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vicar amelia🩸 @lost_lia cathedral ward

amelia, 24🩸 she/her🩸 associate producer for @PlayVALORANT at @riotgames🩸 i love soulsborne games and being bi + trans🩸 tweets are mine

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@cynprel 👀 @cynprel D: big womp, sorry you have to deal with that 💜having two workstations and a ps4 all share the same monitor, keyboard, and mouse setup got out of hand fasti miss you guys
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸3 day weekend it HAS to happen now or it'll never happenfuck it im organizing my cablesdark sunken eyes for that natural quirky lookfromsoft created the gender changing coffin and that's why it's called a dead name, thanks fromsoft @cynprel HAVEN BUDDIES THO 🤩I'll stir the pot I guess 1. haven 2. split 3. icebox 4. bind 5. ascent @lost_lia put back at it again at krispy kreme in valorant
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @SPace_bit privileged I was one of those few students tbhalmost done with the first season! I love how unique the character designs are, it's visually stunning. especially… yu hakushomy origin story
we're on our way @aysrin I live a simple life: I see your omen doodles, I rt them 🥺so omen knits #Valorant #ValorantArt
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @thedazzledone the only subreddit worth keeping around is r/summonsigns for my dark souls addictionwhy do insta friends insist insta is better when all I see on their stories is screenshots of tweets
me congratulating me for being up before 9am rely so much on FromSoftware’s female character designs.
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@_primarina holy shit that's cool 🤩life imitates art
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸life has many dimensional drifts, ed boy #ValorantArt
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Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸Respect the QA, folks ❤
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @allisondraste *nervous laughter* ahahAHAHACDPR is reaching comical levels of blaming others for the wrong they've done bringing Cyberpunk to market instead o… I can show you all the secret thing I've been working on for so long- A big sewer rat for @vaethryn 🐀
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when you get glasses for the first time
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸seeing people enjoy episode 2 is fabulous and heartwarming in that, this is the first content release I feel more a…'ve never broke 30 kills before 😅you have my attn yoru 👀 @SPace_bit @wuffles +1 for philadelphia, I loved it therethey said it couldn't be done but here we are 5 duelists has arrived you see me in your games don't laugh, I'm trying to learn him D:work done, head empty IT'S YORU TIME
omen nerf (and hello yoru) #Valorant #ValorantArt
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @aysrin my brain as an omen main turned yoru main 😆I draw valorant girl again but low budget #ValorantArt #Valorant
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @xSNOW_WEISSx SADINE 😭😭😭weLCOME TO MY WOOORLD is a GREAT DAY to be a part of valorant 👏 LET'S GO YORU MAINS @Girbij I'm starting it soon, maybe we can finish it together 😳this game i made that was played with two mechanical keyboards and fucking sucked is 7 years old today and i don't…
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @rrrodreis @HugoTweetsStuff that vayne! 🤩 I love the color and her expressionthe uk be like $30 free school meals hollah at me when the soul of cinder's music goes plinplinplon in the second part!!?? amelia's best gaming moments right there @USSStellarDrift love it, so happy for you garson 💞✨ @_primarina this is why suicide mission stands out so much to me! me2 really captured your companions being there w… @_primarina yeaaaa, but to be frank I think I've always been disappointed with the corypheus fight. if the game end… halo 3 could have easily made this cut, not because I love the ending so much but just because over my lifetim… really wanted to put a dragon age game here but thinking on it I feel like as much as I love every game, their en… @allisondraste I always liked how they introduced them too the needs of the many, the needs of the few, the needs… game endings that live in my head, rent free: 1. dark souls 3 (both soul of cinder and gael) 2. bloodborne (all… @allisondraste god fable 2 is such a good choice actually
@technicalliy yes I insta rt'd this but it's because the world needs to KNOWYoru is the danny phantom of valorant send tweet
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸If you can’t see him, it’s because you have no vision. Take the enemy by surprise as Yoru, the newest Agent in VALO…
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @ItsRhaysa awww 💜 haha, enjoy!Morning.
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸my queer mutuals really don't tell me they're from places like warwickshire girl that's a bloodborne location I stg 😭learning more and more of you have an english accent I am unwell @kchironis who'd ever need a dogsitter the way your cats are watching her 😭😆 @Targa__ you're gonna do amazing 😌👏✨imagine you're in a game of league with your homies on discord and all of a sudden you hear "Alexa, remind me in 5…
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @cynprel maybe we fought them at the same time 😳when this playthrough is done im starting sekiro I promise 😪tonight was an a n x i e t y kind of night so i took it out on the witches of hemwick
Huh, I wonder what the Wachowskis were trying to say in this scene
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸couple pics with a shy bf always look something like this one’s for the new Dragon Age 👀 @dragonage @bioware #dragonage #dragonage4 #thedreadwolfrises @ChristianDailey
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸it's all backhanded "compliments" that just make me feel shitty when I leave, blehjust once I would like the place I go to laser for to not comment their unsolicited opinion on me being trans all w… am in both of theseomen mains girls with dyed hair 🤝 I'm a yoru main now
my friends are toxic and won't let me play bb 😭 I swearevery day I say I'm going to play one of the other 10+ games I have on deck that I've started and every day I log on valorant insteadRiot games 2021: the year of the handsome edgy boi
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @_steve_mack I'm already on it @ValorantUpdates can we reduce the sound his big stompy feet make thoughHe looks like a cat.
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸this is a yoru stan accSHE HAS LIL SLEEVES SO SHES NOT FREEZING IN THE SNOW AAAAAAAA
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @aysrin jett in a hoodie jett in a hoodie JETT IN A HOODIE 🥺So I got to play Yoru, the new @PlayVALORANT Agent coming with Episode 2, early and he is actually insane! Check ou…
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸 @_primarina I'm rooting for you!! @_primarina fab ofc, hope you're well! @_primarina gm!! 🥺💞
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸this would raise my valorant bf count to 3 yesBoyfriend. I have 3 days of freedom left before episode 2 steals my life again... 🤩'all I can't say why but I am buzzing rn just know that lol
:')normalize girls saying "hell yeah brother" to their boyfriendWhat if we spooned on the Gengar tongue blanket
Retweeted by vicar amelia🩸alternatively I could hashtag all the tweets the same, but that could end up being a lot of tweetshey ps4 friends, does anybody know if I can share gameplay and screenshots from my ps in a twitter thread? or can I…