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@patbits My roommate tested positive for antibodies and maybe I overreacted a littlePSA: I’ve taken 4 COVID tests over the past 12 days, and the swab really isn’t that bad.
Please don’t black joy your way through voter suppressionImagine if line to vote were so short that you didn’t even have time to dance before you got inside.
I’m the only person amongst my close friends who uses Twitter regularly, and whenever I’m around them, they talk ab…
@brywashing @Moore_Darnell @grubstreet This was really cooli used to love the strand and then i worked there! if you want to help keep a bookstore open, please spend your mo…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @byjoelanderson I’m single-handedly working on keeping Dallas BBQ afloat @kurtsoller 🥺🥺🥺 @Grace_Segers Did you never see Ali G?We are now taking applications for the 2021 @nytimes Student Journalism Institute. It’s a journalism boot camp held…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @RexChapman Citibank ate them up @GeeDee215 Someone needs to teach Swole Mr. Rogers to be nicer to his neighborsThe nurse who administered my last Covid test was also a young gay black man, and we both kept calling the virus “cornova.” @ThisScientician Okay what you won’t be doing is speaking negatively of Po’ Boys poor boysI, for one, am happy that word “entanglements” made it into the debate. @GeeDee215 The only black guy at an ad agency that makes commercials for companies like Converse
@karenkho I do this lol @TaylorLorenz I AM SO GLAD THAT FAN CAMS HAVE MADE THEIR WAY TO JOURNALISM1/ "It wasn't just tears, it was screams." Here's a piece I think about a lot. A caseworker told me about breaking…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @rosehardtmusic I HAVE to be missing something @dodaistewart How is your skin glowing like this omg
@zoesaldana @prattprattpratt Sis it’s a twitter poll @lawnerdbarak @AsteadWesley Girl look’s a good journaling prompt?
I am doing 68 different things at the same time and I just feel like falling down.
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺The thing about Trump’s appeal among Latino and Black men is that it’s runoff from his appeal to men overall. Machi…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @TheTedAllen My editor is absolutely wonderful and the literal only anchor I have. This is so true @Scaachi I really appreciate this @NicoleChilders Honestly, this is what I neededI wish more writers were transparent about the “get your ass kicked” part of the book writing process!People who have written books: This process is kicking my ass, do you have words of encouragement? @Zetylin @imaldri @JanKlaa92609576 Sis I tried to save you
@Diamond_Dog13 No, cover themSomeone please unbreak this story.pretty geeked on my *first* vogue cover, with my muse and bright light in my life @IndyaMoore. 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺So. I’m putting two pieces of duct tape over the top inch of my laptop and never joining a meeting with video ever again. Got it.So this is shaming. From an experiment embedded in new survey by @PRRIpoll
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺Nothing is more humbling than naming a file “PROJECT FINAL VERSION 2.”
We have to admit that the rise of disinformation is due, in part, to the fact that the journalism industry didn’t t… @jdesmondharris I swear that y’all are my favorite twitter heterosexualsMy favorite part of journalism twitter is the “I got my first byline today!” tweets. I’m always like, “yes sis, enj… @_RockyJ_ @nytimes Congrats!“I didn’t see my first Broadway show until three years before I was on Broadway myself.” @dellcam Not that I’m fully awake, this gets the lmao it deserves @larastapleton Right? It’s the Midwood/Flatbush area! @larastapleton Nah, I live in a neighborhood of mostly black immigrant homeowners, and these old Jamaican men love country music lol
@MaraGay THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY, BEAT THAT PAVEMENT @jeanuh_ The lack of coverage across the board made absolutely no sense to me! I’m like...are there no black music editors anywhere?
