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Kara Nicole @lostinmylocs Northwest Arkansas

Black woman. Reader of Black women’s stories. LCSW. Loc’d. 🌻

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This book reinforced alllll of the beliefs I have ab state and governmental agencies, affairs and everything in between— RAGGEDY AND RIGGED.And as I’m reading, I keep thinking ab how angry I am and how I could not even begin to imagine being in the shoes… think I’ve read two books in between, from when I first started it until now. And after, I’m def. gonna have to s… is so incredibly well-researched & written.Blood in the Water is, hands down, the hardest book I have ever read (I’m still reading it). I have stopped and pic… is the last day to donate out our book drive. We’ve got less than 50 books to give. Can you donate? Will y…
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An adult cheat code during holiday season: goto the post office right outside of city limits.The kid in me loves Freaky Friday.My sleep was not interrupted by pain last night and my goodness, do I feel made new. 🙌🏾Americans rn:
Retweeted by Kara NicoleFunny enough, I had already been making plans for taking better care of my MH fr fr this time and then boom, I fell… some real shit though, I’ve got to start setting better boundaries and better managing my stress. It is truly a…’m sitting here thinking (while aching) ab my avg stress level + my anxiety and so far I’ve come up w the idea tha… what was determined, is that the pain I am experiencing is very likely nerve pain. & my mother thinks it… writing was beautiful. But it just wasn’t for me. I’m 0 and 2 for Jacqueline Woodson’s novels.... while I was getting worked up, etc. and it remained anticlimactic, to me. & nothings wrong w that, I suppose, b… I ended up having to goto the ER— I’m fine, thank God. All the testing they did came back normal. But what I r…
In case you missed it, @JasonReynolds83 was on the podcast yesterday sharing books he loves, Easter eggs from LOOK…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleI found the energy to bake my chicken wings as planned, and whew, they are DELISH. Cooked covered in honey hickory… know what you need to do...LISTEN
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The whole time I’m listening, I’m like how can you be ALL THIS this, and be a zaddy. How?! HOW?!If y’all have not listened to @thestackspod_ w/Jason Reynolds, you ain’t living right. But you still have time. Che…, I’m done rambling now. I’m gonna go lay down. ✌🏾It’s effecting my sleep and ability to focus on anything other than things I absolutely have to do (i.e. work). & t…’m also in the fuuuuuuck I don’t wanna go back to the dr. because $$$ buuuuut I gotta figure out what’s wrong phase.But reminding myself that I know my body and the shit I’m experiencing is not normal for me. Hopefully I get to the bottom of all this soon!I went through the worry phase, now I’m at the WTF is this even/I feel crazy stage.I have been dealing w some unexplained health issues and let me tell you— it is so frustrating to know your body an…, me. This is me. @chlo_beau I was thinking ab it but undecided right now!! I’ll def let you know if I’m in!!It’s Wednesday, which means a new episode! Today we’ve got the amazing @JasonReynolds83 joining the podcast. He sh…
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“The respect is what keep you in the game.” - Nipsey Hussle
Retweeted by Kara NicoleWho is this goddess?! *proceeds to go listen to her music* survived the grocery store: a memoir.
And I HAVE to get groceries this evening. Someone pray for me. Whew.All within an 8 hour work day. It’s no wonder my mind and body are being ran into the ground. 💀It went from feeling like 59 degrees to 34, and I can’t.I’m ab halfway through Red at the Bone and there’s been no climax yet. I’ve heard many people say it gets very sad.… Summers and her daughters may be my fav. thing ab IG. Mama and her Savages.♥️♥️♥️
if DaBabydoll had a triller 💸
Retweeted by Kara NicoleNeed: • sleepcation • staycation • vacation • large bags of cash
Retweeted by Kara NicoleLRT. Everytime I see it, I turn up. #bopI'm loving the fact that he's fully committed to delivering a show. The choreography. The production. The theatrics…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleUNTITLED, MOBILE, ALABAMA, Gordon Parks, 1956
Retweeted by Kara NicoleQuoting Ntozake Shange back and forth w my cousin >how many times do we have to reiterate that people cannot simply “budget” themselves out of poverty
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BOOK DRIVE UPDATE 785 books ordered!!! Let me just say this, you all are too much in the BEST possible way. WOW…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleLeVar Burton said not today. And by today, I (& I’m sure he) mean any day.When I am dying during my workout, I play Upgrade U x Beyoncé and all is well again.Dr. Corday and Benton are my new #ER fav. thing.
