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Gamer, reader, disabled and hella gay.

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@faouzia That’s my reaction whenever you come out with new music @thebookvoyagers You bet!I need this
@allisonhsaft That’s too temptingNew #MaskMonday fabric today! Not as many new options or fanfare as normal as my energy is dwindling as we countdow…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃 @allisonhsaft Where did you get this? @HollyKnece I need this @jifueko Enjoy a happy doggo @SG_Marsh I need this RIGHT NOW @Luisfius @HazelMonforton He was Gomez in the last animated Addams family movie @tatraas Yay!!!! @underscoremags I will step on them. @EachStarAWorld WHAT @tatraas 🥺🥺🥺Take a Hint, Dani Brown was too hilarious for me to listen to while at work. @TaliaHibbert stop making me laugh out… @tatraas OMFG @HettieBelleau Umm those are definitely some abnormal looking parsnips @JeremyWest They’re pretty @lostinink_ I agree.This is just awful and the poor woman clearly wants to be saved. This isn’t the wiggles my sisters grew up on.! @shavnamorgan YAY!! @underscoremags I love this for you. @Henrii15821760 @NightValeRadio I just listened to the book and I loved it.WHAT IS HAPPENING IN NIGERA 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 #EndSARS please read and spread the information.
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Blind people aren't inherently bad decision-makers. But when you say it's the Blind leading the Blind, that's what…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Got some twitch emotes on the way and I am excited! #PathToAffiliate #twitch @rabid_raviv I got the same one and OOF @underscoremags The potential! @tatraas I LOVE
@Nicatnight5 WHAT. A SHOW?!How rude. But true @paperstainedink This is what I said to myself.hi friends!!! today i've got a new recommendations video for folks who wanna get into reading adult fantasy but are…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃 @jules_chronicle Yup. Just a temp change before the election @MeagStew This is temporary till the end of the election. It’s to help assist the elimination of fake news being spread. @Imani_Barbarin I also discovered that yesterday and it drives me nuts.I read The Faceless Old Woman Who Secretly L... by Joseph Fink love @librofm @that_book_gal CONGRATULATIONS
Accurate @MadMvskoke WOOT @zoesallbooked LOVE THE COLOURso eating and being served at a restaurant in a tent is okay, but living in one because you have nowhere else to go…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Indigenous communities are facing a suicide crisis.
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃 @divyaareads This would be fun to partake in!#Nigeria's security forces open fire on protesters in the middle of #Lagos after the imposition of a 24-hour curfew…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Open for a surprise @MadMvskoke YAY!!! @Natalie_Crown RIGHTListening to the book that’s about one of my favourite characters from @NightValeRadio. @MaraWilson is wonderful."A hundred years from now, I want someone with my disabilities—because there will always be disabilities like mine—…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃 @Natalie_Crown @libbabray 🙌🏻 I loved it a lot @Natalie_Crown I hope soI just finished the final diviner’s novel. Thank you @libbabray and January LaVoy for bringing this series to life @mixbecca 🙌🏻 @Natalie_Crown BANJO @serenadingstars Amazing. My family had the Barbie one for the longest time lol @WednesdayBooks @ReesesBookClub GASP @adriennebooks @Natalie_Crown I love the singing!😡😡😡 @Natalie_Crown I’m sorry Natalie, sending love to your familyHappy birthday @tatraas!!!!! @paperstainedink Tomb raider, raymans, dark souls @paperstainedink Assassin creedWhat the fuck is this shit. yes. More inspiration porn. Cool cool cool. @tatraas The devil is calling @alli90 It just lures you in @AudreyEstok Why hello pretty boyYou still have until the end of the day to pick up THE OBSIDIAN TOWER for $2.99 (US & Canada) with this Kindle Dail…
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@underscoremags I hated that test so much. @NerdyPam 👀👀👀When The Novl shares the news they acquired some of the jimmy Patterson books and you know that’s the one and only… fucking truth @AOC You should play with @katestarkMinimum wage for many disabled workers: as low as $0.23.
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Looking for picture books suggestions. Book that have characters who use crutches a bonus @sarahjeantea @mariekeyn Can I RT this? @Natalie_Crown 💖💖💖 @justabookeater_ I think you should buy it. 😇 @jellyfable THE DREAMUnpopular opinion: making students read classics in school without having a reading habit only makes them hate reading.
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃 @readatmidnight Excellent!!!! EnjoyThey say the same thing about race and disability too.
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Canada too @MeagStew @every_lesbian Omg. That’s amazing @mixbecca I need my soup and saladscopes now🥳 International Bookish Giveaway! 🥳 Retweet + Follow to be entered to win a *signed* ARC of A DEAL WITH THE ELF KI…
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@EachStarAWorld It’s good if you can get the unlimited reload power upIf 3% of you give just 10 dollars, Juan gets a new wheelchair. Link:
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃Iconic @Natalie_Crown Because I’ve watched so many of your streams, I can now hear your voice lolNow you all see what disabled people have been putting up with...
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃But who protects people victimized by the #RCMP? If you can't #defund, then #AbolishTheRCMP. You're an MP, it's w…
Retweeted by Kreepy Kristie 👻🎃 @JessicaBCooper Holy shit