No one: 80% of editors I pitch:
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @BrentNYT I’m gonna get to it! @BlairImani I refuse to believe it was a coincidence! @BlairImani I emailed her back to ask if it were a coincidenceMy book editor emailed me a “friendly reminder” to respond to her email TODAY 60 seconds after I tweeted this.’m going to retweet this every day.If I owe you an email, I’m so sorry, but I’m not responding to it today. @DemiShields Oh yeah, it’s really fun @paigefinnn I met both my book agent and the Dean who hired me as a professor through Twitter. @LEBassett This is from someone I know, so I haven’t looked at their page (beyond the analytics), but it seems to b… you’re wondering, this puts you in the “Top 6%” of OnlyFans creators208 Subscribers $8/month $1664 Total - $332.80 OnlyFans commission $1341.20 Take Home For “maybe an hour a day” of work.A not-at-all famous person I know just told me how much money they make on OnlyFans, and I think it’s going to take… friends miss getting dressed up for the club so much. I was just told to “pull a look” for a pumpkin picking trip.
It’s late and I’m emotional so I’m looking for my high school teachers on LinkedIn and telling them how much they inspired me.
@Donald_JDrumpf My hometown paper, @freep, doesn’t have a wine club, as far as I know! @Donald_JDrumpf Convenient, dependable, adjustable according to your preferences and available with alcohol if you live in a big city, yes.My Top 3 Foreign Cries: 1. Sobbing in Cape Town Int Airport 2. Shedding at tear in Berghain, in Berlin, because e… would give anything to cry on public transit in a foreign city right now.I’m going to start watching TV shows in Spanish to help me become more conversational. What’s the gayest, messiest… @tyler_harper Or worse, depending on who you ask @Inkaman The Oxford comma is still trash, don’t bring that into this
Em dashes are the cilantro of journalism. @taylorcrumpton Are you supposed to report tweets like this to the CIA or FBI?Never have I wanted to be an angsty, heart broken white woman in 1950s Paris more than after watching that season of Mrs. Maisel.This is the only Emily in Paris I recognize. @deonjhampton Congrats!
@cdawnfly420 Oh wait I definitely just replied to the wrong thread. This one is more simple—EiP is trash lolHey, journalism students 👋🏼 I don’t say this enough, but I truly believe that journalists should have hobbies that…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺My job just told us that the earliest we’ll be back in the office is July 2021, and I’m afraid that my code switchi…
@lindsaycrouse I’m clocking 2017 times, so I say...enjoy it!
@marissaaevans Yeah but I always make fun of ppl who do that, then I realized...I’m making fun of myselfOne day, I’ll be secure enough in my identity that I won’t feel the need to put my entire resume in my Twitter bio. @bijanstephen Bijan I want to seeTHE LADY IN SWEETGREEN SAW MY CROCS AND THANKED ME FOR WORKING IN MEDICINE!!! IM NOT A DOCTOR MA’AM IM JUST GAY!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺I have the privilege of being a part of the expansive community of black creatives who live in Brooklyn, and, as pa… @fmanjoo Wait no then my tweet won’t make sense
@AsteadWesley Yes officer, this is the tweet @JasmynBeKnowing Is this a straight thing or am I just late to something?That “the fly is Mike Pence’s only Black friend” is WILDLY racist lmao. Wtf
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @caroncreighton @LeesieB66 @NotesFromHeL That’s why we need the story!
@hooleil Black American — Shrimp and Grits, Mac and Cheese, any grilled part of a dead pigHomecoming is among fall’s most anticipated events. For HBCU students and graduates, it’s more than just a football…
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The more I hear about President Trump's covid treatment, the more I think about the late James Brooks, an 80-year-o…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺 @sidneyfussell Oh bb lolWhat does cuffin' season look like during a pandemic? @Jonesieman and I break it down for you. Thank you to all the…
Retweeted by Lil Uzi Hurt 🥺No one on my block knows what the alternate side parking rules are anymore, so every day at 11, a bunch of us go ou… @urbangaygriot 5 on my bed, 1 on the floor and one in an amazon box waiting to join the rest.
@1AndrewK It’s state-by-state but here’s a federal website to guide you: @KittyLeSiren @Mrsbowmanocsa Check out the link at the end of the thread, it has detailed instructions for your state!