"If It Isn't Love" 1988
Retweeted by Kara NicoleChiiiiiiiiiile. I think ab this so often. can read about all we’re doing right here:
Retweeted by Kara NicoleToday we’re giving away signed copies of FLY GIRLS by @KeithOB BIRDING WITHOUT BORDERS by @NoahStrycker Thanks t…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleBOOK DRIVE UPDATE You amazing people are now at 741 books donated! You’re crazy but I love you all so much! There…
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#HairLove is live! It’s an animated short film about an African American father learning how to do his daughters ha…
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ALSO: Trayvon Martin’s family set up a foundation in his honor. Another great place to direct your energy:
Retweeted by Kara NicoleGeorge Zimmerman is trending for being an audaciously racist fool. BUT TRAYVON MARTIN’S MOM, @/SybrinaFulton IS RU…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleI created a self-care gift guide for the holiday season. It includes sliding-scale therapy, Audre Lorde’s The Cance…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleThis is what I call holiday cheer. 👏🏾🙌🏾 you still want to give check out the wishlist!
Retweeted by Kara NicoleBOOK DRIVE UPDATE We’ve already passed our original goal of 489 books, which is insane. Now that every kid will h…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleIt’s not too late to donate!! You have until Dec. 14th to donate to @thestackspod_ holiday book drive. Help this wo… @likaluca Men We Reaped x @jesmimiWe know what all the media spots picked as their best of the year, but what was YOUR favorite book you read this year? Just one.
Retweeted by Kara NicoleENERGY.
Retweeted by Kara Nicole @SheaSerrano We're trying to give 489 books to a low income school in Antioch, CA where kids currently use photocop…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleHere lately ... I just can’t seem to get enough sleep.
Retweeted by Kara NicoleHost Traci is thrilled to be a guest again on @AnneBogel’s podcast #whatshouldireadnext. She’s giving out book recs…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleLiking these every day brings me so much joy. Who could’ve known.
Another person ain’t gon fix u. U gotta take time to yourself and get ya mind right on your own before u can ever d…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleIf someone hasn’t replied to this with “baby yerrda” what’s even the point of this app
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Man I miss my home town library so much.A recent survey of people aged 23-36 revealed that nearly 30% would avoid hugging a person who is HIV-positive. Th…
Retweeted by Kara NicolePaul Walker died six years ago today. Look back at 11 of the late actor's best roles
Retweeted by Kara NicoleDay 1. Y’all ready? #12DaysOfRevBlkWomen
Retweeted by Kara NicoleWHAT: The STACKS Podcast Book Drive WHEN: Nov 30-Dec 14 HOW: Donate a book & send a screenshot of your receipt via…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleCheck out the wishlist here: Let’s get 489 books into the hands of the students of Rockets…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleHead on over and support @thestackspod_ holiday book drive! You can find details and the link to purchase/donate on…
We're hosting a book drive for Rocketship Delta Prep, a low income school in Northern California. Every book your…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleSome of the awesome folks donating to our giveaway include @TheLadyGang @AvidReaderPress @BookSparks and some of th…
Retweeted by Kara NicoleAdulthood friendships require you to check your ego when assuming that people aren’t “showing up for you” as if the…
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Going to work after the holiday is the pits. But at least it’s Friday tomorrow. 🙌🏾Nothing says the holidays like my drunk uncle calling at 9 this morning letting us know he’s alright and gonna make… only cranberry sauce we acknowledge.
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I am so mf TIDE.“Always stay gracious best revenge is your paper”
Retweeted by Kara NicoleCOLLEGE BEHIND BARS is a new @PBS documentary about @BPIBard, which educates and confers degrees upon incarcerated…
Retweeted by Kara NicolePete Buttigieg Called Me. Here's What Happened
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The wait is over! Here are our 100 Notable Books of 2019 ✨ 📚✨ The year’s notable fiction, poetry and nonfiction
Retweeted by Kara Nicole🗣 I was just down down bad.💀 cannot even. I kept re-reading this to make sure I understood right.
I realized today, that I laugh w my whole body; and this may be my new favorite quality ab myself. ♥️Shit wild when u learn ya wurf
Retweeted by Kara NicoleAubible is running a special on the Heavy audiobook. $6. Get it for yourself or fam who'd rather listen than read.
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Me, looking for the strength to not only leave the house today, but to make it to the grocery store. dern in WILD AT HEART
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