyes Los Alamos Scientists Elected 2019 American Physical Society Fellows week's #LosAlamosPress Highlights include stories on a different approach to #fusion energy, predicting this y…‘A woman driver on #Mars’ — or why we need #diversity in the #sciences @ENERGY's Co-Optima report identifies top 🔟 bio-blendstocks for efficiency in boosted SI #engines.…
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Today on @KKOBradio @tjtrout1 Trout has a discussion with Juston Moore, cybersecurity expert, @LosAlamosNatLab. I…
Retweeted by Los Alamos LabPowering a Habitat on #Mars with Kilopower at Los Alamos are building a new machine that draws on two diverging methods of creating nuclear #fusion.… Forest Expert Team In Spain Fights Fire With Fire — Literally
Software predicts disaster-driven grid failure the #quantum workforce of the future Alamos #AI Model Wins Flu Forecasting Challenge from @ORNL, @NREL, @LosAlamosNatLab and @PNNLab are working to develop catalysts to improve biomass pr…
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