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Kara Nicole @lostinmylocs Northwest Arkansas

Black woman. Reader of Black women’s stories. LCSW. Loc’d. 🌻

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Also, the sun is out, and for that, I am so thankful.I am ready to go home and read.I'm really excited to announce my new show, Cooked with Cannabis on @Netflix!! As a chef, I was intrigued by the fo…
Retweeted by Kara Nicole @chlo_beau THE GHETTO. @crysnacd Are you enjoying The Yellow House? I’ve heard nothing but praise for it! I may need to add it to my list.… have the nerve to email us ab a pool set up for us to donate PDO to people who might need them. But what if sai… job instituted a temp. policy that we have to self-quarantine for 14 days if we leave the area (understandable);…
Also, I went for a run and it 1) got cold and 2) started raining. PUHLEASE SWEET BABY JESUS DONT LET ME GET SICK. AMEN.I just don’t wanna believe Warren is not among the presidential candidates. Ugh. The ghetto.Whew. John’s concert almost had me in tears. Everybody Knows is forever a jam.While I am glad that some wealthy people are stepping up and paying the salaries for people who are not wealthy and… just passed a house w a big ass t**** 2020 flag. Ew. #arkansasQuarantine day 6.
Retweeted by Kara NicoleI want a twin sister. 💀We just served 150 meals to the houseless community in Oakland. We kept our group small and pre packaged meals whil…
Retweeted by Kara Nicoleof* do yourself a favor and listen to this too. You’ll be better for it, and feel better too.’ve been oscillating b/w Sister Outsider x Audre Lorde and Sisters is the Yam x bell hooks (usually before bed). SUSTENANCE.Overall, I would say that I have felt mostly at ease. Then again I have been reading some of the most nourishing li…
#shegetitfromhergrandmaShe also made a morbid reference to seeing all her people when she leaves this place. But that’s par for the course.My grandmother dreamt that she was “with all [her] people”. She has no clue that my mom is organizing a huge bday p…
Omg. The last story in Heads of the Colored People. Guuuuuuuuh. It depleted me.It made me literally laugh out loud. She better not pick up any riffraff, roughnecks, or pregnancies. If that ain’t…’m so glad I continued reading Heads of the Colored People. Fatima, the Biloquist: A Transformarion Story is somet…
Back to my good vibes lmao. I had a great workout and #gymbae was in there looking like his usual self— a whole grain meal.Ahhhh, nothing says America like greed. I’m tired.It’s time to get back home and forget that people are out here acting a damn fool.There is not a single case of water or pkg of toilet tissue in the store near my house and I am sick of human beings. Ugh.I just really hope that when I need toilet tissue I can find it.the vibes are decidedly less intense today. thank the goddesses.
Retweeted by Kara NicoleI had to get adjusted today and whew it surely gets worse before it gets better. But that professional biofreeze doh. THE BUSINESS.
Capitalism's wig is blowing down the street! Her pantylines are visible! Her armpits have drenched her gown! Baby's…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleListening to this ep. (for the 4th time). You should too!! it was 80 degrees. Today it is 45. And my BP is through the roof. I can’t w anything right now. I AM READY FOR BED.We released an episode about SISTER OUTSIDER by Audre Lorde this week with Asha Grant of @TFBWL_LA. So if you wan…
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@jennydeluxe Reading and working puzzles.I forgot to share this adage I heard the other day that sent me. I was sitting w one of my patients and she was loo… am so ready to see this chiropractor tomorrow. This neck pain is tryna catch me slipping again. BUT I AINT GOING THIS TIME.Although I don’t understand why the fuck everyone is buying up all the toilet tissue.I may not be able to buy toilet tissue but I can still buy books. So it’s all good.I have been wanting to read Audre Lorde’s The Cancer Journals for a long time but the few copies out there are so e… really need to be in the field of forensic science. I have a natural third eye and sixth sense. Imagine if I buil… nigga formed against me shall prosper.I am a fucking detective 😇All self- aware and shit. Whew child. Let me carry myself on to bed.How you so intelligent and humble and confident and fine and got locs. Lordt.Jason Reynolds is the prototype. Whew. If I could build me a zaddy, it would be him. Fuuuuuuck.I recently started Heads of the Colored People, and well.... I lowkey feel like this writing is way over my head, b…
@thestackspod_ @TFBWL_LA Another amazing episode that’s been added to my list of Stacks favs!!Kids gon’ be kids but I really wish his parents would help him out and sit his little ass down. 💀I am at a coffee shop and this little boy in here is coughing and touching EVERYTHING. I........ can’t.Loving this convo so much. 📚♥️ that Daylight Savings change I've been tired
Retweeted by Kara NicoleNew episode up now! We’re discussing SISTER OUTSIDER by Audre Lorde. The book is a collection of essays and speech…
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Daylight Savings: 2 Me: 0
Retweeted by Kara NicoleOh yeah, if you are sending media (this includes books) via USPS, make sure to let the the staff person at the desk…’m late as hell but got my BHM stamps from the post office today. 💀I am so tired. :(My gratitude for alluhyall out there is endless.SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN WRITERS AND WOMEN WHO SUPPORT BLACK WOMEN WRITERS. #community 🖤I sent off a pkg to one of my sister-friends in MA today and have a stack going to The Free Black Women’s Library- LA tomorrow.Sending books to people is one of my love languages; and sending books by Black women to Black women is one of my f…
Tomi Adeyemi’s hair color is my new fav. thing.I’m a few chapters shy of finishing Just Mercy and I am savoring it.THAT THING IN MY NECK IS TRYING TO COME BACK!!!This time change got me.
Invisible Man had me STRESSED. I watched 1/2 of the movie between my fingers.This week on The Stacks we welcomed Asha Grant the founder of @TFBWL_LA to talk about reading Black women, her go t…
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Beyoncé gets me through my runs nearly everytime. 👏🏾After I have washed my locs, it feels like I have washed my soul!! The shampoo and yaya oil by @Drlocs is to thank. 💛
Today was a really strange day, that started w a woman at my job crying hysterically in a closet because she saw a… has to be the smoothest proposal I’ve ever seen!!!! #Blackisbeautiful #blacklove
Retweeted by Kara NicoleIn other news, it’s Friday, I’ve already worked as hard as I plan to today, and the sun is out. Cheers to the weekend!You wanna guess who isn’t surprised ab this raggedy ass presidential election business? Hint: it starts with Black… @Author_DLWhite It really is. I’m taking it in small doses.
Man, I hit a ROUGH patch in reading Just Mercy. Whew. Anytime I read difficult stuff, I think to myself, how in the… @thestackspod_ Of course :) thank y’all for such a wonderful chat! 📚♥️
I finished the ep. and immediately started it over.I have so many thoughts and I can’t wait to write them down. Ugh. So so good.This ep. was a revival I didn’t know I needed. Sooooooo good!!! ‘CAUSE WHOLENESS IS NO TRIFLING MATTER. A LOT OF WEIGHT WHEN YOURE WELL. -THE TONI CADE BAMBARA, THE SALT EATERSLive footage of me trying to get out of the office and to my car to listen to the new @thestackspod_ ep. 💀 guest today is Asha Grant the founder of the LA branch of The Free Black Women’s Library (@TFBWL_LA). We talk a…
Retweeted by Kara Nicole @JackieWoodson @thestackspod_ Ooh and the best guests!! @JackieWoodson @thestackspod_ because Black woman host, books, the best book rec’s, and the most thought-provoking… people to wait in line for 7 hours to vote is essentially imposing a poll tax as it requires workers to tak…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleI will be so glad when this presidential election is over the fuck with.
A very lean one.#gymbae has brought out the spring/summer workout clothes, and is looking like a whole meal.Needless to say, I carried myself right onto an entirely different row. So triflin and niiiiisty. 😷I’m on the treadmill at the gym and the guy two over from me is harking up spit. At first, I thought maybe it was a… can be so nasty and can’t even hold it together in public places.Going to bed/sleep has to be one of my top five favorite things to do. 💤I ate a sleeve of thin mints today and went to the gym. So there’s that. Duality is a thing.Forty fine. 🤤
This Monday has nearly worn me to a frizzle. But the sun is out and it’s been a good day.I am so thrilled ab having the full range of my neck. I can gym today sans pain. 🙌🏾
IM SO GLAD TROUBLE DONT LAST, TROUBLE DONT LAST ALWAYS. 🎶In other news, after a rocky end to last year, ya girl is back w a new blog post. Happy New Year!